Fairman #6 or The Justice Alliance #1

With Fairman on my back, I wobble out the door towards the Geekdriller. I get in and drill towards New Jersey. I look back and see the dark figure driving a car after us. How can he drive in this darkness, while I’m drilling rocks and the whole place is about to collapse? Oh well… another question left unanswered. The rest of the alliance shood be showing up around now.

Good Shot wondered where geekboy was when he saw the hole in the ground. He got in his night vision car and drove through the hole towards Geekboy at 120 miles per hour.

Jinkle flew towards the Hole where Geekboy had just emerged from in his Geekdriller. “Always making a mess of things.,”  the man shook his head. He flew over and picked up the Geekdriller and the dark figure’s car.

Just then, Good Shot’s car came flying out of the hole and landed on the dark soil.

“Who are you Geekboy asked the still shadowed figure.

“Geekboy’s old sidekick.”

Geekboy fainted.

Super Adventures #1

As Love Power walked down the street, a small furry animal jumped out of the bushes, on to her arm.

At the exact same time, the exact same thing happened to Fairman. The same happened to Dum Cheese, Geekboy, and many other cartoon characters.

They all passed out around the same time that evening.

The next day, Love Power woke up and,strangely started walking towards the Batman Building. When she got there, she was teleported into a small room containing Dum Cheese,and Fairman.

They all asked the same question at the same time. “Why are we here?!”

Then, a figure shrouded in black teleported in to the room and said ” They are here to destroy you.” “What do you mean?” replied Love Power. “We mean that your lives are in danger. They are back.”

“No, it can’t be.” “Is Blueberry Boy really back?”

“No Dum Cheese, it’s not Blueberry Boy.” explained the man in the shadows. “Its Evil Cheese,Chicken 180, and Unfairman.”

“NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO” screamed Dum Cheese and Fairman at the same time.

End of Dum Cheese mystery choice on 7/30/13

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Fairman #2

Rory ran into a dark alley and changed into Fairman! He flew out and froze one of the robot’s arms. Fairman used his feet stink power to knock the robot out. Then one last attack from the robot sent Fairman through multiple buildings. When the robot delivered his final blow he fell onto the bus station and destroyed it.

Meanwhile at the the Justice Alliance’s headquarters someone was sticking their nose where it shouldn’t be. Geekboy burst into the room and caught them red-handed. The mysterious person hit Geekboy a hit to the stomach and ran out of the room.

Fairman or Rory Forge had to take the subway to work because of the robot. What is happening to Turkey Town? Everything keeps attacking us here in the big city.

To Be Continued

Fairman: #1

One night Fairman was strolling down the lane when all of a sudden Geekboy jumped out of the bushes. He said “Fairman, We need you. The Justice Alliance needs you.” Fairman replied ” I already told you, I won’t join your little club. Not today. Not tomorrow. Not anytime.” As Geekboy was getting into the Junk-mobile he said ” Well I guess that means that you won’t be joining.”

The next day Fairman woke up and put on his disguise as Rory Forge, The fierce mannered weirdo from Turkey Town.  He walked to the bus station so he could take the bus to work. Then, A robot was rampaging through the streets. Rory could hear people yelling “Oh No!” and “Won’t anybody help us!”.

To Be Continued