Rilernol Headache Relief

Meant to be rapped: 


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Possible side effects may include evil monkeys taking over your house, being eaten by a giant mouse, loss of appendages, allergic reaction to bandages. Death, despair, depression, degeneration, deafness, loss of swiftness
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Do not take Rilernol if you have in the past or are currently breathing.

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are ghosts real? (also other stuffs)


*this week on SCIENCE!, we will cover a much more controversial topic-the supernatural!*

Also inspired from BuzzFeed Unsolved because their supernatural videos are very creepy and great, especially when they actually visit the supposedly haunted area!

Check these out if ya want!

and finally, the one I watched at midnight…

Now, onto ghosts!

Onto a specific debate on debate.org (here’s the link so you can see what people said for yourself: http://www.debate.org/opinions/are-ghosts-real), was perfectly balanced at 50-50. Also, it’s been recorded by a survey that almost half of Americans believe in ghosts-which means that believers ARE NOT in the majority as opposed to believing in aliens. We will talk about this later, but first let’s talk about evidence that maybe supports the existence of ghosts.

My point of view on this personally is that I think ghosts/the supernatural is a real thing, mainly because I think, like I mentioned in yesterday’s post, there is a lot we don’t know and there could very well be some kind of limbo in between death and living that isn’t being a zombie! Even if ghost-sightings are total BS, I still think there is at least a possibility at the supernatural. It’s such a fascinating, creepy, mysterious thing-if there are no answers, you can wonder, can’t you?

Man, there is a lot to cover about this! This will be fun.

On http://www.livescience.com/26697-are-ghosts-real.html, author Benjamin Radford writes, “Personal experience is one thing, but scientific evidence is another matter. Part of the difficulty in investigating ghosts is that there is not one universally agreed-upon definition of what a ghost is. Some believe that they are spirits of the dead who for whatever reason get “lost” on their way to The Other Side; others claim that ghosts are instead telepathic entities projected into the world from our minds… Ghost hunters use many creative (and dubious) methods to detect the spirits’ presences, often including psychics. Virtually all ghost hunters claim to be scientific, and most give that appearance because they use high-tech scientific equipment such as Geiger counters, electromagnetic field (EMF) detectors, ion detectors, infrared cameras and sensitive microphones. Yet none of this equipment has ever been shown to actually detect ghosts…” He continues by writing about how some people believe we may just not have the right technology to actually detect ghosts, but then others argue, “If they do exist, then we would have hard evidence of their existence.”

Everything cancels everything else out, and that’s why we still don’t have an answer. Every idea presented is only partially debunked by a particular party, leaving everyone with only an opinion and not a true answer.

Another idea covered in the article is bringing about the fact that some believe in ghosts because of something Albert Einstein had said: Energy cannot be created or destroyed but only change form. But physics respond to that by explaining that no bodily energy stays around after death, at least not detected as of yet.

But this still leaves unanswered questions, as many claim to have seen/came in contact with a ghost! Was it their mind tripping, or was it potentially something else?

Let’s dive into other opinions on this!

One believer writes on debate.org: “I’ve heard distinct voices with no one around and the voice was definitely from the immediate area. One time I distinctly heard a little girl say “HI” right behind me but there was no one else in the building and certainly no children. Me and several of my friends watched a clock detach itself from the wall, hover in mid air for well over a second and land a good 5 feet out from the wall. We did everything we could to recreate it and we couldn’t even make it fall off of the wall let alone do what we saw it do.”

One non-believer writes in response: ‘”One of my friends told me “insert spooky story” Yes… They told you a story… And? If you were not there to witness it, and all the proof is a simple story, what gives you the reason to believe the story? And maybe it did happen, but the friends could have altered the story in some way. The human brain might change the way you remember the story, causing it to be probably completely different from what REALLY happened.”


*and, for now, the mystery of whether or not ghosts really exist remains UNSOLVED.*

Tell me what you think in the comments!

Do you think ghosts/the supernatural exist(s)? 


Oh Wonder’s new album Ultralife is coming out very soon and I’M SO EXCITED OH MY!!!!

I am so obsessed with it’s first two singles, Ultralife and Lifetimes, they are so amazing, I love them. I feel like this new album has a much more colorful vibe playing through the songs, and I love that.

Seriously, I’m planning on ordering a signed LP of the album on the merch store-since they aren’t that popular, it’s a steal for one of my favorite music duos ever, so that’s amazing.

Oh Wonder is just great stuff to me.


I’m pretty obviously out of writer’s block, HURRAH!

Not just for the blog, but I’ve been writing songs like crazy. Song names are “third”, “without a moon”, “drunk”, and “to jupiter” all in the span of 5 days. I’m proud of myself!

As to whether I’m going to post them, “third” is a 100% no, but i’m not sure of any of the others.

I’m out of things to write about now….

Hope you enjoyed this post covering a load of stuff!

Have wonderful lives.


*now i’m just not doing my theatrical pieces out of laziness. sowwy.*


Song Challenge Day 5: Empire Ants by Gorillaz

Hello there you Sloppy Seconds. (Bonus!)

Today I have the fifth consecutive post in the Song Challenge, Empire Ants by Gorillaz.

Here’s the rules for the challenge:

  • Post a song a day for five consecutive days.
  • Post what the lyrics mean to you (optional).
  • Post the name of the song and video.
  • Nominate 1 or 2 bloggers each day of the challenge.

This song is just really calming and nice to listen to, and I recommend it if you like genre-blending music that still manages to be good.

Thanks for reading all the way down to the bottom of this short post :3

Dictionary Taboo:

an extensive group of states or countries under a single supreme authority.

A cosmic LAY #12

Hello, and welcome back to Life and You, where I am running out of ways to explain Life and You.

So, I prepared a Haiku to explain to the new people what it is that I do here.


From hot tea to Pokemon

Answers questions too!

With that out of the way, let’s start with some questions!

Riley asks:

How long do you think each season of NABUR will be.

Well Riley, I think the short answer is go with the flow. Have conversations, play games, do fun stuff, and record it, and publish it to the internet. I think the episodes are a lot better when you are there also, and you might be in 1 out of every 2-4 episodes (episodes released every 2 weeks) so maybe throughout the summer, and then again throughout winter.

Victoria inquires:

What’s your favorite constellation/star/planet/astronomical thing and why?

Venus is probably my favorite star.

xD Seriously though, probably Orion’s Belt. Something about it is just very cool to me.

And that finishes off questions, if you want me to answer your question leave it in the comments 😀

I have an update on my poll from last week. Technically Other won, but one of the Others was Guitar so it wins with 3 votes!

And now about life.

On Saturday I had a bunch of people over and we played Mario! It was fun even though Victoria and Jordan caused significant property damage spilling drinks xD.

Then Riley stayed the night and we had fun, recorded a podcast, and it was a good weekend.

I listened to a lot of podcasts and music over the past week, and my friend Henry got a phone!

I guess that does it for this the 12th edition of LAY.

So my question I pose to you is, what is your favorite thing to do in your free time, like a hobby?

Cya real soon, and as I always say:

arrange in all different of hues



Inspired by Victotoro

Today, I am teaching you all about something that I care a lot about and something that is very important to me, my well being and my life.

And those things are: Chakra’s.

Chakra’s are, according to Hinduism, Jainism and Buddhism,  are the energy points in a body. There are over 88,000 chakra’s in a body (not in a psychical, earthen body, but in a subtle mind and spirit body) These energy channels are also called Nadi.

The word Chakra, in a brief sense, means “circle.” It is ever flowing. Ever continuous.

There is no set rules for chakras, so I’ll be telling you my perceived version.

Here’s how I work on my Chakras. First, I burn some incense. Usually, it’s rose, but occasionally i’ll do jasmine or lavender. Second, I lay out an area where I can meditate. This is usually on the floor, on a pillow. Then, get dressed into the color Chakra you need to work on.

The Root Chakra- Color- Red- Located under the body, close to the genitals. It is meant to ground you, it is meant to keep your feet (metaphorically) on the ground.

The Sex Chakra- Color- Orange- located at the top of your butt (I was going to say something else but I was too lazy to write explicit language warning) It stimulates the, you know, *coughs*

Solar Plexus- Color- Yellow- Located right there in your stomach- This fuels your strength.

The Heart Chakra- Color- Green- Located at your heart- Controls happiness (This is the one I meditate most with.)

The Throat Chakra- Color- Turquoise- Located at your throat, duh. Helps you say what you want to say. (For example, something terrible happened to me in November, and I didn’t say a word to anyone, even though I wanted to. Three days before I told someone, I meditated with the Throat Chakra.)

The Third Eye- Color- Indigo- Located in your forehead. Gives insight and wisdom. Hub for creativity.

The Crown- Color- Purple- Located above your head. When you have reached The Crown in meditation. Enlightment.

that’s it, I guess. Theres a lot more that I may get into later. Comment questions.



Rileys Backpack Twitter!

Hello there you exclusive offers. Today I’m just here to tell you that we have a Twitter account now! You can access it here if you want to check it out. Although there isn’t much there yet, if you follow us there, you should get a little Twitter notification whenever there’s a new post on the blog, which is good if you want to read the posts right as they come out.

Also, it has come to my attention that I am missing my profile picture. I don’t know why my Smiley Waffle dude has disappeared, but I’ll try to fix it later today on the bus.

I know this was a short post, but Maz has something coming soon that is more substantial.

Thanks for reading all the way down to the bottom of the post :3

Dictionary Taboo:

a loose garment, typically sleeveless and reaching to the wearer’s knees, as worn in ancient Greece and Rome.



Song Challenge Day 4: Moral of the Story by Watsky

Hello there you wubulous moonlight lit puddles. Today, or rather tonight because I waited so long to do this, will be the 4th consecutive post in this challenge.

For this post, I decided to pick Watsky’s Moral of the Story because I really like the song overall. The end reference is nice too.

Warning: Explicit Language

I have no time for Dictionary Taboo right now, so super sorry!



are aliens real?

*why am I writing this, I wonder, as I write words on a screen, tired, in a room…why would I write if I have nothing to say, I continue to ask myself, but then again, why am I here…Weird Account is back, confused, exhausted, and as mentally drained as ever*

That’s a really strange introduction. I don’t care.


As I mentioned, I figured I had nothing to write about when I sat down, but that may change later. I’m scavenging my brain to find something interesting to talk about…










Sorry not sorry for caps. It’s enthusiasm, an emotion, part of how you think, how your brain operates…SCIENCE!

I titled this post “are aliens real?” due to inspiration from a new BuzzFeed Unsolved video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BmUrJaOo1Lw.

(let me break from character for a second-BuzzFeed Unsolved is the best BuzzFeed series, I think, it’s just really great. They cover crimes and conspiracy theories and the supernatural and it’s all so interesting so I recommend you check it out! Not long ago actually, I stayed up really late and started watching a BuzzFeed Unsolved video involving cases of ghosts and demons and it was midnight. Don’t know who thought that was a great idea, but it was so cool and funny, so…)


*Victoria’s opinion incoming, beware*

I simply do not understand how anyone believes that there is absolutely no form of extraterrestrial life forces in the entire universe.

That is scientifically impossible. I may not be a scientist, but thinking logically, judging by how colossal the universe actually is, the conditions for life are by far met more than once. SPACE FACT, did you know that the universe expands at a rate of approximately 67 kilometers per second? This makes the measurement of how big the universe is impossible to pin-point, and, as an astronomer by the name of Charlie Garcia says, “We can see 13.8 billion years into space because that is how long light has had to travel to reach us. Interestingly, because of the expansion of the universe, we can see much farther than 13.8 billion light years. In fact the visible universe is almost 45 billion light years in radius, centered on you” (Garcia, 1). See, I paid attention in English, I know how to make in-text citations by the MLA format. Slay.


Because the universe is so huge, why do some people still believe aliens don’t exist? Exploring articles by people who believe this, I see that a question most non-believers ask is that there is no completely solid evidence as of yet that proves their existence.

While that may be true, there also is no evidence completely debunking extraterrestrial life.

There are many Earthly mysteries like the Pyramids of Giza and Stonehenge have hinted at the possibilities of more advanced life forms, but there is a lot we don’t know.

And for now, the answer whether or not aliens really exist remains UNSOLVED.

ha. ha. ha.

Hope you enjoyed this scientific entry *puts on glasses and pushes them up*!

Tell me what you think in the comments:

Do you think aliens exist?

If you’d like more SCIENCE! entries, lemme know, and about what?

OR you could just not care, that’s an option for everything in life, isn’t it…

Have wonderful lives!


*told you i’d find something to write about. guess Weird Account has some of her mind back after being dead for a very long while….*



“So inspirational! A must-read”

“Unbelievably touching”

“Well written”

“The grammatically incorrect story is a very interesting choice”

But leaves a part of it up to your own imagination. A certainly unique idea, leaving you on the edge of your seat!”

“The fact that they slipped a $20 bill in my book before I wrote the review was a nice individual flair.”

All of these are fake reviews for my totally real book, The Chronicles of Luca’s Great Adventure, co-written by me and Victoria.

The full book will be out soon(and by soon I mean never) but I thought I would give you guys a sneak peak.

So here you go!

They’re was once a flying guitar Anna a man who told me that one day trading will suddenly b second mini bullets and the earth will be overrun by pizza because pizza is lover and everyone soups now do Rosa because Luca saved us from the second warhow hard that time was because there was no chicken only species of pie

Luca and I was just sent like a that the dad of two children and gnight are the only ones who are you still e I am not here for a long gmail there of the.

But this Luca my best installs the tie manning of formal friendship by befriending the pack ouch lunch that had pizza invite s now everyone lives in eternal happier.

Bit more problends artist i the third war because there was a group of prep put e who hate Luca the pizza master so they took a spree amd nutmeg ore I forever clams

Bitty Luca saved the day again because he smacks the bullies in the face with a Edgerton.

In the end though, Luca was a great woman and then I watched it she was a good great and good movie to me but she was is the only very true story I was like I had to a walk and then they were happy.

If you are very confused right now, let me explain. Basically apple has this thing on iMessage where it predicts what you are going to say. By typing in a few key words (Luca, pizza) and using predictive I texted this book. Victoria has an LG and they have something where if you drag your finger across the keyboard it makes works and thus her contributions.

As I sat down to write this post, I kept trying to talk about my day, so I’m going to publish LAY tomorrow. So, if you have a question for me, leave it in the comments!!!

So catcha later and as I always say:

Make the most of our clogs because you may never hop to Applebees again.




its ur least favorite person !!!

my day went like this:

woke up

went to an old lady crossdressing dog dancing competition

went to a party at Jamie’s house where we sat around and played video games

went home

went to a friends house

whereeeeeee we ate pizza, watch scary movies and the office and made a paper towl- band aid bracelet and sang wrote pretty songs and had fun.

office quote of the day: (was going to be something waaaaaaaaay inappropriate but I’m good ol aunt maz) : “You don’t say collard people, that’s offensive.”



also, follow me on Instagram if you want. @wasteurthyme

gotta get that self promo 😉