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This post was inspired by me finishing Stranger Things ;-;

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How To: Take A Picture Of Your Art

​Hello there ya air-breathing freaks, today I’m here to help you find the perfect way to photograph your drawings/origami/other??

STEP 1: Have your art ready to go! You have made it right? Right?

STEP 2: Contrasting Color Time! If your drawings background is white, have some black construction paper around it. Or if your R2-D2 finger puppet is primarily blue, add a red background behind it for the picture. You want your piece to stand out.

STEP 3: Find a place with good lighting. No one wants to barely be able to see something on their screen, or have some stray light messing up the picture. Depending on what your taking the picture of, sometimes, inside with the lights on is best, and sometimes, outside in the shade is best. It all depends.

STEP 4: Take a few pictures. One might get screwed up, so take a couple of pictures, maybe some close-up, or maybe long-shots? 

I always take like 10 pictures of my Food World comics, and pick out the one I think is best 😀

STEP 5: Upload em 😀. Easiest step in the book.

Welp thanks for reading buddies, if you enjoyed, I encourage you to leave a like, and especially a comment, cause having an interactive community is coolio!!


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Thanks to Paul Gibbons for making Flowey for me.

Disclaimer: I do not own Flowey or Undertale, they are owned by Toby Fox 😀

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Sorry if its sideways.. my wordpress is being a jerk to me..