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Herro love people, Riley has let me be an author on this wonderful site, which, I may add, I am the top commenter on (riseofthechairs, don’t you dare take my position away lol). And since I am an extremely desperate, needy person, I’m going to leave a link for my blog riiiight here. Anyway, since apparently I’m supposed to entertain you fools… What? I’m sorry, did I read that correctly? What did these people ever do for me, why should I do something for them? Simple. Because. I. Want to. Anyway, here’s little story about an average person watching a commercial, versus a person with above average intelligence watching the same commercial.

CommercialHello, are you having a good day? Are you enjoying life?

Average person: Yeah I guess.

Intelligent person: Well, I suppose my day was rather better than usual, I got my paycheck, washed the car, and someone even complimented my hair, but my hair didn’t look particularly good at the time… Perhaps he were making fun of me? Ah well, overall, I’m doing fine

Commercial: “Well, did you know that no one’s life is as good as it could be, unless they have the happy-fier, it’s like a stress ball, but for sadness!”. Clip starts rolling. we walk in on a sad looking man “I-I-I’m  sooo saad…” *covers face, starts crying* a happy-fier pops up in front of him out of no where *Gasps, picks up ball curiously and starts squeezing it slowly* “What is this?” *Squeezing intensifies* “This is amazing! Somehow, I’m not sad anymore! In fact, I’m… Happy!” *Looks at feet, surprised, feet start to smoke* *feet shudder, man blasts off with happiness* Words pop up on screen Buy a happy-fier, It makes you Blast off with happiness! Batteriesnotincluded doesnotcuredeppressionanxiatyorsadnessingeneral sideaffecsmayincludebutarenotlimitedtonauseadizzinessheadachefeveranddeath

Average person: Cool! I’m gonna go out and buy one right now!

Intelligent person: What kind of false advertised rubbish is this? They are purposely targeting naive, weak minded people, and stealing their money! 

I hope you enjoyed my little skit



*None of this is meant to be taken offensively, if you do, well then, Fight me! But seriously, lighten up.

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Halloween Is Soon!!

I’ll have some Halloween origami for you guys, hopefully I can make a pumpkin without failing too bad…

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Dum Cheese Storytime!

Once upon a time, there lived a Dum Cheese in a little village beside The Big Apple.

Cheese Village Storytime Llama

And he didn’t like all the pollution and noise that came from the city, so one day he brought a Protesting sign that told all the city people to stop being jerks to nature.

Cheese Village Storytime Sign

And after the people inside the city didn’t respond after 3 days, the Cheese’s took it to a higher level!


HE BECAME SUPPPER CHEESE! He charged the apple and it exploded into a thousand pieces.

Splody Splody Boom Boom

The end. If you enjoyed like and follow, and look around for more Cheese stories ūüėÄ


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Saoirse’s Random Things #1!

Like, Subscibe, Eat Waffles!


School’s Almost Out!

My school year is almost done and I’m sure everyone will be relieved to have the extra time. But me. Unlike most people, I like school because it’s an eight hour long activity where you can talk to friends and improve your knowledge. This year I had a fantastical teacher who I will never forget. So this is my end-o-the-year article. Also, shout out to that fantastical teacher, Mrs. Johannessen! The awesomely teacher ever! Next year I will actually be going to Middle School! Leave me some advice so I don’t mess up to bad! Now, forget everything else and think how long it took me to write all of this on my kindle. Now, think about how you felt when you were going into the fifth grade. My answer to how I feel is enthusiastic!

See ya later Cheeses,

P.S jamesblonde123 started posting again!


Minecraft Easter Eggs Page

Somebody try an upside down Disco Sheep. Then post it on your blog so I can see it!

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End of Dum Cheese mystery choice on 7/30/13

Tell us what you think Dum Cheeses job could be!
The Deadline is 7/30/13.
(The posts will be archived.)

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Spider Man 6: The return of the Green Goblin again.

Spider man was fighting the Rhino and Shocker at the same time when all of a sudden Rhino jumped fifty feet in the air and clung on to a helicopter. Spider man shot a web toward the Rhino and said ” Hey you can’t leave! I haven’t given out the party favors!” ¬†Shocker threw a lightning bolt at Spider Man and he ran off the building on to a cable line. Spider Man didn’t have time to get Shocker because Rhino had already landed and was plowing threw a city block. Rhino threw a eighteen-wheeler at Spider Man but Spidey thought fast. He webbed it to a building and shot at Rhino. He could see Shocker running for one of the warehouses so he shot a web-net at him. “And that takes care of stat.”

“Well Rhino got away but at least I got Shocky.” explained Spider Man to the police. “What! What do you mean you got the Shocker but let the Rhino get away!?”. “Well sorrrrrrrry but I can’t be everywhere at once.” said Spider Man and at that he swung away gracefully and hit a¬†building.”

The next day all over the news…

Major Prison Brake! Green Goblin and 2 mysterious companions escape                                            from jail with a army of thugs!

¬†¬†“And I thought I could spend my Saturday morning doing something important. Like sleeping.” And with a dash and a change of cloths Spider Man was ready to tackle some green butt.

The first few thugs had guns but Spider Man guessed they had a limited supply because they broke out this morning. With a POW! a BANG! and a WALLOP! ¬†And a bit of help from The Mighty Avengers the entire army was back in jail. Spider Man went after the Green Goblin while he left The Mighty Avengers to clean up. Spidey’s first guess to look was the big abandoned Oz-corp building on main street. He found exactly what he was looking for. A Chocolate Creamed Cake with a Cherry on top! Then he looked in the next room and found the Green Goblin with his not-so-mysterious-companions, Rhino and Shocker. Spidey quickly defeated the-not-so-mysterious-companions with one web.

The Green Goblin attacked Spider Man with some pumpkin grenades but Spidey webbed them against the wall. After 5 movies of fighting the same guy you really get used to it. Spider Man webbed Green Goblin to the wall but he threw a knife at Spider Man that went straight into his side. Spidey webbed all of them with a double lair of webs and left the rest to the police.

Next up in the crazy theater:

The Unincredibles 2