Nothing to Post About

Nothing to post about

riddled with pointless doubts

so ill make poems that are deep

While my green tea begins to steep

This poem is supposed to be serious

I always feel delirious

I’m watching YouTube shows

I never get to hang out with my bros

I’m always so sad

While I watch ads for glad.

Disappointment is regular

Too lazy to find a rhyme for regular

Tag this post, make a sequel

Get enough views to make sub-par prequels.


The Denny’s Tumblr

Hello there you people, today I decided to share these images with you because they made me laugh so I thought they might make you laugh.

Language Warning Ahead!





It’s really random stuff lol

You can see the blog here.



Dum Cheese Exclusive Interview Script

Not dumcheese, but Dum Cheese, the yellow guy himself!

Now, things may get a bit confusing since dumcheese is interviewing Dum Cheese, so for sensical reasons, Dum’s speech will be bolded, and questions are in italics.

dumcheese: So, you’ve agreed to sit down and answer some of your greatest fans, friends, and enemies questions.

Dum Cheese: yea cool

dumcheese: The first question we have today is from an anonymous banana.
Why do you get all the fame and fortune? I’ve been your friend ever since we served in the Jello war of 98. And you never even acknowledge that I exist! I’m sick of it! SICK OF IT. I, the leader of ‘Fruit Against Cheese’, will crush you, and have you back where you belong, in a sandwich.

dumcheese: Well that was only supposed to be one sentence, but that’s what you get when you have a live show, am I right?


dumcheese: hmmph

Dum Cheese: i really liked that guy. someone print of a copy of my signature and mail it to him…

dumcheese: Sir, please use proper grammar, we are on the INTERNET, a place where you can ruin your life by misplacing a comma.

Dum Cheese: ok. But let’s take a break and eat dumcheese.


Dum Cheese: yea yea yea, thanks for wathing. wut do you mean the lens cap was on the whole tyme.

The following program was found buried in old manuscripts of rejected post ideas.


P. S. I’ve got my mojo back everybody 😀

P. P. S. Somehow, my views went UP in average when I missed 2 days in a row. Go figure.


Teeth Mishap

​So last night, it was like 9:30 and time to go to bed. But my brother literally fell asleep at 8:15, and he was out cold. We needed to move him from where he was sleeping, the couch, onto his bed. But alas, the great obstacle before bed, brushing your teeth. So my brother walks into the bathroom, and Paul already has his toothbrush ready with toothpaste and everything. Brendan was like 90% asleep, so he first just tried walking to the couch. When Paul stopped him and told him to brush his teeth, he grabbed the bristle part with his hand, and rubbed the handle against his face. He then proceeded to try and put the toothbrush back into the container, smudged toothpaste and all. When he finally finished, he was a bit more awake, but he just walked back to the couch xD.

Sponsered by Colgate

I wish


How To: Make a How To Post

Hello there, you are a reader, and I am finding out that an intro everyday that starts with Hello blah blah blah… But today I’m here to tell you how to how to!

Step 1: Come up with a concept! Like this one! Only not this one! ITS MINE!

Step 2: Write the Steps! Like these ones! Only not like these ones! THEIR MINE!

Step 3: Make sure to add an excerpt at the end to explain your crazy antics.

Thanks for reading, and yes, I feel your hate, but this post was a joke :D. There will be another one that’s not so weird later today. But remember, I won’t be able to keep up with this everyday schedule for a while because I only have 2 Gigabytes of data on my cellphone.

Continuation of Step 3: Like that one! Only not like that one! THAT ONE IS MINE!


Attack on Lizard

A lizard got into our house, and for the last couple days we have been trying to flush him out of wherever he is hiding. And we did.

My step-dad, Paul yells up the stairs, “Kids!!”. We run down and we find him staring intently at the bathroom door.

“I just saw him run under the door, someone get a container.” I run and grab a plastic box. By the time I get back, he has the door open and an art canvas and three towels pressed against the bottom of the door frame, preventing it from escaping.  He tells me to get him the cane so he doesn’t have to actually walk in. (Did I mention he is afraid of lizards?). I got and get the cane, while on the way telling my mom of the situation and how nervous Paul is. She comes down to join us, I gave him the cane, and he slowly starts poking all the bags in the room to make sure he isn’t in there. My mom offers to do it for him. He denies. So he has removed most of the stuff from the bathroom Via Cane by now. And he stretches in to push the shower curtain, it scurries around the bathtub and he is startled, and so was everyone else. Did I mention we are all crowding around the doorframe trying to get a better look? Anyways, he gets the container and throws it at the lizard, just barely catching him under the walls. (The lizard is about 5 inches long). We get him and bring him outside to set him free in the forest beside our house, while at the same time holding Obi so he doesn’t chase after him and eat it.

Then we go inside, and remove our walls of defense *canvas and towels*.

Well that’s it. It sounds kind of boring now that I type it, but I promise it was a lot funnier and lively when it was happening. At least you have the beautiful picture I drew of the lizard.


XD Spam

This one guy left a spam comment and it looked like he literally copied the spam interface onto my post. Yknow the way all spam is the same but slightly different? This guy couldn’t decide what words to say, so he just pasted all of them!

Heres an excerpt:

[Howdy, Hello, Hi, Yello] there, I am here to [tell, inform, help] you [understand, about] our new [app, game, website].

Heres another one:

I was looking on your [site, post, blog, website] and I couldn’t find the [rss, rssfeed, rss feed]. If you could [provide, give, tell me] where it is, then I would make sure to [snatch, grab, take hold of, steal, subscribe, share] your [website, blog, site].

I laughed so hard because this guy literally filled up 5,000 words space in a comment with a failed attempt at spam, XD


Dum Cheese and Friends · Everything Awesome · Pictures

Dum Cheese Picture


To celebrate bringing back the blog 😀


It’s Still Funny


No matter how many times you see this, it will always be funny.