John Early

So. Next year I am going to be changing schools to a new one called John Early. I’m leaving Litton with Jamie and Isaac, and Maz will be joining us in 8th grade. I’m saying bye to Mitchell, Harry, French, and many others, but it is for the best! Cause it leads into one of the best high schools in the state.

I’m sad bout leaving some of my friends, but theres always texting and Sip.

This post has been brought to you by Riley’s Life.

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Announcements for Student Council AKA Failure

This morning, it was time. I had cheated it long enough. I finally accepted the fact that I would have to do the school announcements for the dance. So me and Jamie (Jamesblonde123), went up to the office with the script that the SC president gave us. We did the pledge of allegiance and the student behavior pledge of boringness, and then we started our advertisement.

Here’s how it went..

Jamie: Hey Riley, guess what?

Riley: What?

Jamie: The Let it Snow dance!

Riley: Oh ya! (muffled laughter echoed around the whole school) It’s February 5th, 4:30 to 6:30.

Riley: (Laughing while Jamie does his line)

Jamie: Awesome! That’s next (giggle) Friday! Don’t forget the admission (laughs out loud) is 2$!

(Mr. Davis <Awesome Vice Principal> laughs because were laughing)

Riley: See you later!

Jamie: Bye!

Now that’s what happened in the morning. And ive been pegged down to do it again right now since its afternoon..

BTW I’m typing this while taking a Social Studies class and talking to OY30. #AmazballsMultitasker


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Protected: I Had A Cool Dream! Or Maybe It Was A Weird Dream…

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Dont Forget My Rule…

Jamie has posted but StookyLukey and ftfhero haven’t yet. So ftfhero and StookyLukey need to post within two days or…  😦  you’ll get kicked out… :O

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My Case File!

I am making a Case File!!!! Not an Expanded Universe Case File, but a Case File about ME AND MY FRIENDS!! Don’t know about how it’s going to be interesting… but we have finger puppets. I will never be able to print it… so i’ll get all my friends to print it once, then i’ll print it a the store.

P.S My finger Puppet is Captain Rex!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

P.P.S I know how Tom gets the doodles in!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Total Drama: Rileys Backpack Style: Episode 16

“Hello, i’m Rory and today, we’ll be do confessions on who think should have won”

Maxy: I think it’s good that Remi won.

Ally: Yeah, I wonder what she’ll do with the money?

Sam: I’m glad that Remi won.

Tom: Me too.

Ell: Me too.

Everyone but Jordan and Kory: Me too!

Jordan: Kory should have won.

Kory: Jordan is right!

“Alrighty, that was Season One! Check back next week for the very beginning of Season Two! New cast, new location and hopefully MORE BUDGET!!!!!!”


Seriously though Cheeses, check back in a week for a completely new Season! I JUST HAD AN IDEA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Jamie, if you are reading this, you are in charge of coming up with the names and personalities of the new cast!!!!!!!!!!