LOTE: The Evil Way

It’s like GENOCIDE!! Only in my game 🙂

To go forth with this way, you have to kill or seriously maim every elf or animal you encounter. Prosper will abandon you tearfully after you kill the group of neighborhood kids, and he ends up being the final fight as you are trying to escape to your mother to kill her. His attacks include swords, kicks, and the ability to resize you at will. By doing the Evil Way, at the end, when you think you are about to kill Prosper, and his health is at the lowest it can be, when you try to attack him, he slices your arms off and kicks you over the bridge into a river, then seeps over himself and falls in after you. Some sad music plays, and you wake up in bed screaming, and it was all a dream..




I didn’t bother to SPOILER this one because it’s gonna be a loooooooooooooong time until I can actually code a game that would be the way I wanted it to be. If I had Toby Fox’s help maybe… *looks around hopefully*

Yep, it’s gonna be a while.

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LOTE: Elvess

​The town of Elvess is the second town you find in your adventures. You can get there by taking the ferry from Flease to the dock in Elvess. The town is made up of 6 buildings. 


Fancy Inn

Town Hall

Police Station

Skate Park

Rollo Factory

Everyone in the town is very unhealthy, because the only food options are McRonald’s Burgers, and Chocolate Rollos. Here is some more information on the town..

McRonalds: Standard McRonalds, the cashier is a squeaky voiced elf, who’s text will crack instead of their voice cracking.

Fancy Inn: The Fancy Inn, is operated by a single elf woman, who runs the entire place on her own. Constantly busy, it’s hard to get a room, because she only shows up at the register every 4 minutes. During other times, you can find her working around the place, either cooking, cleaning, or showing people to their rooms.

Town Hall: A normal town hall, with an ape mayor.

Police Station: This one has no backroom, but instead has a haunted basement that has a mini game in it. The Police Chief is a hyperactive Cheetah.

Skate Park: The skate park is full of Moody teenagers who will fight you if you walk in front of them while they are skating. There is a snack bar there too, but to get to it you have to zigzag through angry skaters.

Rollo Factory: The doors never open, and never close. Unless you have reputation over 100, which isn’t happening anytime soon 🙂


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LOTE: Characters

Hey you, this is the LOTE post for the week. Hope you enjoy even tho all the good stuff is (SPOILER)ed.

Player – Prospers brother. Fate decided by YOU!

Prosper – Your brother, who turns out to be a fantastic martial-artist, once trained. He is younger than you, funny, and pure. If you (SPOILER). If you BEFRIEND ALL, right as (SPOILER) is about to kill you, he (SPOILER) and saves you, giving you time for either a final attack or a plead for peace.

Waltex – A human who came to the land hundreds of years ago, a murderer and conquerer, he took control of the land, and enforced strict laws. He is a powerful magician, and was trapped in the land by a curse made by one of his enemies. He is cruel and the smartest creature in the land.

Angry Merchant – Prosper tries to steal some food from him, so he goes after you. He is, essentially, an Angry Merchant. His battle sentences are all about money, and his boss-side battle is coins falling, and you have to dodge them.

The Wrong Guy – Remember when your parents always said, sometime, your going to say the wrong thing to the wrong guy. The Wrong Guy is frustrated after you make a small comment on him needing to get a haircut. He is very angry, and his sentences are burning you, disgracing your haircut, shoes, and clothes. His boss-side battle is scissors chopping across the screen, and hair falling that you have to avoid. You can find him in Warm Watertown.

Thanks for reading 🙂

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Writing The Longest Post Of ALL TIME!!

For those of you who don’t remember back when I started this in May, I decided I was going to write the longest post on Rileys Backpack yet. As of finishing this prologue right now, the final word count is 2134.

So that’s right, you read me. Today we are going to see if we can write the longest post of all time about everything I can scour my brain to write about while I’m doing this.. So let’s start, the time is 12:37, and I’m in Math Class. We were doing Map Testing but I finished it yesterday.


Now I pretty much have the entire period to do whatever it is I wish to do.

I’ve been thinking and I’m wondering if there is any website you can use that is specifically geared towards writers featuring their writings live, like as they type it their followers can watch the page, see them develop ideas and such. Anyways I just thought it would be kind of cool. NEXT!!

So I’ve been practicing a lot of soccer after school now, and I figured out a way to build your stamina each day magnificently! I call it, the Cheestamina Effect!! Which sounds incredibly stupid because I just came up with it on the spot. Wait, scratch that name, let’s just call it “the thing from the swamp”. I’ve been using the thing from the swamp to help improve my stamina greatly. So here’s how the thing from the swamp works. I have a big back and front yard. I measured a distance from a telephone pole to a fence and its 90 feet (or 30 meters [pretty much]) So basically one run from the telephone pole and to the fence and back is one lap. For someone who was previously so unfit (such as myself), you have to start with a small number, like 7 or 9. So run that, then the next day run one more lap than before. Then one more the next. And so on. I’m at a really high number, so most days im running the equivalent of half a mile. Think about it. There and back is 180 feet, and a mile is 5210. So running only 14 is 2520, which is only a bit off of a half a mile. So if you do this, after a couple of days of stopping eating junk food and running with this system, you’ll be as fit as a fiddle. NEXT!!!!

I don’t know if I have mentioned this yet, but I am reading the Maze Runner series, and I’m on the Kill Order. I’m not going to spoil it, but all I have to say is (Spoiler Alert—– WHY DOES NEWT HAVE TO DIE ;-;—– Spoiler Alert) Sorry if you saw that before reading the spoiler alert. *sobs* I didn’t care about all the other people who die. NEXT!!

So a while ago me and my brother and sister started watching the show Lost, which is a drama about people who crash on a mysterious island. There are a ton of really interesting characters, and the best part about it is all the plot twists. In every season there is something new to fret about. The Others (the island’s natives)! The Hatch (4 8 15 16 23 42)! Charles Whitmore (Evil billionaire)!

That’s 500 Words.

And here’s another spoiler.. Up ahead… I highly recommend that if you haven’t seen the show you steer clear of the next sentence. I’m serious. Stop reading. I want you to watch the show and if you keep reading this you will never be able to enjoy it. Last warning. Why does Charlie have to die?? He could have just waltzed out, closed the stupid door and told Desmond himself that it’s not her boat. It was meaningless death! WHYY!!!


I’m getting a bit tired of typing, I’ve been doing this for a good 20 minutes and i’m going to just continue this later. Also in the mean time i’ll post something about advertising in this post. Just like all special posts and everything more than five minutes long, it needs advertisement breaks to keep your skull from exploding. Welp, i’ll be back in a bit. Signing off at 650 words.

May 11th, 2016, 11:23

Heyo I’m back with the longest post of all time and now I have an advertisement to log into this so once I think the time is right i’ll add it in.





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Yea so there ya go Brandoboy. Today I’m going to be talking about absolutely nothing. I’m getting a bit (AKA EXTREMELY) bored of writing this. I feel like I should just import some material from before, but I can’t do that cause this has to be brand new writing. As you all know, I used to avidly play Minespud (a minecraft server with bending). The reason I stopped posting about it isn’t good. The server shut down and now I have nothing to do on minecraft, and because of this, I’ve pretty much stopped playing it for the time being. If any of you can think of a server I can play with factions and that isn’t too big, please recommend it in the comments below. Of course most of you won’t ever actually read this because your just going to read the top of the page, scroll waaaaay down to the bottom, and say “Oh yea I read it all!”. So if you actually read this bit in the middle, then say so by typing “Just 2 More” in the comments. Dang that’s 900 I’m getting reaaaaaal tired of writing this post.

I think i’ll go to a thousand and then stop for today. So. Clash of Clans. In this game, the clan Polar Cheese still thrives and we are getting really good at war. We are on a war win streak of 4 right now, and we are presently wrecking the next clan so soon it will be at 5. I’ve set up a new system to show who is the most important, War MVP and Donating Champ. I continuously win Donating Champ, and I try to pass around War MVP. That’s 1014 and I’m signing off for today. The time is 11:33.

I’m back, and it’s June 4th at 10:58 PM. I should probably be sleeping though. I’m on a pretty big losing streak on Clash Royale. But aside from that I’m in South Carolina right now, the night before the family reunion where there’s tons of food and family! I’m staying at my Great-Uncles house, and there’s wifi and cable 😌 xD. But yea there’s not much to talk about anymore. The dog that’s in this house starting freaking out earlier barking and he woke my brother and sister up. Such loudness :P. But he went to my moms room so were good now. I’m getting tired so I’m gone for now, cya signing off at 11:02!!

Jeez it’s Been months, I’m still doing this? Uhh

It’s now August 13th, i’m just here to add some to this forever going project. I plan to stop once we hit 5,000 words. But hey, thats probably not going to happen until next year. At the moment, I am working on LOTE (Land of The Elves). I’ve got the story and everything down, and by the time this post comes out, the game might be finished xD. Jamie has Undertale on his computer, we are doing Pacifist, and last night we got past Papyrus! Then we dated him..

My current interests are Twenty One Pilots, Undertale, Rileys Backpack, and jacksepticeye. On Pokemon Go, I am level 16, and my best current pokemon is a 1095 Vaporeon. Brendan is working on music for LOTE, and i’m about to go get a sandwhich. I’m getting ready to delete some pages, cause they are irrelevant. Pages like Video Games (And Other Games), and Clash of Clans War Records. I might restart War Records later once I have more war stuff to talk about. At the moment, our clan has a war win streak of 2 and it’s about to be 3 :D.

Welp, i’ll be back in a bit after my sandwich. I’m going to let my sister type in PINK.


Well that was weird. And it took her 10 minutes to do that… Do you mind if I just copy and paste something I wrote previously xD thats like 1,000 words? No.. I have to stay strong. Today I got 200 words done ;-;

BUT I”M NOT DONEEEE. whya why did that text turn gray lol. I never clicked for it to turn gray. I have to go for now.

3:50 August 13th. Here’s some LOTE details. Beware, kinda spoilers.

Area 1 is the House

In Area 1, you are Inside a house with thunderstorms raging outside, and your brother talking to you about how bored he is. He is younger than you , and his name is Prosper. He laughs, telling you he would find something to do. When he walks out of the room, the game explains the controls. On the wall is a drawing of Dum Cheese. The closet is full of clothes. There are two beds in the room, one is messy and one is clean. If you try to interact with the bed, you hear a growl. The hallway is mostly empty, aside from the blue rainbow painting. There are three doors, one leads to the kitchen, one to the basement, and one with Prospers speech bubble coming from, which is the bedroom. You are able to explore the house, but the basement door is locked. The key is hidden in a kitchen drawer, but the basement only holds a pingpong table, with a note on top and two paddles. To read note please see A1N1. The paddles can be picked up. If you go into the basement then leave, Prosper yells for you again, this time saying, ‘Hurry Up! What are you doing that’s so important??’

If you go back into the kitchen, in the drawer next to the oven, there is a totally dark photograph. For more information on that see A1P1. Also, stuck to the fridge is a note, which you can find more about at in A1N2. Once you (FINALLY) go into the next bedroom that Prosper is in, you see him making a suprised face at an elf who popped out of the sheets of the bed. He starts to talk in a language you don’t understand, and draws a blade, although he looks nervous about using it. Prosper backs away slowly, and you are given an option to fight him, offer him your lollipop, or back away. If you fight him, combat begins. If you offer him the lollipop, he grins in delight and crawls back under the covers. If you back away, he walks towards you uttering the same strange tounge, and you are forced into combat. Once you either defeat him, or bribe him away, your brother Prosper jumps into the bed and disappears under the covers. If you stay in the room for more than 30 seconds, once you go in, he asks what took you so long. You can either stay silent or say I was scared.

End of Area 1. Continue in Area 2.

That puts us at nearly 2000 words so far. Cya later…

It’s 3:24 August 26th. Looking back at that LOTE thing I put down, I kinda regret doing that, because this is posting sooner than one might think. But it’s not going to matter anyways because it’s gonna be a really long time until LOTE actually comes out. I mean, it doesn’t make any difference anyways, because nothing is really important in Area 1. Area 2 however..

I just wanna put this at 2,000 words, schedule it for next week and move on. I’m at 1970. Keep talking. Just gotta finish this strong! agh I have nothing to say to you. SAVE ME PINK FLUFFY UNICORNS!!

pink fluffy unicorns dancing on rainbows

pink fluffy unicorns dancing on rainbows

AND WE DID IT WERE AT SOME NUMBER ABOVE 2000. I feel bad about this because I look in my reader and see some of my writer friends do like 12,000 words in a post, which is insane, at least for me.

Welp thanks for reading, leave a comment if you want your ad put on. But other than ads i’m done with this. I feel if I had have put more work into this it would have been much longer, but instead I worked on it like every other two weeks. Nonetheless,



LOTE: Warm Waterton

This is the town of Warm Waterton. Leave some feedback if you will. And maybe if you request a building I’ll put it in, because the town is a bit small ATM.

A small town you find by the Petriloa Mountain Range.

1- Nonu’s Barbershop, a marvelous place where you can cut and style your beautiful hair.

2- Mr. HoBo’s Junk Stand, where you can get some pretty cool random stuff.

3- Town Hall, pretty run of the mill. The mayor is sad that his wife left him to go work for Waltex in Capitol City.

4- A coming soon sign is over the door, but it is secretly a elf rebellion meeting place.

There are 3 houses. Mr. HoBo owns two of them, as he is extremely wealthy, after making millions selling junk to other rich people. 

1- Mr. HoBo’s first house, which he lives in with his nephew, Timmy.

2- Mr. HoBo’s second house, which is mostly full of junk that he hasn’t sold yet, or rare cheeses that he is aging.

3. The mayor and Nonu are roomates, as neither of them can afford Mr. HoBo’s steep rental rates on their own. 

Sorry if my writing skills aren’t the best


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Schedule Changes

Hello there merfolk, today i’m going to be telling you ALL ABOUT the new schedule changes coming to this marvelous place we call Rileys Backpack. I’ve decided to be a bit more organized, so as you have probably deducted, i’m making a scheduleish thing. Which you can see in more detail, HERE!

But i’ll be going over it briefly here, so you can just read on if your not the type of person to enjoy details. I know I haven’t been posting Food World for a while, so i’m going back into that, and it’ll get posted every Monday, giving me time to come up with a punchline that’s not crap, and giving you time to enjoy everything else. Tuesday has no definite posts on it, so expect either Pokemon Go, Clash of Clans, or some other game. On Wednesday, you get your scheduled LOTE Update for the week. There may be other posts about LOTE in the week, though that is the only one for sure. On Thursday, I have nothing PLANNED, but James Blonde does, with Wild Card Thursdays. And once you get to Friday, we have Free Lunch. On the weekends I may or may not post 😀

And that’s pretty much it. Thanks for reading 😀


LOTE: Bosses and More Game Mechanics

​Note: there are bound to be updates! So don’t despair, instead, send in suggestions.


These are the two first BOSSES:

Angry Merchant – The first boss in the game, angry that Prosper stole some fruit from him. His side-battle is coins falling, and his sentences are about how theft harms the economy, and how he wants to punish you for the grievous crime you have commited.

The Neighborhood Kids – The second boss you normally encounter. They are at the end of the road in the town of Elvess. They will challenge you to a fight, and Prosper accepts excitedly, ready to (SPOILER). He talks to them periodically, but usually just heals you up as you either kill the kids, or win the side-battle soccer game. Their sentences are about silly kids things, like wanting candy and going to bed later.

Send in a boss suggestion of ya want lol

These are some extra game mechanics added.

Also, in boss battles, see Bosses, there is another special mechanic at play. There is a bullet rain type side-battle going on, where you have to dodge certain attacks while you type.

For each boss, the attacks vary.

If you want to kill the enemy you encounter, you press fight, if you want to show mercy or bribe, you click talk. When you fight, you have to type in sentences like ‘You swing your weapon at (enemy name)’. If you chose talk, you type in what they ask you to type, and they might ask you to play a mini-game.

Also, taking Pauseen’s suggestion in, I’ll change save to Tab or something, so that people who are used to using the WSAD keys to move, can do that if they wish.


LOTE: Town of Flease

​The town of Flease is the first civilized place you come across in your adventure. There are 8 main buildings in Flease, along with a few houses.

1- Town Hall, where you can find the mayor snoozing behind his desk, and the Secretary playing Undertale, frustrated by the Sans fight.

2- McRonalds, where you can buy overpriced food, which only really hurts your body anyways.

3- The Bank, a place where you can store all your Monies, wirhout the risk of losing it all in a lost fight. He bank attendant remembers all the punchlines, and none of the set-ups.

4- The Sleazy Motel, a place where you can get a room for the night for 5 Monies. Decoration includes a body shaped chalk figure on the ground.

5- Police HQ, where you can conversate with some bored cops, and occasionally get a donut. When your reputation is over 7, you are allowed in the back room.

6- The Arcade, where you can practice type-battle fighting, and side-battle fighting, along with win some prizes by beating NPCs at friendly spars.

7- The Insane Asylum, where you are sent if you question the police. To escape you have to complete some relatively easy sanity tests.

8- The Score, an inclusive club. You can only go in once your reputation is up to 15.

Along with these main public buildings, there are about 6 houses in town.

1- The Moose Family, with 7 kids, the parents are worn out, and are immigrants from a different nation aside from the Land Of The Elves. This is why they are animals..

2- The sheriff’s house, knock near midnight for a bad time.

3- Deputy Bill and Bank Accountant Roger’s house, after doing the same thing for years, they both crave adventure.

4-Mayor Michael and Club Owner       Jill’s house. They haven’t gotten married yet, but have been dating for 3.63 years!

5- Empty

6- Haunted House, the evil humans used to congregate here.

Thanks for reading..


LOTE: Game Mechanics

Hello there, today I’ll be enlightening you on how some of the mechanics in Land Of The Elves will work. Such as Save, Reputation, and Combat. So yea. I’m working hard on this, and  I’m going to be taking a video game coding class later this year, so by then I’ll have everything sorted out. It’ll work!!

You can save whenever you want by pressing S on your keyboard. When you and Prosper originally arrive, elves are terrified of you, because they have only heard stories about previous humans who have come and murdered or conquered. The more you talk to and give things to elves and enemies, the better your reputation will get, so more people from  different towns will come out of their houses and talk to you or sell to you, or even spar. Combat is a typing-based system, where you deal more damage based on how well you type the sentence, and how fast. The sentences will usually be: (Your name) swipes at (enemy name) using their (weapon name). Every once and a while an enemy challenges you and mixes it up a bit by making numeric codes, or only showing you the sentence for a few seconds and testing your memory. Interaction with NPCs, is largely determined by your reputation. The better kind of person you seem, the more people will trust you. And you will be able to obtain better gear, find better quests, and make loads of friends! Reputation goes as far as to determine which boss you fight at the end of the game. If you don’t kill people, you end up fighting an (SPOILEEEEEEER) If you kill everything you encounter, the game becomes harder because elves won’t sell you the best merchandise. You end up fighting (SPOILER) during the end of the game if you do that.

Also, in the boss battles, there is a second thing to pay attention to, as each boss creates their own side mini game to complete WHILE you type. Minor SPOILER: The first boss of the game, Angry Merchant, has you dodge coins that he throws at you. To dodge them, you use the arrow keys.