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Recently me and my siblings have been watching Smallville since the wifi (There’s that word again..) is down. Basically, Smallville is a TV show that we have on DVD about the hometown that Superman grew up in. I know, it sounds cool. And it is. You get Clark Kent and all these other people who will affect him greatly in life all in this show, and their all buddies. In the later seasons Doomsday comes, before he’s Doomsday. Lex Luthor is in every episode and him and Clark are best friends.

I think my favorite line in the show so far is Lex saying to Clark, “Clark, our friendship will be the stuff of legends.”, after they doubt each other.

No, this isn’t an ad.

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Dum Cheese Storytime!

Once upon a time, there lived a Dum Cheese in a little village beside The Big Apple.

Cheese Village Storytime Llama

And he didn’t like all the pollution and noise that came from the city, so one day he brought a Protesting sign that told all the city people to stop being jerks to nature.

Cheese Village Storytime Sign

And after the people inside the city didn’t respond after 3 days, the Cheese’s took it to a higher level!


HE BECAME SUPPPER CHEESE! He charged the apple and it exploded into a thousand pieces.

Splody Splody Boom Boom

The end. If you enjoyed like and follow, and look around for more Cheese stories 😀


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Differences Between Superheroes

Superman is superpowered

Captain America is sorta superpowered

Superman is from the DC universe

Captain America is from the Marvel Universe

Superman wears Red, Blue and Yellow

Captain America wears Red, White, and Blue

Superman is from Krypton

Captain America is from an Ireland as an immigrant.

Superman is in the Justice Leauge

Captain America is from the Avengers

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My Entire Origami Finger Puppet Collection!


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It’s a normal reporter for The Daily Planet… Right?




Supefold here to save the day! Instrux will be in my new book!





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Funny Pictures

Punch Him Good!
Punch Him Good!

Captain Rexd70c439d2e9f1143ae55223e71ee831c