An Adventure On a School Day


Today we have an adventure that happened to me today.

Because of a boring day of testing, I qualified to go to a boring day of listening to speeches.

So today I woke up only a half hour later than I would for school, but it felt like an hour. As a result of this I actually still got downstairs ready to go the same time I normally would.

But today was no school day. Today was an AWARDS day! I went to a college campus at sat in a room of extremely smart 7th graders. We heard some very long speeches including one with an interesting Grilled Cheese analogy. But the messages were actually pretty cool, and the main dude (who my dad knows) bore a striking resemblance to Bill Nye.

When they got to the L last names (keep in mind I’m a W and near the back) I had to go to the bathroom. By the time Peterson’s were being called, I was in a panic. But then I regained composure and walked on stage. After a few pictures were taken with my best kill-me-now smile, I proceeded down to my seat to wait out the ceremony.


Bill Nye made that clever joke before he handed out, get this, another round of medallions that came prepackaged with a handshake and a smile, as well as standing on stage for eternity. My bladder was at it’s limits! I got pretty worried, but luckily I escaped unharmed. Here are a few names that stuck out to me from the ceremony.

Lane Boide

They say stay in your LAAAAAANE BOOOIDE

Dame Daniel

Image result for back at it again with the white vans

And finally somebody named Luca (i forget his last name) who unfortunately misjudged the business casual attire and came dressed in full President Josiah Bartlet cosplay, complete with hair and spectacles to match. Go you Luca!

Wait…could this be the Luca from my book? 

Who knows…

So after that me and my parents got lunch, and I came back to the house to do my school work.

lol yeah right I took a nap.

After that I actually got some supplies for my school project, and then we decided to go to a movie.

Image result for guardians of the galaxy vol 2

*NOTE* I am about to go to Guardians of the Galaxy right now, as soon as this note ends we will be in a time where I have seen the movie. I have high hopes for it, but I’m trying to squash them so I can enjoy the movie to its fullest. But I have already seen the movie. But not yet. Confusing, I know*

Okay, back to the present where I have seen Guardians 2.

It was great, maybe not as good as the first. I’ll not go in to depth here because I’m tired and I need to get this post up.

But if you want, I can do a review :D.

That’s it for my out of school adventure, and like I say:



As the title suggests, I don’t know what to do. I was thinking of making a cooking vid but then I thought I would save the recipe for when Riley and I do a cooking collab possibly.

So my March books are going well, and I’ve got to hurry up to fit in the deadline. Reviews for the books will come soon, so if you are thinking about reading them, hopefully that will help.

And now an interview with my little brother.

Q: What is your favorite type of coin?

A: Quarters. Well, pennies and dimes and stuff, they’re small, they don’t have a lot of value. And, um there are half dollars and others.. but they’re hard to find and you wouldn’t find a place to use them.

Q: If you could create one Pokemon, what would it be named and what would its moves/type be?

Well, its type would be dragon and fire, its name would be Tyrangue and um its moves would be Dual Chop, Dragon Breath, Flamethrower, and Overheat.

Q: If you could have any other name, what would it be and why?

I would be Adam because well Adam is just a cool name. It’s short, its not that special, but you also don’t see it all the time.

Q: What is your biggest regret in life?

Um, well *waits for 45 seconds* I don’t know.

And that is Eliot Watson, my co-host in the Nerd and His Brother whenever we get that done!

Let’s see….

I’ve got a boring homework packet just like Victoria and Riley.

OH! I have started guitar and Riley already posted about that you can check that out here.

Like for run on sentences!

And since Riley didn’t do a Dictionary Taboo, I will.

Dictionary Taboo:

Something some people can’t eat it, but makes delicious food like ice cream.


Also let me know if that was too easy or too difficult.


I’ll see you guys later and as I always say:

Did you hear Willie Nelson got run over by a car?Ā 



Yesterday and Tomorrow

The speech went relatively well yesterday. I didn’t screw it up really bad and I didn’t do exceptional. I’m gonna try to add my friend to the blog today, but i’m not sure if i’m going to be able to because school is unforgiving with it’s schedule.

I’m really excited for tomorrow because i’ll be leaving for Oak Ridge to see my baby cousin Myra, who is super cute. While i’m there I will be doing a lot of school work and creating my Sans cosplay, which I really hope won’t look horrible.

That’s all for now, cya and


1,000th Post Stuff!!

It’s our thousandth post woooooo! That’s ONE THOUSAND different times I have randomly added something to your inbox. ONE THOUSAND times I have posted something pointless! Time for math :D, but don’t worry it’s easy. We have 13,171 views at the moment. When we divide 13,171 by 1,000, you get 13.171. So on average, everything I post gets about 13 views. Think that’s cool? No? Well this is! So far on the blog, we have gotten 2,860 likes! When we divide that we get 2.86, which rounds to 3. On average we get 3 likes per post.

Also, stats have been down the last couple days, so let’s get em back up. This year I’m hoping to beat 2014 in views, got over 5,000 that year so it’s going to be difficult. But I BELIEVE I can do it by posting a bunch of posts that take like 3 minutes to read, unlike this one, show me we are worthy of the holy

Now let’s take a brief tour in history through the phases of Rileys Backpack.

At first, the random things phase, where I posted a bunch of weird stuff.

Then, the Minecraft phase, the result of which is this page.

After, the reblog phase, where 80% of my posts were shared.

Later, the comments time, when I amassed like 5,000 views in 2014.

Then I was pretty inactive in 2015. 

I started posting normal again in early 2016, in the life phase.

And then in 2017, I was amazed by the hundreds of millions of views we got during 2016.

Oh darn I just jinxed it. Thanks for reading, help undo my jinx by viewing my posts hundreds of thousands of timed, MWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

How To: Increase Your Audience

Hello, im a piece of cheese and YOU’RE reading my post about how to increase your blog’s audience. 
1. Blog about a large range of subjects, but keep it balanced well. It makes sense that gaming bloggers and writing bloggers will have different people reading them right? So if you post about gaming and writing at the same time it’s logical to say that if you can find a way to write about lots of different things then you can greatly expand your amount of readers.

Hmm, do you know any blogger who posts about loads of subjects? Maybe they vary between gaming, his life, writing, and how-to’s? Yea not ringing a bell for me either..

2. The more people you follow, the more follow you people!! Wait what? But seriously, a good way to bring in new people is to explore the blogosphere! Look around your favorite topics for other blogs that talk about the same things you do. Thats how I found a load of you people!!

3. Post often and with quality! If you dont post at least once every two days, then your fans will lose interest! Causing them to unfollow (*^o^*)
Well that concludes our second official How-To post.. I hope you liked it. If not, i’ve got another Adventure To Fate! Battle Arena episode in production stages!

New Directions

So as of now, my posts are currently torn between my life, video games, and reviews of all sorts.

I need to pick one šŸ˜¦

So SINCE you are all here on account of liking my blog, I decided to let you all decide which direction you want me to carry this blog. Thanks for your time and make sure to vote.

Attack on Lizard

A lizard got into our house, and for the last couple days we have been trying to flush him out of wherever he is hiding. And we did.

My step-dad, Paul yells up the stairs, “Kids!!”. We run down and we find him staring intently at the bathroom door.

“I just saw him run under the door, someone get a container.” I run and grab a plastic box. By the time I get back, he has the door open and an art canvas and three towels pressed against the bottom of the door frame, preventing it from escaping.  He tells me to get him the cane so he doesn’t have to actually walk in. (Did I mention he is afraid of lizards?). I got and get the cane, while on the way telling my mom of the situation and how nervous Paul is. She comes down to join us, I gave him the cane, and he slowly starts poking all the bags in the room to make sure he isn’t in there. My mom offers to do it for him. He denies. So he has removed most of the stuff from the bathroom Via Cane by now. And he stretches in to push the shower curtain, it scurries around the bathtub and he is startled, and so was everyone else. Did I mention we are all crowding around the doorframe trying to get a better look? Anyways, he gets the container and throws it at the lizard, just barely catching him under the walls. (The lizard is about 5 inches long). We get him and bring him outside to set him free in the forest beside our house, while at the same time holding Obi so he doesn’t chase after him and eat it.

Then we go inside, and remove our walls of defense *canvas and towels*.

Well that’s it. It sounds kind of boring now that I type it, but I promise it was a lot funnier and lively when it was happening. At least you have the beautiful picture I drew of the lizard.

John Early

So. Next year I am going to be changing schools to a new one called John Early. I’m leaving Litton with Jamie and Isaac, and Maz will be joining us in 8th grade. I’m saying bye to Mitchell, Harry, French, and many others, but it is for the best! Cause it leads into one of the best high schools in the state.

I’m sad bout leaving some of my friends, but theres always texting and Sip.

This post has been brought to you by Riley’s Life.

Life Post Ep. 1: I’m so tired I sleep about dreaming

To signify the dullness, I will write this post in grey. Although I am really good at school (Being smart, not behaving), my homeroom teacher is mean to me. She is always giving me demerits. Luckily, I have a couple good friends. My homeroom teacher is also my R/LA teacher, so i get a bunch of her every day. Buuut, My math and social studies/science teachers are both nice to me. But seriously…

Last night I was so tired, when I finally fell asleep I dreamed about sleeping.

Anyway, I altered that joke a bit.

Right now i’m so tired, I said “Last night I was so tired, when I fell asleep I sleeped about dreaming.”.

Anyway, that was the first life post, in which I will keep you bored just like me!

I’m making a new book! And idea’s…

I have an idea on how to post better! I’ll have a specific post for each day! As well as the normal weird flow of posts that come out of my mouth and into the screen, there will also be a scheduled post for each day. Here’s the list!

Monday: Ideas And Updates

Tuesday: Minecraft Post (Servers, Redstone, ect)

Wednesday: Dum Cheese Story

Thursday: Difference’s Between Superheroes (Now A Series!)

Friday: Total Drama: Rileys Backpack Style (Finally Back)

Saturday: Life Post

Sunday: Origami Post

This will be starting next Monday!

Remember, keep up the views and read the posts!