Restorative Circles Rant

Hello you fruits, today I’ll tell you about horrible restorative circles at my school.

But before that, i’ll tell you that the first new Food World will be out on the 16th, which is next Monday.

Ever since the new vice-principal came to our school, we’ve been having to do this thing called Restorative Circles, where the whole class sits or stands in a circle, and we waste 30-45 minutes of what is supposed to be learning. We pass around a talking toy/stick/whatever, and only the person holding it is allowed talk. They then ask us questions about how we feel about school, and what we did over the weekend or something.

It literally feels like we’re being put back to elementary school for a morning meeting,


Half an hour to Forty-five minutes is spent doing things that don’t relate at all to what we’re supposed to be learning in school. The school implemented it thinking that they could make it a better community where everyone is friendly and nice, which is a good idea, if they weren’t taking so much away from the actual point of school, which is learning..

Rant over.




Series Rebirths

Hello you Geoff’s, today I’ll be giving you the real results of the vote on which series to bring back, along with a reminder of how they work.

And the winner is………..







Free Lunch and Food World!!

It was a hard fought fight between these two and Differences Between Superheroes, but they win because I picked them of the three that were tied.

In case you forgot how these two work, here’s a brief summary.

For Free Lunch, I get either my phone or my laptop every Friday and write for five minutes straight without stopping. Usually ends up being a synopsis of how the past few days have gone for me.

With Food World, I make a comic every Monday (with slight delays sometimes) about the world in which Dum Cheese, Banana Man, War Potato, and all your other favorite food people from Second-Grade Riley.


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Happy 2017 Everybody! Plus 299 Followers!


For the record, we are actually only at 299 followers, so i’m not sure why Jamie put out that post saying we were at 300 lol.

But for the amazing milestone of 299, I’ve noticed something amazing. Today, go and check your computer to see what the date is. It will say 1/1/17, in meaning how 1+1+17*15.7368421053=299. Isn’t that a crazy coincidence, that OUR blog is at 299 followers, and that simple math sentence of the date equals 299?

Heheh, horrible jokes aside, thanks for bringing me this far guys.

Alas, it’s time for a poll!

For the New Year, i’m reviving two series! And you guys get to vote on which ones are resurrected from the grave :D. You get three votes apiece because WordPress wouldn’t let me give you two..

Whichever two series have the most votes in three days get to come back for weekly or biweekly posting!

Thanks for reading to the bottom and don’t forget to vote ;D



Food World

Food World #10

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Food World #9

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Food World

Food World #8

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Food World 7#

This post was inspired by me finishing Stranger Things ;-;

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How To: Take A Picture Of Your Art

​Hello there ya air-breathing freaks, today I’m here to help you find the perfect way to photograph your drawings/origami/other??

STEP 1: Have your art ready to go! You have made it right? Right?

STEP 2: Contrasting Color Time! If your drawings background is white, have some black construction paper around it. Or if your R2-D2 finger puppet is primarily blue, add a red background behind it for the picture. You want your piece to stand out.

STEP 3: Find a place with good lighting. No one wants to barely be able to see something on their screen, or have some stray light messing up the picture. Depending on what your taking the picture of, sometimes, inside with the lights on is best, and sometimes, outside in the shade is best. It all depends.

STEP 4: Take a few pictures. One might get screwed up, so take a couple of pictures, maybe some close-up, or maybe long-shots? 

I always take like 10 pictures of my Food World comics, and pick out the one I think is best 😀

STEP 5: Upload em 😀. Easiest step in the book.

Welp thanks for reading buddies, if you enjoyed, I encourage you to leave a like, and especially a comment, cause having an interactive community is coolio!!


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Food World #6

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Schedule Changes

Hello there merfolk, today i’m going to be telling you ALL ABOUT the new schedule changes coming to this marvelous place we call Rileys Backpack. I’ve decided to be a bit more organized, so as you have probably deducted, i’m making a scheduleish thing. Which you can see in more detail, HERE!

But i’ll be going over it briefly here, so you can just read on if your not the type of person to enjoy details. I know I haven’t been posting Food World for a while, so i’m going back into that, and it’ll get posted every Monday, giving me time to come up with a punchline that’s not crap, and giving you time to enjoy everything else. Tuesday has no definite posts on it, so expect either Pokemon Go, Clash of Clans, or some other game. On Wednesday, you get your scheduled LOTE Update for the week. There may be other posts about LOTE in the week, though that is the only one for sure. On Thursday, I have nothing PLANNED, but James Blonde does, with Wild Card Thursdays. And once you get to Friday, we have Free Lunch. On the weekends I may or may not post 😀

And that’s pretty much it. Thanks for reading 😀