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Free Lunch #64

Hello there you emo omelets! Today is Tuesday, which means it’s time for another Free Lunch! If you don’t know what a Free Lunch is, I basically just type for five minutes on either my laptop or phone. I have plenty to talk about today, so I should be able to actually type the whole time. I’m starting at 8:20.

I started off today with a tour of my soon-to-be high school, Hume Fogg Academy! The impression it left on me was that high school is going to be really fun. A lot of the teachers were talking about how difficult the increased workload would be, but I think I’m going to be fine in that corner. We peeped in on the Band class during one of their rehearsals, and they sound awesome! It’s kind of inspired me to try to become amazing at Trumpet over the summer, which was already on my ‘maybe’ list of summer activities.

Fast forward a few hours, and I’m in Physical Science watching the SpaceX Falcon Heavy test flight. If you have no idea what I’m talking about, I’ll put a link to the liftoff here. I got to watch the rocket launch on a live stream, and it was super cool. My teacher was jumping up and down in excitement when it made it into the air. It was pretty great, maybe I can be an Astronaut Trumpet player?

At the end of the school day, we had a Pep Rally. Most of my friends and I got to play in the Pep Band for it. It was pretty exhilarating to play in front of almost 500 people.

I’m all out of time for today, thanks for reading all the way down to the bottom of this post! I hope all of you are having a great day, and if you aren’t, you can still change that now!



Shamelessly fighting in the view of the wars

A list of all the things I love:


Disney, in particular Disney Channel

Nintendo, always wearing flannel

Poems and Science

Beauty, not lice!

And also most definitely reading and WordPress

Music, but I digress

Whats most important to me

Is just blogging, can’t you see?

And although this isn’t up to my creative standard

I lost my library card (specifically the lanyard)

I can pull views

With this cheap ruse

So forgive me, the next real post is Monday

I hope you enjoyed my last real post, right here you can find it

So goodbye and now I have realized, I stole Riley’s idea right under his eyes.

So as I am legally required to disclose:



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Free Lunch #14


TONIGHT WE HAVE THE FIRST EVER FREE LUNCH ON WEDNESDAY!!!! If you don’t know how this all works, I sit down for 5 minutes and try to not stop typing. Also the reason for not having as many words as someone normally could type in 5 minutes is that i’m on a phone, not a computer.

I’ll begin at 7:56.

Today was not amazing, but not horrible. We had our first of three Math final TCAP tests, along with our Science test, which is basically our final exams. 

I breezed through the Math test because it’s one of my best subjects, but the Science one was difficult because I missed a chunk of material at the beginning of the year. There was also some things in there that we didn’t apparently have time to cover, even though my Science teacher is awesome.

In Clash Royale news, I got a Super Magical Chest yesterday, and when I opened it today, I got a second Inferno Dragon ;-;

For people who don’t play Clash Royale, it’s like having someone pass out chocolates, and you got the one with a bite taken out of it that smells strange.

Also, I have a special Gorillaz related treat coming tomorrow for you in collaboration with my little brother.

Thanks for reading all the way down to the bottom of this post :3

Dictionary Taboo:

To put down or supress completely.

For the first time ever, Dictionary Taboo answer for the last one because no one guessed it:


I’m serious, I googled Meme definition and that popped up.




unique post name

Hello there, ya double spaced essays, how are you doing? I’m well. I’ve been working on some command block stuff which is on the channel now here, if you want to see it. If not, don’t worry, because I have non-YouTube exclusive content for you right here!

Today in Science class, we played a game where the teacher (from now own referenced as Mr. McFerren) reads the definition of a science word and we turn around, and slap one of the note cards with the words on them he has glued to the board. Basically, it’s two people, and whichever one hits it first wins. The winner gets to pick their next opponent, and if you win three rounds in a row you get a piece of candy. Last time we played I got a Reese’s Cup, but unfortunately I didn’t win this time. But me, Jamie, and Victoria (girl in our class) made a candy truce, so that if any of us win candy, we split it into 3 parts and share. Victoria won a match, so I still got a bit of a Snickers Bar 😀

In Band, I’m still working on sight reading music, but I usually write down the fingerings on the sheet music so that I don’t have to read the notes (yes, I know i’m lazy). Also, I have a strange desire to learn that Trumpet music from the YouTube ad about the new Pixel phone. If you don’t know what that music is, you can listen to it here if ya want.

I have nothing else to talk about 😛

If you read all the way to the bottom, congratulations, you’re awesome! If you didn’t then how are you reading this now :O



The Happenings

Hello you people of the near future, today I’m going to tell you what’s happening for no reason 😀

In ELA class, we are writing an argumentative essay about the relevance of HBCUs (historically black colleges and universities) in the U.S.. I believe they are but lots of people have different opinions on this, thus the argumentative part of argumentative essay. Meanwhile in Math we are learning very, very, very easy One Step Equations, and doing a weird dance to help us remember the steps. We just finished covering sexual reproduction in Science class and have moved on to genetics, which I am happy of, because it was pretty awkward.

I’m getting slightly better at Trumpet as I practice more in Band. BUT GUESS WHAT? I can play Bergentrückung! You can listen to the song here if you have no idea what that is. (It’s a song from Undertale)

That’s about everything that matters right now, so I suppose



New Classes

Yesterday, me and Jamie were trying to get into more advanced classes, so we went to the office. We talked to a secretary (I think) and we got sorted into 9th grade Physical Science and Integrated Math. Science is easy, but the math is really difficult because I missed 7th and 8th grade math classes. (I just started 7th). But I am confident I’ll catch on!

Also, Jamie downloaded Undertale on his computer so he is going to be doing a series on that in which the first episode should come out tonight.

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School Writing Project – Day In The Life

This project I did a while ago, it’s day in the life of you, only you use a Pen Name. I chose Joey Chives.

Hello, my name is Joey Chives and today I’m going to take you on a tour of my school. Time to trudge through the day…


To start off my day, I walk to school with my friend Jamie. But the day really begins when I get to School. I walk into homeroom and almost immediately it’s time for Lion Time, where we read, do some math, and usually work on a project. After that hour-long class, it’s time for Mr. Keene’s class , R/LA! This is one of my favorite classes of the day because usually we get to read our own books and sometimes write stuff like this. I always learn a lot in this class.


Once I leave that class, we go to lunch, where I eat the poisonous cafeteria food and talk to my friends, Bob Jenkins and Kennedy Ball. Since Lunch is only 20 minutes long, soon I’m already on my way to the next class, Math! At math we immediately put our stuff down and line up for recess, it interrupts math. Usually recess is about 20 minutes long, but it feels like 5 minutes to me. Sometimes I talk to Jamie, sometimes I talk to Bob, and sometimes I go and talk to Loogie. And really, really, really soon its time to go back inside and do Math. Even though it usually goes by fast, I enjoy it because the teacher is really nice. That along with the fact that I’m good at math, makes for a good class.


After that good class, I trudge down to my least favorite class, STEM with Ms. Ritchie. This class used to be a lot better when Ms. Buonviri taught it. With Ms. Ritchie, we walk in, get nothing done, and walk out. I then walk up the stairs to Social Studies class. The teacher, Ms. Collins, is strict but we always get a ton done in this class. This class always stretches out because we are learning History, but it is still pretty interesting.


The announcements come on and everyone goes to their lockers. I grab my backpack and my books that I will need for the homework. Then I walk down to the car-rider lanes and someone picks me up and brings me home. Well, thanks for reading the day in the life of a middleschooler.


I Touched A Python And A Tarantula!

Yesterday in STEM+, I touched a Python and a Tarantula! The Python felt kind of like a carpet and the tarantula’s legs were really hairy and scary. There was also a big bull frog, a frill lizard, a scorpion, and a Komodo Dragon! I got to touch all of them except the Dragon, and the scorpion! The reason I didn’t touch the Scorpion is because they are SUPER dangerous. And I couldn’t touch the Komodo Dragon because I had to leave early. It was still super awesome though!