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Hello there you Big Brothers. 

I apologize for the last trash post in which I miserably failed to create good content for you all. Not that I got any negative feedback (because you guys are awesome), but because I feel I just wasn’t trying hard enough.

This has been a really good week for me for undisclosed reasons 🙂

I began reading 1984 by George Orwell a few days ago, and it has some of the best vocabulary I’ve seen in a book recently.

The premise is of a dystopian future, (which ironically is now 33 years ago, does that make it a dystopian past??) where every move you make, everythig you say is being tracked by Big Brother, who is the leader of the society, and rules by vaporizing those who disobey, or have too much individual thought. I’m only about 150 pages in so far, so I don’t know the full story.

I played a great game of Chess last night which I am very proud of. I was behind and in a bad board position, but I was able to turn it around by thinking a few moves in advance.

Anyways, that’s my post so that I’m not flagged as inactive/spammy by myself and kicked off.

Thanks for reading all the way to the bottom :3

Dictionary Taboo:

___, ___, the circle man.

Hint: a Youtuber with a circle shirt.


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Free Lunch #9

Hello there you prophets. Today I have one of the first Free Lunch’s since the revival that hasn’t been late! I’ll start typing at 10:36, and stop at 10:41.

Today has been good so far. This morning I had a Trumpet lesson, and Jamie was there too so we practiced Fly Me To The Moon on our instruments while the teacher played the piano for it. I can get through most of the song at the moment, but there are some difficult rhythms (at least for me). At the moment I’m listening to DARE by Gorillaz. I just finished a vocabulary test in English, and I managed to get both high scores for Gravity and Match for the end 😀

Even though I’m sure Victoria is plotting to steal my leaderboard position as I type this.

I caught a wild Magmar with 1000 something CP at the bus stop at the other day on Pokémon Go. Now Fire Coming Out Of A Monkey’s Head is on. That’s a good song with spoken word portions, so look it up if that interests you. There was an announcement that told all band students to go to the band room, and it was for a brief meeting, where my chess club instructor tried to recruit more members. I think we got like 3 or 4 new people out of an entire crowded room.

And it’s 10:41.

Thanks for reading all the way down to the bottom of the post :3

Dictionary Taboo:

A rectangular prism full of information available for the taking.


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Chess or Soccer?

Hello there you extraterrestrial pieces of toast! (Hello there submitted by ArmyOfLamps)

Today I got Spotify Premium, as the title suggests. I am happy about this because now I can listen to my music on the bus ride home, when previously I couldn’t due to bad data.

In other news, I listened to Three Cheers For Sweet Revenge by My Chemical Romance for the first time as Jennifer and Maz instructed. I would suggest it to those who like hard rock tunes with good moments often.

In Chess I’m on an 6 win streak, and I’m learning more about Opening Theory and tactics.


As you may know I was obsessed with Soccer for a few months last year and planned to make the team and my school. Unfortunately, Chess Club and Soccer meet on the same day at the same time, so I’ll have to pick one.

I really want to stick with Chess and just continue to exercise and play Soccer in my own time, but I’m not sure it’s the right choice. Tell me in the comments which direction I should go in >.<

I think that’ll be the end of today’s post. So yeah.

Thanks for reading all the way to the bottom of the post :3



Full Queens

I was just messing around and I promoted all my pawns to queens and tried to get the board back to the starting position.


One Lovely Blog Award

Hey there you completely and totally normally inconspicuous dogs with shifty eyes. Today I’ve been nominated for the One Lovely Blog award by my diariesofascatterbrain, who’s website you can find here. Thanks dude 😀

Here’s the rules:

1. Thank the blogger who nominated you and leave a link to their blog

2. Post about the award

3. Share 7 facts about yourself

4. Nominate a maximum of 15 people

5. Tell your nominees the they’ve been chosen

I’ve already finished the first two, So here’s 7 facts about me.

  1. If you didn’t know, me and Jamie (Jamesblonde1) are producing an album called E-Quality. You’ve already seen Hi-Fi and Advertisement Re-Advisement if you keep up with the blog .
  2. I’m part of my school’s chess club, and I’m not very good, but I’ll continue to try to improve. Today I lost two matches in a row by not thinking about my moves in depth before I made them.
  3. In Encore, (our school’s gifted program), we are making movies, and ours is about a young woman who has aspired to be a detective all her life and ends up in McDonald’s. *-*
  4. I ride the city bus home and I have to cross a busy road everyday. I hated doing this so much that I wrote a soul-crushingly depressing song about it, which me and Jamie unsadified it some so that it’s OK for the album.
  5. This year will be my fourth year blogging! I’m still amazed that I’ve made it this far without and incredibly long times of inactivity. I’m planning something special for the anniversary in July!
  6. I’m unfortunately allergic to cats, which sucks because I really like cats. Because of that, I have my dog, Obi! You’ve probably heard of him by now. If not just go on the website search bar and look up Obi Says Hi!
  7. Once it gets a little warmer in my area, I’m going to start practicing Soccer like crazy again.

I’ve chosen to nominate a load of peeps that I can think of now.










PauseenP  (Don’t forget the poem)


And anyone who reads this post, if you want to participate then do it!

And for Rule #5..

I’ll do it later.

Thanks for reading all the way to the bottom :3



How To Get The Fastest Checkmate In Chess

Hello there you beepboops, I know I haven’t ever posted a Chess thing, but I thought why not! If you like Chess, great, if not, then don’t read the post. Duh.

Congratulations, you made it past the intro! Today, as the title suggests, I’ll be showing you how to get the fastest checkmate possible.

There’s the board we’ll be using.

Step 1:

White needs to move it’s Light Bishop’s pawn up two, and black moving it’s King’s Pawn down one.

Step 2:

White moves it’s Knight’s Pawn up two, and Black moves it’s Queen to H4, finishing the game. 

Yeah I would say I hope this helped someone but this has no practical use, as someone would have to be really bad at chess to fall for that.

Anyways, thanks for reading :3