Winter’s Soft Embrace

A piano piece I made. Enjoy.

Also, if you guys think I should, i’ll extend it and put it on the album 😀

Thanks for listening to that if you did :3

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an isolated flat-topped hill with steep sides, found in landscapes with horizontal strata.

Musical Aspirations 

Hello there you strings. Tonight I thought I’d tell you a bit about what I’m doing musically and what I plan to do.

At the moment, I play Trumpet, Piano, and Guitar. I’m mediocre at Trumpet, and relatively basic at Piano and Guitar. I’ve made a few songs on the keyboard at my house, including “a mantis shrimp” (named by riseofthechairs), and other currently unreleased tunes.

I started using an app called Yousician, which is very useful. It gives you a free hour or so long Guitar, Piano, Ukelele, and Bass Guitar lesson every 12 hours, which is nice.

Tomorrow me, my brother, and my dad are going to a music store to restring the guitar that was fished out of a closet for me back home. I can play a tiny bit on the Guitar already because at Jamie’s house he taught me the basics.

I have also been unsuccessfully trying to learn how to double tongue notes on the Trumpet. It’s difficult for me ;-;

With Jamie and I using our abilities together, we will be able to use Guitar, Piano, Trumpet, Alto Saxophone, and Snare Drum on the album, along with lots of our fellow band classmates who I hope will help.

 Jamie is much, much better at Piano than me, and together with a Trombonist in our class, we’re composing a song that starts as a Piano solo, and finishes with 4 instruments together at once, called “A Midsummer’s Ice Stream”.

That’s all I can think to write at the moment. I’m kinda tired, so no Dictionary Taboo this time. Because of the before mentioned tiredness, I probably misspelled some stuff, so comment if you see any mistakes.

Thanks for reading all the way down to the bottom of the post :3


Free Lunch #11

Hello there you Music Meisters. Today I have for you the 11th Free Lunch, which if you don’t know, is me sitting down for 5 minutes and typing the entire time.

Starting at 1:07.

I have been sick the last few days with what I think is a cold, but i’m not sure. Staying home from school is nice, but I miss all my frens. I just watched the most recent Ryan Higa video which you can look at here if you want to. I listened to the Stan performance from a while ago by Eminem and Elton John ;-;. One of the downsides of being sick is that I can’t go and get a Pokestop, so my streak will end..

I’ve mostly been watching The Walking Dead while i’m home, and some stuff happened..



Last warning…




Beth and Tyreese are both dead ;-;



I don’t even want to think about future main character deaths.

In the time that I wasn’t watching Netflix, I’ve been composing new music, and learning chords! I’ll probably have another Piano song out ready for you all within the next 2 or 3 weeks.

What I have so far sounds ok in my opinion, so I’ll do everything within the limits of the power of creativity to improve it.

It’s now 1:12.

Thanks for reading all the way down to the bottom of the post :3

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An ornamental object used in a central position on a dinner table typically.


St. Paul and The Broken Bones and Converse

Hello there you anonymous pumpkin dances (Hello there submitted by ArmyOfLamps)

Today I went to a local radio station (Lightning 100) and saw a mini-concert by, as the title suggests, St. Paul and The Broken Bones. There was a trumpeter there as well who was fantastic. The whole band did amazing, and the singer’s voice was incredible.

In other news, for the past few days I’ve been searching the internet for a pair of Gorillaz Converse in my size. Unfortunately, they came out almost 5 years ago and there are barely any left in ANY size. So I was thinking I could attempt to draw something cool on the next pair of Converse I get, which will be white so I can add my own decorations. On them, I want to have a TØP symbol, 2D’s head, and some other stuff. But my worry is that whenever it rains, the designs will just fade away. The solution to that is to use permanent marker, but that means that I’ll have to find someone who can draw something perfectly first time in permanent marker ON A SHOE.

Also I’m interested in the piano, so I’m gonna go bug Brendan to teach me.

Dictionary Taboo:

It’s usually a rectangle that can be used for being temporarily deactivated. And it’s not a coffin. It has other things on it used for comfort and warmth.

Thanks for reading all the way to the bottom of the post :3


Golden Keys by Brendan (Piano) – SoundCloud

Listen to Golden Keys by Brendan (Piano) by Dum (R00R00CHAPMAN) #np on #SoundCloud

Brendan wrote and performed this.