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900th post!!

Were on our 900th post. That means that sometime in the next couple months we will hit 1000 posts. That’s only if I remember to post every other day.

Well yesterday I had track again, we only did 15 of the stair laps. But to make up for that, he sent us out to the soccer field and told us to run 10 laps.

Turns out 10 laps is a lot more than I thought it was. I had to take a couple breaks, but I looked at my friend Harry’s fitness watch, he ran 2.3 miles, and I ran 1.5. So my legs were super sore after that, so of course it was stretch time.

Now for the Polar Cheese news! So our clan is really getting better, were attracting more and more people. Even though we lost the last 3 wars, spirits are high and we are up against a Level One clan this time so it should be really easy to beat them. Also their bases are very weak against hog attacks, as I can see where the giant bombs will be easily.

I haven’t really had the time to play Minecraft on my computer a lot lately, but I have been playing Terraria on my iPad. I have my Titanium sword and full Mytrhil armor. At the moment, I’m waiting for a Solar Eclipse so I can get a Broken Hero’s sword, so I can get a True Night’s Edge!

Since it’s the 900th post, I’m trying to cram everything I can into this, even though I don’t have much news since my last post. Although last night I did redownload Pencil, which is an animation program that I used to make my other Dum Cheese cartoons, which unfortunately got lost when I deleted most of my YouTube videos. Soon i’ll have some more animation to share with you guys, but for now its just a yellow square waving his arms around in a loop xD

Also on the YouTube channel, I’ll be posting some of the Redstone Minecraft videos that I make when I don’t have internet at my house.

I know this post has kinda been all over the place, but I wrote it all down because I could!

If your a loyal follower of the holy cheese, make sure to like and comment n stuff!



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Yay! I’m pretty sure everybody caught it, but….

The last post was april fools! I’m going to be here till 2023 at least, and my goal of followers to get before then is…


I know it seems impossible, but my stooky followers can tell thier friends, and i can tell my friends, and WE CAN DO THIS!

Anyway, I’m going to try and post more often. But I don’t know what to post…



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What Minecraft Animation Should I Do Next?


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Guardians Of The Galaxy!

I saw Guardians Of The Galaxy yesterday and it was awesome!!!!!!!!! It might just be second in my favorite marvel movies. (Sorry Avengers beat you there Guardians) But it was awesome! tumblr_n9nafi75Na1sl0iw7o1_r1_400dancing grootAwesome Baby Groot! I think the funniest was Rocket but Groot came in with a close second. #Marvel

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Dum Cheese Cartoons: Explosive Pies

My latest cartoon!

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I Need A Team Of The Best!!!!

I need the best and brightest of my followers to step forward and help me! I want to design a 22-Minute Long Dum Cheese Animation. If my math is correct (which it is) this will take 16,720 frames. I need everyone to help me achieve this!

I will need 1 writer, 2-3 artists, and 2 editors. If you would like to help, post your email in the comment so I can email you the program I use to animate and all the files!

(Note: you must be following me to do this.)

(Note #2: The most frames i’ve ever done is 93 which took me a couple hours.)

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Dum Cheese Cartoon

I can’t get the video in the post so here it is!

Dum Cheese Animation!

Please leave lots of Likes and Comments! Suggestions on the next episode’s story are good, or you could just email me a story and i’ll animate it! Please don’t be mean, this is my very first time animating, and I think it’s pretty good.

(Note: When you get to the video, click you Settings Button and change Speed from Normal to 2)