Free Lunch #27

Hello there you blue screens of death. It’s Friday, so that means it’s time for Free Lunch! If you don’t know what that means, I basically just type for 5 minutes without stopping on Tuesdays and Fridays.

Starting at 8:38.

I felt like I did a lot of things done today and did a great job with productivity, but looking back, all I really did was play music at the library, buy a video game on Steam, and get to Level 26 on Pokemon Go.

 This all sounds very feeble when I write it down like this, but it felt like a ton to me.

The video game in question is Kindergarten, which is a game that just got out of Early Access on June 15th! It was a contest between buying this or Rakuen, so next time I’m getting that. Unless I want to play To The Moon too much. Give me advice xD
At the library, I played mostly Guitar but some Piano for about 2 and a half hours. I know i’m going to get an Electric Guitar for my birthday so i’m really excited about that. In honor of this, send a request for me to cover a song with the new guitar.

Pls make them easy, I’m still bad at Guitar.

For example, something too hard would be Smells Like Teen Spirit or Bohemian Rhapsody. Just leave your suggestion and i’ll tell you if it’s possible for me.

Anyways, thanks for reading all the way down to the bottom of this post :3

Dictionary Taboo:

An effusively enthusiastic or ecstatic expression of feeling.




So this is my only time in the space of this evening to write a post, because i’ve been super busy every night this week.

Considering the fact that I recorded a demo of this song today and am going to play it live tomorrow for around 200 people, I figured that I’d share it with you lot.

‘solivagant’ means wandering alone, by the way.

And here’s my updated track list, I took out so many songs because I didn’t think they were my best. I’ve also been writing,

  1. broken one
  2. scarlet and crimson
  3. third
  4. to jupiter
  5. without a moon
  6. drunk
  7. poison
  8. earthquake
  9. cavity land
  10. ultraviolet
  11. masquerade
  12. apricity
  13. solivagant
  14. eigengrau

So yeah! Here is “solivagant”.

there we stand
darkness has
it’s hold
on us
and we don’t
need some
one to 
take us home
and our eyes
don’t see
our minds
drive us
and voices
blend into
the sound
of nothing
we are equivalent 
 we are
but we are
we are solivagant
mean nothing
when you don’t
hear them
they seem to
get lost
on their
way to me
and i am
in front of you
but it seems
I’m not here
pull me
down from space
from this isolation
set me free
and voices 
blend into
the sound
of nothing
we are equivalent
we are 
but we are
we are solivagant
i hear
just fine
and yes
i have
some control
of myself
i don’t
my mind
some part
of it
is lost
i guess
and i
am different
i am
but i will
find you
i will
find you
and this world
won’t be so
and this world
won’t be so
I’m very very very excited to play this tomorrow, i’m third in line for performance (hahahahahhaah third, oh the irony), and I get to play it on a grand piano.
If you didn’t catch this song’s meaning, it was written about feeling distanced and all
alone, even when you’re surrounded with people, or talking with other people, whether that’s in real life or over technology. It’s a feeling of detachment, and feeling like whatever you’re facing, there’s nobody standing with you.
Which is something I feel, that’s why I wrote a song about it.
Sorry for the sad message.
AND you are not alone. I may be contradicting myself for things that I’ve felt, but you are not alone. And sometimes, things we feel don’t have much logic attached to it, anyway.
But yeah, feel free to leave feedback in the comments.
I hope you liked it.
Have wonderful lives.


​A song from E-Quality.

You remind me of the rainy days

Staying inside gazing out my window
It’s you that I am trying to chase
But so far it’s only caused me more woe

I’m really sorry honey
But my heartstrings only know the same sad chords
You’re looking at me sideways
But all that I can see is more closed doors

Are the most useful instrument
Inspiration rings
Through my heartstring’s torment

Are the most useful instrument
All my writing
Come from my heartstring’s lament

I’m really sorry honey
But my heartstrings only know the same sad chords
You’re looking at me sideways
But all that I can see is more closed doors

Love is just like other things
That’s the only metaphor I need
Doves can’t fly without their wings
So take my warning and heed

I don’t wanna be the one to ground ya
But I can promise that I will astound ya
Together we’ll wade through the memories
Flooding with our now old nostalgia
But that’ll never happen cause I am not around ya

I’m really sorry honey
But my heartstrings only know the same sad chords
You’re looking at me sideways
But all that I can see is more closed doors

I love you
But you don’t love me the way I do to you

It’s a common misconception I suppose
A ramen-fueled misdirection told by prose
But I can blame it on getting no sleep
See Track 13, sit and weep

I’m really sorry honey
But my heartstrings only know the same sad chords
You’re looking at me sideways
But all that I can see is more closed doors

Free Lunch #26 (Z Edition)

Hewwo there wou woyal weaders. It’s Friday. As almost always, it’s time for Free Lunch on Fridays.

Today is a very special edition. We’ve reached the end of the alphabet people. This is our last chance for ridiculous alliteration. And there aren’t enough Z words that make sense!


Starting at 8:17.

Recently i’ve been practicing a lot more Guitar, and i’m learning Rainbow Connection, Talking to Myself, and Strong As An Oak. None of them are particularly challenging, but the transition between some chords is difficult. 

Also! I wrote another song, which again is a loveyish song. I’ve kept it very vague so it appeals to everyone xD.

Love your eyes with their blueish, greenish, brownish color

Thanks Bo Burnham lol.

In real life news, I’m still in Oak Ridge, and I got a new Trumpet! This is good, because it means I can practice whenever I want to, without needing to rely on the school Trumpet.

Zillions of zapping zoo zebras!

My time is up!

Thanks for reading this short post :5

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Cylindrical container containing fizzy liquid.


To The End

Hello there you long jacketed, unraveling sweatered, spirits.

I’m here to tell you that i’m not abandoning Free Lunch or Somewhere Else. But I am changing the dates on them to be more balanced and possible for me.

The only reason a Free Lunch didn’t go out yesterday was because I forgot about it. But, the Somewhere Else was cancelled because my creative brain had nothing to write about. So it’s time for schedule changes, again!

But before that, I want to let everyone who voted for The End of The Road song choice for next Piano song released, it will be on YouTube before the 23rd!

These only effect me, so everyone else will keep posting normally (bittersweetlyirrevocable is like the only one who posts now so just her I guess)

Free Lunch is now on Tuesdays and Fridays.

Somewhere Else is now on Sundays and Wednesdays.

For people who actually read my posts down to the bottom even though this wasn’t a particularly long post, you get a special announcement!

For those of you that care about my musical stuff, I should have a new song out in a week. But this time, it’s Guitar and singing, not just Piano!

Thanks for reading all the way down to the bottom of the post :3

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A utensil used with soup!


A Intriguing Look At The Often Overlooked Duck Phenomenon

The duck to end all ducks.

Duck is the common name for a large number of species in the waterfowl family Anatidae, which also includes swans and geese. The ducks are divided among several subfamilies in the family Anatidae; they do not represent a monophyletic group (the group of all descendants of a single common ancestral species) but a form taxon, since swans and geese are not considered ducks. Ducks are mostly aquatic birds, mostly smaller than the swans and geese, and may be found in both fresh water and sea water.

Ducks are sometimes confused with several types of unrelated water birds with similar forms, such as loons or divers, grebes, gallinules, and coots.


Mallard landing in approach

Pacific black duck displaying the characteristic upending “duck”.

The word duck comes from Old English *dūce “diver”, a derivative of the verb *dūcan “to duck, bend down low as if to get under something, or dive”, because of the way many species in the dabbling duck group feed by upending; compare with Dutch duiken and German tauchen “to dive”.

This word replaced Old English ened/ænid “duck”, possibly to avoid confusion with other Old English words, like ende “end” with similar forms. Other Germanic languages still have similar words for “duck”, for example, Dutch eend “duck” and German Ente “duck”. The word ened/ænid was inherited from Proto-Indo-European; compare: Latin anas “duck”, Lithuanian ántis “duck”, Ancient Greek nēssa/nētta (νῆσσα, νῆττα) “duck”, and Sanskrit ātí “water bird”, among others.

A duckling is a young duck in downy plumage[1] or baby duck;[2] but in the food trade young adult ducks ready for roasting are sometimes labelled “duckling”.[citation needed]

A male duck is called a drake and the female is called a duck, or in ornithology a hen.[citation needed]

Mallard drake


The overall body plan of ducks is elongated and broad, and the ducks are also relatively long-necked, albeit not as long-necked as the geese and swans. The body shape of diving ducks varies somewhat from this in being more rounded. The bill is usually broad and contains serrated lamellae, which are particularly well defined in the filter-feeding species. In the case of some fishing species the bill is long and strongly serrated. The scaled legs are strong and well developed, and generally set far back on the body, more so in the highly aquatic species. The wings are very strong and are generally short and pointed, and the flight of ducks requires fast continuous strokes, requiring in turn strong wing muscles. Three species of steamer duck are almost flightless, however. Many species of duck are temporarily flightless while moulting; they seek out protected habitat with good food supplies during this period. This moult typically precedes migration.

The drakes of northern species often have extravagant plumage, but that is moulted in summer to give a more female-like appearance, the “eclipse” plumage. Southern resident species typically show less sexual dimorphism, although there are exceptions like the paradise shelduck of New Zealand which is both strikingly sexually dimorphic and where the female’s plumage is brighter than that of the male. The plumage of juvenile birds generally resembles that of the female. Over the course of evolution, female ducks have evolved to have a corkscrew shaped vagina to prevent rape.


Ducks in the ponds at Khulna, Bangladesh


Pecten along the beak

Ducks exploit a variety of food sources such as grasses, aquatic plants, fish, insects, small amphibians, worms, and small molluscs.

Dabbling ducks feed on the surface of water or on land, or as deep as they can reach by up-ending without completely submerging.[3]Along the edge of the beak there is a comb-like structure called a pecten. This strains the water squirting from the side of the beak and traps any food. The pecten is also used to preen feathers and to hold slippery food items.

Diving ducks and sea ducks forage deep underwater. To be able to submerge more easily, the diving ducks are heavier than dabbling ducks, and therefore have more difficulty taking off to fly.

A few specialized species such as the mergansers are adapted to catch and swallow large fish.

The others have the characteristic wide flat beak adapted to dredging-type jobs such as pulling up waterweed, pulling worms and small molluscs out of mud, searching for insect larvae, and bulk jobs such as dredging out, holding, turning head first, and swallowing a squirming frog. To avoid injury when digging into sediment it has no cere, but the nostrils come out through hard horn.

The Guardian (British newspaper) published an article on Monday 16 March 2015 advising that ducks should not be fed with bread because it damages the health of the ducks and pollutes waterways.[4]


A Muscovy duck duckling.

Ducks are generally monogamous, although these bonds usually last only a single year.[5] Larger species and the more sedentary species (like fast river specialists) tend to have pair-bonds that last numerous years.[6] Most duck species breed once a year, choosing to do so in favourable conditions (spring/summer or wet seasons). Ducks also tend to make a nest before breeding, and, after hatching, lead their ducklings to water. Mother ducks are very caring and protective of their young, but may abandon some of their ducklings if they are physically stuck in an area they cannot get out of (such as nesting in an enclosed courtyard) or are not prospering due to genetic defects or sickness brought about by hypothermia, starvation, or disease. Ducklings can also be orphaned by inconsistent late hatching where a few eggs hatch after the mother has abandoned the nest and led her ducklings to water.[citation needed]

duck eggs

Most domestic ducks neglect their eggs and ducklings, and their eggs must be hatched under a broody hen or artificially.


Females of most dabbling ducks[citation needed] make the classic “quack” sound, but despite widespread misconceptions, most species of duck do not “quack”. In general, ducks make a wide range of calls, ranging from whistles, cooing, yodels and grunts. For example, the scaup – which are diving ducks – make a noise like “scaup” (hence their name). Calls may be loud displaying calls or quieter contact calls.

A common urban legend claims that duck quacks do not echo; however, this has been proven to be false. This myth was first debunked by the Acoustics Research Centre at the University of Salford in 2003 as part of the British Association‘s Festival of Science.[7] It was also debunked in one of the earlier episodes of the popular Discovery Channel television show MythBusters.[8]

Distribution and habitat

File:Ducks Foraging along the Lake Okanagan shoreline in Winter near Maude Roxby Wetlands.webm

Ducks Foraging along the Lake Okanagan shoreline in Winter near Maude Roxby Wetlands

The ducks have a cosmopolitan distribution. A number of species manage to live on sub-Antarctic islands like South Georgia and the Auckland Islands. Numerous ducks have managed to establish themselves on oceanic islands such as Hawaii, New Zealand and Kerguelen, although many of these species and populations are threatened or have become extinct.

Some duck species, mainly those breeding in the temperate and Arctic Northern Hemisphere, are migratory; those in the tropics, however, are generally not. Some ducks, particularly in Australia where rainfall is patchy and erratic, are nomadic, seeking out the temporary lakes and pools that form after localised heavy rain.[citation needed]


Worldwide, ducks have many predators. Ducklings are particularly vulnerable, since their inability to fly makes them easy prey not only for predatory birds but also for large fish like pike, crocodilians, predatory testudines such as the Alligator snapping turtle, and other aquatic hunters, including fish-eating birds such as herons. Ducks’ nests are raided by land-based predators, and brooding females may be caught unaware on the nest by mammals, such as foxes, or large birds, such as hawks or owls.

Adult ducks are fast fliers, but may be caught on the water by large aquatic predators including big fish such as the North American muskie and the European pike. In flight, ducks are safe from all but a few predators such as humans and the peregrine falcon, which regularly uses its speed and strength to catch ducks.

Relationship with humans


Ducks have many economic uses, being farmed for their meat, eggs, and feathers (particularly their down). They are also kept and bred by aviculturists and often displayed in zoos. Almost all the varieties of domestic ducks are descended from the mallard (Anas platyrhynchos), apart from the Muscovy duck (Cairina moschata).[9][10] The Call duck is another example of a domestic duck breed. Its name comes from its original use established by hunters. This was to attract wild mallards from the sky, into traps set for them on the ground. The Call duck has also received a place as the world’s smallest domestic duck breed, as it weighs less than 1kg. [11]


In many areas, wild ducks of various species (including ducks farmed and released into the wild) are hunted for food or sport, by shooting, or formerly by decoys. Because an idle floating duck or a duck squatting on land cannot react to fly or move quickly, “a sitting duck” has come to mean “an easy target”. These ducks may be contaminated by pollutants such as PCBs.

Cultural references

In 2002, psychologist Richard Wiseman and colleagues at the University of Hertfordshire, UK, finished a year-long LaughLab experiment, concluding that of all animals, ducks attract the most humor and silliness; he said, “If you’re going to tell a joke involving an animal, make it a duck.”[12] The word “duck” may have become an inherently funny word in many languages, possibly because ducks are seen as silly in their looks or behavior. Of the many ducks in fiction, many are cartoon characters, such as Walt Disney‘s Donald Duck, and Warner Bros.Daffy Duck. Howard the Duck started as a comic book character in 1973 and was made into a movie in 1986.[13] The 1992 Disney film The Mighty Ducks, starring Emilio Estevez chose the duck as the mascot for the fictional youth hockey team who are protagonists of the movie, based on the duck being described as a fierce fighter. This led to the duck becoming the nickname and mascot for the eventual National Hockey League professional team Anaheim Ducks. The duck is also the nickname of the University of Oregon sports teams as well as the Long Island Ducks minor league baseball team.

Free Lunch #25

Hello there you ticktack cadillacs. It’s Friday. 17 more posts. 5 minutes bluh bluh bluh.

Starting at 9:38.

Yesterday was a pretty huge day for me. I may or may not have mentioned that I was doing a poetry reading at OzArts. For one of my favorite artists. Wu Fei. You may remember her from my Top 10 Favorite Albums. Anyways, I got there way earlier than I needed to be, and so I got to help curate and stuff. We rehearsed once before the show, and it went okay, I suppose. After that, pizza was delivered by Ms. E who couldn’t make it because of Hip Surgery pain.

My family and I had reserved seats at the front of the right side group of chairs, and I got to keep two pieces of paper saying “Reserved: Riley Chapman”. When it started, I was trying and frankly failing to stay calm. The concert itself was fantastic, a collaboration between Wu Fei and Abigail Washburn, with an assortment of guests joining them at different times, me being one of them. When we got to my part, I realized how nervous I really was. Luckily, I overcame my stagefright and was able to recite the poem correctly. 

Afterwards, tons of people came up to me to tell me that I “killed it”, “did a great job” and “was fantastic up there”. Which was a nice confidence booster for me.

I also got Wu Fei’s phone number, and we’re going to schedule times for me to learn the guzheng hopefully!

I am about 2 minutes overtime on this Free Lunch, but I had to finish the post.

Thanks for reading all the way down to the bottom of the post :4

I’m evolving.

Dictionary Taboo:

A device used to measure temperature.


Calamitous Is Now On Soundcloud!

Hey. Remember that song from a while ago I posted on Youtube?

Here it is on Soundcloud for your listening convenience 😀

Free Lunch #23

Hello there you alternative music R-Guitars.

It’s Friday blah blah blah blah 5 minutes blah blah blah blab blah blah blah blah stupid joke blah blah.

Starting at 7:43.

Today was really awesome. Yesterday, my mom showed my siblings and I a Library magazine, and it listed the different events it had going on. In the Teen Area of the Library, there was a “Jam Session” happening today. I went and found out it was only  for 9th-12th graders. I decided to go in anyways, and the dude there was really nice. He taught me how to utilize alternate picking on the guitar, and I learned some new chords on guitar and piano. I was the only person to show up, so it was just like an hour and a half long free lesson. But I feel really bad because I’m not sure what the guy’s name was! I think it is Mr. Joe, but I might have heard it wrong.

I’m probably going to go most Fridays for the rest of the summer, except when i’ll be away.

In other news, Polar Cheese (my clash of clans clan) is recently very active! We are in a war that we are winning by a lot, and I hope this surge of people continues.

My time is up, I hope you liked this Free Lunch.

Thanks for reading all the way down to the bottom of this musical post :3

Dictionary Taboo:

A four stringed baby guitar.

Sometimes I just make up definitions


Alone All Along

This is a song. Hope you like it.

Your eyes stare into my eyes
And I can tell you are surprised
Looking into my mirror
I don’t know who’s on the other side

Let’s just pop on a catchy tune
And gaze up at the yellow moon
The record player scratches on
I’ve been alone all along

I miss who I used to be
I thought I would always be me
But apparently that’s not true
Cause part of me is still with you

Shimmering synthesizers
Decorate the night
In a warm enveloping feeling
Repelling all fright
Reminds me of when times were nicer
Daybreak of the morning light
Sure I miss before the fight
But this is still alright

Let’s just pop on a catchy tune
And gaze up at the yellow moon
The record player scratches on
I’ve been alone all along

I’ve been alone all along