1 year!!

edit: hey, this is also my 50th post! how funny is that! 


i’m scheduling this post for tomorrow (it’s january 22nd at the time i’m writing this, because i’m sick from food poisoning and stayed home from school. i feel like death )

it’s 2018 now! in fact, 23 days into it. how has your 2018 been so far? let me know in the comments.

1 year ago today, i posted my first ever post on this blog, *insert inspiring welcoming title here that makes you want to click*.

my witty humor was very present here! wow, my life was different when i wrote it.

i have noticed when looking back at my posts from last year that the overwhelming majority of them are ridiculously depressing, and for that i apologize. i will try to keep those to a minimum.

if you read my posts last year, you rode a very tricky time with me, and if you kept reading, thanks!

i assure you that i am still very much so a klutz. trust me, i walk INTO doors and walls alike, so who knows, we may get another klutz chronicles post again at some point.

good freakin new music:

troye sivan // the good side

troye sivan // my my my!

eden // vertigo, full album

lophee // ‘please come back’ mix

i am finding myself not having any words to say so, as i said last year,


(an excerpt from week recap 1 day early, check it out. it’s honestly a work of art)

see you sometime in your wonderful lives,



New Podcast




New Nerd and Brother! If you don’t know that’s my podcast with my brother and Riley! We talk about video games and superheroes so if either of those things (or our wonderful personalities) interest you please consider listening. Also if you listen on SoundCloud please consider donating to our GoFundMe to keep us on SoundCloud (we are out of minutes on it).

We are also on iTunes if that is more your speed.

So thanks for tolerating this promotional post, more art to get your feedback on coming soon-ish.

And as I would finally like to come out and say:

Who didn’t like Star Wars: The Last Jedi? Seriously asking, comment.


the days of normality are over.

Johnny Test.

More like Johnny Test me again and i’ll end you.

“y’all out here looking like clothing hangers.”

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2017 Snippets and Highlights!

Hello there you lit lights! Today i’m going to be giving you a bit of a year-in-review type post, just showing some highlights from 2017 on the blog. I know this isn’t really an announcementMost of them aren’t even really highlights, just fun snippets from the past for us to look back on.


The most popular post in January was Staruday by Maz.

Victoria made her debut on the blog in her first ever post.

We hit 300 followers the day before the new year.

Jamie announced The Nerd and His Brother!

And I finally beat Sans.


The most popular post in February was Hello There You Contest by Riley.

Jordan joined the blog with a first post hacked by Victoria!

Victoria opened up with a song from her past.

We learned about Ribbon Worms with Maz.

Jamie gives you the chance to win a free iPhone 7 as your boy Top5INSANE!

I leak the identity of the 13th Doctor.


The most popular post in March was bedhead by Victoria.


Victoria puts out the first chapter of her book.

I start playing the piano and see Twenty One Pilots in concert.

Rileys Backpack won two awards at the 2016-2017 Camster Origami Blogger Awards.


The most popular post in April was Victoria’s Panic! At The Disco concert review.

Jordan debuts Cat’s Cabinet of Curiosities.

I actually got a few people with my annual ” I’m leaving” April Fools joke.

Jamie and Victoria release their co-written book!


The most popular post in May was THE TRUTH…(and actual information) by Jamie.

Victoria brings the age-old question back up for examination. Is the Earth flat?

I start up Somewhere Else.

Jamie puts out his best post.

Jordan does a cover of Up On Melancholy Hill.

You get to learn about auras with Maz!


Jordan puts out the most popular post of all time.

A Rileys Backpack collage is made by Jordan for hitting 400 followers!


Victoria encounters more than her daily dosage of flags in pride fest.

Jamie shares a picture from his childhood. Twice.


The most popular post of the month was a part of my views experiment.

Jordan builds a dock!

We learn how to make our own LAYs with Jamie!

I wrote a post that didn’t stand out to the scores of other posts.


The most popular post of the month was a part of my views experiment.

Thanks to you guys, our domain is saved!

Jamie gives you his Fav Fiv-Marvel Movies.

Jordan puts her self-portrait on the blog.

You get advice from Victoria on how to cure a terrible disease.


The most popular post of the month was Jamie’s pun-a-palooza!

Jordan is back and thiccer than ever.

Heartstrings comes out on Soundcloud.

Jamie longs for the good old days.


The most popular post of the month was Free Lunch #48.

Jamie talks about dissecting the Last Jedi trailer.

Jordan asks for feedback on her tunes.

The most searched term on search engines was “is bigfoot riley”.


The most popular post of the month was my net neutrality Free Lunch.

Jamie puts out a spoiler-free review of Thor Ragnarok.

You get to listen to all the new hip music with Jordan’s november playlist!

My Twerp Book Review goes out.


The most popular post of the month was Jordan’s artists to listen to.

The author of Twerp left a comment on my review!

The 5 Days of Announcements ran from December 27th to 31st.

Jamie found a used toothbrush under his Christmas tree.

Victoria talked about 2017 as a year.

I debuted a new series, What’s Cooking.

We hit 500 followers!

We added the almighty apostrophe!!!!

Th-th-th-th-th-that’s all folks!

Thanks for reading all the way down to the bottom of this post.

I hope you enjoyed it, I spent a couple hours working on it. Here’s to a Happy New Year!




“clout cooking” with mr. bubbles – 3 part fruit tart (for intellectuals)

how yall feelin’

welcome back to another one of my cooking posts, which I have now decided to finally call “clout cooking” (for intellectuals)!

I apologize in advance for the title, but it was either that or “delivery and digorno cooking show” and “cooking, for intellectuals.”

clout cooking seemed appropriate (y’all it’s me honestly what were you expecting.

Anyways, I have a slogan to start off the tutorials –

if you wanna reach clout supreme with yo cuisine continue to read

please help me think of a little 3 to 5 word phrase like “let’s get started” expect with clout in the comments.

I N G R E D I E N T S //


– 5 to 7 crushed graham crackers

– desired amount of melted butter

– ground cinnamon

pastry cream:

– 3 egg yolks

– 2 tablespoons of all-purpose flour

– 2 tablespoons of corn starch

– 1 tablespoon of vanilla extract

– 1 and a quarter cups of milk (any milk of choice)

– 1 quarter of a cup of granulated sugar


– 1 cup of heavy whipping cream

– fresh cut fruits of choice

– 1 tablespoon of vanilla extract

– 1 and a half cups of granulated sugar

a hand/stand mixture as well as a whisk will be need for this recipe.

. . .

numba 1. (graham cracker crust)

In a plastic bag crush 5 to 7 graham crackers until crumbly.

Add in melted butter and stir until completely incorporated.

Take a pinch of cinnamon to add flavor and mix well.

Preheat oven to 350 degrees and bake at 10 minute intervals.

numba 2. (pastry cream)

To make pastry cream, start off by bringing milk and vanilla extract in a pot.

While that is cooking, combine 3 egg yolks and sugar in a bowl. Whisk well until combined.

Sift in cornstarch and flour and mix well.

Slowly pour the now boiled milk into the custard SLOWLY whilst whisking to ensure the eggs do not curdle.

Don’t worry! Mixture is supposed to be a thin liquid. We will fix this in the next step.

Pour now liquified mixture back into the saucepan, and simmer while whisking for 60 seconds on medium to high heat.

The mixture, due to the heat reactivating the particles in the flour and cornstarch, will thicken back into a custard.

Cover your bowl with a sheet of satan wrap to prevent a film from forming overtop the cream.

numba 5. (whipped cream)

Pour heavy whipping cream into a small bowl and whip until thick. Add in sugar and vanilla until combined, and whip a bit more until a whipped cream consistency is formed (pictured below)

numba 6. (topping)

Cut up about 7 strawberries in fourths, along with half an apple. Set aside to use in a later step.

numba 7. (assembly)

Scoop pastry cream into graham cracker shell, and arrange fruit in any pattern you please (pictured below). Scoop a dollop of whipped cream overtop the tart.



“5 Days of Announcements” Day 5- The Final Surprise

       hOI readers! Today is a big day for the RB team, and i’m very excited to share with you why that is. Stay tuned for the end!

*keeping it suspenseful*

With the “5 Days of Announcements” drawing to a close, one would imagine that we would wrap it up on a very high note , and we really are.

As this is the last post of the 5 days, I want to revisit why we started this. We started this because our blog now has 500 followers! And for that, we all thank you. This blog has been a fabulous outlet of creativity, information, and ideas, and none of this would have happened without you.

That being said, drum roll please….

Image result for drum roll gif

We are putting an apostrophe into our title!

Yes, the days of “Rileys Backpack” will finally end as we make a move to be grammatically correct.

To put this in a metaphorical perspective, the comma may represent a change that symbolizes the start of a new age, or a different time frame. That puts it on a level that isn’t just the visual change!

I’ll stop spitting out metaphors before I start sounding like a tarot card meaning booklet.

The RB team has grown quite a bit over the last year, and despite the obstacles in 2017, we all persisted.

As you have seen throughout these 5 days, 2018 has a lot in store!

As it is the 31st of December, the last day of the year, the RB team and I all want to wish you a happy New Year’s Eve & a happy New Year.

We are excited for what is to come!

Thanks for reading, and see your sometime in your wonderful lives.


I will try to post more, i’m still sorry for completely blanking!










“5 Days of Announcements” Day 4 – New Logo Design!

Hello there everyone!

I’m back here for the fourth day of Announcement Week with my announcement of new logo work and other Rileys Backpack graphic design. Unfortunately it isn’t 100% finished just yet but I CAN show you a teaser image


This backpack is just the baseline for the logo I wanted to show without giving everything away and there will be more designs other than the main backpack one! So look forward to that in the coming weeks, the 5th day of Announcements tomorrow, and  a Star Wars review from me coming soon-ish!


“5 Days of Announcements” Day 3 – 2017 Highlights!

On the last day of the year, I’ll put out this post that I’ve worked on for a couple hours! Here’s a sneak peek!


The most popular post in March was bedhead by Victoria.


Victoria puts out the first chapter of her book.

I start playing the piano and see Twenty One Pilots in concert.

Rileys Backpack won two awards at the 2016-2017 Camster Origami Blogger Awards.

That’s all the preview you get for now…

Here’s a gif so that this post doesn’t get immediately ignored by everyone on Twitter!

Thanks for reading all the way down to the bottom of this post, and get ready for tomorrow, it’s an explosive announcement!



“5 Days of Announcements” Day 2 – Throwback Week

Hello there you imaginary friends. I’m here today for Day 2 of the 5 Days of Announcements”!

Throwback week is going to take place January 14th to 21st, and will basically be a giant celebration of our time on Rileys Backpack. Expect the start of vlogs, revived old series, and appearances from guest authors!

You should be ready to see some new issues of Food World, a new chapter of my sci-fi novel Explosive Hotdogs (yes that’s right, this is from 2013), and Total Drama: Rileys Backpack Style Season 3!

An example of Free Lunch. Pretty bad. But the new ones will be good!

If you have any suggestions for revived series, make sure to leave them in the comments below! Wow! This post is exciting! Almost every sentence ended with an exclamation mark!

Thanks for reading!



“5 Days of Announcements” Day 1 – VLOGS !!

Good morning readers! Today, and for the next 4 days, we have a very special event created just for you! The RB team has developed ‘5 Days of Announcements’ to celebrate nearly 500 followers! Keep reading for the next few days to hear some very exciting entertainment additions to the backpack !!

. . .

I have been given the opportunity to announce weekly VLOGS, which will be virtual and visual interpretations of what would/could have been future posts on this site.

The Vlogs will be a 5 to 10 minute long “movie” of sorts, with individual segments from each author included in them. Riley may do things such as live-action renditions of Free Lunch and What’s Cooking, and Jamie may do more Podcasts with interesting spins. We can also possibly expect musical performances or audio from Victoria !!

I am going to be creating a new series within the Vlogs called Thrifted Thursdays, where I document a trip to the Thrift Store, and film either a Lookbook or Tutorial video.

. . .

In these Vlogs, we will really just be doing our own thing on our own little corner of the internet; sharing what we love to the people we love.

Thank you, on behalf of the Riley’s Backpack team, for making Riley’s Backpack much bigger than we could have ever imagined.

“Yo, Riley,

our website is dope and pretty”

. . .

Please expect these Vlogs to be broadcasted very soon, right here on Riley’s Backpack.