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… WA!?!?!?

Hey Cheeses guess what just snuck up on me … ITS THIS BLOG’S TWO YEAR ANNIVERSARY!!!! To celebrate, for reals this time, I will start writing stories and posting more again like I used to. Also, i’d like to thank some people who helped me get this far. I know every one of you have helped me in some way by following me and giving me encouragement, but these are a few special cases. BTW these are all old bloggers.

Argon – Argon was one of the very first people who ever followed me, and my first author, he is inactive now, and I don’t know why but I want everyone to go give his site a view boost right now to get him to come back! The New Block

StookyLukey (AGH COME BACK) My very best friend from the good old days, he was an author, a SUPER folder, and a minecrafter. But alas, he abandoned WordPress to go play YouTube and I haven’t heard from him since I designed his intro. Stooky Origami , Stooky Youtube

Sebastien from SebatienCraft – He was also an author back when I first started and he helped and gave feedback and supported me when I needed support. I’m not actually sure if he is still inactive as I have seen a couple posts from him lately, but never the less! Sebastien Craft

Also I would like to thank every single one of my followers for helping me get this far, just because you weren’t included in this post doesnt mean im not acknowledging you. Everyone rocks!

On a side note, does anyone know some program I can use to record an I-Pad Mini?

Look Out For The Starlight Blogger contest thingy! It’s coming soon…

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Video Games I’ve Beaten

These are some of the video games I have beaten.

-Star Wars Lego 1 (1 Time)

-Star War Battlefront 2 (More than 10 times)

-Plants Vs. Zombies Original (2 Times)

-Star Wars: Empire At War (2 Times)

The Almost There List:

Golden Axe 3


The Simpsons: Tapped Out


If you have played or finished any of these games, or want to recommend a game, just tell me in the comments!

Thanks For Reading!

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My cousins New Map!

Its called The Fair!

Here Is The Download!


Good Views Today!


Also, apparently no one listened when I told about the backpack searches 😆


Well, yeah, also, I play Tiny Death Star.


And Simpsons Tapped Out


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Saoirse’s Random Things #1!

Like, Subscibe, Eat Waffles!


Dum Cheese Craft (Not Minecraft)

One of my friends made this for me! I think it’s super awesome and she is too for making it for me!


Made by Ryan G.

I also hope she comes to my birthday party!

To make she said she has this kit, and she made the design with little pixel-like things and then she put a piece of wax paper on, ironed it, and took it to school to give to me! I think Dum Cheese is the coolest Cheese-Art in the whole world!

Also, if she is reading this, “No, I’m Peter Parker!!” and “Wooooooooooooooooooooh Wooooooooooooooooh!”

Happy Summer Everybody!


School’s Almost Out!

My school year is almost done and I’m sure everyone will be relieved to have the extra time. But me. Unlike most people, I like school because it’s an eight hour long activity where you can talk to friends and improve your knowledge. This year I had a fantastical teacher who I will never forget. So this is my end-o-the-year article. Also, shout out to that fantastical teacher, Mrs. Johannessen! The awesomely teacher ever! Next year I will actually be going to Middle School! Leave me some advice so I don’t mess up to bad! Now, forget everything else and think how long it took me to write all of this on my kindle. Now, think about how you felt when you were going into the fifth grade. My answer to how I feel is enthusiastic!

See ya later Cheeses,

P.S jamesblonde123 started posting again!

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Pokemon Tower Defense!

This is my favorite game aside from Minecraft! In it, you get a pokemon and… do… tower defense stuff… Just go check this awesome leveling-up game!

Pokemon Tower Defense Generations! 

Also, there may be a video of me playing this with a guest tomorrow!

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I Made Abstract Art!

Hey Cheeses I made abstract art!

I made abstract art! MOO!
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Working On A New Adventure Map!

I call it Puzzle Adventure Quest! Yeah, I know its a bad name, but it’ll be fun! You’ll do quests and maybe it’ll be a multiplayer thing! You do quests and adventure and it probably wont be out till June or later, but you fight monsters, do quests, level up, and become a werewolf!

This is totally based on Valcraft’s new survival thing, OcinCraft.