Dramatized Story

Hello there you drama llamas.

I walked into class, completely unprepared for the horrors that would befall me that day. While taking my regular seat, I was hit with a tidal wave of fear that was probably trying to warn me of the future. The door slammed against the wall, and in walked Iverson wearing a leather jacket, with brass knuckles and a brand new skull tattoo on his arm. While flexing, he picked up the teacher and threw him out the nearest window, with the teacher’s shrieks echoing through the school. I quickly crouched down under a table along with my classmates, and his eyes narrowed, searching for a target. He quickly singled me out and sauntered over to where I was trying to hide. He pulled out his blue mechanical pencil, used previously to slaughter my best friend, and stabbed me once in the arm. While I was pinned to the ground, my blood gushed out and my vision blurred to a red haze. He pulled the mechanical pencil out and the blood stream seemed to amplify. He then stabbed me once more in the finger and I lost consciousness.

What really happened though, was we got into class normally and sat down. I then picked up his mechanical pencil on the bottom end by the lead. He grabbed the other end and started banging the pencil on the table. My finger slipped under the lead and he stabbed me before I noticed I had been stabbed. We only noticed after he stopped and I saw that blood was coming out of my pinkie. We went to the bathroom and put a wet paper towel around it, then to the office to get a bandaid. Later we discovered that he had actually gotten me twice before I noticed.

Everything turned out alright though!

Thanks for reading, don’t have time for a Dictionary Taboo!




Lightbulbs Pt. 1

It’s late-ish at night. The masses are sleeping and the security cameras are peeping in their respective store fronts.

Nearly no one noticed the one light flickering dismally until it burned out, it’s last sparks of life keeping the street bright.

With all the people tucked away in their beds, couches, sleeping bags and street corners, only one lonely wandering figure saw the light expend it’s last breaths.

Within the quiet confines of the darkness brought on by dead bulbs, this being keeps the world bright. 

They replace every lightbulb with a successor, and take the dull ones back to the vault to be tinkered with, and eventually reissued.


dumcheese and Jamesblonde1 Writing Collab

This weekend, i’ve been at Jamie’s house, and we have a special collab coming out soon on his Podcast, but before that, WE HAVE THIS. If you’re new to the weird writing collab things I do, basically I pick one word, Jamie picks another word, and it continues. Anyone can use punctuation for free, and if it’s the name of something, you can keep it for one word. To check out other collabs on here, click this.

Basically, my text will be in normal, like this, and Jamie’s will be in bold, like this.

Once there was no hats. They were eating some people, and they skinned cats for Ender’s Game. Without potatoes, the hats have tons of free lunch. So yeah. It sucked. But pigs were bungee-jumping while saving the hats’ mothers from total annihilation. When cows ate Giulio Taccon, the last pies were taken over. However, when Giulio Taccon rode his purple cow— ow now purple cow love  you  purple cow, dance with me purple cow; like your moooooooves.

But don’t worry, Giulio Taccon was ok! You can check out his channel here, which I highly recommend because he is an amazing pianist.


Bank Robbery (4th Grade)

I wrote this in 4th grade, so don’t judge too hard.

One day in the magical land of Borcraftia, two robbers were preparing for what they thought, would be the biggest Bank Robbery of the century. The first man, George, thought that if he robbed the bank with his friend, he could achieve great things with the unlimited wealth that they would have. The second man, Fred, thought that if he robbed the bank with his friend, he could make his friend trust him and then in the middle of the night sneak off with the money.

The next day both the thief’s walked up to the town bank of Ramingham. Fred, being the smartest, told George that one of them should distract the teller while the other man went into the safe. George stood beside the teller desk asking the lady stupid questions like, “Whats does the safe have in it?” and “Who runs the bank when it rains?” The teller was very nice so she didn’t mind telling the man all of his questions. 

Meanwhile, Fred was in the ventalation of the bank locating the safe room. “Hmm, I wonder if I could sneak of with the money before he even finds out I have it.” “Yes, i’ll take the money away from here and live a wealthy life without sharing it.”
Fred grabbed the loot out of the safe after blowing it with dynamite. He climbed out the small window in the teller’s office. “HA! I own this loot!” “I stole it myself from the safe!” A police officer was standing near and overheard. “The only thing you will own is a toothbrush.” “I’m taking you in!” The police officer dragged him down the street towards the jail. George months later asked the teller to marry him and they lived happily ever after. Except for Fred. He lived the rest of his life in prison.
That’s it, the next part (rewritten by me with slightly new story) will be out tomorrow.

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Making A Game

How do you make a game? Well the last thing you should do, is start with the soundtrack. Which I did. The game is called Land of The Elves and I already have most of the first level written. But here’s the hard part.


Getting Everything To Work.

Coming Up With A Name


I would copy and paste the story here from my phone, but for the first time in forever i’m on a computer, so yea. I’ll just give you a sneak peek. Two brothers discover a place under their bed’s during a bad storm,  because an Elf crawls outta there..

Yea. That’s the small first level story. I think I might have one brother kidnapped by elves halfway through to give the main character something to do. Also, all the pixel drawn people that Brendan and Saoirse made look weeeeeeeeeeeeird. I could use some help with how to actually transfer this into video game form, so if anyone knows any famous RPG maker people who work for free, tell me lol. Wait.. Brendan is flipping out demanding I remove that weeeeeeeeeeeeeeird sentence. Nope. It’s weird in a good way Brendan..

Like, how do I create a game with easy-to-use controls, a beautiful landscape, interesting and new characters, a quest that doesn’t get old after 20 minutes, and a good story, without knowing how to code, or, in that section, knowing anything about creating video games. Now i’m being cut off by my mom, who is saying I’ve been on the laptop for hours. Which isn’t true, but you have to pay attention to your parents cause they feed you..


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Pokémon Go Short Story

​Bo woke up, drenched in sweat. He had been dreaming about the new game that recently came out, Pokémon Go. Stumbling over his own feet, he turned on the light then turned his attention to his alarm clock.

5:23, too late to go back to bed, and too early for breakfast, he thought to himself grudgingly.

In the dream, he had been one of those Pokémon, only everything wasn’t as cheery as the game portrayed it. He was on the run, as packs of his own kind were running as fast as they could to escape the giant humans trying to enslave them. The creature to the right of him was caught, wailing as he was zoomed away into a Pokéball. Then, just as Bo ran out of breath, behind him came a giant of himself, and the dream ended just as the giant him was about to capture him.

Glad it was only a dream, Bo wondered why the front door was unlocked. He wandered into the kitchen to grab a snack, but when he opened the fridge door, out popped a Squirtle. Startled, Bo stumbled back into the oven, which creaked open to reveal a Charmander. They started talking in a deep gravelly voice, “Bo! You have seen the truth behind the charade! Go and stop people from playing this ‘game’.” 

Totally and utterly confused, Bo just stood there with his mouth open until the creatures disapeared from his vision, leaving only the kitchen, fridge and oven open, cracks of sunlight spilling through the closed blinds.

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Fear is a Strange Thing

Last night, a massive thunder storm was sweeping through our area, and I was struck awake by a lightning bolt zigging past my window to strike the ground beside our house. I tried to get back to sleep for a while, but after a couple minutes, I realized it was futile to try and get back to sleep with the raging storm outside. So I put on some clothes, got out of bed and checked my iPad to see what time it was. 12:55AM, I silently cursed because I was hoping it was about 6 in the morning so I could just stay awake the entire night. I went to the kitchen, got a few glasses of water, and went back to bed to gaze at the storm through my window. After a few minutes of that, I heard a scratching and moving noise on my carpet behind my bed. (If you are confused, I sleep in a bunkbed and my pillow is close to the door so I am facing the wall and window)

But I was too scared to turn around because of the huge thundering noises rocking the earth. So I didn’t look to my dog for reassurance, or maybe I would’ve had to help him feel safe from the storm. But I didn’t, so by the time I was ready to turn around, he was gone, probably walked downstairs to go back to bed. After about 20 minutes, the biggest surge so far hit the wood in front of the house and the thunder immediatly followed in its path. This made me even scareder, and for some reason I wished I could hold someone’s hand. I’m not usually scared of thunderstorms, so I’m wondering what happened last night, and why I wanted company. But eventually, the storm passed our house and I was able to get to sleep, bringing you this post now.


Attack on Lizard

A lizard got into our house, and for the last couple days we have been trying to flush him out of wherever he is hiding. And we did.

My step-dad, Paul yells up the stairs, “Kids!!”. We run down and we find him staring intently at the bathroom door.

“I just saw him run under the door, someone get a container.” I run and grab a plastic box. By the time I get back, he has the door open and an art canvas and three towels pressed against the bottom of the door frame, preventing it from escaping.  He tells me to get him the cane so he doesn’t have to actually walk in. (Did I mention he is afraid of lizards?). I got and get the cane, while on the way telling my mom of the situation and how nervous Paul is. She comes down to join us, I gave him the cane, and he slowly starts poking all the bags in the room to make sure he isn’t in there. My mom offers to do it for him. He denies. So he has removed most of the stuff from the bathroom Via Cane by now. And he stretches in to push the shower curtain, it scurries around the bathtub and he is startled, and so was everyone else. Did I mention we are all crowding around the doorframe trying to get a better look? Anyways, he gets the container and throws it at the lizard, just barely catching him under the walls. (The lizard is about 5 inches long). We get him and bring him outside to set him free in the forest beside our house, while at the same time holding Obi so he doesn’t chase after him and eat it.

Then we go inside, and remove our walls of defense *canvas and towels*.

Well that’s it. It sounds kind of boring now that I type it, but I promise it was a lot funnier and lively when it was happening. At least you have the beautiful picture I drew of the lizard.


Little Red Riley Hood

This is a story I wrote in 5th grade and forgot to post.. So here..

Once upon a time, there was a small boy named Little Red Riley Hood. He was on his way to his Grandpa’s house in the middle of the big, dark, wolf-infested woods. As he trotted down the path, he came across a young, hungry-looking, wolf.

“Why hello there Riley, how are you today?”


“Why are you scared my friend? I am as nice as any human.”

“Oh, i’m sorry. I was scared because my neighbor’s house got blown down from a wolf…”

“Well, I can assure you that not all wolves are evil.”

“Ok! Lets keep going on our way then!”

So they both skipped all the way to Grandpa’s House. Once they got in, the Grandpa called them over.

Grandpa: Why hello!

Riley: Hi Grandpa!

Wolf: Hello!

Grandpa: Come a little closer my dears.

Wolf: Ok

Wolf and Riley:  [Screams and Blood Splat]

Grandpa: Mmm, that was some good eating! Maybe I should invite Little Red Riding Hood over…


Don’t Judge A Book By It’s Cover

                                The Wolf was nice and The Grandpa was evil.

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Dum Cheese Storytime!

Once upon a time, there lived a Dum Cheese in a little village beside The Big Apple.

Cheese Village Storytime Llama

And he didn’t like all the pollution and noise that came from the city, so one day he brought a Protesting sign that told all the city people to stop being jerks to nature.

Cheese Village Storytime Sign

And after the people inside the city didn’t respond after 3 days, the Cheese’s took it to a higher level!


HE BECAME SUPPPER CHEESE! He charged the apple and it exploded into a thousand pieces.

Splody Splody Boom Boom

The end. If you enjoyed like and follow, and look around for more Cheese stories 😀