My Favorite Bands 3.0

Hello there you lego titans of suburbia. Today I decided it’s time to update my favorite bands list!

You may be surprised at who tops the list! Probably not though.

10. Wu Fei – The only person on this list who I have actually met and worked with, Wu Fei plays the guzheng and makes music with it that I find very relaxing ususally. Though some of the songs from her first album (A Distant Youth) are dissonant-ish, most of them are great for easy listening.

Favorites Summer Palace, Three Kingdoms

9. Portugal. The Man – Pulling up into the ninth slot on the strength of my favorite singles by them, Feel It Still and Atomic Man, Portugal. The Man is regardless of it’s position on this list, one of my favorite rock bands.

Favorites: Feel It Still, Atomic Man

8. Green Day – I had some trouble ordering Green Day, Cage the Elephant, and Aaron Embry correctly. Though Green Day ended up in the lower parts of the list, don’t be discouraged! They have created some truly great songs. According to me at least.

Favorites: Revolution Radio, Basket Case, When I Come Around

7. Cage the Elephant – This band has a talent for creating songs that I love xD

Favorites: Cigarette Daydreams, Come a Little Closer

6. Aaron Embry – I discovered Aaron by accident, tapping through related artists, but I’m very glad that I found him. He has only released one album on Spotify, but it’s filled with folk guitar-y stuff. He also released an album that didn’t make it to Spotify, on Bandcamp, which was just as good.

Favorites: Tiny Prayers, Moon of the Daylit Sky

5. Twenty One Pilots – You may be very shocked right now. Last time, Twenty One Pilots topped the list, you say. How did it fall all the way down to the half mark, you ask. Well the simple answer is listening to them to much. While I don’t really dislike any of the songs, I just listened to them over and over for a few months. I do like the songs, i’m just still sick of their music now. Hopefully I will like their new album whenever it comes out. 

Favorites: I still do like Heavydirtysoul!

4. My Chemical Romance – The fuel for this band rising higher on the list is mainly their album, Three Cheers for Sweet Revenge. I like their last album, The Black Parade, a lot as well, but I just love the songs from Three Cheers.

Favorites: To The End, Thank You For The Venom

3. Cake – Cake makes some pretty sweet songs!

Favorites: I Will Survive (Cover), Opera Singer, Stickshifts and Safetybelts

2. Gorillaz – Even though I was a little bit disappointed in their comeback album (Humanz), it still had enough songs I could enjoy to keep me interested in the band. I love almost every song by them in all the other albums (aside from The Fall, which although bad, wasn’t as bad as people made it out to be, considering it’s production). If you look up my favorite albums in the little search bar thingy on Rileys Backpack, you will find that Gorillaz albums dominated the list. On the subject of my favorite albums, they will probably be updated in a post next week.

Favorites: Sleeping Powder, Every Planet We Reach is Dead, Starshine

1. Watsky – There are a lot of great musicians and bands on this list, but by my preferences, Watsky beats all of them. I love all of his albums, and I highly recommend listening to some of his songs.

Favorites: all of them

Thanks for reading this moderately long post I’ve written! If you want more music based stuff, like the before mentioned updated favorite albums list, like the post 😀

If you want to, leave a comment telling me your favorite musicians/bands!


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My Top 10 Favorite Albums

Hello there you superior Rainbow Monkeys.

Today i’m going to be giving you my favorite albums at this moment in time, and why I like them.

10. Three Cheers For Sweet Revenge by My Chemical Romance – Before I am torn to shreds by a few certain people *cough you know who you are*, I want to remind you that just because this album placed 10th on my list, it is in no way bad in any way. Remember, everything is relative, this is still in the top ten albums I’ve ever listened to. One of the reasons for that is because it was the first full album by MCR (My Chemical Romance) that I listened to, and it got me hooked.

9. A Distant Youth by Wu Fei – This is one of my favorite albums to sit down and just unwind and loosen up to after a busy day. The only reason I was able to find the album in the first place was that Wu Fei actuslly visited my school and performed on the Guzheng for all of the band students. It was an awesome experience and you could live a little bit of it by listening to this album!

8. Gorillaz by Gorillaz – Although this album produced some amazing singles that have turned out to be some of my favorite songs (Clint Eastwood, Rock the House, Tomorrow Comes Today etc.), I just don’t connect with all of the songs. However, I am in no way saying thay the album is bad, but it sounds more like a mixtape than an album. But still amazing.

7. Cardboard Castles by Watsky – I really adore almost every song from this album, and I think it all just fits together perfectly. Watsky’s ability with rapping and spoken word is just astounding. If you have time, lots of his spoken word is on Youtube, and I advise you listen to them.

6. Blurryface by Twenty One Pilots – This was the first Twenty One Pilots album that I listened to, which was recommended by my cousin’s friend’s daughter on a Minecraft realm, and I immediately fell in love with the band. Nine months later, I’m at their concert in Memphis, having the best of times. You can read about that here if you’d like 😀

Interlude: You can listen to my music here if you are a very nice person ;D

5. The Black Parade by My Chemical Romance – This album is phenomenal on almost every level for me. Not only did it produce some of the band’s biggest hits, but it pleased the fans, and that’s the important part. I’ll just be waiting here with my cake and balloons ready, in case they ever reunite.

4. Regional At Best by Twenty One Pilots – Regional At Best is one of Twenty One Pilots’s best albums, and I really think it’s a shame they stopped selling it. The album contains some great songs, and it’s pretty well structured as well, so any Twenty One Pilots fans who haven’t heard it yet should definitely turn it on in their Car Radio, but don’t get distracted, make sure your vision of the road is Clear, and if a song on the album doesn’t work, don’t Be Concerned, or you might crash into some Trees. Sorry.

Interlude: I’m down to the last 3 albums and I love them all so it will be difficult for me to place them above or below eachother.. but I have to.

3. Plastic Beach by Gorillaz – Plastic Beach is a journey, and it’s a story. I feel like unfortunately for the world, having a album that takes you somewhere and tells you a tale throughout multiple songs, yet still maintains it’s medium as music, is incredibly hard to achieve. But with Plastic Beach, Gorillaz did just that and more.

2. Vessel by Twenty One Pilots – Vessel doesn’t have a single song that I dislike at all on it. It is a seamless masterpiece in my eyes, and it outperforms almost every other album for me, except….

1. Demon Days by Gorillaz – I completely love this album in every way. It gave out most of Gorillaz’s best songs, is an absolute joy for me to listen to. I would list a few of my favorite songs from it, but truth be told, all of the songs are my favorite. I think that this is where Gorillaz previously shined their brightest, and I hope that they can match this with their future releases.

Bonus: Twenty One Pilots by Twenty One Pilots – Great album, but I couldn’t bear replace any of the items on this list, so it remains an afterthought turned bonus.

It does Feel Good (Inc) to write a post that takes more than a few minutes. If you made it all the way down to the bottom, tell me your favorite album right now if you have the time.

Thanks for reading all the way down to the bottom of the post :3

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 Go down the surface of something, especially a liquid; become submerged.


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Twenty One Pilots Concert

Hello there you Trees. Last night was the concert that I have been waiting a very, very long time to go to. If you are a long time reader of the blog, you probably remember the two posts I’ve made talking about my favorite bands.

If you haven’t read those, you can see them both here.

I’m writing this on the drive back from Memphis, listening to some peaceful music 

My mom and I got there at around 7:30, and the actual concert started around 9:10. There were two opening performers, Judah and the Lion, and Jon Bellion, who both did well.

Tyler opened with Fairly Local, and a huge Blurryface talking. The show was amazing, and I failed to get a good picture from the top of the venue, but Jordan got a good one of Josh while he was on the crowd.

There were thousands of people there 0.0

Anyways, they played a lot of my favorite songs (because every song of theirs is my favorite), including:

Fairly Local



Ode to Sleep

Stressed Out



Addict With A Pen

House of Gold

We Don’t Believe What’s On TV

Lane Boy


Message Man

Tear In My Heart

Holding On To You

Guns for Hands

The Judge


Car Radio



Jump Around (Cover)

Cancer (Cover)

Not in that specific order, and I might have missed a few, but still an almost accurate list.

It was the best concert i’ve ever been to 😀

I was able to buy a beanie and socks with the merch money that Saint Iv gave me.

Overall, even if it was a $20 pair of socks and $35 beanie (THE MARKUP ON THESE MUST BE INSANE), i’m glad I got them.

The concert was an amazing experience, and I’ve already started saving for my ticket for the tour that will follow their new album.

Thanks for reading all the way to the bottom :3

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St. Paul and The Broken Bones and Converse

Hello there you anonymous pumpkin dances (Hello there submitted by ArmyOfLamps)

Today I went to a local radio station (Lightning 100) and saw a mini-concert by, as the title suggests, St. Paul and The Broken Bones. There was a trumpeter there as well who was fantastic. The whole band did amazing, and the singer’s voice was incredible.

In other news, for the past few days I’ve been searching the internet for a pair of Gorillaz Converse in my size. Unfortunately, they came out almost 5 years ago and there are barely any left in ANY size. So I was thinking I could attempt to draw something cool on the next pair of Converse I get, which will be white so I can add my own decorations. On them, I want to have a TØP symbol, 2D’s head, and some other stuff. But my worry is that whenever it rains, the designs will just fade away. The solution to that is to use permanent marker, but that means that I’ll have to find someone who can draw something perfectly first time in permanent marker ON A SHOE.

Also I’m interested in the piano, so I’m gonna go bug Brendan to teach me.

Dictionary Taboo:

It’s usually a rectangle that can be used for being temporarily deactivated. And it’s not a coffin. It has other things on it used for comfort and warmth.

Thanks for reading all the way to the bottom of the post :3



Cool art 

Lol I accidentally posted this on my random old blog. Still, enjoy!

Origami Inc

All art courtesy of my fren cat.

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Favorite Bands Part 2 – LIST EDITION

Hey there you serene hills, today I’ll be giving you an updated and upgraded version of my favorite song/bands. 

During the last post I said some stuff about Twenty-One Pilots and Heathens, but this was before I listened to other music of theirs and different bands. So in the interest of me being able to look back 10 years from now and go “huh I was listening to that then”, here is my Top 10 favorite bands/composers  at this moment in time.

10. Wynston Marsalis

As he’s one of the best trumpeters in the world, and wrote some of my favorite jazz stuff, he definitely earns a spot on this list!


I saw BØRNS in concert, and I really liked the performance. I wanted to see them so bad I was able to convince my mom to bring me out to the concert on a school day lol.

8. My Chemical Romance

Long live The Black Parade.

7. Weezer

I’ve only listened to Undone by them, but I’ve been listening to it for a really long time and I’m not sick of it yet.

6. Morningsiders

Even if this band was only together for a bit and only produced less than 10 songs, I’m a big fan of Empress and Welcome, Rain by them.

5. Queen

They are the gods of rock and roll. ‘Nough said.

4. Toby Fox

Toby not only created one of my favorite video games of all time (Undertale), but he wrote its entire original amazing soundtrack on his own, and it’s great to listen to for studying or reading or whatever. At least for me.

3. Cake

Cake has just made so many of my favorite songs that they deserve the Bronze Medal on this one. Short Skirt, Long Jacket, The Distance, Never There, War Pigs and so many other great songs!

2. Gorillaz

Rivaling Twenty-One Pilots for the #1 spot  (but not really lol), I first listened to Gorillaz when I was like 6 years old. A newly reignited curiosity of their other music has got me to listen to a ton of their music in the last few days, and rocketing it up to the Silver Medal! Language is in a lot of their songs, but you should listen to Clint Eastwood if you think you have similar music tastes as me

1. Twenty-One Pilots

My favorite band of all time. There is no serious competition to try and take the #1 spot from these guys. If I were to compare Gorillaz and TØP on how much I like them on a scale of 1 to 10, Gorillaz would get 5 and TØP would get 9. There is no song by them or Tyler Joseph on No Phun Intended that I dislike in the slightest. But that’s just my opinion.

Thank you for reading all the way to the bottom of this list post :3

If you made it down here, tell me your favorite musician/band/genre in the comments!


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Lazy Thursday

Hello there you fellow humans, today I am doing nothing as far as I know. Currently i’m listening to music on Spotify to find songs to go on my playlist, Stuff Ya Might Like If You Were Riley.

Like I said I would, I looked up where the phrase “keep your eyes peeled comes from”. According to Quora:

To keep one’s eyes peeled means to be alert, observant. This seems an odd phrase, but dates back to the 1820s in Britain, when Sir Robert Peel established the first organised police force. The officers were known as ‘peelers, or ‘bobbies’. They were expected to be particularly observant and to keep their eyes ‘peeled’, after their founder’s orders!

But it also has some different answers, so here you go if this has piqued your interest.(Link to quora page)

I’ve just added most of the Cave Story soundtrack and the TOP x MUTEMATH new songs to the playlist.

I’m reading a really good book that Maz lent me called The Watch That Ends The Night, that is a realistic fiction poetry book based around some characters the author made up aboard the Titanic, their lives, and their  inevitable last moments. I just got to the part where they are starting to evacuate the ship, and some people are already dead from the impact of the iceberg alone.

That’s about all I have to talk about right now, I might post something worthwhile tomorrow.



I’m still here.

I’m just tellin you. I haven’t had anything to write about or a good opportunity to write anything. I got fifth, sixth, and seventh grade huge applaud and chanting my name during the Student Council Presidential Debate, and no one else got any SUPER positive yelling for them except my friend Avion for 8th grade. But I’m pretty sure i’m going to win.

I’m going to be adding my friend Jordan as an author very soon, and I’m not sure if she’ll post about anything other than Twenty-One Pilots but STILL, should boost activity slightly 😀

Hope everybody is having a fantastic day, see you next time, and



My Top 10 Fandoms!

Hello everyone, today I’m here to tell you the top 10 fandoms that I’m proud to be a part of! 

If you don’t know what a fandom is, it’s basically ALLLLLLLLLLLL the fans of one subject, like the fandom of Justin Bieber are Beliebers. 


10. Batman – I like Batman, but I mean, it’s been almost 7 years since I was an active fan.

9. Clash of Clans – The game is great! But it doesn’t even compare to the rest. Sorry Clash fans.

8. Star Wars – Back in 3rd grade, I was obsessed with Star Wars. Unfortunately, this isn’t 3rd grade. I’m not really interested in Star Wars other than the new movies!

7. PewDiePie – BRO FIST!

6. Harry Potter – These books are really a big part of my life. I’m glad I finally got my sister to read it after her resisting for 9 years. Now she’s a bigger fan than me.

5. The Simpsons – It’s a (cheese) GRATE show! But don’t worry, their jokes are much better than mine xD

4. Stranger Things – They’re the new guys on the block, but they placed reallllllly high on the list. It’s a great show, and only 8 episodes, so I recommend that you watch it if you have Netflix.

3. Twenty-Øne Piløts – If you know them only from Stressed Out, Ride, or Heathens, I think you should google Lane Boy. I can rap the whole thing 😀

2. Undertale – I breathe Undertale stuff, but NOTHING can balance out my love for Avatar: The Last Airbender.

1. Avatar: The Last Airbender – This is one of my favorite shows of all time and definitely the best fandom in my opinion. #ZutaraFTW

Heya, if you read to to the very end, good for you! Hope you have a great a day, and



Favorite Song/Band

Hello ya people, today WE’RE going to be talking about our favorite bands, favorite songs, or just favorite genres if we want. Guess who the super duper guest person is? I’ll give you 10 seconds to think.












The answer was you 😛 . Yes I know that’s a cheap answer, but I’ve really been intrigued by music lately, especially, cough cough, Twenty-One Pilots, cough cough. They don’t like to classify under a genre with their music, but I’ve pretty much pegged them as Alternative Rock/Rap. My favorite song by them is probably Lane Boy or Heathens, because I know almost all the lyrics to those ones lol.

BUT ENOUGH ABOUT ME. What about you? Tell me in the comments. If there’s a like for your name I better see a comment too xD .

No Baiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii because the interaction is not over until I Baiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii in the comments after everyone else is done talking 🙂