Doctor Mario is killed by the waffle monsters yet time travel saves him somehow


13th Doctor Season Premiere Snapshot

(By Jennifer)


Favorite TV Shows of ALL TIME!!!!

​Hello my peers, today i’ll be telling you my favorite TV shows EVR. In case you want to know. If not, well here’s a link to something that’s really entertaining. 10 being the least ranked of the favorites, 1 being THE VERY BEST, THE BEST THERES EVER BEEN. (cue pokémon music)

10. Smallville

9. Good Luck, Charlie

8. Doctor Who

7. Teen Titans

6. Beyblade: Metal Fusion, Metal Masters

5. Avatar: The Legend of Korra

4. Codename: Kids Next Door

3. The Simpsons

2. Avatar: The Last Airbender

1. Lost

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Weird Dreams #3: Friendship isn’t Magic

So, in this dream, it was kind of like a mixture of two worlds, and I was there too. The cause of this dream is probably me trying to concentrate on the Harry Potter books, while at the same time my sister watches My Little Pony next to me. Well anyways, lets start.

First thing that happened that I can remember now is a bunch of wizards and ponies were at someone’s funeral. Everyone was super sad and I think it might have been Dumbledore’s. But onward into the dream! After the funeral, Me, Remus Lupin, and all the main ponies from the show, were walking down a street in London, when a giant Karkaroff (Durmstrang Headmaster) appeared in the sky, and proclaimed he was the new president of the world. Right after that, all the ponies ran off, and me and Lupin went to sleep. But when we woke up, we were in America, by a big prison. We immediately knew it was Azkaban, even though it wasn’t. We walked by and everything became blocks like Minecraft, but it seemed like no one noticed, and we kept walking towards the back of the prison. Once we got there, we could see all the windows with bars on them and we could see the prisoners. We looked around for a little bit, and we found Sirius Black. It was then that I realized I was Harry Potter, but It wouldn’t matter anymore. My soul or whatever left that place and went to the ponies, but everything was now in MLP style. They were talking about making a Timelord charm or something and the pink one started teleporting around asking random townspeople if she could have a Timelord charm.

At that point, I woke up and said “Hey! I should write this stuff down!”

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Day Of The Doctor!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I watched Day Of The Doctor Today and it is totally awesome!!


I cant believe… it was so… The four hundred years of calculating thing was cool! And the part where it showed all the Doctors in thier Tardis’s and Tennant and Smith and Ecclston and Pertwee and Baker and Baker (2) and all the other Doctors and now they have to look for Galifrey… STOOKY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Funny Pictures

Punch Him Good!
Punch Him Good!

Captain Rexd70c439d2e9f1143ae55223e71ee831c


Minecraft Pokemon Doctor Who!

Minecraft is awesome. Doctor Who is awesome. Pokemon is awesome. What would happen if we combined the three? Complete pandemonium in the Tardis, that’s what! Soon, I will start working on a Doctor Who Pokemon Minecraft Map! You and your many Pikachu’s (Wolves) Must fight the Daleks and Weeping Angels along with anything else that broke in!

Plot: The Tardis starts to malfunction and lands itself in Viridian Forest! Tons of pokemon come in and mess with the controls. One Pikachu stands before you in a challenging way. Afte you tame him, you see that a Ratatta has broken the controls and somehow created a wormhole. Tons of monsters come crowding in through the portal and they run into the dark corridors of the Tardis. In the map, your job is to get rid of any more pokemon and wipe out the enemies inside your ship.


Free Comic Book Day Pictures

The Eleventh Doctor


It’s Batman!



The Sixteen Year Old’s Name Is Actually


Me And Robert


The Person Who Drew The Doctor


Tons Of Comic Collectors



Origami Tardis!

This is an origami Tardis of my original design. SF_StookyLukey inspired me to do it! The doors open and close revealing the console room.