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Unique Blogger Award

[Warning, this post is preeeeettttty long..]

Hello you theoretical readers, I GOT NOMINATED FOR AN AWARD FINALLY 😀


But to be unique..



Well anyways, I got nominated by mah friend OY30. Who is HERE!

So heres the rules, directly copied from his post xD. But yea, thank god for copy n paste.

Thank the blogger who nominated you and include a link to their blog.

Answer their 3 questions.

Include one meme and one quote you really like.Nominate 8-13 bloggers to receive this award.Ask your nominees 3 UNIQUE questions.Add a link to the awards creator: that’s Kate Gold


His three questions to me were:

What is the deepest thought you have ever had?

If you could die and come back as an animal, what would you be?

If you could delete one thimg from this world, what would it be?



For the first question, I think the deepest thought I’ve ever thought was sonder, which is the realization that every passerby has a life as complicated as your own.

Second question is difficult, because I have a hard time deciding whether or not to be a Pidgeot or a Zapados. Oh wait you mean REAL animals heh.. I’d be a Bluejay, so I could fly high and be admired by people like me who sometimes want to fly. Plus I would get to be more like Mordecai from Regular Show.

And the third question, where I get to choose what to delete from the world, I choose to get rid of the idea of discrimination. Because reguardless of color, gender, or how much money you have, everyone deserves to be treated like a human being. How would you like it if you looked slightly different than everyone around you, and because of the WAY YOU WERE BORN, people might not want to be your friend, or they might not give you an equal job oppritunity. There are a lot of horrible people in the world, don’t become one by discriminating against anyone. If theres an unpopular kid in your class, befriend them. If you have a poor neighbor close to you, share at least a kind word everyday and I guarantee he will be a little bit richer, emotionally. Don’t be a racist, or a homophobe, or a stereotyper. Don’t discriminate.

*while typing this, forgets about award and thinks is just writing a post about being a better person*

Oh yea.. award.. Time to nominate 8-13 people, but I don’t know who hasn’t been nominated yet. So i’ll nominate some active followers..




SF EllaTheTuxEnder

Pauseen Phasefaller




That’s 8 people I dont think have been nominated yet. But here are my “unique” questions lol

1. If you could be able to talk to any inanimate object, what would it be?

2. Would you rather live in the mountains or by the beach and why?

3. If you had a chance to meet the comic character Dum Cheese, what would you say to him.

(Sorry about the last one xD couldn’t think of anything else)

Quote I like: “We need to live together, or we’ll die alone” – Jack Shepherd from Lost.

Meme I like:

Also, an unspoken rule is link back to the person who nominated you, cause I see everyone else doing it..

Welp I think thats it so thanks for reading. I know I dipped into some ACTUAL thinking while answering OY30’s third question, and if you didn’t like it, well, then you probably shouldn’t be following me.

Thanks for reading down to the bottom, I would get a signature like the sky is the limit, or life may be a game, but it’s not just one, but I’d feel like a copycat lol


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The Most Popular Post of ALL TIME!!

Today I am here to talk to you about the most popular post of all time, and no, it isn’t this one. This is actually really strange, because it’s an abandoned project from years ago. But apparently it is a post I have written that has amassed literally hundreds of views on its own, and pops up occasionally in my daily views. I give you,

Minecraft Total Drama Map!!!

So it’s a preview of a minecraft map that I made that was tagged:

Competitive Map, Cartoon Network, Minecraft, Total Drama

And that somehow amassed 371 views. That’s all for this edition of, ALL TIME!!

P. S. If any of these records are undermined i’ll make a new post!!


Total Drama: Rileys Backpack Style: Episode 16

“Hello, i’m Rory and today, we’ll be do confessions on who think should have won”

Maxy: I think it’s good that Remi won.

Ally: Yeah, I wonder what she’ll do with the money?

Sam: I’m glad that Remi won.

Tom: Me too.

Ell: Me too.

Everyone but Jordan and Kory: Me too!

Jordan: Kory should have won.

Kory: Jordan is right!

“Alrighty, that was Season One! Check back next week for the very beginning of Season Two! New cast, new location and hopefully MORE BUDGET!!!!!!”


Seriously though Cheeses, check back in a week for a completely new Season! I JUST HAD AN IDEA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Jamie, if you are reading this, you are in charge of coming up with the names and personalities of the new cast!!!!!!!!!!



Righteous Quest 2 Video


Outnumbah’d: This Is How Far I Can Get


Toxic Targets: Part 3


Coming Soon To Rileys Backpack…

Let’s list some of the things that are coming soon to Rileys Backpack!

1. The Total Drama: Rileys Backpack Style Season Finale
2. A really cool Dum Cheese thing
3. A new game on my youtube channel
4. In two months it’s the one year anniversary of the blog
5. More Dum Cheese comics

Now let’s talk about them in order. For 1 the Total Drama thing I have going seems to have flew straight passed me and right now I am proud to say that they’re will be a Season Two! Now on to 2. My friend is making me a Dum Cheese thingy where she makes a design then like irons it and it flattens and smoothes. More info on 2 in tomorrows post. Now on to 3, I will now be playing tons of Cartoon Network Games and Mayne some Poptropica! Going on to 4, the one-year anniversary of the blog is in July! Can’t wait to draw a super long post for that! With 5, I will be trying to do more Dum Cheese comics in Paint! That should be fun so stay tuned in to the Backpack for more stuff!

P.S. I wrote this on my kindle too. It took awhile.

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Cartoon Network Games #1: Toxic Targets Part Two!

The second part of me beating the Cartoon Network Game, Toxic Targets! Today, there was an interruption from my sister, my brother, and Obi, who somehow pushed the door open with his paw…

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Cartoon Network Games #1: Toxic Targets

Finally, no interuptions for once! Today, I play Cartoon Network’s Toxic Targets! This is my favorite Total Drama game! The second part of this video will be coming out soon!

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What I’ve Missed…

Since Friday, somehow, I forgot to post about Free Comic Book Day and Star Wars Day. During Free Comic Book Day, I got 5 free comic books including Simpsons: Free For All, 52: Future’s End, Archie (Almost 100 Page Special), Teen Titans GO!, and the Cartoon Network Super Sampler. I also spent 3 dollars to get a sketch of the 11th Doctor. I’ll show you the sketch in a video on my channel later. There was also a 16 year old who had wrote a sci-fi book there. I didn’t actually buy any since I had no money on me. During Star Wars Day, I ate some Star Wars Jellies. Sad, I know. Hopefully, now, i’ll get back to posting regularly!