Close to 20k Views :D

Hello there you card-carrying diplomats! (Hello there submitted by Jamie)

Yesterday while looking through that stats I noticed that we are getting very close to Twenty Thousand Views!!!

 That’s a lot O.O

In other news, I finally got around to changing the blog’s timezone to the one that matched mine, and it changed the most viewed day! Turns out, on February 8th, we got 368 views!! That’s also a lot.

I watched the final episode of Season 4 in The Walking Dead lasr night and it was unexpected. Terminus DOES NOT equal sanctuary.. 

For 20k views I have a little thing that i’ve been meaning to do for a while for the suprise ūüôā

Hint: R2

Also, I have a question for everybody. Should I keep the old banner on the site that I made in 3rd grade in MS Paint that has Dum Cheese, a poorly made Minecraft grass block, and a comic book that’s really just a red square?

Anyways, that’s going to wrap up this post, I might make another one later today.

Dictionary Taboo:

A thing that’s existance is declined even though it’s real and will kill us all.

Thanks for reading all the way to the bottom of the post :3



Coming Soon To Rileys Backpack…

Let’s list some of the things that are coming soon to Rileys Backpack!

1. The Total Drama: Rileys Backpack Style Season Finale
2. A really cool Dum Cheese thing
3. A new game on my youtube channel
4. In two months it’s the one year anniversary of the blog
5. More Dum Cheese comics

Now let’s talk about them in order. For 1 the Total Drama thing I have going seems to have flew straight passed me and right now I am proud to say that they’re will be a Season Two! Now on to 2. My friend is making me a Dum Cheese thingy where she makes a design then like irons it and it flattens and smoothes. More info on 2 in tomorrows post. Now on to 3, I will now be playing tons of Cartoon Network Games and Mayne some Poptropica! Going on to 4, the one-year anniversary of the blog is in July! Can’t wait to draw a super long post for that! With 5, I will be trying to do more Dum Cheese comics in Paint! That should be fun so stay tuned in to the Backpack for more stuff!

P.S. I wrote this on my kindle too. It took awhile.


Free Comic Book Day Pictures

The Eleventh Doctor


It’s Batman!



The Sixteen Year Old’s Name Is Actually


Me And Robert


The Person Who Drew The Doctor


Tons Of Comic Collectors



Comic Con Was Awesome! Again!

I wasn’t able to post because there was no wifi but i’ll give you a short summary.

First, I walked around and bought a green toy lightsaber.

Next, I went to a poster booth and got a poster of The Doctor and Amy floating in space from Doctor Who.

Then, I bought The New Teen Titans #1.

After that, I left and ate pizza with pepperoni.

Finally, I came back and got The New Teen Titans signed by George Perez! That’s right, George Perez!

So, it was really fun!


Going To Comic-Con Again!

I will be at The Marble City Comic-Con in Knoxville! I will try and tell what I’ll be doing every hour or so if the place has WiFi. It will be tomorrow! YAY!

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Spider Man 6: The return of the Green Goblin again.

Spider man was fighting the Rhino and Shocker at the same time when all of a sudden Rhino jumped fifty feet in the air and clung on to a helicopter. Spider man shot a web toward the Rhino and said ” Hey you can’t leave! I haven’t given out the party favors!” ¬†Shocker threw a lightning bolt at Spider Man and he ran off the building on to a cable line. Spider Man didn’t have time to get Shocker because Rhino had already landed and was plowing threw a city block. Rhino threw a eighteen-wheeler at Spider Man but Spidey thought fast. He webbed it to a building and shot at Rhino. He could see Shocker running for one of the warehouses so he shot a web-net at him. “And that takes care of stat.”

“Well Rhino got away but at least I got Shocky.” explained Spider Man to the police. “What! What do you mean you got the Shocker but let the Rhino get away!?”. “Well sorrrrrrrry but I can’t be everywhere at once.” said Spider Man and at that he swung away gracefully and hit a¬†building.”

The next day all over the news…

Major Prison Brake! Green Goblin and 2 mysterious companions escape                                            from jail with a army of thugs!

¬†¬†“And I thought I could spend my Saturday morning doing something important. Like sleeping.” And with a dash and a change of cloths Spider Man was ready to tackle some green butt.

The first few thugs had guns but Spider Man guessed they had a limited supply because they broke out this morning. With a POW! a BANG! and a WALLOP! ¬†And a bit of help from The Mighty Avengers the entire army was back in jail. Spider Man went after the Green Goblin while he left The Mighty Avengers to clean up. Spidey’s first guess to look was the big abandoned Oz-corp building on main street. He found exactly what he was looking for. A Chocolate Creamed Cake with a Cherry on top! Then he looked in the next room and found the Green Goblin with his not-so-mysterious-companions, Rhino and Shocker. Spidey quickly defeated the-not-so-mysterious-companions with one web.

The Green Goblin attacked Spider Man with some pumpkin grenades but Spidey webbed them against the wall. After 5 movies of fighting the same guy you really get used to it. Spider Man webbed Green Goblin to the wall but he threw a knife at Spider Man that went straight into his side. Spidey webbed all of them with a double lair of webs and left the rest to the police.

Next up in the crazy theater:

The Unincredibles 2


Welcome to Rileys Backpack!

On this blog I will write about everything from Comic Books to Video Games all the way to Ideas. So enjoy… And leave a like or even follow me!

The first in a "Paint" mini series
The first in a “Paint” mini series