Free Lunch #27

Hello there you blue screens of death. It’s Friday, so that means it’s time for Free Lunch! If you don’t know what that means, I basically just type for 5 minutes without stopping on Tuesdays and Fridays.

Starting at 8:38.

I felt like I did a lot of things done today and did a great job with productivity, but looking back, all I really did was play music at the library, buy a video game on Steam, and get to Level 26 on Pokemon Go.

 This all sounds very feeble when I write it down like this, but it felt like a ton to me.

The video game in question is Kindergarten, which is a game that just got out of Early Access on June 15th! It was a contest between buying this or Rakuen, so next time I’m getting that. Unless I want to play To The Moon too much. Give me advice xD
At the library, I played mostly Guitar but some Piano for about 2 and a half hours. I know i’m going to get an Electric Guitar for my birthday so i’m really excited about that. In honor of this, send a request for me to cover a song with the new guitar.

Pls make them easy, I’m still bad at Guitar.

For example, something too hard would be Smells Like Teen Spirit or Bohemian Rhapsody. Just leave your suggestion and i’ll tell you if it’s possible for me.

Anyways, thanks for reading all the way down to the bottom of this post :3

Dictionary Taboo:

An effusively enthusiastic or ecstatic expression of feeling.


Pokemon Go – Easter Eggstravaganza Pt. 1

Hello there you Kujikesou Ni Naru Watashi Wo Sasaete Kudasai’s. Today I have a Pokemon Go post as the title implies. 😉

 My mom redownloaded the game for the event and in the first day was able to get from Level 20 to 21 starting at 0 xp progress at 20.

We decided to go to a park in Nashville called Bicentennial Park, and coincidentally there was a Pokemon Go event being hosted in the park that we went to. They were giving away food at whatever price you wanted to pay (including nothing If you wanted!), and we got a good dinner for 4 people for only 10$ that we donated.

There at the event, I got my first Cyndaquil! It’s strange how long it’s taken me to find this third Generation 2 starter Pokemon, because I already have 125 Chikorita candies!

I was able to farm about 40k XP yesterday alone! On Tuesday I am going to do a lucky egg, so instead of the current double XP thanks to the Easter Eggstravaganza, I will get quadruple XP.

So stay tuned for Tuesday for the second Pokemon Go Easter Eggstravaganza post!

Thanks for reading all the way down to the bottom of the post :3

Dictionary Taboo:

A sweet, spiral, snail-shaped roll made from raised dough with chopped nuts, butter, and cinnamon.


Pokemon Go: Pichu, Wartortle, Aerodactyl

Hello there you lights. Today I have a Pokemon Go post for you! I haven’t done one of these in a bit, so I thought I’d make one!

The last few days I’ve been doing well in Pokemon Go. I’ve caught a fair amount of new ones since the last post!

I also have eight 5k eggs, which I find really annoying, because they don’t hatch things that I like 😦

Other than that, how are you all doing? Sorry we haven’t posted recently, there’s just not much to post on.

So yeah.

Thanks for reading all the way down to the bottom of the post!

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A covering, as of straw, compost, or plastic sheeting, spread on the ground around plants to prevent excessive evaporation and erosion, enrich the soil, and inhibit weed growth.


Free Lunch #11

Hello there you Music Meisters. Today I have for you the 11th Free Lunch, which if you don’t know, is me sitting down for 5 minutes and typing the entire time.

Starting at 1:07.

I have been sick the last few days with what I think is a cold, but i’m not sure. Staying home from school is nice, but I miss all my frens. I just watched the most recent Ryan Higa video which you can look at here if you want to. I listened to the Stan performance from a while ago by Eminem and Elton John ;-;. One of the downsides of being sick is that I can’t go and get a Pokestop, so my streak will end..

I’ve mostly been watching The Walking Dead while i’m home, and some stuff happened..



Last warning…




Beth and Tyreese are both dead ;-;



I don’t even want to think about future main character deaths.

In the time that I wasn’t watching Netflix, I’ve been composing new music, and learning chords! I’ll probably have another Piano song out ready for you all within the next 2 or 3 weeks.

What I have so far sounds ok in my opinion, so I’ll do everything within the limits of the power of creativity to improve it.

It’s now 1:12.

Thanks for reading all the way down to the bottom of the post :3

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An ornamental object used in a central position on a dinner table typically.


2016-2017 Camster Origami Blogger Awards

Hello there you earbuddies. Today I knew I had to make a post, and I hadn’t watched the award show that sfcamster made yet, so I just did. 

And spoilers ahead so stop reading if you haven’t watched the show yet and you want to. You can watch the show here.

This is your very last warning..


Whatever if you’re still reading you’ve either already seen it or don’t care.

I won the first two awards, Most Popular Blogger and Best Story, Fanfiction or Motion Picture. All of you guys helped me win Most Popular Blogger by simply reading everyday. And I was able to get Best Story/Fanfiction/Motion Picture with my Pokémon Go Short Story, which you can read for yourself right here.

Also, I’d like to figure out a way for him to mail me the Bets for DumCheese can, because that would be an amazing momento to remember this by.

I’m very proud to have won the two awards, and glad I decided to participate. 

Great job sfcamster hosting the show, I’m looking forward to the 2017-2018 awards!

This was just a quick post to tell you guys 😀

Thanks for reading all the way down to the bottom of the post :3

Dictionary Taboo:

A strap worn as a safety precaution by a person working at a great height.


Pokemon Go – Donphan and 5k Egg Hatches (Jess is back)

Hello there you DVRs. Today, we have a Pokemon post for the first time in months! 

In the time i’ve been away, I managed to get to Level 20! That means Ultra Balls! Since Generation 2 was released, i’ve gotten back into my quest of catching em all. I’m still hitting all the Pokestops on the way home while riding the bus, and I started run/walking om weekends through the neighborhood by my house!

Just today, I caught this 😀

And the Two 5k Eggs I had synced up gave me these:

I’ll give you a glimpse of my best Pokemon as well.

The next time I do something big in the gams i’ll post 😀

Also, Jess is back!!!!!!

Thanks for reading all the way down to the bottom of the post :3

Dictionary Taboo:

Sauce that Jamie says does not go on hot dogs because that is apparently the root of all evil.


A Phone!

Last night my dad gave me a phone for Hanukkah 😀

Now that I have the phone back I’ll be able to post more frequently, and finally read stuff you guys post. While I was away from Clash of Clans, Polar Cheese fell into ruin, but I’m going to be fixing it so that were stronger than ever. And I’ve gotta say it’s good to be able to play Pokemon Go, talk to my frens, and watch YouTube on the phone. Sorry I didn’t post that non-life thing yesterday, but it will definitely be out within the next 24 hours.

I know this was a pretty short post, but thanks for reading anyways.


Pokémon Bus Adventure

​Hello there ya Cooleo people, today I’m going to be telling you about some of the CRAAAAZIEST, WAAAAACKIEST, MOST INSAAAAAANE things to EVER happen to a Pokémon Go player as they ride the bus casually. But before we begin, a small preview:

Riley: Oh a pokestop.. crap I missed it.

Jamie: I got it

Riley: ughhhhhhh

Anyways, let’s get on with it!! 

The time is Noè and mg keyboard gas switched to italiano. Sorry my keyboard switched to Italian xD.

So getting on the bus, on the way to the station, I caught a Polliwag, Pidgey, and Abra. Along with a load of Pokéstops. I’m nearly to level 17 now, and I gotta go now to catch Pokémon on the way to my house! 

5 Hours Later

Ok, it’s night now. I totally forgot to write all my Pokécrap down, but while I was there, I got a few screenshots, WHICH APPARENTLY DISAPPEARED… THANKS POKEMON GO!

(Here is a picture of my bus money to soothe the nerves. It was like this when I got it)

Anyways, looking back at the journal record things, it looks like I got like 30 Pokéstops, and caught 4 Pokémon. There was a 708CP Pidgeot there too. I used 8 Great Balls and 6 Razz Berries trying to catch that thing. Birds are beasts. They can’t be caught. It also didn’t help that it was waaaaaay back in the screen, so I was having trouble hitting it with curveballs. And then it just ran away. Such disrespect. 

Mafia Riley: Have that Pidgeot’s family killed.

No I would never hurt an innocent bird! *types while eating chicken* uhhhhh…


Pokémon Go Short Story

​Bo woke up, drenched in sweat. He had been dreaming about the new game that recently came out, Pokémon Go. Stumbling over his own feet, he turned on the light then turned his attention to his alarm clock.

5:23, too late to go back to bed, and too early for breakfast, he thought to himself grudgingly.

In the dream, he had been one of those Pokémon, only everything wasn’t as cheery as the game portrayed it. He was on the run, as packs of his own kind were running as fast as they could to escape the giant humans trying to enslave them. The creature to the right of him was caught, wailing as he was zoomed away into a Pokéball. Then, just as Bo ran out of breath, behind him came a giant of himself, and the dream ended just as the giant him was about to capture him.

Glad it was only a dream, Bo wondered why the front door was unlocked. He wandered into the kitchen to grab a snack, but when he opened the fridge door, out popped a Squirtle. Startled, Bo stumbled back into the oven, which creaked open to reveal a Charmander. They started talking in a deep gravelly voice, “Bo! You have seen the truth behind the charade! Go and stop people from playing this ‘game’.” 

Totally and utterly confused, Bo just stood there with his mouth open until the creatures disapeared from his vision, leaving only the kitchen, fridge and oven open, cracks of sunlight spilling through the closed blinds.

Unique Blogger Award

[Warning, this post is preeeeettttty long..]

Hello you theoretical readers, I GOT NOMINATED FOR AN AWARD FINALLY 😀


But to be unique..



Well anyways, I got nominated by mah friend OY30. Who is HERE!

So heres the rules, directly copied from his post xD. But yea, thank god for copy n paste.

Thank the blogger who nominated you and include a link to their blog.

Answer their 3 questions.

Include one meme and one quote you really like.Nominate 8-13 bloggers to receive this award.Ask your nominees 3 UNIQUE questions.Add a link to the awards creator: that’s Kate Gold


His three questions to me were:

What is the deepest thought you have ever had?

If you could die and come back as an animal, what would you be?

If you could delete one thimg from this world, what would it be?



For the first question, I think the deepest thought I’ve ever thought was sonder, which is the realization that every passerby has a life as complicated as your own.

Second question is difficult, because I have a hard time deciding whether or not to be a Pidgeot or a Zapados. Oh wait you mean REAL animals heh.. I’d be a Bluejay, so I could fly high and be admired by people like me who sometimes want to fly. Plus I would get to be more like Mordecai from Regular Show.

And the third question, where I get to choose what to delete from the world, I choose to get rid of the idea of discrimination. Because reguardless of color, gender, or how much money you have, everyone deserves to be treated like a human being. How would you like it if you looked slightly different than everyone around you, and because of the WAY YOU WERE BORN, people might not want to be your friend, or they might not give you an equal job oppritunity. There are a lot of horrible people in the world, don’t become one by discriminating against anyone. If theres an unpopular kid in your class, befriend them. If you have a poor neighbor close to you, share at least a kind word everyday and I guarantee he will be a little bit richer, emotionally. Don’t be a racist, or a homophobe, or a stereotyper. Don’t discriminate.

*while typing this, forgets about award and thinks is just writing a post about being a better person*

Oh yea.. award.. Time to nominate 8-13 people, but I don’t know who hasn’t been nominated yet. So i’ll nominate some active followers..




SF EllaTheTuxEnder

Pauseen Phasefaller




That’s 8 people I dont think have been nominated yet. But here are my “unique” questions lol

1. If you could be able to talk to any inanimate object, what would it be?

2. Would you rather live in the mountains or by the beach and why?

3. If you had a chance to meet the comic character Dum Cheese, what would you say to him.

(Sorry about the last one xD couldn’t think of anything else)

Quote I like: “We need to live together, or we’ll die alone” – Jack Shepherd from Lost.

Meme I like:

Also, an unspoken rule is link back to the person who nominated you, cause I see everyone else doing it..

Welp I think thats it so thanks for reading. I know I dipped into some ACTUAL thinking while answering OY30’s third question, and if you didn’t like it, well, then you probably shouldn’t be following me.

Thanks for reading down to the bottom, I would get a signature like the sky is the limit, or life may be a game, but it’s not just one, but I’d feel like a copycat lol