Favorite TV Shows of ALL TIME!!!!

​Hello my peers, today i’ll be telling you my favorite TV shows EVR. In case you want to know. If not, well here’s a link to something that’s really entertaining. 10 being the least ranked of the favorites, 1 being THE VERY BEST, THE BEST THERES EVER BEEN. (cue pokémon music)

10. Smallville

9. Good Luck, Charlie

8. Doctor Who

7. Teen Titans

6. Beyblade: Metal Fusion, Metal Masters

5. Avatar: The Legend of Korra

4. Codename: Kids Next Door

3. The Simpsons

2. Avatar: The Last Airbender

1. Lost

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Kids Next Door Treehouse

I’m building a weird KND treehouse. It doesn’t really look like their treehouse at all but it’s still a huge tree towering off a small house. There’s even a pig living in the house that I call Nigel’s Dad. I might post pics later. There is also the start of the roller coaster at the very top. The track breaks off and you fall like 50 blocks onto some more track where you go on forever on the circular roller coaster. Right now, I have a Pig, A Cow, and A Chicken riding it. There is also a weapons depo in the treehouse. I built it all on PE so it’s a really long project for me.


Kids Next Door Map!

A Kids Next Door Map! I didn’t build this, this guy did. Also, I am developing a Robin skin for Minecraft right now!


Codename: Kids Next Door: Operation Z.E.R.O.

I watched Operation Z.E.R.O and really liked it. It gets into how the K.N.D was formed and Numbah One’s family history.

When Father unleashes the ultimate evil, Grandfather, he turns against the villains and turns them all into old people. They also get a lot stronger. The virus spreads quickly and soon everyone but Numbah One is making Tapioca. It’s up to Numbah One and any other survivors to stop Grandfather and save the world.

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The Awesomest Things Ever (At This Moment In Time)

-1. Dum Cheese

0. Rileys Backpack

1. Minecraft

2. Doctor Who

3. Star Wars

4. Codename: Kids Next Door

5. Poptropica

6. Youtube

7. Modern Technology

8. Redstone Creations

9.  John William’s “Imperial March”

10. Queen’s “We Are The Champions”

Those are the top ten for right now but they will change every once in a while.



Top Comic Character of The Week!

Nigel UnoThe top comic character of the week is… Nigel Uno from Codename: Kids Next Door.

Nigel Uno is the leader of  Sector V.

He wears a red long sleeve shirt, gray shorts, and brown boots with rocket jets attached for whenever he needs them.

Codename: Kids Next Door was created by Tom Warburton on December 6, 2002.

He is #1 out of 5 people in Sector V.