Free Lunch #65

Hello there you cardboard cats. I wish I could give you a good reason for why I haven’t been posting, but all I can tell you is that I was burned out and lacked the motivation. I’m posting now because a song reminded me of sitting on the bus, listening to piano music and writing Free Lunch. So that’s what I’m doing now. If you don’t know what Free Lunch is, I just type for five minutes about whatever I feel like writing about.

Starting at 4:52.

I’d like to start off by apologizing for not posting all the neat stuff we had planned for this year or posting at all. However, in the mean time a lot has happened. I’ve gotten noticeably better at all of my instruments except Piano, which is difficult to find the time to practice for. Tomorrow I have a Trumpet audition that determines my placement at my high school next year. I’m hoping for Wind Ensemble, but that’s kind of a long shot. The piece I’m playing is pretty difficult, but I’ve got all my scales down. I’m really hoping the sightreading parts aren’t too trying.

I’ve been playing a lot of Super Smash Bros recently on my 2DS with my friends. I’m about second best in the group, and I’m maining Sonic and Toon Link. I’m also a bit into Earthbound, and I’m learning Smiles and Tears on the Guitar.

That’s all the writing I have time for, so thanks for reading all the way down to the bottom of this post! And thanks to Victoria and mr. bubbles for continuing to post in my absence. And thanks to you readers for sticking around!




post stuff u dummy


i don’t even have a real life right now, a latte isn’t life (okay bud i do hahaha) futon GOD + tellin yall homies what homegirl been doing

“that’s just a little scary.”

how yall feelin ?

it’s jordan, jordón, jardon, jordana banana, and whatever other variation of my name.

let’s catch up, cause it’s been quite the while since i’ve done anything on this site aside from the post a couple days ago, which was literally just me putting zero effort into a post but making it seem like i was.

. . .

1. i had so much chinese food 3 days ago and lemme tell you, it was so good. i had me some lo mein and fried dumplings, and literally the best spring rolls on planet earth. gonna get me an iced latte with almond milk from dunkin’ donuts tomorrow morn and it’s gonna be great too. i’ve gotten lattes the past week.

2. so i have a new obsession with like,,,,,,,,so many things. my aesthetic has changed into a mixture of hippie, oriental, and vintage 1950’s, 1970’s, and 1990’s elements. my wardrobe has seen the change too, as i’m always called “90’s girl” at school and i have people left and right tellin me the 90’s was two thousand years ago. hollister? i don’t know her. goodwill, she my boo.

but my main obsession right now is geishas. for those of y’all who are unfamiliar with the geisha, a geisha is a japanese human art form where girls are sold into okiyas and schooled in shamisen, dancing, speech, and etiquette to become a geisha. geisha are the japanese women you may have seen at one point in your life who have elaborate hairstyles and wear beautiful embroidered kimono, with pale white faces and cherry red lips. i recently read the book “memoirs of a geisha,” which i 100% recommend because it changes your perspective on the geisha, and truly encapsulates the raw japanese culture. i loved it so much that i grew to love the geisha it detailed – all of them.

so, i am completely redecorating my room with geisha posters and am even getting a futon that these women slept on. i assembled the frame today. so far, i’ve got one cloth poster and plan to buy a fabric panel of three geisha by the riverside to sew in the middle of some beige fabric as a futon blanket, and some shoji blinds with two geisha on them. i’m super excited!!!

my room will soon be this 1930’s japanese hippie/vintage paradise !!!

i have been so inspired by geishas that i decided to do my own artwork featuring a geisha :

the two images above are a piece i did on a big sheet of watercolor paper, and was drawn off of the image below, which was drawn in my sketchbook.

3. i wanna be like clairo and release music that will get 1 mil spins on soundcloud and i’ll be a bedroom goddess. i make music now but it’s really bad and not cool at all. i just wanna be and authentic kinda lo-fi retro artist and make songs abt cute stuff that people will like. i’m trying y’all but i’m not making much progress. i got 31 plays on soundcloud tho and this one person really enjoys my music (cause they repost all my stuff and comment).

4. i got my algebra grade up to an A so homegirl isn’t average no more !!!

5. i had a band performance last wednesday or something, and it was a NIGHTMARE,,,,,,,,,,oh, and for those of you who don’t know, i am a drummer for my school’s jazz band, which, ngl, is really god. i started out playing my favorite song night in tunisia, jammin out – drummin’, doin my fills, and it went great. but then, i started to play la noche del burrito picante, my drum set started sliding away from me. because there was no initial friction between it and the stage floor (which is very slippery cause it’s glossy), it just decided “hey mans!! ima slide back and ruin ur solo,,,..,.have fun lov u not rly!!” so, i just okay if with my leg extended out as far as it could go, legit stamping my foot on the bass drum peddle, which overtime because loose and fell off a bit. but i still killed my solo, and people were clapping and one guy from the back eve went “wEeeeEeEeEeeeeee HoOoOOoOooOoOoO”

6. i did another painting.

on sale for $1000000000000000000

7. my hair is brown now !!!


“rediscover music you love”

*in the distance, you hear a gentle rhythmic tapping, and the slight sound of muffled music*

bonjour!! je suis une fille et j’apprends le français. i don’t know a lot of it because I’ve only been learning for two weeks, but yeah.

(what languages do you speak? let me know!) 

i’ve been trying to immerse myself more into french music and culture so I can get used to the tongue, but man, it’s so hard. i personally don’t understand the concept of masculine and feminine nouns and the fact that the entire sentence changes depending on this, but I’ll survive. i want to take it in high school anyway, but i wanted to go ahead and start it on the good ‘ole Duolingo.

anyway, i need to explain the meaning of the title, because that’s something i want to talk about.

i use a lot of platforms to listen to music (by a lot, mainly 3, which is Spotify, Youtube, and Youtube Music). And once you own the YT music app for long enough, it tells you this: “rediscover music you love”, and underneath it, “songs you listened to at this time last year”. I’ve owned the app for over a year, and yesterday, I saw it again!

It’s similar to the time capsule thing on Spotify, but this app updates you at different intervals rather than one big thing.

so, I was minding my own business on YT music, listening to some Stromae, (amazing french artist!! i love “papaoutai”, even though I can’t understand more than half of it), lofi and whatnot, when I saw that delightful little tab pop up. right away, I saw a song I remember listening to at this time last year, and that song is “Never Gonna Change” by Broods. I listened to it again, and realized how much I really do attach feelings with music.

I remember vividly having this song on repeat because it was exactly how I felt, and my love for the song reawakened even though I don’t relate to it anymore like I used to. it takes me back to a different time period, so it feels really weird.

back in November (I think), coming up on the one year anniversary that i’ve made my phone, I saw it the first time, where it recommended me “Jealous” by Labrinth and some other songs I don’t recall. It’s fascinating, because I haven’t listened to either of those songs in a good year or so.

for real, “Never Gonna Change” is a beautiful song and I recommend listening to it, even though it’s really sad.

violin is going along great. i am set to start learning the next couple positions in two weeks or so, and i’m very excited. the place i go to is also having a recital in around a month or two, and i think i’m going to play the Pirates of the Caribbean theme, because it’s so much fun.

oh, and how could i forget, panic! at the disco released music!! i’m going to try to see them when they tour (even though they aren’t coming to my state), because memphis was just so amazing. check my review out here.

i don’t really have much else to say!

i hope you enjoyed this messy post and understood what i was trying to get at. have wonderful lives!

au revoir~






homegirl’s art

hey yall.

it’s jordan ✨

i’ve been doing a lotta art the past couple of weeks and i’d like to show you in one post. i’m a multimedia artist so not everything is the same medium.

numba 1.

i literally finished this beauty 3 days ago and it is my fourth consecutive painting, and i’m literally in love. i always go to this little chinese restaurant called “new china” when i get off of the bus (cause it’s a 5 minute walk from the stop). it’s a family run business and the owners have a little boy who absolutely loves me, and always lights up and jumps out of his little booth to run over and hug me. i always get two spring rolls afterward and then sit down and draw pictures with him, play with stuffed animals, or watch him play with fidget spinners. He really likes stickers too and it’s really cute cause i bring him stickers and he just loves it. this painting is a tribute to that little boy and the business his family runs, and their building is really small and in a bad location, so i painted this as my vision of what i think their restaurant should look like – adorned with lanterns and constructed with fine chinese architecture.

numba 2.

still life portrait study !! i love love love drawing still lives and this is one of my favorite renditions of that practice. in art a couple of weeks ago, my teacher laid out a ton of little things she had for us to draw. i chose this big head of a woman, a wine goblet full of grapes, a mask, more grapes, and a case with cherries poking out of it.

numba 3.

i am absolutely invite with the vintage japanese art where artists commonly drew scenes of oceans and massive, crashing waves (ex. great wave of kanagawa). sadly, i have never been able to draw in that way and kinda just stuck to buying posters. but, i have the really cool skill of using lines and rough circles, which create patterns like the ones in the illustration. i used this skill combined with the japanese style mentioned before to create this beauty, “view from venice majoskito.”

numba 4.

i really like drawing realistically, but the only only human i’ve mastered doing it with is josh dun. for some reason, if i wanna draw a really detailed person on paper, it can only be josh…i don’t even know why. this is a recent wip of him.

numba 5.

my bedroom window !! not much to explain here, but i just drew out my window whilst sitting in my bed and then watercolored it later on. i’m really proud of this one because it looks super realistic for one of my watercolors.

and that’s it !! thank you for reading !!


endangered pandas appreciation

*in the distance, there is a gentle rustling of bamboo, and the slight crunch of grass. you tilt your head, and are met with a pair of big black eyes…*

hi hi!

it’s me again.

so, i was procrastinating from homework (still am. whoops.) and was scrolling through instagram like i do. i was flipping through a couple photos, when i saw a picture of this brown panda named Qizai. i was instantly floored by this adorably unique animal, so I decided to research a bit into Qizai’s life.

(after all, the red panda is my favorite animal, but that might change to be a brown panda. i don’t know, but i just love pandas)

apparently Qizai was abandoned as a kid and was “bullied” by other pandas who took his bamboo! i wanted to hug him before, and i want to hug him even more now.

i mean, look at this cute little face!

brown pandas are extremely rare, and it rumored that there are only 200-300 left in the world. there are much fewer of these lovable critters than the red panda, which is less than 10,000. nonetheless, still an endangered species.

comment your favorite animal if you want! it’s been a while since i’ve actively asked questions to this audience. 

/ in other news /

i’m still writing up a storm, and even have upbeat songs in my catalog. i’ve written about 25 decent songs this year, the most recent being one i wrote yesterday.

i’ve been making an effort to advance my self care (see my last post here) by signing up for a gym and investing a lot more time doings thing i love doing (i.e, songwriting, candles, little things like that). we’re heading upwards, people!

i thought i knew all of the first position notes on violin, but i didn’t realize i hadn’t learned low 1 and high 3. but now, i do! my teacher says they’re doing a recital in May, but it’ll be a while before i pick a piece to perform because i learn things pretty fast.

this year has gone by ridiculously fast-I can’t believe it’s already March.

/ songs i like right now /

i suppose i’ve really gotten a format for my posts now. i think this whole music part thingy will be a regular. i don’t actually have a lot of songs i like right now (as in, not songs i’m playing on repeat for any particular reason), but i started listening to Vampire Weekend and I really, really like their music. i want some of their albums on vinyl; their aesthetic is amazing. i remember trying to listen to them a while back and not really liking it, but now for some reason i love it.

that’s all i have for you guys today.

if you have anything that you would be interested seeing from me, let me know! these days i just post whatever comes to mind. i’ve had a few scientific ideas floating around recently that i think might make a great discussion post.

i am going to procrastinate on homework a little longer and do a heavy cram session, so i’ll catch you on the flip side. have wonderful lives.



ribbon worms/last post

hey so ribbon worms have the ability to spit out their guts and capture prey


shower buddies (power 106 top picks)

~ chill station fm ~

power 106

b e g i n

. . .

pondwater [ lazygirl x bejjroom ] – lazygirl

monkey bars – meltycanon

seymour forskinner – RLK WATKINS

scratcher – sisyfuss

siecle – joeplasma beats

you say i’m in love – bane’s world

every time – boy pablo


HONEYDEW – anthidium

Spice Girl – Aminé

dancing – mellow fellow

thankful – meltycanon

resonance – HOME

SUNFLOWER – rex orange county

BEST FRIEND – rex orange county

Window – joji

Demons – joji

You Might Be Sleeping [w. Clairo] – JACOB OGAWA

. . .

full playlist available on soundcloud @mr.bubbles

playlist title – ‘shower buddies’

Free Lunch

Free Lunch #64

Hello there you emo omelets! Today is Tuesday, which means it’s time for another Free Lunch! If you don’t know what a Free Lunch is, I basically just type for five minutes on either my laptop or phone. I have plenty to talk about today, so I should be able to actually type the whole time. I’m starting at 8:20.

I started off today with a tour of my soon-to-be high school, Hume Fogg Academy! The impression it left on me was that high school is going to be really fun. A lot of the teachers were talking about how difficult the increased workload would be, but I think I’m going to be fine in that corner. We peeped in on the Band class during one of their rehearsals, and they sound awesome! It’s kind of inspired me to try to become amazing at Trumpet over the summer, which was already on my ‘maybe’ list of summer activities.

Fast forward a few hours, and I’m in Physical Science watching the SpaceX Falcon Heavy test flight. If you have no idea what I’m talking about, I’ll put a link to the liftoff here. I got to watch the rocket launch on a live stream, and it was super cool. My teacher was jumping up and down in excitement when it made it into the air. It was pretty great, maybe I can be an Astronaut Trumpet player?

At the end of the school day, we had a Pep Rally. Most of my friends and I got to play in the Pep Band for it. It was pretty exhilarating to play in front of almost 500 people.

I’m all out of time for today, thanks for reading all the way down to the bottom of this post! I hope all of you are having a great day, and if you aren’t, you can still change that now!



a pinch of optimism

*it’s been so long that you’ve forgotten what it looked like to have a theatrical piece welcoming you to another piece of trash post. surprise, surprise. ghost account appears, watching the sunset and numbly reflecting on life’s events as the days of 2018 pass on…*

hi hi!

it’s me again.

i said i was going to try to post more, and here i am.

 wow, i have loads to mention.

/ a book i’m reading /

ok, so not very long ago i started a book called “See What I Have Done” by Sarah Schmidt. the concept of this book fascinated me once i read the summary at Barnes & Noble, but beware, this is not a soft and fluffy read! it’s based around the infamous unsolved mystery of the Lizzie Borden murders in 1892. i haven’t gotten that much into it, but the author has a way with words in this book that really can make you disturbed, yet allured by the mystery it was written around. it switches to different perspectives, catching all sides of the story, and wow, it’s very descriptive. i’d recommend it to someone who likes darker things and mysteries.

/ the instrument i’ve been playing for about a month now /

on January 4th, i had my first violin lesson, and have since been absolutely hooked on this instrument. i’ve felt like a part of me has been awakened that is driven by this thirst for musical knowledge, so i have a couple more instruments i want to learn, which includes the cello, bass guitar and maybe even the harp. however, back to violin, i’ve been progressing very well. i know all of the first position notes now, and i think it will be only in a month or two that i will move on to second position. i’ve almost finished my first book (which is called essential elements). i have a crap ton of books that my teacher gave to me as well that i’ve yet to open.

/ viva la self care / 

my birthday is incredulously close at the moment,  and i figure i might as well admit that i was born on the 6th of February. the February 6th squad contains a variety of individuals, like Babe Ruth, Charlie Heaton (Stranger Things!), Bob Marley and most importantly Rick Astley. my entire life is a rick roll. i am a joke.


Image result for rick astley gif


anyway, this isn’t my point.

today, i got my hair re-red-ified (don’t you dare try to tell me that it’s a word because it is now), and i realized something.

man, you feel better about whatever is happening to if you pitch a dime to taking care of yourself. after all, sometimes that’s the best thing you can do. life sucks. things will happen that are the least preferable outcome.  however, if you let yourself wallow in self pity, i found that you are so much less likely to get anywhere. yes it sucks, and there’s a point of self-care where you have to stop the continuous denial and reach for acceptance. you don’t have to make it your entire world! do things you love. that’s worth more than spending your days thinking about what you hate.

that may sound so sappy, but it’s true.

start having your tea with a pinch of optimism. it’s so much better for you. 

/ i made a good pun the other day / 

me: *knocks over gnome when walking to car*

me: whoops, i knocked over a gnome.

mom: oh no!

me: no, oh gNOME.

that’s all i have for today!

i hope you enjoyed this post. it’s been a while since i’ve felt so authentic personality-wise in what i’ve written on here. if you read the entire thing, thanks a bunch!

speaking of that, i’ve written over 20 songs within the past 3 months or so. i don’t think i’ll post any of them on here, but i’ve had a lot to say to a lot of people recently to be vague.

things will get better, it just may be a longer road than previously thought, like starting a race and realizing it’s a marathon.

take care of yourselves, and i’ll catch you on the flip side.


*the sunset draws to a close, and ghost account retreats back inside. she turns back for one final look at the moon, before closing the door tight…*