How Do You Sort Me?

​In my spare time, which is much since I don’t have many events planned ever, I ‘ve been thinking about how Rileys Backpack would sort into someone’s categories.

Are we gaming? Writing? Comedy? Tutorial? Life? Tellllllllllllll me. Right now.

I’m waiting..


Adventure To Fate! Battle Arena E3: Feelin’ Fruity


 SNEAKY PEAKY TIME I’ll make more Cheese comics soon 😀

But anyways, today I’m making the third episode of this game, and by now we’re in round 20 of the first arena! Banana Man! Is on his way to victory! 

We’re up against two Fruit Bats!

*realizes he forgot to heal last time*

Oh well, let’s try to win this! I activate stealth, giving me another turn, I then stab the first bat twice. The first bat then tries to leech my health but misses, and the second bat attacks, doing 13 damage. I’m down to 30 HP! I stab the first bat twice more, and he dies, then I cast Blind on the second bat so he has a small chance of hitting me. He tries to attack but misses I stab three more times, nearly killing him. He attacks, dealing 9 damage, and I stab him once more, finishing him.

After that I HEALED. And I drank like 9 light healing potions to do it. I also considered buying a Vine Wrapped Dagger, but it only deals up to 5 damage, which is pathetic compared to STAB. I wander around the room, and see a treasure chest, so I look inside. But there’s just a little description of it, and I find out it cost 200 fate gems. I only have 48 ;-;

But yea I’m bored of this game for the day soooo YEAA. See you all in the next post!


Clash of Clans War – Polar Cheese VS greek saplia

​Hallo. I am the great cheese from the next universe, and you, my lucky person, are the recipitant of the cosmic history, as told by ME.

Yea I wish. Instead, were going to look at my clan’s, Polar Cheese’s, last war! Now I know you are incredibly hyped to read all about this, but on this blogging platform, it’s write filler sentences, or write famous poetry. And I don’t feel like being a poet today.

In case you didn’t know, I got a new phone, and I put my mini account from my computer on it. GrilledCheese!!

I did this because my computer is dead and it might cost more to fix than to get a new one. Anyways.
I had both accounts in war so I had 4 attacks. 

First up, on DumCheese, I attacked #4 with GoWiPe and three starred.

Next, I attacked 10 on Grilled but was only able to get two stars 😥
Luckily I have loads of other people willing to clean-up my mess. The war was really close for a while. For every three star we got, they were able to match it. But then.. O no…. Here comes…. THE MIND GAME!!

To scare our opponents, four of us attacked at the same time and we all three starred, taking the score from 13 to 25. 

They attacked some more and got to 21, but Tiny Toby (our 6) went after 3 and got a two star on it, which was awesome! Great job Toby!!

Best Attack: Tiny Toby (6) against 3 [55% Two Star]

Worst Attack: McTc (5) against 7 [45% One Star]

Closest Attack: awesomalex20 (1) against 1 [91% One Star]

Final Score, 27-21 we win!!

Welp there’s the end of this post! Make sure to like and follow and crap… Have a nice day!!
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Please 😀


Adventure To Fate! Battle Arena E2: Spidahs!!

​Hey there fellow human beings, today we’ll be doing our second episode of Adventure To Fate! Battle Arena.


Let it begin.
I’m up against a tiny spider and a giant spider!

I activate Stealth, giving me another turn, then I Stab the giant spider twice! Giant spider then summoned another Tiny Spider, they then continued to deal 50 damage to me ;-;. I stab the giant spider three times, and he dodges the third hit. They deal 70 damage to me putting me at 20 health :OOO I stab the giant spider 3 more times, killing him! The tiny spiders deal 15 to me leaving me at 5 health :OOOOO, I then stab them twice eliminating them.

I get a spider fang sword WOOT 😀 I equip it and head into our next battle!

I’m up against, two fruit bats! O no..

I then realize I forgot to heal in between battles..

I activate Stealth, then drink both potions! They slap at me dealing nine damage apiece! I stab the first one thrice, killing him! The second one slap me again. Heh. In the next turn I murrrrrder them both with stab!!

Well that’s the episode.. Have a nice day

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How To: Increase Your Audience

Hello, im a piece of cheese and YOU’RE reading my post about how to increase your blog’s audience. 
1. Blog about a large range of subjects, but keep it balanced well. It makes sense that gaming bloggers and writing bloggers will have different people reading them right? So if you post about gaming and writing at the same time it’s logical to say that if you can find a way to write about lots of different things then you can greatly expand your amount of readers.

Hmm, do you know any blogger who posts about loads of subjects? Maybe they vary between gaming, his life, writing, and how-to’s? Yea not ringing a bell for me either..

2. The more people you follow, the more follow you people!! Wait what? But seriously, a good way to bring in new people is to explore the blogosphere! Look around your favorite topics for other blogs that talk about the same things you do. Thats how I found a load of you people!!

3. Post often and with quality! If you dont post at least once every two days, then your fans will lose interest! Causing them to unfollow (*^o^*)
Well that concludes our second official How-To post.. I hope you liked it. If not, i’ve got another Adventure To Fate! Battle Arena episode in production stages!

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Clash Of Clans (a review)

Clash of Clans. If you don’t know it, get out from under that rock. Today I discuss my thoughts on the game and recent updates to it.

When I first started playing Clash of Clans in the fall of 2015, there was only Town Hall 10. By the time I was a decent Town Hall 7, Town Hall 11 was released, with the Grand Warden. At that time, I was obsessed with Clash of Clans. But In recent updates, Clash has taken a turn for the worst.

Supercell made a major update about a month after Town Hall 11. The Grand Warden became less powerful,  attacks had less time, Air Defenses had bad aesthetics, and Valkyries were overpowered. This was around when Clash Royale was released, but that’s another post. At this time, Clash of Clans lost a lot of players/YouTubers. In my opinion, a real low point for Clash of Clans.

Supercell released a new update that balanced troops and made troops like dragons and spells take half as long to train. I feel like Clash of Clans is just trying to please more people by making things easier. But the game is going stale.


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The Simpsons: Tapped Out Stonecutters Update

In The Simpsons: Tapped Out they added a Stonecutters Update! You get the kids of Springfield to drink a super extra cold Squishee so you can brainwash them to rule the world! You have to collect the emblems of the place! Homer also isn’t The Chosen One anymore because Number One tricked him out of it with a purple crayon.


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