Free Lunch #48 (more more edition)

Hello there you awesome smelling pizzahaired chaps! (Hello there you submitted by faraztunezhaidr.) It’s Friday which means it’s time for another Free Lunch! If you don’t know what that means, I just type for 5 minutes on either my phone or laptop. This time it’s my phone, so this will be pretty short.

Starting at 10:31.

Not much has happened since Wednesday. Luckily I managed to finish all of the school work that was due on Thursday, and as of now, all of my grades are a-ok. I haven’t been working much on composing lately, but I hope to turn that around soon. Tomorrow i’m going downtown with my family and we’re going to eat pizza and walk around. On Sunday i’m going to my friend’s second birthday party. The first was last week, and we went a bunch of cool places (bowling, arcade, escape room). This time we’re just going to go to his house and eat cake and play video games probably.

Also, the next Undertale Free Lunch will be out within the next few weeks. Probably. If it isn’t then remind me if you actually want it.

I also want to take a moment to address all the inactive authors. I don’t know if anyone but me is ever going to post again. Jamie says he has nothing to say. No word from Maz or Jordan, and Victoria is still doing her treatment I think. I’m not sure if this is going to change anytime soon.

That’s the end of this Free Lunch.

Thanks for reading it.


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Free Lunch #47 (almost there edition)

Hello there you Pirates of the Pancreas. Today it’s Tuesday which means it’s time for a Free Lunch! If you don’t know what that means, I just type for five minutes on either my laptop or phone trying not to stop.

Starting at 7:08.

The reason there hasn’t been as many good posts recently is because i’ve been pretty swamped in schoolwork. It’s mostly stuff that I should have already finished, but didn’t because I was being lazy. That’s all come back to bite me now as everything is due on Thursday, the last day before fall break. I wouldn’t expect another post from me until Friday for the Free Lunch, sorry.

Anyways on to the usual discussion topics, recently i’ve been working on a couple different ideas for piano songs that could branch off into their own full song. Most of them are about thirty seconds long and are kind of boring, but i’m sure i’ll find one that interests me. On Guitar, i’m practicing my Pentatonic Blues Scale and it’s pretty fun. I think i’m going to try and make my own solo later using that, but not anytime soon. In Trumpet news, in class we have just been working on making sure that we are able to correctly play stuff and comprehend rhythms, so we aren’t practicing any pieces, which is disappointing. I am still working on Megalovania for the Trumpet though, and it’s still a huge challenge… but one day I will conquer it.

I don’t really have much else to say to you, except I started watching a new show today indicated by the Hello There You.

Thanks for reading all the way down to the bottom of this kind of boring post. I promise that this Saturday you’ve got a pretty good book review coming, so hold on for that!

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Choose (someone or something) from a number of alternatives, typically after careful thought.
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Free Lunch #37 (“Happy” Fish Edition)

Hello there you happy fish. I want you to know that this is the one of the first few image results for “happy fish”.

I guess he does look happy. But more like a forced happy, like the kind that clowns at birthday parties have to put on to amuse the children. Anyways, back to Free Lunch. It’s been a really long time (2+ weeks) since I’ve posted a Free Lunch, but we’re back now! If you don’t know what Free Lunch is, basically, I just sit down with a device for 5 minutes and write as much as I can before I am out of time.

I’ll be starting at 5:31.

Now it begins. What begins, you might ask? If you did ask, I would be inclined to tell you that it’s Free Lunch. You already knew that, this was just filler. MWHAHAHA.

In meaningful or at least slightly thought poking news, we didn’t have too much work in our classes today. This was very welcome, as I was able to accomplish absolutely nothing in the free time I had for finishing early. Literally all I did was write the introduction to this post (fish and all), leave it, and play Santale and Bad Time Simulator for the rest of the time.

We still don’t have a band teacher, and the substitute got angry at me for correcting her. Ever since she was hired she’s been trying to get us to do non-band stuff in band. She had wanted us to write Haikus, and put that Haikus were 7-5-7 syllables…

I can’t wait until she’s gone. Though she did redeem herself slightly by letting me play Trumpet in the back room, I still don’t like her very much.

My time is up for this Free Lunch. I’m sorry that it was a little on the short side, but hopefully it retained your attention nonetheless.

Thanks for reading all the way down to the bottom of this post :1

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Minute shreds or ravelings of yarn.

The first person to answer correctly get’s eternal happiness. Probably.


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Free Lunch #32

Hello there you online mp3 files. It’s Friday so that means it’s time for another edition of Free Lunch! If you don’t know what that means, luckily for you, you have me to explain it to you. It’s actually pretty boring. I just get on my phone or laptop (laptop today) and try to write for 5 minutes without stopping.

Starting at 5:35.

I have been working a lot on music the last few days (which you can listen to here 😀 😀 😀 pls), and I’ve realized that I have almost everything I need to record anything. Jamie has a microphone that I would hope that he’d let the band use for recording the album, we both have acoustic Guitars, even if mine sucks. We both have keyboards —

*got a phone call and had to talk so i’m restarting at 5:40*

Before I was interrupted, I was talking about how despite my own belief, we actually have almost everything we need to record the album. The only thing I can think of is an Electric Guitar, which would be awesome, but isn’t a necessity. So the album should still be out later this Winter.

In other musical news, (sorry non-musical people, you’ll just have to wait) we’re putting out another short collection of songs on the old account, which is now named “Team RSB” on Soundcloud. It’s mostly just weird experimental made by me mixed in with nice 8 bit music made on iDARB by Brendan and Saoirse. It’s okay, and it should be out tomorrow or the next day, so i’ll leave a link in whichever day’s corresponding post.

Aside from that, I can’t decide which game to play next. I finished To The Moon and it was pretty amazing. Definitely makes one of my top 5 games i’ve ever played. So help me pick a game to play now! Here’s a nice poll to choose the next game I play!

In my life, not much is happening, aside from the paid audio editing work i’m going to be doing for my mom’s project with the city. I may be going to Oak Ridge soon again, so i’ll be able to make another Undertale No Food.  I also recently got into Big Bang Theory and it’s pretty funny.

My time is up, it’s 5:45.

Thanks for reading this post that should be slightly longer than the usual Free Lunch :3

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the sweet and fleshy product of a tree or other plant that contains seed and can be eaten as food



Undertale No Food #4

Hello there you blankets of blasphemous bats. Today, it is time for our monthly post for Undertale No Food. Because they are so far apart, if you actually want to understand the story, and what’s happening in this episode, you should probably see the previous ones.

Undertale No Food #1

Undertale No Food #2

Undertale No Food #3

This post is going to be a little bit longer than the usual posts you will see on this blog, so if you read the whole thing, thank you 😀

It’s time.

I return to the world, only to be greeted by an assortment of innocent snow puffs spread across the ground.

But wait!? This snow puff has a tail??

And a head?!?!

Why, it’s no snow puff here, but a nice little puppy.



Success comes easily, and I make peace with the pupper.

Continuing walking, I step onto a rickety wooden bridge. While crossing, nervous of the seemingly 1,000 foot drop below me, I encounter some familiar faces.

Papyrus tells me that he will soon activate all of these maniacal devices and destroy me!

Fortunately for us, he decides that he doesn’t want to best me using such an unfair method.

Papyrus then walks off screen to the right, and Sans stays to tell me that I should get used to “blue attacks”.

I follow in the great Papyrus’s footsteps, and find myself in Snowdin!

Walking forwards, I find a save point to rejuvenate myself at.

I then have a nice encounter with Monster Kid, with him assuming I am a kid because of my striped shirt xD

Past Grillby’s, I trot into the local librarby. Yes, librarby..

As the library is just a pit-stop, I continue right, leaving footsteps in the freshly-fallen snow behind me.


I walk past a very nicely decorated house, with a pirate flag on top, and two very different mailboxes. Papyrus and Sans have a truly wonderful home.

Continuing walking, (which seems to be the main gameplay feature sometimes)

The screen starts to freeze??

I encounter my old chum Papyrus as the screen continues to get colder, and he seriously considers letting me go instead of capturing me. But then! (Top 10 Anime Plot Twists)

And the battle begins.

Little note before you watch, this battle did take me multiple tries to beat with food, so you get to watch the 4th rematch. In the first match, I flirted with him and we made plans to go on a date, but then he was too concentrated on fighting on every battle after that to talk to me much about it.

Papyrus eventually realizes that it is futile for me to continue trying, and so he spares me! Then he honors me greatly by allowing me to be his friend.

He goes into a bit of monologue that is actually important to the story so pay attention people!

He tells me that I must continue walking through this cavern, and when I reach the barrier.. well, i’ll just let him explain.

No one can cross the barrier..

Papyrus then *literally* flies away, back towards his pirate flagged house.

I traipse a little bit further, and encounter a new area, Waterfall.

I didn’t talk to any of the characters in this room yet, I just bee lined for today’s final savepoint.

And that’s the end for this month’s Undertale No Food. I really did put a TON of work *relatively* into this post (more than 2 hours spent overall playing, uploading videos, and writing). So I would appreciate if I could get to close to 8 likes?

Also, replacing Dictionary Taboo in the Undertale No Food series for now on, we have Undertale Question For You!

Today’s Undertale Question For You:

Who is your favorite character and why?




Undertale No Food #3

Hello there you controlled explosions of thought. Today I have the long-delayed 3rd part of my Undertale No Food series. I didn’t have a lot of time, so this is a little bit short.

I’m back at the my previous spot I saved at!

I wander around for a bit, getting used to the controls again, and then walk into the next area. In a “secret” area, I find a switch, which opens up a pathway.

However, on my way to the opened area, i’m confronted by Lesser Dog!

He’s so cute!

As I didn’t have the heart to murder the little pup, I decided to pet him until his head ended up underground.

Still cute somehow!

After that, I moved on and was confronted with a short jazz track… and two dogs!

;-; i’m a monster

They were short-lived, because I need the LOVE so that I can kill future more difficult monsters ;-;




Back to the game….

I walk further, and solve one of Papyrus’s puzzles, then kindly inform him that his Spaghetti was fantastic.

A complicated puzzle, that the great Papyrus might not even be able to solve, what shall I do!

All I have to do is wait. The machine malfunctions and Papyrus spins away after being thwarted!

Continuing my trek, I march onwards, to find more puzzles, which are solved relatively easily.

Easy peasy!

Going forwards, I walk into the room where I know today’s big fight resides, Glyde!

If you liked this post, then like this post!

Thanks for reading all the way down to the bottom of this Undertale post :3

Dictionary Taboo:

a musical performance given in public, typically by several performers or of several separate compositions.






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Undertale No Food #2

Hello there you phonetic hilltop monkeys! (Actually made by me!!)

Today I have the second episode of my Undertale No Food series where I basically play the game, but I can’t eat any edibles at all the whole time. The boss battle for today was very, very easy, because Toriel refused to kill me because she’s a nice goat lady,  but y’know I had to slaughter her 😦

We're back in front of Toriel's house!
We’re back in front of Toriel’s house!

I head in, and she has an amazing pie that she baked just for me! How inconsiderate..

why no food series why
why no food series why

And she has another surprise for me!

My own room 😀

I like the color scheme actually.
I like the color scheme actually.

Apparently, I decide I am very tired, and I hop into my red twin-sized bed.

And wake up with a slice of pie that I can't eat. Fantastic.
And wake up with a slice of pie that I can’t eat. Fantastic.

Then I get bored and want to leave.


She says no.


She says no.

She then realizes that she has some important business to take care of and runs downstairs to destroy the Ruins exit. I follow her, and she tells me I must be worthy or something to pass. So I realize I AM WORTHY WEEEEWW!


My video:

After defeating her, I walk down a long hallway, and encounter Flowey.


He says some mean stuff to me and disappears.

I then exit the Ruins, and WHAT THERE’S A CAMERA IN THE BUSH…


I continue to walk uneasily through the snowy forest, hearing noises behind me until I reach an over-sized gate. And a mysterious figure walks up behind me!

stalker alert
stalker alert

But don’t worry.

you chilled me right to the BONE, Sans.
you chilled me right to the BONE, Sans.

It’s only Sans.

He tells me of his brother, Papyrus, a “human-hunting fanatic”, and we progress.

But here he comes, so I hide behind a conveniently shaped lamp.

lamp god.
lamp god.

And then Papyrus leaves to go search for more humans.

*encounter over*
*encounter over*

Onto the next room I find a new savepoint 😀


I find this beauty of a creature while walking out of the room above.

my first Snowdin monster encounter
my first Snowdin monster encounter

Then I have to murder a blind dog ;-;-;-;-;-;-;-;-;-;-;-;-;-;-;-;-;-;


And.. I have to kill… the blind dog ;-;

i'm a monster
i’m a monster

Continuing into the world, I discover Papyrus and Sans have created a puzzle for me, which I easily surpass.


He leaves me an obvious trail to trek through.

oh papyrus...
oh papyrus…

A snowball!




I walk some more and find Sans has left me his own puzzle.

Fortunately I was able to use my mental prowess to successfully defeat the puzzle and continue.
Fortunately I was able to use my mental prowess to successfully defeat the puzzle and continue.

I beat the puzzle, and reach my final savepoint for the episode!


Thanks for reading all the way down to the bottom of the post :3

Dictionary Taboo:

A standing light bulb with paper around it.



Undertale No Food Part 1

Hello there you lamps. Today I decided to do an Undertale series since Jamie forgot to finish his! In the interest of making it slightly more interesting since many of you have already read most of his posts, i’ve decided not to use any edibles during my entire run. That means no healing items during the whole game, and the only way to get my health up is by saving at the predetermined checkpoints. This will be very difficult, and take a while to do, but I think it’ll be a fun (not) experience.

My name will be Cheese.


I wake up on a soft bed of golden flowers in a dark room.

Upon leaving the room, I find this nice flower.


He nearly murders me, but I am saved by goat-mom! (Toriel)


Led into this room, I find my first savepoint 😀




Once I get through that room, Toriel leads me to a dummy and tells me to practice talking to it.

Instead I am intimidated by it and flee lol.


In the room after that, Toriel leads me through some spiky puzzle stuff and then states that she doesn’t believe in me ;-;


They tell me to take one.


I take two


I take three


But four is pushing it apparently


Toriel asks me whether I like cinnamon or butterscotch better, and I answer cinnamon by accident because I was skipping the text, even though I like butterscotch better. She tells me to stay where I am and wait for her, so I disobey, and find another savepoint in the next room.


I trek through the ruins, completing puzzles and moving stubborn rocks, until I come across the first mini-boss, Napstablook!


I mercilessly slaughter him, but alas, ghosts are incorporeal and all that.


After I get past him, Toriel calls me as I am nearing her home, and I get to my final savepoint for the episode!


Expect an episode to come out once a week, not specifically on Sunday. Sneak peak at next time:


Thank you so much for reading all the way to the bottom of the post :3




Favorite Bands Part 2 – LIST EDITION

Hey there you serene hills, today I’ll be giving you an updated and upgraded version of my favorite song/bands. 

During the last post I said some stuff about Twenty-One Pilots and Heathens, but this was before I listened to other music of theirs and different bands. So in the interest of me being able to look back 10 years from now and go “huh I was listening to that then”, here is my Top 10 favorite bands/composers  at this moment in time.

10. Wynston Marsalis

As he’s one of the best trumpeters in the world, and wrote some of my favorite jazz stuff, he definitely earns a spot on this list!


I saw BØRNS in concert, and I really liked the performance. I wanted to see them so bad I was able to convince my mom to bring me out to the concert on a school day lol.

8. My Chemical Romance

Long live The Black Parade.

7. Weezer

I’ve only listened to Undone by them, but I’ve been listening to it for a really long time and I’m not sick of it yet.

6. Morningsiders

Even if this band was only together for a bit and only produced less than 10 songs, I’m a big fan of Empress and Welcome, Rain by them.

5. Queen

They are the gods of rock and roll. ‘Nough said.

4. Toby Fox

Toby not only created one of my favorite video games of all time (Undertale), but he wrote its entire original amazing soundtrack on his own, and it’s great to listen to for studying or reading or whatever. At least for me.

3. Cake

Cake has just made so many of my favorite songs that they deserve the Bronze Medal on this one. Short Skirt, Long Jacket, The Distance, Never There, War Pigs and so many other great songs!

2. Gorillaz

Rivaling Twenty-One Pilots for the #1 spot  (but not really lol), I first listened to Gorillaz when I was like 6 years old. A newly reignited curiosity of their other music has got me to listen to a ton of their music in the last few days, and rocketing it up to the Silver Medal! Language is in a lot of their songs, but you should listen to Clint Eastwood if you think you have similar music tastes as me

1. Twenty-One Pilots

My favorite band of all time. There is no serious competition to try and take the #1 spot from these guys. If I were to compare Gorillaz and TØP on how much I like them on a scale of 1 to 10, Gorillaz would get 5 and TØP would get 9. There is no song by them or Tyler Joseph on No Phun Intended that I dislike in the slightest. But that’s just my opinion.

Thank you for reading all the way to the bottom of this list post :3

If you made it down here, tell me your favorite musician/band/genre in the comments!





You think he's harmless? You're wrong.
You think he’s harmless? You’re wrong.

It took like seven total hours of fighting over a period of eight or nine days. The only reason I beat him this time is because Saoirse bet 25 cents on it, so I knew I HAD to win.

This post will mean nothing to someone who’s never been stuck on a video game boss. But to everyone that has, I have conquered my greatest rival so far.

*clinks glass of tea with you* To more difficult bosses!