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Clash of Clans – How to Win a War!

Ok, so the number one thing you must have if you ever want to win any war ever, it the complete and total participation of the top 70% of your war map. (Ex. 10 Person War = Top 7 use attacks)

Of course you’ll always want everyone to attack, but your good if you can get that 70%. So, now your thinking, all right, I have my participating members, now what do I do?

After you can make sure everyone can attack, make sure everyone knows how to attack. Make sure everyone follows the war plan and the attack for their TH level. Your plans should look something like this:

TH 6: Giant-Healer

TH 7: GiWiArch (Giants wizards archers) Dragons

TH 8: GoWiPe, GoHo, Hogs, Dragons, GiWiPe, GoVaLo

TH 9: Lavaloonion, GoWiPe, GoVaHo

TH 10+: GoValk, GoWiPe, Lavaloonion

So long as your people usually use these attacks when warring, they should win, if ya don’t know how to use an attack you see, look it up on YouTube, or wait till I finish my “How To Attack” guide.

Ok, so now your going, my people are using these attacks, but were still losing! Now here is your solution:


If you don’t use strategy, and your team attacks whoever they want, then you will lose. Here are a couple commonly used strategies:

Attack Your Number Then Clean Up: This seems like it would work everytime, but it doesn’t. There will be cases when your number is too hard and you will fail your clan and then you’ll try to clean-up, but all of them can be too hard as well!

Attack With Common Sense: This is commonly seen in clan descriptions but the problem with this one is that it has no structure. Common sense can direct someone to attack higher if they think they can take it, but they actually cannot. People often just attack whoever they want when they use this strategy, and it results in a loss most times.

First Attack 3-Star, Second Attack Clean Up: In my eyes, this is the best strategy a clan can use, as it lowers morale for the other clan if all your first attacks are down and three stars. Once they get their definite three star done, they look at the replays of the people who didn’t get three stars, and figure out how to disarm it with a different attack. Here’s an example:

First Attacker: GoWiPe, finds all the giant bombs and finds the clan castle troops and how to lure, but can’t do it.

Second Attacker: GoHo, triggers giant bombs while luring the clan castle, and destroys the troops and three stars easily since they have inside knowledge.

Ok, now your starting to win a few wars, but your up against a mismatched clan now, what do you do?
Whenever Polar Cheese gets matched up against a much better clan, I make sure to get most of my clan members on at the start of the war and get them all to attack at once. Think of the havoc it will cause on the other side, if they wake up to a score of 0-27, in your favor. This lowers morale and will make most of the members on the other side want to give up, and if they don’t they won’t try as hard because they think they are going to lose the war anyways.

This has been DumCheese’s guide on destroying the other clan  in war, 29-0! Thank youuuuu!

Clash Of Clans

Clash of Clans – Another couple of wins :D

Last war, the final score was 30 to 13, our favor. We three starred every single base on the map, and they failed on our bases. This war is a 15v15 though, so there are more bases to three star. That doesn’t really stop us from getting 2/3 of the stars needed in the first hour and a half. Right now there is four hours left in the war and we are leading with 43-42. Their number two player hasn’t used any attacks though, so we might lose. All though if all goes well we will win! I’ll post later on whether or not we win or not!


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900th post!!

Were on our 900th post. That means that sometime in the next couple months we will hit 1000 posts. That’s only if I remember to post every other day.

Well yesterday I had track again, we only did 15 of the stair laps. But to make up for that, he sent us out to the soccer field and told us to run 10 laps.

Turns out 10 laps is a lot more than I thought it was. I had to take a couple breaks, but I looked at my friend Harry’s fitness watch, he ran 2.3 miles, and I ran 1.5. So my legs were super sore after that, so of course it was stretch time.

Now for the Polar Cheese news! So our clan is really getting better, were attracting more and more people. Even though we lost the last 3 wars, spirits are high and we are up against a Level One clan this time so it should be really easy to beat them. Also their bases are very weak against hog attacks, as I can see where the giant bombs will be easily.

I haven’t really had the time to play Minecraft on my computer a lot lately, but I have been playing Terraria on my iPad. I have my Titanium sword and full Mytrhil armor. At the moment, I’m waiting for a Solar Eclipse so I can get a Broken Hero’s sword, so I can get a True Night’s Edge!

Since it’s the 900th post, I’m trying to cram everything I can into this, even though I don’t have much news since my last post. Although last night I did redownload Pencil, which is an animation program that I used to make my other Dum Cheese cartoons, which unfortunately got lost when I deleted most of my YouTube videos. Soon i’ll have some more animation to share with you guys, but for now its just a yellow square waving his arms around in a loop xD

Also on the YouTube channel, I’ll be posting some of the Redstone Minecraft videos that I make when I don’t have internet at my house.

I know this post has kinda been all over the place, but I wrote it all down because I could!

If your a loyal follower of the holy cheese, make sure to like and comment n stuff!




Clash Of Clans – Unfair War!

This war we got a really unfair matching against our opponents.

We had 5 TH Eights, 3 TH Seven, One TH Six, and One TH Four.

We got matched up against 1 TH Ten, 1TH Nine, 3 TH Eights, and 5 TH Sevens.

How is this fair you ask? Simple, it isn’t. It is helping that the TH Ten and Nine are both really rushed. I attacked both of them, 2 starring the TH Ten, and one starring the TH Nine. I used a GoWiPe for the ten and dragons for the nine.

Heres some screenshots of the war effort so far.


The score so far



Attacking the TH Ten with GoWiPe.



Attacking the TH Nine with dragons.




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CoC War: The Cheeses vs cops de vivonne!

So far in this war the other clan has been pretty inactive and we are winning by 15 stars.image3

This is the war map so far, there are a few attacks below this but they arent that important (all lower attacks are mostly three stars.)

Here’s the standings and who’s attacked who this whole time. (Skip past if you wanna see the teams first)

1. jls (Two starred by Amari)

2. jonathan (One starred by me)

3. roi 1er – Clan Leader (Three starred by me)

4. (Arabic Letters – i think) (Three starred by Amari)

5. (Chinese or Japanese Letters) (Not attacked)

6. louis86 (0s tarred by rIDeR 46%)

7.  feu d er (3 starred by jarvis)

8. P K Z (3 starred by rIDeR)

9.  gogo86 (3 starred by jarvis)

10. lleo (3 starred by Vikkstar)

Here are both our teams:





As always wish us luck and if you wish to join the clan just leave a comment of your username and trophy count! Happy Clashing!




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Holographical War Log Introduction

I’m Holographical and this is the beginning of many logs. Some may be from my point of view, some may be from other’s. But they’ll all revolve around one thing, The Invasion Of Different Dimension. We have just recently hit 125 followers. Sadly though, the goal was not met in time and The Beings From The Different Dimension had the upper hand. Now, Food World is suffering serious injuries and their leader, Evil Cheese, has kidnaped Dum Cheese. Without our hero will we survive?

Now that Dum Cheese has been kidnapped, its only an amount of time before they torture him to get all of Food World’s Secrets! We need new heroes. We need you.