One Lovely Blog Award

Hey there you completely and totally normally inconspicuous dogs with shifty eyes. Today I’ve been nominated for the One Lovely Blog award by my diariesofascatterbrain, who’s website you can find here. Thanks dude 😀

Here’s the rules:

1. Thank the blogger who nominated you and leave a link to their blog

2. Post about the award

3. Share 7 facts about yourself

4. Nominate a maximum of 15 people

5. Tell your nominees the they’ve been chosen

I’ve already finished the first two, So here’s 7 facts about me.

  1. If you didn’t know, me and Jamie (Jamesblonde1) are producing an album called E-Quality. You’ve already seen Hi-Fi and Advertisement Re-Advisement if you keep up with the blog .
  2. I’m part of my school’s chess club, and I’m not very good, but I’ll continue to try to improve. Today I lost two matches in a row by not thinking about my moves in depth before I made them.
  3. In Encore, (our school’s gifted program), we are making movies, and ours is about a young woman who has aspired to be a detective all her life and ends up in McDonald’s. *-*
  4. I ride the city bus home and I have to cross a busy road everyday. I hated doing this so much that I wrote a soul-crushingly depressing song about it, which me and Jamie unsadified it some so that it’s OK for the album.
  5. This year will be my fourth year blogging! I’m still amazed that I’ve made it this far without and incredibly long times of inactivity. I’m planning something special for the anniversary in July!
  6. I’m unfortunately allergic to cats, which sucks because I really like cats. Because of that, I have my dog, Obi! You’ve probably heard of him by now. If not just go on the website search bar and look up Obi Says Hi!
  7. Once it gets a little warmer in my area, I’m going to start practicing Soccer like crazy again.

I’ve chosen to nominate a load of peeps that I can think of now.










PauseenP  (Don’t forget the poem)


And anyone who reads this post, if you want to participate then do it!

And for Rule #5..

I’ll do it later.

Thanks for reading all the way to the bottom :3



Giant Waterslide

​Hello there ya people, today I went to a really awesome HUGE waterslide (50-60 feet) which was more slip n slide than water slide, but still. It was at my Mom’s friend Roy’s house. Apparently, every year at his birthday, he sets up the huge waterslide and invites all his friends and their kids. Also, one of the adults was on our side >:), so we made a load of water balloons and he took responsibility for any damage done to parents. Kudos to him.  Near the end, all the kids sat in a circle and went down together. I ended up in the grass. It hurt. But it was really fun! Unfortunately I forgot to take any pictures, so here’s a nice dog.

Seeing this dog reminds me of Pauseen’s very sad dog comic *_*


Obi Says Hi

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How To: Make Your Dog Happy

Hello you wonderful bloggers and/or readers. TODAY, I am here to help you appreciate your pets!

Step 1, GET A DOG.. you can’t enjoy your dog if you don’t have a dog!!

Step 2, LEARN TO LOVE… your dog, if you don’t know what your dog likes and doesn’t like then you can’t make him happy!

Step 3, FIND YOUR… dog’s favorite brand o’ food. Usually its wet food, but sometimes it can be other kinds depending on the dog.

Now you have all the tools to make yourself your dogs favorite person!!

Welp that was my very cringy attempt at writing a post without planning it beforehand.


958th Post Spectacular!

That’s right, it’s our dear blogs 958th post!! Since it’s a special occasion, today we will have a special, magical guest here today, it’s my dog Obi! Here to answer any questions you all have about Rileys Backpack!

 Comments will be deftly answered by my dog!

Example: So, Obi, how long do you think Rileys Backpack will last?

Obi: *scratches stomach and growls at iPad* 


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Cartoon Network Games #1: Toxic Targets Part Two!

The second part of me beating the Cartoon Network Game, Toxic Targets! Today, there was an interruption from my sister, my brother, and Obi, who somehow pushed the door open with his paw…

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Pictures of my dog Obi-Wan-Kenobi

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Pictures of my dog Obi!