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Back To School Soccer Match

School is like that one friend who is there when you wanna be alone, and is busy when you are lonely.

Bryan and Mia were here today, so we were able to do a 3v3 soccer match. Bryan used to play a lot of soccer, but he stopped for like a year and we were pretty evenly matched. For the first match, we did boys vs girls, and we beat Katie, Saoirse, and Mia with like 6 points more than them, but for the second match we made things more even. It was Brendan, Mia, and me, VS Bryan, Katie, and Saoirse. I scored 2 points and so did they, and it was getting pretty late so we decided that the next point would finish it. I nearly scored, but Mia got bored and left, so I wasn’t able to pass, so I had to shoot from a weird angle. Katie (goalie) picked it up and threw it all the way into our goal 😵

Also, my brother has made more songs on the cloud of sound, and my sister made one that you should totally make a 10 hour loop of and blast your headphones with it while you sleep.

I haven’t seen any entrees yet ;-; 

P.S.I tried to post this earlier this morning and I even got a notification that said it posted.


Adventure To Fate! Battle Arena E3: Feelin’ Fruity


 SNEAKY PEAKY TIME I’ll make more Cheese comics soon 😀

But anyways, today I’m making the third episode of this game, and by now we’re in round 20 of the first arena! Banana Man! Is on his way to victory! 

We’re up against two Fruit Bats!

*realizes he forgot to heal last time*

Oh well, let’s try to win this! I activate stealth, giving me another turn, I then stab the first bat twice. The first bat then tries to leech my health but misses, and the second bat attacks, doing 13 damage. I’m down to 30 HP! I stab the first bat twice more, and he dies, then I cast Blind on the second bat so he has a small chance of hitting me. He tries to attack but misses I stab three more times, nearly killing him. He attacks, dealing 9 damage, and I stab him once more, finishing him.

After that I HEALED. And I drank like 9 light healing potions to do it. I also considered buying a Vine Wrapped Dagger, but it only deals up to 5 damage, which is pathetic compared to STAB. I wander around the room, and see a treasure chest, so I look inside. But there’s just a little description of it, and I find out it cost 200 fate gems. I only have 48 ;-;

But yea I’m bored of this game for the day soooo YEAA. See you all in the next post!

Pokémon Go and Staying Safe!!

​Hello there, i’m Riley and you’re a human. Or are you? (⊙_⊙)

Anyways i’m here today to give you a guideline to know when and when not to “Go” outta the house.

Haha get it yknow because its Pokémon GO.


But anyways i’ve been playing a lot of this game lately. And well, if it’s available in your country and you have an internet connection, you’ve probably heard about it too. 

For those of you who don’t know, Pokémon Go is a new mobile game made by Niantic featuring all your favorite Pokémon from ye olden days. Only now they are all over your world :O :O

Your goal? Conquer the gyms, gather items, and most importantly, enslave small creatures and force them to fight eachother in controlled battles!!

But yea, the thing about this game is that to capture your animals, you actually have to leave the house and walk around your city or town. Now this may not seem safe, so its reccomended that if you’re a parent to stay with your kids while they are exploring the world around them.

Another worry is how hot it is in some parts of the world. But remember Riley’s rule of temprature.

Over 85, play the Hive (MC server)

Yea so.

Watch out.

The heat..

Its coming for you!!

And don’t forget the possibility of walking into a busy road while being caught up in the game! Always be safe my cheeses!!!!

If you are interested in knowing, I am a Level 6 trainer, and so far on my Pokémon journey have caught 43. I have walked a total of 6.85 miles in the last 5 days while playing this game, and my best Pokémon is my Pidgeotto who has CP 178, HP 42.

If ya liked the post then tell me so in the comments!! If you didn’t do the same thing only suggest something else to write about!

TH 9

I know I already made a Clash of Clans post today, but I just wanted you to know I got to Masters League with that barracks boost, I got my thousand gems, I gemmed my TH 9 upgrade, and am now in Gold 2 farming to get the Archer Queen. So if you care, there’s an update on my Clash of clans life.

Quest for Masters League!

So yea it’s me again. I mean who else would be here. Maybe Maz or James. But yea it’s me.


Couple days ago I decided to push for masters league, and let me tell you, Crystal 1 is agonizing. I’ve been in 2500-2580 for the last 2 days trying to push myself out of this league of farming TH 9s and 10s. There are barely any TH 8s up here, but every once and a while I find one and destroy it utterly. Oh, in my base news, I’m pretty much maxed TH 8 and I’m upgrading to TH 9. But I boosted my barracks while writing this post and so everyone couple minutes I’ll get interrupted by, Your Troops Are Ready For Battle!!

So, I’m using GoWiPe, and I’m wondering if anyone knows a better attack to boost me past max TH 9s. So yea, I’ll leave this post at that.

Fasting and Trivial Pursuit

Today I decided to fast (not eat). And ya wanna know why? No reason, I just wanna see what it’s like without food for a day. But I woke up this morning and my brother and sister were eating cocoa rice stuff, and they were like, 

Ahhhhh this is sooooooo good! 

So everyone is against me. 

In other news, yesterday my neighbor Katie came over and me and her and Brendan and Saoirse played trivial pursuit on the Xbox. Guess who won 2/3 rounds? That’s right, RILEY 😀

I got lucky on a question where you had to select all the members of the Justice League,so that gave me an extra couple thousand.

If you dont like theses quick posts that I write about MYYYY life, you can always check out my longer ones where I write about other things. Like my Star Wars Parody. Or if ya like books I redirect you to my Review of The War That Saved My Life.

But yea, just in case you don’t like short posts, your happy now. 


The Advantages of Video Games — Part 2

I’m back again to talk to you about video games, and the pros and cons of playing Strategy and Dancing games! Last time we talked about Fighting and Puzzle, so if you want to get to Part One, Click Here. If not the keep reading..

So first off, Strategy games, such as Clash of Clans, Civilization, and of course, the Bloons Tower Defense series! Strategy-type games are one of the biggest staples in gaming, with Clash of Clans having over twenty million players, and Civilization V once being the 3rd most played game on Steam. But what makes these games tick? There’s always one thing that connects them all. Economy. I know you were probably expecting something like cartoon-styled violence, but no, it’s actually the power of being able to control your own Economy that snags people most of the time. Who wouldn’t want to build thier own city? Who doesn’t want to match their amazing empire against others, to see who has the best, or the most of something. One of the great things about strategy games is that they are almost always multiplayer compatible, meaning you can play with your friends, great right? Sometime’s its not great.

The biggest PROBLEM in Strategy games is the all-too-real threat of addiction, and then (such as in Clash of Clans’s Gems), in-app purchases. That’s why you need to watch out for kids playing these games, because if they are playing on your phone connected to your Credit Card account, they could take out some serious cash, just to get some in-game items. For example, two kids in Canada bought 3000$ worth of gems with their mother’s card number.

Next up, Dancing Games!

Who hates to dance?

Nerd Me: I do! I do!

Shut up you..

Anyways, dancing games are one of the few genres that can literally have no negative dangers, or things to watch out for. Unless you put in your credit card number into your Wii, (and who on Earth is doing that), there’s ZERO chance your kids will buy anything. Dancing games are a great way to stay fit, and games like Just Dance also encourage you to learn the words to the songs. I’m pretty sure that’s going to help annoy people while riding in the car with the radio on. But other than possibly passing out from dancing exhaustion.

So that’s that for this post, next up, Shooters and RPGs.

The Advantages of Video Games — Part 1

Today I’m here to talk about video games, their influence, and how they can develop your brain!

To  most, video games are viewed as a waste of time, but I am here to tell you otherwise. I’ll review every genre of games and how they can influence and help your mind. To start off, let’s go with the infamous fighting games, such as Mortal Kombat, Street Fighter, and many, many more.

Some of the good things about fighting games, are that they are the way to get into other games. When coding, fighting games are some of the easiest things to do, (aside from extra features) and can help the creator figure out how they can make things happen. For gamers, fighting games induce adrenaline, make the players excited. Playing multiplayer fighting games with your siblings , friends, or even people around the world, helps to strengthen your reactions and can also create bonds.

Some of the bad things are that these games are almost always violent, and contain adult circumstances if you don’t watch out what games they are playing.

Next up on the table: Puzzle Games

Like 2048, Wordbubbles, and Flow, puzzle games are one of the major pillars of mobile gaming today. They have massive advantages, and only one thing can go wrong while playing puzzle games. When playing these, the difficulty will get harder and harder as you go on, inspiring neural reactions that can help your brain’s with problem solving in the real world. The literal only bad thing that comes with a puzzle game is the risk of addiction, which is a real and serious problem for kids who play games around the world.

I’ll continue this post on how video games can help you next week. Until then,