Free Lunch #48 (more more edition)

Hello there you awesome smelling pizzahaired chaps! (Hello there you submitted by faraztunezhaidr.) It’s Friday which means it’s time for another Free Lunch! If you don’t know what that means, I just type for 5 minutes on either my phone or laptop. This time it’s my phone, so this will be pretty short.

Starting at 10:31.

Not much has happened since Wednesday. Luckily I managed to finish all of the school work that was due on Thursday, and as of now, all of my grades are a-ok. I haven’t been working much on composing lately, but I hope to turn that around soon. Tomorrow i’m going downtown with my family and we’re going to eat pizza and walk around. On Sunday i’m going to my friend’s second birthday party. The first was last week, and we went a bunch of cool places (bowling, arcade, escape room). This time we’re just going to go to his house and eat cake and play video games probably.

Also, the next Undertale Free Lunch will be out within the next few weeks. Probably. If it isn’t then remind me if you actually want it.

I also want to take a moment to address all the inactive authors. I don’t know if anyone but me is ever going to post again. Jamie says he has nothing to say. No word from Maz or Jordan, and Victoria is still doing her treatment I think. I’m not sure if this is going to change anytime soon.

That’s the end of this Free Lunch.

Thanks for reading it.



Dramatized Story

Hello there you drama llamas.

I walked into class, completely unprepared for the horrors that would befall me that day. While taking my regular seat, I was hit with a tidal wave of fear that was probably trying to warn me of the future. The door slammed against the wall, and in walked Iverson wearing a leather jacket, with brass knuckles and a brand new skull tattoo on his arm. While flexing, he picked up the teacher and threw him out the nearest window, with the teacher’s shrieks echoing through the school. I quickly crouched down under a table along with my classmates, and his eyes narrowed, searching for a target. He quickly singled me out and sauntered over to where I was trying to hide. He pulled out his blue mechanical pencil, used previously to slaughter my best friend, and stabbed me once in the arm. While I was pinned to the ground, my blood gushed out and my vision blurred to a red haze. He pulled the mechanical pencil out and the blood stream seemed to amplify. He then stabbed me once more in the finger and I lost consciousness.

What really happened though, was we got into class normally and sat down. I then picked up his mechanical pencil on the bottom end by the lead. He grabbed the other end and started banging the pencil on the table. My finger slipped under the lead and he stabbed me before I noticed I had been stabbed. We only noticed after he stopped and I saw that blood was coming out of my pinkie. We went to the bathroom and put a wet paper towel around it, then to the office to get a bandaid. Later we discovered that he had actually gotten me twice before I noticed.

Everything turned out alright though!

Thanks for reading, don’t have time for a Dictionary Taboo!



Free Lunch · Home

Free Lunch #40

Hello there you beautiful colorful clouds. It’s pretty late at night for me, but still early enough for this to still be a Free Lunch on time. If you don’t know what Free Lunch is, I just find a device and write for 5 minutes without stopping.

Starting at 9:50.

Today was great because it was ordinary. Other than pizza ordered by our substitute for lunch, everything just proceeded normally. Nothing too bad happened, but I was presented with regular problems. After school I went on a walk to play Pokemon Go, and I was paying attention to the sky, which was very nice today. It looked like there was layers of color in the sky. Red, then orange, then yellow, then fading to blue. Sunsets are nice. I also listened to some good music today, and had an idea for a background on a track I might make in the future. I won’t tell you the idea yet until I figure out how to utilize it in the best type of song. I don’t have much more to say. I did write a little riff on my Guitar today, which will probably make an appearance in one of my songs in the future. I’m also going to try to perfect Another Brick in The Wall Pt. 2 by the Thursday after the next one. On that day I’ll be able to bring my Electric Guitar to school and play on my friend’s amp.

I’m out of time now, and I apologize for this being a short edition. It was written on my phone.

Thanks for reading all the way down to the bottom of this post :z

Dictionary Taboo:

Wear away or change the appearance or texture of (something) by long exposure to the air.



Heartstrings – Soundcloud

Hello there you billion brilliant stars. Today I have something very exciting for you all! It’s my first song on the internet with singing (if you don’t count the Minecraft Parody covers from 5 years ago). I would greatly appreciate any positive words at all because i’m not so sure I should even try singing.


You remind me of the rainy days

Staying inside gazing out my window
It’s you that I am trying to chase
But so far it’s only caused me more woe

I’m really sorry honey
But my heartstrings only know the same sad chords
You’re looking at me sideways
But all that I can see is more closed doors

Are the most useful instrument
Inspiration rings
Through my heartstring’s torment

Are the most useful instrument
All my writing
Come from my heartstring’s lament

I’m really sorry honey
But my heartstrings only know the same sad chords
You’re looking at me sideways
But all that I can see is more closed doors

Love is just like other things
That’s the only metaphor I need
Doves can’t fly without their wings
So take my warning and heed

I’m really sorry honey
But my heartstrings only know the same sad chords
You’re looking at me sideways
But all that I can see is more closed doors

I love you
But you don’t love me the way I do to you
But I can blame it on getting no sleep
See the last track, sit and weep

I’m really sorry honey
But my heartstrings only know the same sad chords
You’re looking at me sideways
But all that I can see is more closed doors

note: I am overtagging this post just so that my music gets noticed 🙂

Free Lunch

Free Lunch #39 (Fate of Dictionary Taboo Edition)

Hello there you pairs of shoulders crumbling under the weights of responsibility. It is a Tuesday! You know what that means! Probably! That means it’s time for a Free Lunch! (your favorite series, only on Rileys Backpack, Tuesdays and Fridays). If you don’t know what Free Lunch is, I just find a device and type for 5 minutes without stopping. I get bonus points for making sense.

Starting at 4:21.

The reason there weren’t any posts this weekend was because I was travelling for a wedding, going to a wedding, and then travelling back from a wedding. I do realize now that all this time travelling would have been an excellent opportunity to write a bunch of posts to schedule for the next few weeks, but I guess I can’t now. The wedding and associated events were all super fun, and it went off flawlessly, even though it was planned in a total of 9 days. This is definitely not a lot of time to plan an entire wedding. It was all perfect though, and I had a lot of fun and got to see two awesome people get married.

In other news, tomorrow a song I made will be released. This is going to be the first song that I edited at all aside from reversing (First Steps). I added some reverb, two layers with high and low guitar parts, and fixed some timings that I wasn’t able to hit right while recording. So that comes out tomorrow evening.

I’ve run out of time for this Free Lunch, if you liked this post, like it.


Before we go, I need to ask you all something. I have noticed that recently the response to Dictionary Taboo hasn’t been great, so i’m going to put a poll in asking whether or not you would like to keep it regularly appearing on the blog.

Thanks for reading all the way down to the very bottom of this post, I really do appreciate it.


Free Lunch

Free Lunch #38

Hello there you Crush Orange Flavorings. How are you doing today? If it hadn’t been for the perfectly timed finishing of the GoFundMe, today would have been very bad. Fortunately though, it did finish perfectly on time, so today wasn’t very bad! Everyone who donated surpassed the level of donation giving a shout-out, so this is more a list of everyone who helped!

Herbert Hoffman

Kristen Chapman Gibbons

Emily Hoffman


Thank you so much everybody! Even though we made our goal on time, I had forgotten than GoFundMe has a really long wait time for their withdrawals. Because of that, we may have a brief gap before we can take back rileysbackpack.com. Hopefully someone doesn’t steal it during that time ssc.

Now, on to the actual Free Lunch! If you don’t know the rules, basically I just type for 5 minutes without stopping on whatever device is handy. Tonight it’s the laptop so you will get a slightly longer Free Lunch than you typically would.

Starting at 7:19.

The reason that this day would have been bad without the completion of the GoFundMe was that there was no school. I know that to most kids, this would be very exciting, but this is literally the worst day in the whole year to be cancelled for weather. We were going to have a pizza party in band and I was going to get $20 for beating a kid at Clash Royale. So meh on that.

However, musically, I will be getting an amp for my electric guitar soon! I’m very excited about this, as that means I’ll be able to play it the way it should be (the plugged in to an amp way). I’ve been working on the ‘Feel It Still’ guitar fill, and it’s kind of difficult. Not as difficult as the first 20 seconds of Bohemian Rhapsody though!

Meanwhile, on the Piano, i’m finishing up writing two songs, and they are still both unnamed. I only have the slightest of ideas on what to name them both. One is about water or something and one is about being sad. I think that I might add lyrics to the being sad one, but I’m undecided. You all also couldn’t originally decide whether or not to split the album (it was tied perfectly) so I’ll now put the poll in this post so maybe someone who didn’t vote can break the tie. Also, I found a cool digital instrument on the piano that sounds really good with one of the drum presets.

That’s going to be the end of the post, as I am out of time. Thanks for reading all the way down to the bottom and paying attention to the boring stuff I put online ❤

Dictionary Taboo:

an expression of gratitude.



Save Our Domain!

Hello there you hopefully generous donors. Tonight we are here to pander to you, as we don’t have any money to keep the domain “rileysbackpack.com”. On September 3rd, it will expire and anyone who visits rileysbackpack.com won’t get to the blog, and those who go to the regular site will get ads again! The URL will be lengthened back to rileysbackpack.wordpress.com and ads will start appearing on posts regularly again from WordPress. While we understand that keeping our shortened version and staying free of ads is a largely unneeded luxury, we would like to save you all the time from typing those extra few characters if you ever actually access the blog through the website and the happiness of not seeing ads on our posts.

As of now, we have 3 days until rileysbackack.com will turn to rileysbackpack.wordpress.com, and the ads will return.

So to address this issue, Jamie suggested that we start a GoFundMe, in case maybe you all will help out :3

If you don’t want to, that’s totally fine, but consider that you donating a cup of coffee’s worth of cash can help us for the next entire year.

Here’s the link: https://www.gofundme.com/save-our-domain

For those of you who can’t afford to help, or don’t have a way to make online transactions or anything, remember that you can help by posting this on social media or reblogging and stuff.

I’m sorry there wasn’t a Free Lunch today, I was busy with school and setting up the GoFundMe.

Thanks for reading all the way down to the bottom of this post :5



Hydration and The Eclipse

Hello there you paper rabbits.

Before I start talking about any of the topics highlighted in the title, first I’d like to apologize for not posting at all these last few days. As much as i’d like to offer the excuse that i’ve been really busy with school, the truth is that I really haven’t. I’ve just been lazy and uninspired. However! Now i’m back, and taking into consideration school and everything else, I can safely say there will be at least 2 posts outside of Free Lunch every week. I know this is a bit of a downgrade from the everyday posting, but that turned out to be kind of a disaster, resulting in a lot of filler posts and draining me creatively. So yeah, i’m sorry.

Now, on to the main post!

I’ll start with hydration day. Yesterday, as you probably know, was August 20th! Before I start throwing around some complex numbers, first think of how much 8 sounds like H. Now. Focus on this.

Eight Two Oh

Aitch Two Oh



Now that you have been enlightened, know that for me, yesterday was 8/20. So on 8/20 at 8:20PM, Brendan, Saoirse and I each drank an entire bottle of water in one minute.

After that, I felt a little like I was about to explode, BUT IT WAS ALL WORTH IT LOOK!


Given that he is one of my favorite Youtubers, this cheered me up considerably. For reference, he is the person who originally made that song “PINK FLUFFY UNICORNS DANCING ON RAINBOWS”. While I don’t particularly like the song, he still does lots of other amazing musical stuff.

Today was the day of the American Eclipse. I got to experience it at a college, where we got free chairs, food , and water. I took a few pictures with the glasses over the lens of my phone camera (without during totality), and even though they didn’t turn out too well, it’s still a good enough momento for me, along with the glasses.


Totality also.

Not totality.

Slightly warped and also not totality.

Due to the eclipse, there was a large influx of people from around the world and country who came to Nashville, so I haven’t been getting any reception the entire day.

This post is made possible by Iverson’s generosity in giving me a log in for the xfinitywifi hotspots. Thank you Iverson.

That’s all for this post, thanks for reading all the way down to the bottom :0

Dictionary Taboo:

An acquired behavior pattern regularly followed until it has become almost involuntary.



I Don’t Have Much Time

Hello there you growth and fixed mindsets. Tonight I don’t have a lot of time to write a post so you get this little explanation why, which will probably end up being long enough to count as a real post.

  1. Today my bus broke down. Again. Two days in a row! This caused me to be late home, and when I finally got home, I had about 15 minutes to eat dinner, and get ready for 2.
  2. I went to a Solar Eclipse talk at one of the libraries in my area. I was there for an hour and a half, and while I did gain some useful information about the upcoming eclipse, it felt like I left school, got on the bus, went home briefly, and then went back to school for a while. However, we did get some glasses that are approved to view the eclipse with! August 21st!
  3. By the time we eventually got home, it was 8:30. This leaves an hour for my siblings and I to use the laptop before we have to go to bed at 9:30. Of course I will only end up getting these 10 minutes to write this post, so I don’t have a lot of time to write quality content!

This concludes my post on not being able to post. I hope you enjoyed it.

Thanks for reading all the way to the bottom of this relatively short post, and have a good night.

Dictionary Taboo:

a statement of the exact meaning of a word


School Saga · Writings

School Saga #1

Hello there you Sheldon Coopers. Today was the first day of school for everyone writing on this blog currently. I can’t speak for them, but I can say that my overall feel from today was that this year is going to be more chaotic than ever. To start things off, my homeroom is Math, with a teacher I have heard is bad, but doesn’t seem as bad as she was made out to be originally. There are a ton of new students in class with us, and that was one of the most interesting things about today.



My band teacher from last year’s name wasn’t listed. Instead of Deaver, it said RAY! In case you were wondering, Ms. Deaver was the best band teacher of all time, and finding out that she isn’t going to be here this year was not a fun way to start the day. On top of that I was sitting by an annoying person almost the whole day, who kept being a jerk. On the bright side however, my friend Jett is joining us this year in our school. This is significant because last year he was home schooled.

Just like last year, I will take the city bus home everyday this year. Today I got on my normal bus and everything was going as it usually does. But then! The bus broke down while I was about halfway to my destination, and I had to leave it and catch the next bus at a nearby bus stop.

That’s pretty much everything I have to say for today, so thanks for reading these perfect three hundred words if you have 😀

Dictionary Taboo:

The universe seen as a well-ordered whole.