958th Post Spectacular!

That’s right, it’s our dear blogs 958th post!! Since it’s a special occasion, today we will have a special, magical guest here today, it’s my dog Obi! Here to answer any questions you all have about Rileys Backpack!

 Comments will be deftly answered by my dog!

Example: So, Obi, how long do you think Rileys Backpack will last?

Obi: *scratches stomach and growls at iPad* 


Sorry I Am…

Gotten to post I have not…

Hopefully soon I will have my own computer…

(Gee I sure wish ftfhero and StookyLukey would post so they don’t get kicked off…)

Every Picture Ever!

Cartoon Network Games #1: Toxic Targets Part Two!

The second part of me beating the Cartoon Network Game, Toxic Targets! Today, there was an interruption from my sister, my brother, and Obi, who somehow pushed the door open with his paw…

Obi LOVES Cats! And I Love Nature Walks!

Obi LOVES Cats!

Dog: Obi

Cat: Random Cat

Nature Walks!

Written by: dumcheese

Sung by: dumcheese

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