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Free Lunch #49 (nearly)

Hello there you mellow fellows! I would like to go ahead and apologize for my extended absence from the blog, if I hadn’t have skipped all that time we already would have hit Free Lunch #50. However, I forgot the Friday and Saturday posts and we end up here. Anyways, here’s the usual spiel. It’s Tuesday which means it’s time for another Free Lunch! If you don’t know what that is, I just type for 5 minutes on either my laptop or phone. This time it’s on my laptop because I don’t want to use the data on my phone.

Starting at 5:41.

I’m happy to tell you that a new piano song will come out this Friday for the 50th Free Lunch! This is the song i’ve been working on for a while. In other news, while I was gone I got an amp for my Guitar from my dad and went to see Blade Runner 2049 with him. The amp works great and i’m glad now that I can make an electric guitar sound with my electric guitar. I really liked Blade Runner 2049. I had read online before watching the movie that it was slow, but I didn’t think so at all after watching it. The pacing was done well in my opinion, and the action was great too. Like Legendary randomness said in their review, all the shots were cinematic and the soundtrack was fantastic. The jarring 80’s synths really help to immerse you in the film.

The next post for Top Shelf Book Reviews will be Things Not Seen by Andrew Clements, which will come out this Saturday. I also have a poll for you here, just in case this idea is relevant yet.

I don’t have much time left, so i’ll leave you with this. I tried to play Chopin’s Winter Wind (intro of course) on cups, but it was really out of tune and sounded bad. I uploaded it anyways though, and you can now watch it!

Thanks for reading all the way down to the bottom of this post!

If you liked this post, listen to this storm ambiance while reading this series!

(New Undertale Food out sometime soon!)

Dictionary Taboo:

Bright blue in color, like a cloudless sky.


Free Lunch

Free Lunch #43

Hello there you jelly legs. It’s time for another Free Lunch! If you don’t know what that means, I just get either my laptop or my phone and try to type legibly for 5 minutes without stopping. I think I may have something to say this time. I’m probably wrong though.

Starting at 9:00.

Recently one of my favorite Youtubers hit one million subscribers. Can you guess who?

Take your time guessing, it really does take a lot longer to write stuff than it does for you all to read it.

You have now had ample time to guess, the answer was Andrew Huang! The greatest! 820!

I entered in his one million subscriber giveaway, so i’ll let you all know if I win anything, even though I probably won’t.

In composing news, i’m working on two new songs. One of them I originally created as a piano tune but I think i’ll change the melody to Guitar and just add piano background. Maybe with singing? That would be interesting. The other one is going to be on the solo piano album if I deem it worthy when it’s finished. I’ve also been writing some interesting riffs on the Guitar lately (aside from the aforementioned one), and I quite like one of them. It sounds like a song that might play when something funny would happen in a game like To The Moon. Here’s a video of it:

Speaking of To The Moon though, i’m nearly finished with Having Lived, and that will definitely make it on to the solo piano album whenever that comes out.

Sadly on Pokemon Go I haven’t been making a lot of progress, and i’m just slowly inching my way towards Level 29. I also haven’t caught an Entei yet and they are almost gone 😦

My times up for now.

Thanks for reading all the way down to the very bottom of this slightly interesting post.

Also listen to other music i’ve written here please thanks.

Dictionary Taboo:

denoting a thing or person previously mentioned.




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A tasty, ‘ok’ LAY #18


Since it has been a while, its time to bake my signature cake!


1/3 part Life

1/3 part You

1/6 part James Blonde

1/12 part  Awesomeness

1/12 part Procrastination


Bake for 7 or 8 days and serve after cooled.


Next week we will teach you the icing!


I’m not going to lie, I started this post a long time ago but forgot about it. For example, summer break is more than halfway over and this post originally read ‘So life has been good, school is nearly out.’

Now school starts  in a little over a month -_-

But we are finally here! I couldn’t wait to post but I knew I had to space them out so not to disappoint, so this is a Special Saturday post. Last week you were asked simply how your life was.

riseofthechairs seems to have really been busy, and I’ll let her comment speak for itself.

literally. my life. is.
beaches every single night
messy buns and christmas lights

i do not know the rest of the lyrics. i am doomed to a life of repeating these three lines.

the office is good. started a month ago. i am now on season five.

i made a sims town made up entirely of token lesbians at 3 am yesterday. woke up to a house only filled with couches. i do not remember doing this. i think i have seen a glimpse into my future.

i went outside and saw a little girl trying to run away from a flock of angry pigeons. why they were angry, i don’t know, but i think i have seen another glimpse into my future.

i found all my social studies final study guides and cried and then watched crash course for an hour to try and erase the guilt. it did not work. i shall be writing a letter to john green asking him to fix this.

i have to finish redoing thirty six chinese lessons by august 12th and i cry some more. i am on lesson five.

As compared to the vastly superior comment by Dum Cheese.

Life is ok.

Thanks everyone who commented about their life, and today your question is

What is your favorite time of day (noon, afternoon,evening, midnight, morning, etc.) and why?

Comment it!

And now it is time for Image result for literally

Image result for my

Image result for life cereal

Life is practically the same as last week, but some things stand out.

I am nearly all the way packed for camp, so it has been the source of tons of excitement (and nervousness) recently.

Also an update on The Office, I was watching it in a room with the door open and my little brother could’ve heard it, so my office privileges have been taken until I run 30 minutes on the treadmill. So finally a real incentive, I’m going to try to run it later today!

Finally I have a haircut today and usually right before a haircut I realize that I don’t really need one, but this time I need my hair thinned out and cut a little bit, so cool beans.

This has been another screening of Literally. My. Life!

If you made it down here to the bottom of the  LML, prove it with the comment #LML!

So if you need any advice, crazy experiments, more knowledge, or just a daily dose of dumbness, comment your questions or concerns down below!

So before I go I want to share some awesomeness in the form of my favorite YouTuber creators Rhett and Link.

Image result for rhett and link

They keep creating new creative content in the form of Good Mythical Morning, Rhett and Link’s Buddy System, and their new channel This is Mythical.


Specifically this GMM is just one of the best new ones yet. It is great to see my two favorite Internetainers still going strong.

Also I am so excited for their new book and book tour, if you want to help me and other Nashvillians get Rhett and Link to stop by on the road, please just take 2 seconds to sign this petition.

So I think that’s all for this LAY, the last one is right here for your reading satisfaction.

Also as a treat for those of you still reading these increasingly long LAY, my next post is Tuesday and it will be WONDERful,  and then you have another post Thursday that might very well be DEFINING in your life. So look forward to those!

Like I sometimes mutter under my breath as the Disney World lines fill up 4 days after The Arrival:

What a lazily written book.



Undertale No Food #4

Hello there you blankets of blasphemous bats. Today, it is time for our monthly post for Undertale No Food. Because they are so far apart, if you actually want to understand the story, and what’s happening in this episode, you should probably see the previous ones.

Undertale No Food #1

Undertale No Food #2

Undertale No Food #3

This post is going to be a little bit longer than the usual posts you will see on this blog, so if you read the whole thing, thank you 😀

It’s time.

I return to the world, only to be greeted by an assortment of innocent snow puffs spread across the ground.

But wait!? This snow puff has a tail??

And a head?!?!

Why, it’s no snow puff here, but a nice little puppy.



Success comes easily, and I make peace with the pupper.

Continuing walking, I step onto a rickety wooden bridge. While crossing, nervous of the seemingly 1,000 foot drop below me, I encounter some familiar faces.

Papyrus tells me that he will soon activate all of these maniacal devices and destroy me!

Fortunately for us, he decides that he doesn’t want to best me using such an unfair method.

Papyrus then walks off screen to the right, and Sans stays to tell me that I should get used to “blue attacks”.

I follow in the great Papyrus’s footsteps, and find myself in Snowdin!

Walking forwards, I find a save point to rejuvenate myself at.

I then have a nice encounter with Monster Kid, with him assuming I am a kid because of my striped shirt xD

Past Grillby’s, I trot into the local librarby. Yes, librarby..

As the library is just a pit-stop, I continue right, leaving footsteps in the freshly-fallen snow behind me.


I walk past a very nicely decorated house, with a pirate flag on top, and two very different mailboxes. Papyrus and Sans have a truly wonderful home.

Continuing walking, (which seems to be the main gameplay feature sometimes)

The screen starts to freeze??

I encounter my old chum Papyrus as the screen continues to get colder, and he seriously considers letting me go instead of capturing me. But then! (Top 10 Anime Plot Twists)

And the battle begins.

Little note before you watch, this battle did take me multiple tries to beat with food, so you get to watch the 4th rematch. In the first match, I flirted with him and we made plans to go on a date, but then he was too concentrated on fighting on every battle after that to talk to me much about it.

Papyrus eventually realizes that it is futile for me to continue trying, and so he spares me! Then he honors me greatly by allowing me to be his friend.

He goes into a bit of monologue that is actually important to the story so pay attention people!

He tells me that I must continue walking through this cavern, and when I reach the barrier.. well, i’ll just let him explain.

No one can cross the barrier..

Papyrus then *literally* flies away, back towards his pirate flagged house.

I traipse a little bit further, and encounter a new area, Waterfall.

I didn’t talk to any of the characters in this room yet, I just bee lined for today’s final savepoint.

And that’s the end for this month’s Undertale No Food. I really did put a TON of work *relatively* into this post (more than 2 hours spent overall playing, uploading videos, and writing). So I would appreciate if I could get to close to 8 likes?

Also, replacing Dictionary Taboo in the Undertale No Food series for now on, we have Undertale Question For You!

Today’s Undertale Question For You:

Who is your favorite character and why?



Free Lunch

Free Lunch #16

Hello there you carnivals of carnivorous cats. Can I get an illustration on that from anyone xD


Today is Free Lunch #16. If you don’t know what that means, basically I try to type for 5 minutes without stopping. I usually do this on my phone, but i’m on my laptop this time so expect more words.

I’ll start at 9:00.

Right now I am listening to the song Carnival from Gorillaz’s new album, Humanz. It’s one of my favorites from the album (or at least in the top ten), and it’s the way I got my interesting intro for today.

Today I feel like I stayed busy doing pretty much nothing important. In ELA, we worked on our poems and songs, and I’ve already finished both of those, so I just sat around doing math for almost an hour and a half. Though I was pretty lazy and probably only did about a half hour’s worth of work :/

As you may have noticed, I changed the tagline of the site from “jamie come up with a tagline” to “Everything is Relative”. However, I came up with the tagline, not Jamie. If you’re reading this Dad, know that one of your favorite quotes made it to the tagline.

Earlier while I was on the computer doing something close to nothing in ELA, I saw that our Publicize followers counted as real followers! On the website, for the follower count, instead of what should be 360, it says 379, which were added from Twitter. I was unaware that Twitter followers made an actual impact on my follower count.

In music news, I have been polishing up a few tracks, and you should see a video come out on my channel called “E-Jazz” within the next week or so. When it does, i’ll make a post so that you don’t have to go to the channel itself.

My time is up, and I hope you liked the post. If you did then like the post.

Thanks for reading all the way down to this *relatively* long Free Lunch :3

Next time on Free Lunch: a secret of the Rileys Backpack franchise self-leaked!

Dictionary Taboo:

a brass musical instrument with a flared bell and a bright, penetrating tone. The modern instrument has the tubing looped to form a straight-sided coil, with three valves.



Clash Royale: Legendary Chest!

Hello there you priceless pickles of the sea! Today I’ve got a Clash Royale post for you. I thought I should make one because I got a Legendary Chest last night!

I’ll even record me opening the chest for you. If I get Inferno Dragon, Ice Wizard, or Sparky, I will be very disappointed. I would really like a Miner, Graveyard Spell, or Bandit, so i’m hoping for one those!

I got the log, which is still great! Also, right after I recorded the video, I played a battle, and got this!

I’ll record the opening of the Magical Chest, and if I get something good, i’ll post it later!

Thanks for reading all the way down to the bottom of the post :3

Dictionary Taboo:

a powerfully built great ape with a large head and short neck, found in the forests of central Africa. It is the largest living primate.




stuff i get up to


So Riley was going to come over Friday to work on our music and hang out. But he has to go to Oak Ridge so never mind about that :(.

But we are making some progress on our songs so that’s cool at least.

We were practicing our music with Victoria’s band and they are sounding really awesome.

On to Books

I love books.

And I am currently reading (for the first time) one of the most beloved books of all time. To Kill a Mockingbird. I really like it so far, but I heard it gets sad and I cry at all the sad moments in books so I’m nervous.

And YouTube!

I have been watching a lot of SuperCarlinBrothers and they are pretty cool.

Next TV

Nothing has really changed, but I’m farther ahead in Doctor Who and Avatar: The Last Airbender.

And that’s the post!, The winner of the chocolate contest was Milk Chocolate, so I will get cracking on the Milk Chocolate food.

Oh P.S I had a dentist appointment today and no cavities and I didn’t choose that disgusting cookie dough toothpaste I always make the mistake of choosing!

Bye everyone, and as I always say:

The Good Dinosaur was a bad Pixar movie, possibly better than Cars II though.


Infinite Hallway in Minecraft

I will definitely have a real post out in about an hour or two, so keep your eyes peeled. In the meantime, here is a video I made that you can watch while I google the origin of the phrase “Keep your eyes peeled”.


unique post name

Hello there, ya double spaced essays, how are you doing? I’m well. I’ve been working on some command block stuff which is on the channel now here, if you want to see it. If not, don’t worry, because I have non-YouTube exclusive content for you right here!

Today in Science class, we played a game where the teacher (from now own referenced as Mr. McFerren) reads the definition of a science word and we turn around, and slap one of the note cards with the words on them he has glued to the board. Basically, it’s two people, and whichever one hits it first wins. The winner gets to pick their next opponent, and if you win three rounds in a row you get a piece of candy. Last time we played I got a Reese’s Cup, but unfortunately I didn’t win this time. But me, Jamie, and Victoria (girl in our class) made a candy truce, so that if any of us win candy, we split it into 3 parts and share. Victoria won a match, so I still got a bit of a Snickers Bar 😀

In Band, I’m still working on sight reading music, but I usually write down the fingerings on the sheet music so that I don’t have to read the notes (yes, I know i’m lazy). Also, I have a strange desire to learn that Trumpet music from the YouTube ad about the new Pixel phone. If you don’t know what that music is, you can listen to it here if ya want.

I have nothing else to talk about 😛

If you read all the way to the bottom, congratulations, you’re awesome! If you didn’t then how are you reading this now :O


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Writing The Longest Post Of ALL TIME!!

For those of you who don’t remember back when I started this in May, I decided I was going to write the longest post on Rileys Backpack yet. As of finishing this prologue right now, the final word count is 2134.

So that’s right, you read me. Today we are going to see if we can write the longest post of all time about everything I can scour my brain to write about while I’m doing this.. So let’s start, the time is 12:37, and I’m in Math Class. We were doing Map Testing but I finished it yesterday.


Now I pretty much have the entire period to do whatever it is I wish to do.

I’ve been thinking and I’m wondering if there is any website you can use that is specifically geared towards writers featuring their writings live, like as they type it their followers can watch the page, see them develop ideas and such. Anyways I just thought it would be kind of cool. NEXT!!

So I’ve been practicing a lot of soccer after school now, and I figured out a way to build your stamina each day magnificently! I call it, the Cheestamina Effect!! Which sounds incredibly stupid because I just came up with it on the spot. Wait, scratch that name, let’s just call it “the thing from the swamp”. I’ve been using the thing from the swamp to help improve my stamina greatly. So here’s how the thing from the swamp works. I have a big back and front yard. I measured a distance from a telephone pole to a fence and its 90 feet (or 30 meters [pretty much]) So basically one run from the telephone pole and to the fence and back is one lap. For someone who was previously so unfit (such as myself), you have to start with a small number, like 7 or 9. So run that, then the next day run one more lap than before. Then one more the next. And so on. I’m at a really high number, so most days im running the equivalent of half a mile. Think about it. There and back is 180 feet, and a mile is 5210. So running only 14 is 2520, which is only a bit off of a half a mile. So if you do this, after a couple of days of stopping eating junk food and running with this system, you’ll be as fit as a fiddle. NEXT!!!!

I don’t know if I have mentioned this yet, but I am reading the Maze Runner series, and I’m on the Kill Order. I’m not going to spoil it, but all I have to say is (Spoiler Alert—– WHY DOES NEWT HAVE TO DIE ;-;—– Spoiler Alert) Sorry if you saw that before reading the spoiler alert. *sobs* I didn’t care about all the other people who die. NEXT!!

So a while ago me and my brother and sister started watching the show Lost, which is a drama about people who crash on a mysterious island. There are a ton of really interesting characters, and the best part about it is all the plot twists. In every season there is something new to fret about. The Others (the island’s natives)! The Hatch (4 8 15 16 23 42)! Charles Whitmore (Evil billionaire)!

That’s 500 Words.

And here’s another spoiler.. Up ahead… I highly recommend that if you haven’t seen the show you steer clear of the next sentence. I’m serious. Stop reading. I want you to watch the show and if you keep reading this you will never be able to enjoy it. Last warning. Why does Charlie have to die?? He could have just waltzed out, closed the stupid door and told Desmond himself that it’s not her boat. It was meaningless death! WHYY!!!


I’m getting a bit tired of typing, I’ve been doing this for a good 20 minutes and i’m going to just continue this later. Also in the mean time i’ll post something about advertising in this post. Just like all special posts and everything more than five minutes long, it needs advertisement breaks to keep your skull from exploding. Welp, i’ll be back in a bit. Signing off at 650 words.

May 11th, 2016, 11:23

Heyo I’m back with the longest post of all time and now I have an advertisement to log into this so once I think the time is right i’ll add it in.





Ever wished you could find a good blog out there that posts reviews, tutorials, and gameplay a about all different kinds of games? Well then check out my blog at for the ultimate gaming experience!

Yea so there ya go Brandoboy. Today I’m going to be talking about absolutely nothing. I’m getting a bit (AKA EXTREMELY) bored of writing this. I feel like I should just import some material from before, but I can’t do that cause this has to be brand new writing. As you all know, I used to avidly play Minespud (a minecraft server with bending). The reason I stopped posting about it isn’t good. The server shut down and now I have nothing to do on minecraft, and because of this, I’ve pretty much stopped playing it for the time being. If any of you can think of a server I can play with factions and that isn’t too big, please recommend it in the comments below. Of course most of you won’t ever actually read this because your just going to read the top of the page, scroll waaaaay down to the bottom, and say “Oh yea I read it all!”. So if you actually read this bit in the middle, then say so by typing “Just 2 More” in the comments. Dang that’s 900 I’m getting reaaaaaal tired of writing this post.

I think i’ll go to a thousand and then stop for today. So. Clash of Clans. In this game, the clan Polar Cheese still thrives and we are getting really good at war. We are on a war win streak of 4 right now, and we are presently wrecking the next clan so soon it will be at 5. I’ve set up a new system to show who is the most important, War MVP and Donating Champ. I continuously win Donating Champ, and I try to pass around War MVP. That’s 1014 and I’m signing off for today. The time is 11:33.

I’m back, and it’s June 4th at 10:58 PM. I should probably be sleeping though. I’m on a pretty big losing streak on Clash Royale. But aside from that I’m in South Carolina right now, the night before the family reunion where there’s tons of food and family! I’m staying at my Great-Uncles house, and there’s wifi and cable 😌 xD. But yea there’s not much to talk about anymore. The dog that’s in this house starting freaking out earlier barking and he woke my brother and sister up. Such loudness :P. But he went to my moms room so were good now. I’m getting tired so I’m gone for now, cya signing off at 11:02!!

Jeez it’s Been months, I’m still doing this? Uhh

It’s now August 13th, i’m just here to add some to this forever going project. I plan to stop once we hit 5,000 words. But hey, thats probably not going to happen until next year. At the moment, I am working on LOTE (Land of The Elves). I’ve got the story and everything down, and by the time this post comes out, the game might be finished xD. Jamie has Undertale on his computer, we are doing Pacifist, and last night we got past Papyrus! Then we dated him..

My current interests are Twenty One Pilots, Undertale, Rileys Backpack, and jacksepticeye. On Pokemon Go, I am level 16, and my best current pokemon is a 1095 Vaporeon. Brendan is working on music for LOTE, and i’m about to go get a sandwhich. I’m getting ready to delete some pages, cause they are irrelevant. Pages like Video Games (And Other Games), and Clash of Clans War Records. I might restart War Records later once I have more war stuff to talk about. At the moment, our clan has a war win streak of 2 and it’s about to be 3 :D.

Welp, i’ll be back in a bit after my sandwich. I’m going to let my sister type in PINK.


Well that was weird. And it took her 10 minutes to do that… Do you mind if I just copy and paste something I wrote previously xD thats like 1,000 words? No.. I have to stay strong. Today I got 200 words done ;-;

BUT I”M NOT DONEEEE. whya why did that text turn gray lol. I never clicked for it to turn gray. I have to go for now.

3:50 August 13th. Here’s some LOTE details. Beware, kinda spoilers.

Area 1 is the House

In Area 1, you are Inside a house with thunderstorms raging outside, and your brother talking to you about how bored he is. He is younger than you , and his name is Prosper. He laughs, telling you he would find something to do. When he walks out of the room, the game explains the controls. On the wall is a drawing of Dum Cheese. The closet is full of clothes. There are two beds in the room, one is messy and one is clean. If you try to interact with the bed, you hear a growl. The hallway is mostly empty, aside from the blue rainbow painting. There are three doors, one leads to the kitchen, one to the basement, and one with Prospers speech bubble coming from, which is the bedroom. You are able to explore the house, but the basement door is locked. The key is hidden in a kitchen drawer, but the basement only holds a pingpong table, with a note on top and two paddles. To read note please see A1N1. The paddles can be picked up. If you go into the basement then leave, Prosper yells for you again, this time saying, ‘Hurry Up! What are you doing that’s so important??’

If you go back into the kitchen, in the drawer next to the oven, there is a totally dark photograph. For more information on that see A1P1. Also, stuck to the fridge is a note, which you can find more about at in A1N2. Once you (FINALLY) go into the next bedroom that Prosper is in, you see him making a suprised face at an elf who popped out of the sheets of the bed. He starts to talk in a language you don’t understand, and draws a blade, although he looks nervous about using it. Prosper backs away slowly, and you are given an option to fight him, offer him your lollipop, or back away. If you fight him, combat begins. If you offer him the lollipop, he grins in delight and crawls back under the covers. If you back away, he walks towards you uttering the same strange tounge, and you are forced into combat. Once you either defeat him, or bribe him away, your brother Prosper jumps into the bed and disappears under the covers. If you stay in the room for more than 30 seconds, once you go in, he asks what took you so long. You can either stay silent or say I was scared.

End of Area 1. Continue in Area 2.

That puts us at nearly 2000 words so far. Cya later…

It’s 3:24 August 26th. Looking back at that LOTE thing I put down, I kinda regret doing that, because this is posting sooner than one might think. But it’s not going to matter anyways because it’s gonna be a really long time until LOTE actually comes out. I mean, it doesn’t make any difference anyways, because nothing is really important in Area 1. Area 2 however..

I just wanna put this at 2,000 words, schedule it for next week and move on. I’m at 1970. Keep talking. Just gotta finish this strong! agh I have nothing to say to you. SAVE ME PINK FLUFFY UNICORNS!!

pink fluffy unicorns dancing on rainbows

pink fluffy unicorns dancing on rainbows

AND WE DID IT WERE AT SOME NUMBER ABOVE 2000. I feel bad about this because I look in my reader and see some of my writer friends do like 12,000 words in a post, which is insane, at least for me.

Welp thanks for reading, leave a comment if you want your ad put on. But other than ads i’m done with this. I feel if I had have put more work into this it would have been much longer, but instead I worked on it like every other two weeks. Nonetheless,