I’m making a new book! And idea’s…

I have an idea on how to post better! I’ll have a specific post for each day! As well as the normal weird flow of posts that come out of my mouth and into the screen, there will also be a scheduled post for each day. Here’s the list!

Monday: Ideas And Updates

Tuesday: Minecraft Post (Servers, Redstone, ect)

Wednesday: Dum Cheese Story

Thursday: Difference’s Between Superheroes (Now A Series!)

Friday: Total Drama: Rileys Backpack Style (Finally Back)

Saturday: Life Post

Sunday: Origami Post

This will be starting next Monday!

Remember, keep up the views and read the posts!

Yay! I’m pretty sure everybody caught it, but….

The last post was april fools! I’m going to be here till 2023 at least, and my goal of followers to get before then is…


I know it seems impossible, but my stooky followers can tell thier friends, and i can tell my friends, and WE CAN DO THIS!

Anyway, I’m going to try and post more often. But I don’t know what to post…



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New Video: My New Redstone Console Minecraft

In this video, I show you guys my new World Console! (Modeled After The Tardis)

New Video: Redstone Chance Machine!

I personally think this is really, really cool!

I cannot get the video in the post so, Click Here!


Is Your Minecraft Laggy? Tips To Help!

Ok, first, do you have a bad computer? Be honest… and if you do, these tips will help in making Minecraft go smoother!

1. Turn your render distance to Tiny. It will make your game run a lot faster.

2. Make sure your framerate is up to infinite! It goes a lot better!

3. Don’t use command blocks to teleport… they make your game go slower.

4. Try not to use to many command blocks in general.

5. Keep the redstone simple, ok?