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Free Lunch #46 (four more and 7 years ago edition)

Hello there you sentient beings. Today is Friday, which means it’s time for another Free Lunch! If you don’t know what Free Lunch is, I just get either my laptop or phone and type for 5 minutes trying not to stop. It also can’t be nonsensical.

Starting at 8:06.

Recently I have been infactuated with a piano piece called 3 Gymnopedies No. 1. I heard this song through a Spotify Classical Piano Essentials playlist, and I immediately knew it needed to be in my Sentimental Piano playlist. It also inspired the beginning of a new playlist, Ambient Piano. I’m going to also be learning this song after I finish Having Lived. I’ve got the beginning chords down already, but I shouldn’t focus too much on it before I finish the piece i’m already working on.

In other news, I have mostly left behind Pokemon Go. Unfortunately i’m not going to be able to get an Raikou because I didn’t try hard enough and now they’ll be gone. But next we have Entei right? Maybe I can get that one then. If you have no idea what i’m talking about I apologize, just skip to the next paragraph. But while we’re on the subject of Pokemon Go, let’s talk about why the game has gotten less and less interesting to me. After a few weeks without any new Pokemon or anything exciting (I haven’t been able to participate in raids in my city because of school and stuff), the game gets pretty dull pretty fast. I should probably talk about something else now or i’ll run out of time without having made another paragraph.

Welcome to the next paragraph, we are glad to have you here! This one is going to be about how a new episode of Undertale No Food will be coming soon! If this paragraph wasn’t long enough for you and you skipped the last one, why don’t you go and read the last one anyways 😀

Thanks for reading all the way down to the bottom of this post!

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Free Lunch #35

Hello there you emboldened signals of distress. Today is Tuesday, so that means it’s time for another Free Lunch. If you don’t know what that is, basically I just get a device and type for 5 minutes, trying not to stop. I’m typing on a computer that isn’t mine now, so i’ll have to edit in the pictures on my phone afterwards. This doesn’t really effect you at all, so I don’t know why I shared it.

Starting at 6:49.

Earlier this morning, and then well into the afternoon, I went on a Pokemon Adventure with Jamie throughout the city. It was fun, I got a ton of XP, ate some Wendy’s, which I haven’t had in a long time, and caught a Moltres!

Now would also be a good time to mention that on the day I was leaving Oak Ridge I was able to nab this Lugia!

This means that I currently have all of the Legendary Birds released in Pokemon Go so far, and Zapados shouldn’t be too difficult to catch.

In other news, that WordPress Album project seems to interest a lot of people, so I think it might actually happen! What started as a stray idea has now grown to a half stray idea.

In other, other news, in Clash of Clans we were generally doing well, but then we’ve lost two wars in a row. Luckily, our match now seems pretty easy, so we will probably be able to take them out easily.

In other, other, other news, on Piano, i’m learning a song from one of my favorite video games, To The Moon. The song is Having Lived, and you can listen to it here. I will probably make a video on my YouTube channel and feature it here once I can play the whole song to perfection. It’s one of my favorite piano songs right now 😀

That’s going to be all for today, as my time is up. This is a pretty lengthy post compared to how long the regular Free Lunch is, so I hope I maintained readership all the way to the bottom.



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Pokèmon Go – My Best Buddy Growlithe

A few weeks ago I deleted Pokémon Go because it took up too much space. But noooooow, I can redownload it because I have a little bit more space leftover! Also, who doesn’t want a Pokèbuddy?

In the new update, they made it so that you can attach a Pokemon as your buddy, kinda like a favorite. When you walk around, there’s a distance meter just like hatching eggs, only when you walk a certain amount of kilometers it gives you a free candy. For me it’ll be giving me a Growlithe candy 😀

I’m going to be going out walking when I get home, and I’ll take my phone so I can play the game and simultaneously write stuff down for you guys who for some reason care xP.

11 Hours Later

I just got back from walking around the neighborhood hunting for those elusive Pokemon. There was a Dratini on the nearby. Guess what?!?!?!?!?




It disappeared, never to be seen again :I . I caught a single Pidgey on my 45 minute walk. It was a bust, but I did advance quite a bit on my buddy Growlithe so that I can get his candies.

Overall, very disappointing haul, but hey, there’s tomorrow right?

Breaking News! Tomorrow cancelled, instead we’re going to be having another today! How exciting, am I right?

Nevermind, I bet on Today 2.0 were going to have much better luck!




Pokémon Bus Adventure

​Hello there ya Cooleo people, today I’m going to be telling you about some of the CRAAAAZIEST, WAAAAACKIEST, MOST INSAAAAAANE things to EVER happen to a Pokémon Go player as they ride the bus casually. But before we begin, a small preview:

Riley: Oh a pokestop.. crap I missed it.

Jamie: I got it

Riley: ughhhhhhh

Anyways, let’s get on with it!! 

The time is Noè and mg keyboard gas switched to italiano. Sorry my keyboard switched to Italian xD.

So getting on the bus, on the way to the station, I caught a Polliwag, Pidgey, and Abra. Along with a load of Pokéstops. I’m nearly to level 17 now, and I gotta go now to catch Pokémon on the way to my house! 

5 Hours Later

Ok, it’s night now. I totally forgot to write all my Pokécrap down, but while I was there, I got a few screenshots, WHICH APPARENTLY DISAPPEARED… THANKS POKEMON GO!

(Here is a picture of my bus money to soothe the nerves. It was like this when I got it)

Anyways, looking back at the journal record things, it looks like I got like 30 Pokéstops, and caught 4 Pokémon. There was a 708CP Pidgeot there too. I used 8 Great Balls and 6 Razz Berries trying to catch that thing. Birds are beasts. They can’t be caught. It also didn’t help that it was waaaaaay back in the screen, so I was having trouble hitting it with curveballs. And then it just ran away. Such disrespect. 

Mafia Riley: Have that Pidgeot’s family killed.

No I would never hurt an innocent bird! *types while eating chicken* uhhhhh…




​Hello ye rugged adventurers, today I’m here to tell you about one of the greatest Pokémon trainers ever, DumCheese!

Once upon a time, we were driving to Publix to get distilled water for my Grandma, and while Paul was getting it, we drove around the parking lot looking for Pokémon, because my mom plays now too and is almost better than me ヽ(`Д´)ノ

And there was a Raticate, but not just any Raticate.

(Harry Potter and the Cursed Child script was released last night at MIDNIGHT)

With 452 CP, it was the best rat I’d evah encountered. It took 5 Great Balls, 4 Razz Berries, and a lot of determination, but I caught it. Once we got home, me and my mom were making cookies, and I turned on her Pokémon Go to see how close she was to catching up to me. BTW she was 5,000 XP behind..

But anyways, I spotted a GROWLITHE, which at the time I thought was an Archanine. (Sorry if I spelled it wrong). I was like, MOM ITS AN ARCHANINE. And she was like, lemme catch it. And my brother was like, MOM TURN ON THE HOTSPOT. But she took a while so I turned on my data, and caught it. I realized it was a Growlithe, but I wasn’t that disappointed because it was still really good. The CP wasn’t all that good (319), but It was the hype that made it special.

Also, I am very disappointed in the new update because it cut my top Pokémon ( Water version of eevee Vaporeon 1002 CP)’s attacks way down. The basic attack went from 10 to 6, and the Special Attack 55 to 45. But on Flareon, the fire version of Eevee, they kept the basic attack at 10 and special attack at 55. So they just nerfed my best Pokémon :I

But yea, that’s the post, like n follow n stuff..

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Pokémon Go Short Story

​Bo woke up, drenched in sweat. He had been dreaming about the new game that recently came out, Pokémon Go. Stumbling over his own feet, he turned on the light then turned his attention to his alarm clock.

5:23, too late to go back to bed, and too early for breakfast, he thought to himself grudgingly.

In the dream, he had been one of those Pokémon, only everything wasn’t as cheery as the game portrayed it. He was on the run, as packs of his own kind were running as fast as they could to escape the giant humans trying to enslave them. The creature to the right of him was caught, wailing as he was zoomed away into a Pokéball. Then, just as Bo ran out of breath, behind him came a giant of himself, and the dream ended just as the giant him was about to capture him.

Glad it was only a dream, Bo wondered why the front door was unlocked. He wandered into the kitchen to grab a snack, but when he opened the fridge door, out popped a Squirtle. Startled, Bo stumbled back into the oven, which creaked open to reveal a Charmander. They started talking in a deep gravelly voice, “Bo! You have seen the truth behind the charade! Go and stop people from playing this ‘game’.” 

Totally and utterly confused, Bo just stood there with his mouth open until the creatures disapeared from his vision, leaving only the kitchen, fridge and oven open, cracks of sunlight spilling through the closed blinds.

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PokeCheese: Part 1

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Minecraft Pokemon Doctor Who!

Minecraft is awesome. Doctor Who is awesome. Pokemon is awesome. What would happen if we combined the three? Complete pandemonium in the Tardis, that’s what! Soon, I will start working on a Doctor Who Pokemon Minecraft Map! You and your many Pikachu’s (Wolves) Must fight the Daleks and Weeping Angels along with anything else that broke in!

Plot: The Tardis starts to malfunction and lands itself in Viridian Forest! Tons of pokemon come in and mess with the controls. One Pikachu stands before you in a challenging way. Afte you tame him, you see that a Ratatta has broken the controls and somehow created a wormhole. Tons of monsters come crowding in through the portal and they run into the dark corridors of the Tardis. In the map, your job is to get rid of any more pokemon and wipe out the enemies inside your ship.

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Pokemon Tower Defense With Henry

Me and Henry play Pokemon Tower Defense! Just for you Cheese’s information, Henry is super awesome and cool when he is calm. Sadly, he is almost never calm because hes crazy.

In this episode we start Henry off with a… I dont remember the pokemon’s name.