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Death LAY-#22

Sup dudes. Lets catch a wave straight into this tubular post bro.

10/10 Would Intro Again

Image result for welcome giants phineas and ferb

and welcome to Life and You.

If you are new here basically I talk about my life and interesting things, then I take comments and questions from you. Plus I ask you questions every post.

Since that seques into questions I’m just gonna THROW OUT THE RULE BOOK and do those first.

Last week I asked (in poll form) what length of post you read.

8 people say that they read all posts, and that just warms my heart. 1 person reads shorter posts, which I understand. If you haven’t lost interest in this post yet, I would wait for Thursdays post :).

And I was going to say something to the one person that just scrolls down and likes the posts but they obviously aren’t reading this soooooo……………………………………

riseofthechairs asks:

there’s a black notebook ominously titled “DEATH NOTE” in front of you someone seemed to have dropped. you look around, but no one else is there. do you leave it there, or do you take it home and become the N E W G O D O F T H I S W O R L D ?

Now I was tempted to pick up this book and create a world free of crime where solely I decide who lives or dies, but that got me thinking.

  1. Who dropped the book?

I am definitely not taking the chance that a Shinigami with an apple addiction dropped it. What if they follow me without anyone else seeing for their entertainment. Because what if we talked? Became friends? They would watch my decent into madness with glee. No, not madness. Enlightenment.

2. What would the book do?

From the title it seems like you would write down the names of people and then they would have 40 seconds before they died. Maybe if you didn’t specify they would have a heart attack. But what if you did specify and you put shark attack. Would a shark just randomly attack them? I guess I just have the write reasonable deaths in there. But then also what if there were multiple people with the same name? I guess the book would have to sense the face along with the name that you are thinking of murdering. But what if my killings attracted the attention of a world renowned detective that somehow had a person pretend to be him and then I write down that persons ‘name’ killing him and confirming that I am the killer? I guess I would need a pseudonym. Maybe Kari.

This book seems pretty dangerous, so I would NOT pick it up.

hehehe jk, I know this is a reference to everyone’s favorite anime attack on titan.

Thank you so much for your question, and if anyone else has a question just comment it.

Okay now life.

Literally my life 

My LML intro uses a less is more approach.

So life has been good, and school has been a combination of computer errors and lack of teachers so I’m fine with not doing any work. We recorded a NABUR a couple of days ago and on a totally unrelated note special announcement tomorrow!!!!

Thats kinda it…


I have a lot of PokeNews so you will be filled in on that Friday

Image result for rebecca black

So be sure to see last LAY if you haven’t already and my question for you is:

What is the best way to eat an Oreo (get creative).


Until then this is Jamie signing off like I always do:

GOtTa GeT mY BoWl




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An updated scheduled LAY-#21

BREAKING NEWS!!! A special announcement will be up Wednesday August 16! Check it out here and on The Nerd and His Brother!


Hello there you life and yoers!

Life and You, the postest with the mostest. Including anecdotes about my life and questions from viewers like you! Basically to get the info on the random happenings of my life as well as some..interesting questions this is your one stop shop!

And to clear up some confusion, Literally My Life is the Life segment in Life and You, after LML ends, there is still much more LAY. Acronyms are confusing, but stay R.A.A.T.L.S and everything should be F.R.E.E (guess the meanings of these in the comments!).

With that being said, let us travel now to the land of

Image result for literally

Image result for my

Image result for life

So as you probably noticed I have not posted in a while. I have made sure my classwork load won’t be too extreme this year (not that I could reasonably find this out by a week of dumb activities) but I am now able to make my commitments for this semester.

So first, reasons why I might not post.

      1. Forgetful

Unfortunately being forgetful has plagued me forever (Or has it? I can’t remember)  but I believe I have the solution.

I will sit down at regular times to work on my plethora of posts.

And for LAY the everything but the life section can be written earlier too.

     2.Thirsty for ideas

Now this reason is something I can do little to control because when you hit a creative block it really does feel like bedrock.

Image result for bedrock

And yes I just made a Minecraft reference in 2017. Deal with it.

           3.Working really hark on posts 

As self indulgent this reason might sound I do put a lot of effort into my posts (especially reviews **coughspidermanhomecomingiscomingipromisecough**) and I might just not get a post out one day. I will still try to get every series post out on schedule but y’know it happens.

          4. Dead

I can’t do much about this one sadly. I hope that Riley will notify you of my passing if this is the case. If not and you get a scheduled post about my upcoming firearms presentation at the Rowdy Loudly Pouty Coyote Bar and Insurance Provider you might want to start sending those flowers to my family. Because it goes without saying that something bad always happens at the Rowdy Loudly Pouty Coyote Bar and Insurance Provider. Heck, you need a thick redneck twang to even get the first half to rhyme.

If I die, Riley tells you, and THEN a scheduled post from me being all cheery and talking about my upcoming firearms presentation at the Rowdy Loudly Pouty Coyote Bar and Insurance Provider comes out I imagine things will be sad and flowers will be POURING IN. But oh well, I’m dead.


All this to say that my official posting schedule from August 12-December 12 is…

Monday: Random Post

Tuesday: Life and You

Wednesday: Fav Five(or 4 3 2 or 1)

Thursday: TIP Life (until it ends, TBD after that point)

Friday: 50/50 (maybe you will get a post,  maybe you won’t!

Weekend: No promises


So yaya, post updates!

And as I mentioned before I started school a couple of days ago and this years seems to be going better than last year. Personally my schedules are fixed up and though we don’t have some teachers and a our band program is nonexistent, I am hopeful!

As I write this I lose hope by the second.

But I believe that is all for Literally my Life. If you made it down here comment #LML.

Done? Okay, come back up here from the comments because there is still a whole lot more.

Anyways my question from yesterLAY was basically ‘What are your thoughts on ticket scalpers?’.

See if you can make sense of what bittersweetlyirrevocable has to say:

i hate ticket scalpers, but i mean, who knows, perhaps a ticket scalper doesn’t know how else to make money because all of their money was on a plane to Tristan Da Cunha, but was mistaken because no planes fly to Tristan Da Cunha, and all of their money ended up in Pune, but say the ticket scalper was American and didn’t know that all of their money was in a random city in India, and when they got to Tristan Da Cunha miraculously, they discovered that they had lost all of their money. so the person somehow gets back to America and finds out One Direction is coming to their city, which completely sold out because I mean, One Direction. but the person got a ticket as a gift from a friend. as the person looks through twitter, the person realizes that a lot of obsessed fangirls were going to fly over to attend the concert, and the person thought, what better way to earn back my money other than selling a bunch of girls fake tickets and….

I was mainly talking about people who buy up all the tickets for an event and then sell them for more money. Y’know, LEGALLY.

These people are popular to hate on (much like Nickelback who’s music I’ve never had a problem with) but I think that these guys are doing everyone a favor.


They see money to be made and they make it. We shouldn’t hate people for being smart, right?


They are showing the managers and artists who put the tickets on sale that people are willing to pay much, MUCH more for those tickets. So in the end it is really Taylor Swift’s fault that scalpers get all that money. Artists leave money on the table, scalpers take it.

Ironically, I put Nickelback and scalpers together because they are both things love to hate, even though the one time scalpers don’t make any money is scalping tickets for a Nickelback concert.

But that’s just my opinion so feel free to trash my haircut in the comments like           level-headed humans.

But seriously thank you bittersweetlyirrevocable for taking the time to pen that incriminating comment.


My question today is one I want answered kinda seriously. So poll time!

This reflects the content I make so thanks for completing it.

Ah, the end of the post. Time to promote other posts all feeding into one giant post-hole that adds to my power every day!

Click the carnival ADMIT ONE ticket for the last LAYs. Click the golden ticket for my last post. And make sure to click the reel of tickets for all of my posts. Every single one!

Image result for ticketRelated imageImage result for ticket

So that ends another Life and You, and as I want to say when I post twice in one day and then stop for 4 days:



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A PROPosterous LAY #20

Wohoo twenty! But the first one is not even on the website for some confounding reason so when we celebrate our anniversary of LAY it’ll be for the second one.

I was going to a write one of my kind of serious, long, introspective posts but I am sleepy and don’t want to do anything wrong. So today you will get a Life and You, the very self explanatory series that I still find the need to explain. Basically talking about life, cool things, and talking to you, about you, behind your back. Though definitely not the last one!

Last LAY (well two LAYs ago, 19 was weird) the question was what time do you prefer most (day, night, midnight, the elusive mid-morning sunset) and the answers were

Night Time from: bittersweetlyirrevocable, Legendary randomness, and EclecticMusicLover

And 5 in the morning from: the_great_awesome. Props to you for being original!

And props to everyone who commented!

Props to everyone who read the last post too!

And props to you for reading this post!

Also props to you if you live on the planet Earth!

I can’t forget props to all humans!

Jamie spent 45 minutes propping up everything except the house he was building. The resulting slant in the house created a permanent dutch tilt for all residing in the abode. But after residence left the house the entire world seemed like a dutch tilt. The only ‘normal’ world was that crooked house Jamie built, and that slowly drove everybody in the house insane. They all mysteriously disappeared one day, and nobody knows why. Redundancy aside, legend has it that the ghosts of all patrons of the house whisper in directors’ ears, telling them to add dutch tilts into all movies they make. Soon, one day, all movies will consist of entirely dutch tilts. How do I know this? Well, I am a dutch tilt.Image result for scary dutch tilt

Hey, what are you doing in my post?


How you been filling my audience’s heads with lies about your ‘dutch tilt ghosts’?


I told you, that house was built on a slope, there was nothing I could do!

Ok fine, fine. I’ll leave!

Okay, thanks. Well guys, lets just continue the post with Li-

Jamie unleashed the ghosts upon the world, soon I will be in all of cinema. Comedy, drama, romance, whatever the heck the emoji movie is! Dutch Tilts EVERYWHERE! Okay I’m done, get back to your post.


Image result for myImage result for life poster

I have gotten back from TIP, and TIP Life is going to be released Mondays and Thursdays until the series is over. I don’t exactly know how long the series is going to be because I don’t plan very far into the future but Mondays and Thursdays right here on Riley’s Backpack. Also

Image result for the nerd and his brother

remember that? A podcast with me, my brother, and more often than not Riley? Well my brother and I have been brian storming (not a typo, a way of life) and we are starting production hopefully within 2 weeks. Rest assured Riley will be brought in for the process starting when I see him in the future.

And I also cleaned my room, exercised, and fell asleep today. More than I do on most days!


Oh right, we went school supply shopping yesterday! And I was so confident I picked up 2 graphing paper notebooks and walked out of the Target without a SINGLE LINED RING NOTEBOOK. I truly believe that the odd choices and decisions I have made are going to be majorly important when I get on a large plane flying from Australia to the US and crash land on an unknown island, so writing this kind of mishap down could be very helpful to be in the future.

That finishes up LML!

Question Time

This may sound like an off topic question for this LAY (probably because it is) but what do you think of ticket scalpers? Love ’em, hate ’em, feel some other emotion towards ’em, comment it below!

And before I forget, the winning Paul McCartney from Life and You 19 is…

Early/Mid Solo Paul and Wings Paul

Image result for RAM paul mccartneyImage result for Paul McCartney McCartneyImage result for band on the runImage result for Paul McCartney Flowers in the Dirt

Personally a Paul I got to know more recently but really really enjoy listening to.

Well technically Ringo Starr won with 7 votes but I took the highest serious choice. I guess I know not to add silly answer choices now because you guys CHOOSE THEM EVERY TIME! So yeah, thanks to everyone who voted!



Image result for moltres


is out in Pokemon Go now, and I recently came into several premium raid passes. So tomorrow I’m going to go out on a raiding spree and make a Pokemon Go Pokemon Post! Also my adventures a couple of days ago with Pokemon will be in that post! So look for that Wednesday!


And yes, this disproves the uno, dos, tres theory about the legendary birds, but it also means Niantic is sticking to the catches by players on that team. So bringing up the rear Instinct will have Zapdos in 2 weeks (August 14). Lugia appears to still be spawning, so there is still hope for me on that front.

While we are on the subject of mobile games, my lack of Clash RoyaleImage result for clash royale

has merely been a lack of playing and a lack of interest. To me the game is kind of getting stale and the only fun thing is 2v2 if the person is with you IRL. I don’t know, maybe the new cards will make it better.

On that note the super special extra long LAY #20 is over. Thank you if you read this post all the way through that Dutch Tilt section, and thanks for reading my Life and You posts for 20 episodes. Although in the archives I can’t find the first Life and You, so if you locate it please, PLEASE let me know.

Goodbye everyone, and as I once said in a long lost episode of The Nerd and His Brother:

The Dutch angle, also known as Dutch tiltcanted angle, or oblique angle, is a type of camera shot where the camera is set at an angle on its roll axis so that the shot is composed with vertical lines at an angle to the side of the frame, or so that the horizon line of the shot is not parallel with the bottom of the camera frame. This produces a viewpoint akin to tilting one’s head to the side.

haha riley no more canted angle dictionary taboo for you!


super great life update


This is a reminder that I haven’t died, and am in fact still living.

Here’s a good ‘ole life update for you, if you wanna care to read it.

First thing’s first: Treatment is going pretty well. I’ve been noticing changes in my sleep and my mood in general. Yes, I still hit lows, but I still have a very long way to go.

Another thing: I now have an incredibly subtle smokey purple balayage.  The color actually reminds me of a galaxy: there are a few faded blue pieces (hence why it’s a smokey purple), and with the purple and my original brown hair color, it kinda reminds me of it, which is super cool.

More stuff: Since I have to limit screen time, I’ve been working on improving other skills. Mainly guitar. I’ve been playing guitar A LOT, and now I think i’m getting pretty decent at it. I think my favorite song to play is Little Uneasy by Fazerdaze.

Music stuff: I actually haven’t written a song in quite a while. But hey, writer’s block happens. And it’s also very sucky. BUT! I have gotten my very own studio to record my own music! I mean, it’s in a lot of boxes right now, but I have it! It’s more like a studio of synthesizers: if you know how to play piano, you are pretty much set. It’s pretty complicated to explain, but one day, I may produce a nicely recorded and mixed song of my own to you guys!

Oh Wonder: I mean…




Okay, that’s pretty much all I have.

If you’ve made it down this far, I applaud you, and thank you for caring.

See you sometime in your wonderful lives,



The Jamie Watson Medical Dictionary

Nontenti-LundomCopia Expectatione Tendencies: A condition where before the beginning of every school year the afflicted buy organizational tools they deem useful for their school year that they use for the first 1-2 two weeks before breaking or more commonly losing aforementioned articles.

Necesse-clad Syndrome: Typically those who are diagnosed have varying levels of lack of portion control or time management, and only become productive or at all responsible in a time of crisis. This includes (but is not limited to) school projects, chores, jobs, and in some extreme cases piano lessons.

O.C.N.C.E.S.H.R : This comes in several stages.

Stage 1 (O.C): Over Committed

about dieting, exercise, projects

Stage 2 (N.C.E): Not Committed Enough

slacking on prior commitments that were impossible to hold anyway

Stage 3 (S.H): Self-Hating

Hating them self for failing to meet the unrealistic commitments they made in Stage One.

Stage 4 (R): Repeat

Self Explanatory

If you are affected or know someone who might be affected by anyone of these diseases contact us immediately in the comments below.

To submit an affliction to the JWMD comment below as well.

If you would like to read more by our founder Jamie Watson, click here, here, not here but go to that link anyway, here, not here (though it is very fun), possibly here, and 100% here.

As our dictionary stated numerous times:

As your doctor if James Blonde’s content is right for you.

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A tasty, ‘ok’ LAY #18


Since it has been a while, its time to bake my signature cake!


1/3 part Life

1/3 part You

1/6 part James Blonde

1/12 part  Awesomeness

1/12 part Procrastination


Bake for 7 or 8 days and serve after cooled.


Next week we will teach you the icing!


I’m not going to lie, I started this post a long time ago but forgot about it. For example, summer break is more than halfway over and this post originally read ‘So life has been good, school is nearly out.’

Now school starts  in a little over a month -_-

But we are finally here! I couldn’t wait to post but I knew I had to space them out so not to disappoint, so this is a Special Saturday post. Last week you were asked simply how your life was.

riseofthechairs seems to have really been busy, and I’ll let her comment speak for itself.

literally. my life. is.
beaches every single night
messy buns and christmas lights

i do not know the rest of the lyrics. i am doomed to a life of repeating these three lines.

the office is good. started a month ago. i am now on season five.

i made a sims town made up entirely of token lesbians at 3 am yesterday. woke up to a house only filled with couches. i do not remember doing this. i think i have seen a glimpse into my future.

i went outside and saw a little girl trying to run away from a flock of angry pigeons. why they were angry, i don’t know, but i think i have seen another glimpse into my future.

i found all my social studies final study guides and cried and then watched crash course for an hour to try and erase the guilt. it did not work. i shall be writing a letter to john green asking him to fix this.

i have to finish redoing thirty six chinese lessons by august 12th and i cry some more. i am on lesson five.

As compared to the vastly superior comment by Dum Cheese.

Life is ok.

Thanks everyone who commented about their life, and today your question is

What is your favorite time of day (noon, afternoon,evening, midnight, morning, etc.) and why?

Comment it!

And now it is time for Image result for literally

Image result for my

Image result for life cereal

Life is practically the same as last week, but some things stand out.

I am nearly all the way packed for camp, so it has been the source of tons of excitement (and nervousness) recently.

Also an update on The Office, I was watching it in a room with the door open and my little brother could’ve heard it, so my office privileges have been taken until I run 30 minutes on the treadmill. So finally a real incentive, I’m going to try to run it later today!

Finally I have a haircut today and usually right before a haircut I realize that I don’t really need one, but this time I need my hair thinned out and cut a little bit, so cool beans.

This has been another screening of Literally. My. Life!

If you made it down here to the bottom of the  LML, prove it with the comment #LML!

So if you need any advice, crazy experiments, more knowledge, or just a daily dose of dumbness, comment your questions or concerns down below!

So before I go I want to share some awesomeness in the form of my favorite YouTuber creators Rhett and Link.

Image result for rhett and link

They keep creating new creative content in the form of Good Mythical Morning, Rhett and Link’s Buddy System, and their new channel This is Mythical.


Specifically this GMM is just one of the best new ones yet. It is great to see my two favorite Internetainers still going strong.

Also I am so excited for their new book and book tour, if you want to help me and other Nashvillians get Rhett and Link to stop by on the road, please just take 2 seconds to sign this petition.

So I think that’s all for this LAY, the last one is right here for your reading satisfaction.

Also as a treat for those of you still reading these increasingly long LAY, my next post is Tuesday and it will be WONDERful,  and then you have another post Thursday that might very well be DEFINING in your life. So look forward to those!

Like I sometimes mutter under my breath as the Disney World lines fill up 4 days after The Arrival:

What a lazily written book.



Post That Will Stand Out to The Scores of Other Posts

Take a moment if you will to imagine this.

Everything that has ever happened to you, your parents, their parents, and so on, has culminated in you reading this right now.

Every choice that you have made, everyone you’ve ever interacted with, anything that has ever impacted you in any way has lead to this singular moment.

*breaks away from philosophical personality*

So make sure that all of that wasn’t for nothing! Leave your mark now to show that all of those lives didn’t go to waste! If it all amounts to you reading this post, then make sure that it mattered! 




Leave a like and share with your friends to give your life’s journey to this point meaning.



AMAZING ITEMS!!? **DIY Edition**

Hello, and welcome to BlonDIY, the DIY channel dedicated to finding amazing items that already exist and making a post about it myself, hence the DIY part.


First up, we have an item that could possible be the cure of all illnesses. A bubble wrap calendar.

Bubble Wrap Calendar 2017

Pros: Imagine for me a bad day, a flunked test, a burnt dinner, a stubbed toe. You fall right into bed and toss and turn all night before waking up at the crack of dawn for a job interview you know you’ll fail. but as you walk out of your bedroom, you notice your bubble wrap calendar. As you pop the bubble for the date, all your troubles melt away.

Cons: I would probably get so overjoyed and pop the entire month/year/millennia.

It is a simple but ingenious tool. Kind of like a chair or a reversible tie.

It is $10.99 here, and in my eyes well worth it.


The second item is something everyone needs, except for the regular people who finish a bag of chips instantly because there is mostly air in those bags.

Introducing the chip bag resealer!

Pros: If you are a psychopath without even a gram of an appetite, this product is perfect for you. Or more practically if you have eaten several bags and have very poorly misjudged your chip fullness level, this can be useful. Also if you bought a huge bag of chips and only ate some

Cons: From what I see, you need to refill the tape used to seal it, so that might be an inconvenience.

A 2-pack is $12.57 and it might be worth it for parties or just after a big lunch.


Now we have woken up, popped our calendar, had a great lunch and saved our leftover chips for the bus ride home.

But now we are in 4th period, and we need to write our notes because writing notes have more retention than typing notes. That is a fact and we recognize it because it helps us prosper. But we need a pencil.

Without further ado, the giant pencil!

Really Big Pencils (15") - Colors may Vary

The pencil only wears down with time, and it makes sense to start with a huge pencil and over the course of the year whittle it down to what puny humans call a ‘regular’ pencil.

Pros: This pencil is so amazing, and nothing really adds to this.

Cons: N/A

Personally I believe this pencil is so amazing that I would pay any price, but they are leaving money on the table big time as 1 is only $5.67 here. So I would recommend scalping and selling on ebay ASAP.

And guess what, you can scalp yourself and do your own DIY project!

That is all for the BlonDIY BlonDAY but I hope you enjoyed if you do please like, if we could pass 1 like that would be AMAZING, and until next time I hope you liked this post and I’ll see you in the next episode.

As I ‘DIY’ every time I write a post:

*insert outro crappy Creative Commons dubstep here*


An Adventure On a School Day


Today we have an adventure that happened to me today.

Because of a boring day of testing, I qualified to go to a boring day of listening to speeches.

So today I woke up only a half hour later than I would for school, but it felt like an hour. As a result of this I actually still got downstairs ready to go the same time I normally would.

But today was no school day. Today was an AWARDS day! I went to a college campus at sat in a room of extremely smart 7th graders. We heard some very long speeches including one with an interesting Grilled Cheese analogy. But the messages were actually pretty cool, and the main dude (who my dad knows) bore a striking resemblance to Bill Nye.

When they got to the L last names (keep in mind I’m a W and near the back) I had to go to the bathroom. By the time Peterson’s were being called, I was in a panic. But then I regained composure and walked on stage. After a few pictures were taken with my best kill-me-now smile, I proceeded down to my seat to wait out the ceremony.


Bill Nye made that clever joke before he handed out, get this, another round of medallions that came prepackaged with a handshake and a smile, as well as standing on stage for eternity. My bladder was at it’s limits! I got pretty worried, but luckily I escaped unharmed. Here are a few names that stuck out to me from the ceremony.

Lane Boide

They say stay in your LAAAAAANE BOOOIDE

Dame Daniel

Image result for back at it again with the white vans

And finally somebody named Luca (i forget his last name) who unfortunately misjudged the business casual attire and came dressed in full President Josiah Bartlet cosplay, complete with hair and spectacles to match. Go you Luca!

Wait…could this be the Luca from my book? 

Who knows…

So after that me and my parents got lunch, and I came back to the house to do my school work.

lol yeah right I took a nap.

After that I actually got some supplies for my school project, and then we decided to go to a movie.

Image result for guardians of the galaxy vol 2

*NOTE* I am about to go to Guardians of the Galaxy right now, as soon as this note ends we will be in a time where I have seen the movie. I have high hopes for it, but I’m trying to squash them so I can enjoy the movie to its fullest. But I have already seen the movie. But not yet. Confusing, I know*

Okay, back to the present where I have seen Guardians 2.

It was great, maybe not as good as the first. I’ll not go in to depth here because I’m tired and I need to get this post up.

But if you want, I can do a review :D.

That’s it for my out of school adventure, and like I say:




As the title suggests, I don’t know what to do. I was thinking of making a cooking vid but then I thought I would save the recipe for when Riley and I do a cooking collab possibly.

So my March books are going well, and I’ve got to hurry up to fit in the deadline. Reviews for the books will come soon, so if you are thinking about reading them, hopefully that will help.

And now an interview with my little brother.

Q: What is your favorite type of coin?

A: Quarters. Well, pennies and dimes and stuff, they’re small, they don’t have a lot of value. And, um there are half dollars and others.. but they’re hard to find and you wouldn’t find a place to use them.

Q: If you could create one Pokemon, what would it be named and what would its moves/type be?

Well, its type would be dragon and fire, its name would be Tyrangue and um its moves would be Dual Chop, Dragon Breath, Flamethrower, and Overheat.

Q: If you could have any other name, what would it be and why?

I would be Adam because well Adam is just a cool name. It’s short, its not that special, but you also don’t see it all the time.

Q: What is your biggest regret in life?

Um, well *waits for 45 seconds* I don’t know.

And that is Eliot Watson, my co-host in the Nerd and His Brother whenever we get that done!

Let’s see….

I’ve got a boring homework packet just like Victoria and Riley.

OH! I have started guitar and Riley already posted about that you can check that out here.

Like for run on sentences!

And since Riley didn’t do a Dictionary Taboo, I will.

Dictionary Taboo:

Something some people can’t eat it, but makes delicious food like ice cream.


Also let me know if that was too easy or too difficult.


I’ll see you guys later and as I always say:

Did you hear Willie Nelson got run over by a car?