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Undertale No Food #5

Hello there you shameless self-promos! It’s time for a very special post, another Undertale No Food. These only come out every couple months, take a lot of work to write, and are received relatively averagely, so I hope someone out there still likes these. If you want to actually understand the story and what’s happened up to this point, I encourage you to read these posts as well.

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Today I’ll be trekking through most of Waterfall on my adventure to escape the Underground!

Starting off where I last saved, I talk to Sans and he invites me to go to Grillby’s. I oblige and find myself in a zoomed-in conversation with him.

I agree and trek back to Waterfall. I walked through multiple rooms and came across a hidden camera in a waterfall (not the area, actual waterfalls).

I keep walking and find myself in a room with lots of space to hide in. It also looks pretty cool.

Halfway through, I stop though because, above me, Papyrus is having a one-sided conversation with someone in lots of armor.

Once both of them have left, I continue through the bushes and am confronted by Monster Kid, an avid fan of Undyne (the armored figure). I forgot to take a screenshot of this, sorry.

In the next room, there’s a puzzle with lilypads that’s pretty interesting.

On my way out, I encounter Aaron!

I dodge most of his attacks and spare him.

In the next room, I find myself with a more interesting application of the lilypad puzzle.

After making my way across the bridge, I get a call from Papyrus about a tutu I picked up earlier.

After that odd phone call, I walk into the next room and read all of this lore.

I walk into the next room, with my shadow dripping onto the floor.

All of a sudden, FWOOSH!

Undyne is back, and this time I don’t have a bush to hide in!

So I walk as fast as the game lets me…

Sustaining minimum damage, I make it into a room of weird bushes for me to hide in. But Undyne follows me anyways!

Luckily she picks up Monster Kid (pictured above) instead of me, and I live.

Both I and Monster Kid walk out of the bushes.

As I enter the next room, Monster Kid doesn’t follow me.

*a few moments later*

Continuing through the caverns, I get another call from Papyrus.

He hung up, and I decided I wouldn’t change my clothes. In the next room, I found one more lore sign.

In the next room, I encounter a friendly octopus who doesn’t have enough water to live comfortably.

They talk for a little bit about how all of their friends moved to an aquarium in a big city because the water where they all used to live is draining.

In the next room, I find, surprise, more lore signs.

Continuing on my way, I find a little statue that’s getting rained on and give it an umbrella.

It starts to hum out a tune, and on a piano in the other room, I play the song and a door opens in the wall.

I try to take the artifact, but my inventory is suddenly mysteriously filled with dogs.

I try to “use” one of the dogs, but it absorbs the artifact and flies away.

I keep walking on the main path and take this pretty cool shot.

A few seconds of walking more, and I stumble into Monster Kid again.

He starts to follow me.

A few seconds of silence pass.

We keep walking and find a really nice view of the castle in the next room.

We soon encounter a ledge that’s too high for either of us to make it on our own, so he volunteers to let me use his shoulders.

I keep going like he said and…


In the next room, I used the savepoint and called it a day.



LOTE: Town of Flease

​The town of Flease is the first civilized place you come across in your adventure. There are 8 main buildings in Flease, along with a few houses.

1- Town Hall, where you can find the mayor snoozing behind his desk, and the Secretary playing Undertale, frustrated by the Sans fight.

2- McRonalds, where you can buy overpriced food, which only really hurts your body anyways.

3- The Bank, a place where you can store all your Monies, wirhout the risk of losing it all in a lost fight. He bank attendant remembers all the punchlines, and none of the set-ups.

4- The Sleazy Motel, a place where you can get a room for the night for 5 Monies. Decoration includes a body shaped chalk figure on the ground.

5- Police HQ, where you can conversate with some bored cops, and occasionally get a donut. When your reputation is over 7, you are allowed in the back room.

6- The Arcade, where you can practice type-battle fighting, and side-battle fighting, along with win some prizes by beating NPCs at friendly spars.

7- The Insane Asylum, where you are sent if you question the police. To escape you have to complete some relatively easy sanity tests.

8- The Score, an inclusive club. You can only go in once your reputation is up to 15.

Along with these main public buildings, there are about 6 houses in town.

1- The Moose Family, with 7 kids, the parents are worn out, and are immigrants from a different nation aside from the Land Of The Elves. This is why they are animals..

2- The sheriff’s house, knock near midnight for a bad time.

3- Deputy Bill and Bank Accountant Roger’s house, after doing the same thing for years, they both crave adventure.

4-Mayor Michael and Club Owner       Jill’s house. They haven’t gotten married yet, but have been dating for 3.63 years!

5- Empty

6- Haunted House, the evil humans used to congregate here.

Thanks for reading..


LOTE: Area 1 Details Preview

​I’m working on the story and details for a video game I hope to make later. The game is called The Land Of The Elves, and is a RPG/Puzzle game, where you and your brother Prosper get stuck under the covers in the land of the elves. I’ve been pouring my free time into writing all the details I want in the game, like a Dum Cheese poster on the wall, or a real life painting I made called ‘The Blue Rainbow’ in the hallway. I’ve already added a few secrets, but I won’t spoil it cause you guys are probably going to be the only ones playing it whenever it does come out 😀

Instead, I’m going to give you a small preview of the Area 1 Details. Please note, this is not the final draft, or the game. It’s just me writing down allllllllllll the details that I would probably forget if I didn’t write them down.

In Area 1, you are Inside a house with thunderstorms raging outside, and your brother talking to you about how bored he is. He is younger than you , and his name is Prosper. He laughs, telling you he would find something to do. When he walks out of the room, the game explains the controls. On the wall is a drawing of Dum Cheese. The closet is full of clothes. There are two beds in the room, one is messy and one is clean. If you try to interact with the bed, you hear a growl. The hallway is mostly empty, aside from the blue rainbow painting. There are three doors, one leads to the kitchen, one to the basement, and one with Prospers speech bubble coming from, which is the bedroom. You are able to explore the house, but the basement door is locked.
Ssssshhhhhhhh don’t tell anyone, but there’s stuff in the basement…

Thanks for reading this far. Make sure to leave a comment or send me a telepathic message, cause they really make my day.


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Undertale Ep. 1 The Goat Mom Strikes Back

I have started playing undertale, the only RPG were you don’t have to kill anything. Since I didn’t think about posting this before I started the game, I will just recap for this Episode.


SO I started playing Undertale, and I woke up and walked into a room. In the room there was a pleasant talking flower. It explained to me that this game your heart is your soul and love is spread with “friendliness pellets”. Then he fired friendliness pellets at me and I took damage. afterwards he explained that the game was kill or be killed and all that crap.

Then this goat came into the room, and rescued me from Flowey. The goats name is Toriel, but I call her Goat Mom (we’ll get to why in a second). Toriel explained some mechanics and sent me through some puzzles, holding my hand all the way. When I was alone, she called me on my phone and asked if I liked cinnamon or butterscotch better. I said cinnamon and she made sure that I was not opposed to butterscotch.

When I got to her house, she gave me a butterscotch-cinnamon pie. I asked her when I could leave, and followed her down a dark passage-way in the basement. Then I fought her after she wouldn’t let me go. SHE was the first boss!

After I got to one HP, she didn’t hit me any more cause she didn’t wan me to die. Finally, she hugged me and let me go.


Continued in the next episode of Undertale  on Monday!

Comment if you have played Undertale and whether you were Pacifist, Mass-Murderer, or somewhere in between.


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Making A Game

How do you make a game? Well the last thing you should do, is start with the soundtrack. Which I did. The game is called Land of The Elves and I already have most of the first level written. But here’s the hard part.


Getting Everything To Work.

Coming Up With A Name


I would copy and paste the story here from my phone, but for the first time in forever i’m on a computer, so yea. I’ll just give you a sneak peek. Two brothers discover a place under their bed’s during a bad storm,  because an Elf crawls outta there..

Yea. That’s the small first level story. I think I might have one brother kidnapped by elves halfway through to give the main character something to do. Also, all the pixel drawn people that Brendan and Saoirse made look weeeeeeeeeeeeird. I could use some help with how to actually transfer this into video game form, so if anyone knows any famous RPG maker people who work for free, tell me lol. Wait.. Brendan is flipping out demanding I remove that weeeeeeeeeeeeeeird sentence. Nope. It’s weird in a good way Brendan..

Like, how do I create a game with easy-to-use controls, a beautiful landscape, interesting and new characters, a quest that doesn’t get old after 20 minutes, and a good story, without knowing how to code, or, in that section, knowing anything about creating video games. Now i’m being cut off by my mom, who is saying I’ve been on the laptop for hours. Which isn’t true, but you have to pay attention to your parents cause they feed you..



Adventure To Fate! Battle Arena E3: Feelin’ Fruity


 SNEAKY PEAKY TIME I’ll make more Cheese comics soon 😀

But anyways, today I’m making the third episode of this game, and by now we’re in round 20 of the first arena! Banana Man! Is on his way to victory! 

We’re up against two Fruit Bats!

*realizes he forgot to heal last time*

Oh well, let’s try to win this! I activate stealth, giving me another turn, I then stab the first bat twice. The first bat then tries to leech my health but misses, and the second bat attacks, doing 13 damage. I’m down to 30 HP! I stab the first bat twice more, and he dies, then I cast Blind on the second bat so he has a small chance of hitting me. He tries to attack but misses I stab three more times, nearly killing him. He attacks, dealing 9 damage, and I stab him once more, finishing him.

After that I HEALED. And I drank like 9 light healing potions to do it. I also considered buying a Vine Wrapped Dagger, but it only deals up to 5 damage, which is pathetic compared to STAB. I wander around the room, and see a treasure chest, so I look inside. But there’s just a little description of it, and I find out it cost 200 fate gems. I only have 48 ;-;

But yea I’m bored of this game for the day soooo YEAA. See you all in the next post!


Adventure To Fate! Battle Arena E2: Spidahs!!

​Hey there fellow human beings, today we’ll be doing our second episode of Adventure To Fate! Battle Arena.


Let it begin.
I’m up against a tiny spider and a giant spider!

I activate Stealth, giving me another turn, then I Stab the giant spider twice! Giant spider then summoned another Tiny Spider, they then continued to deal 50 damage to me ;-;. I stab the giant spider three times, and he dodges the third hit. They deal 70 damage to me putting me at 20 health :OOO I stab the giant spider 3 more times, killing him! The tiny spiders deal 15 to me leaving me at 5 health :OOOOO, I then stab them twice eliminating them.

I get a spider fang sword WOOT 😀 I equip it and head into our next battle!

I’m up against, two fruit bats! O no..

I then realize I forgot to heal in between battles..

I activate Stealth, then drink both potions! They slap at me dealing nine damage apiece! I stab the first one thrice, killing him! The second one slap me again. Heh. In the next turn I murrrrrder them both with stab!!

Well that’s the episode.. Have a nice day


Adventure To Fate! Battle Arena E1: Start Game

I downloaded a new game which specifically is a JRPG, or a Japanese Role Playing Game. I had a lot of trouble finding one in the app store but then I stumbled across this. Basically it’s like Dungeons and Dragons, but it’s an arena based game, so it’s no exploring, but fighting through levels. I played a bit of it but I thought it would be better if I started a new account for the series. New account name? That’s easy, it’s (your thinking I’m going to say Dum Cheese) BANANA MAN!

Dum Cheese arch rival. So yea. First up? Deciding all these specifics.. Such confusing..

My starting stats. I am a Elf Rouge Weaponsmith with a high Agility and Wisdom. Confuzzled.
I start out in the dungeon versus a DUN DUN DUN Toxic Puddle!

I stab, he poisons, I stab, he poisons, I stab, he summons another Toxic Puddle, I cast Stealth, which gives me another move and increases my critical chance. I stab. He dies. I stab his brethren, he poisons me. O No only 10 health left 😱. I stab. He dies.

I find some crafting material and level up giving me more health!

Not very interesting combat lol. So since there is like 36 fights you have to go through in the first arena most of the grinding and crap will be without posting, and I’ll just post the cool ones or when I get new crap. BUTT. One more fight for today’s episode.

A Toxic Sludge Appears!

I use stealth, giving me another turn and then I stab him with that turn! He poisons me, dealing 7 damage then summons a Toxic Puddle. I stab him again, killing him with 28 damage dealt! For my second turn I stab the puddle, which brings it down to 6 health! He uses Toxic Goo and deals 2 damage #TooGoodForYou. I stab him and end his miserable existence!

I find some more crafting Carl along with some gold and two healing potions.

Well thanks for reading if you liked this post make sure to like so I know this isn’t a waste of my time and yours!