Poetry Because I’m Bored



Poems don’t always have to rhyme

So this one doesn’t


Blog Posts


The Chemical formula for success

The easiest way to beat the best

You want to top all others in views

Well listen up, here’s the news

James Blonde has the key

Believe it or not, it’s quite easy


..Spam post


The Perfect Morning

Wake up right on time

Get ready..have a good day

Yeah right, in your dreams



Good Mythical Morning at 5 in the morning

Ryan Higa (mostly) weekly

Top 10 Videos, Hit a new all time low

BuzzFeed time, out of rhymes

School day wasted


In a world without politics..

Maybe those rich women-hating homophobes known as the entire Republican party will let us get some work done.

In a world without the 1st amendment..

I would get arrested for that joke.

In a world without sarcasm..

That would be hypocritical

In a world without parallel structure..

This wouldn’t be as profound



Go to the gym once

Believes he’s the next Mr. Universe


Panders to people

Gets views


Doesn’t use proper parallel structure

Challenges the form


The end of the post


A structured format

Comforts all of the readers

So let’s change it up





I can’t do it

I have to say as I always say

What I always say

When I always say it

Something random

Build the brand up

Why did you say brand up

You could’ve said fandom

Or even Miranda

What about Panda

Heck, try Hand up

But you went with brand up

So that’s the conclusion

Of my delusion


Comments below


Which poems your fav

It gives me more views

Like Flavor Flav

Wait a minute

Let’s get some delay

Critical Jamie

To save the day

He just rhymed fav

With flavor flav

Basically the same

I’m sick of this game

I’m out

My Top 10 Favorite Albums

Hello there you superior Rainbow Monkeys.

Today i’m going to be giving you my favorite albums at this moment in time, and why I like them.

10. Three Cheers For Sweet Revenge by My Chemical Romance – Before I am torn to shreds by a few certain people *cough you know who you are*, I want to remind you that just because this album placed 10th on my list, it is in no way bad in any way. Remember, everything is relative, this is still in the top ten albums I’ve ever listened to. One of the reasons for that is because it was the first full album by MCR (My Chemical Romance) that I listened to, and it got me hooked.

9. A Distant Youth by Wu Fei – This is one of my favorite albums to sit down and just unwind and loosen up to after a busy day. The only reason I was able to find the album in the first place was that Wu Fei actuslly visited my school and performed on the Guzheng for all of the band students. It was an awesome experience and you could live a little bit of it by listening to this album!

8. Gorillaz by Gorillaz – Although this album produced some amazing singles that have turned out to be some of my favorite songs (Clint Eastwood, Rock the House, Tomorrow Comes Today etc.), I just don’t connect with all of the songs. However, I am in no way saying thay the album is bad, but it sounds more like a mixtape than an album. But still amazing.

7. Cardboard Castles by Watsky – I really adore almost every song from this album, and I think it all just fits together perfectly. Watsky’s ability with rapping and spoken word is just astounding. If you have time, lots of his spoken word is on Youtube, and I advise you listen to them.

6. Blurryface by Twenty One Pilots – This was the first Twenty One Pilots album that I listened to, which was recommended by my cousin’s friend’s daughter on a Minecraft realm, and I immediately fell in love with the band. Nine months later, I’m at their concert in Memphis, having the best of times. You can read about that here if you’d like 😀

Interlude: You can listen to my music here if you are a very nice person ;D

5. The Black Parade by My Chemical Romance – This album is phenomenal on almost every level for me. Not only did it produce some of the band’s biggest hits, but it pleased the fans, and that’s the important part. I’ll just be waiting here with my cake and balloons ready, in case they ever reunite.

4. Regional At Best by Twenty One Pilots – Regional At Best is one of Twenty One Pilots’s best albums, and I really think it’s a shame they stopped selling it. The album contains some great songs, and it’s pretty well structured as well, so any Twenty One Pilots fans who haven’t heard it yet should definitely turn it on in their Car Radio, but don’t get distracted, make sure your vision of the road is Clear, and if a song on the album doesn’t work, don’t Be Concerned, or you might crash into some Trees. Sorry.

Interlude: I’m down to the last 3 albums and I love them all so it will be difficult for me to place them above or below eachother.. but I have to.

3. Plastic Beach by Gorillaz – Plastic Beach is a journey, and it’s a story. I feel like unfortunately for the world, having a album that takes you somewhere and tells you a tale throughout multiple songs, yet still maintains it’s medium as music, is incredibly hard to achieve. But with Plastic Beach, Gorillaz did just that and more.

2. Vessel by Twenty One Pilots – Vessel doesn’t have a single song that I dislike at all on it. It is a seamless masterpiece in my eyes, and it outperforms almost every other album for me, except….

1. Demon Days by Gorillaz – I completely love this album in every way. It gave out most of Gorillaz’s best songs, is an absolute joy for me to listen to. I would list a few of my favorite songs from it, but truth be told, all of the songs are my favorite. I think that this is where Gorillaz previously shined their brightest, and I hope that they can match this with their future releases.

Bonus: Twenty One Pilots by Twenty One Pilots – Great album, but I couldn’t bear replace any of the items on this list, so it remains an afterthought turned bonus.

It does Feel Good (Inc) to write a post that takes more than a few minutes. If you made it all the way down to the bottom, tell me your favorite album right now if you have the time.

Thanks for reading all the way down to the bottom of the post :3

Dictionary Taboo:

 Go down the surface of something, especially a liquid; become submerged.



“So inspirational! A must-read”

“Unbelievably touching”

“Well written”

“The grammatically incorrect story is a very interesting choice”

But leaves a part of it up to your own imagination. A certainly unique idea, leaving you on the edge of your seat!”

“The fact that they slipped a $20 bill in my book before I wrote the review was a nice individual flair.”

All of these are fake reviews for my totally real book, The Chronicles of Luca’s Great Adventure, co-written by me and Victoria.

The full book will be out soon(and by soon I mean never) but I thought I would give you guys a sneak peak.

So here you go!

They’re was once a flying guitar Anna a man who told me that one day trading will suddenly b second mini bullets and the earth will be overrun by pizza because pizza is lover and everyone soups now do Rosa because Luca saved us from the second warhow hard that time was because there was no chicken only species of pie

Luca and I was just sent like a that the dad of two children and gnight are the only ones who are you still e I am not here for a long gmail there of the.

But this Luca my best installs the tie manning of formal friendship by befriending the pack ouch lunch that had pizza invite s now everyone lives in eternal happier.

Bit more problends artist i the third war because there was a group of prep put e who hate Luca the pizza master so they took a spree amd nutmeg ore I forever clams

Bitty Luca saved the day again because he smacks the bullies in the face with a Edgerton.

In the end though, Luca was a great woman and then I watched it she was a good great and good movie to me but she was is the only very true story I was like I had to a walk and then they were happy.

If you are very confused right now, let me explain. Basically apple has this thing on iMessage where it predicts what you are going to say. By typing in a few key words (Luca, pizza) and using predictive I texted this book. Victoria has an LG and they have something where if you drag your finger across the keyboard it makes works and thus her contributions.

As I sat down to write this post, I kept trying to talk about my day, so I’m going to publish LAY tomorrow. So, if you have a question for me, leave it in the comments!!!

So catcha later and as I always say:

Make the most of our clogs because you may never hop to Applebees again.


Musical Aspirations 

Hello there you strings. Tonight I thought I’d tell you a bit about what I’m doing musically and what I plan to do.

At the moment, I play Trumpet, Piano, and Guitar. I’m mediocre at Trumpet, and relatively basic at Piano and Guitar. I’ve made a few songs on the keyboard at my house, including “a mantis shrimp” (named by riseofthechairs), and other currently unreleased tunes.

I started using an app called Yousician, which is very useful. It gives you a free hour or so long Guitar, Piano, Ukelele, and Bass Guitar lesson every 12 hours, which is nice.

Tomorrow me, my brother, and my dad are going to a music store to restring the guitar that was fished out of a closet for me back home. I can play a tiny bit on the Guitar already because at Jamie’s house he taught me the basics.

I have also been unsuccessfully trying to learn how to double tongue notes on the Trumpet. It’s difficult for me ;-;

With Jamie and I using our abilities together, we will be able to use Guitar, Piano, Trumpet, Alto Saxophone, and Snare Drum on the album, along with lots of our fellow band classmates who I hope will help.

 Jamie is much, much better at Piano than me, and together with a Trombonist in our class, we’re composing a song that starts as a Piano solo, and finishes with 4 instruments together at once, called “A Midsummer’s Ice Stream”.

That’s all I can think to write at the moment. I’m kinda tired, so no Dictionary Taboo this time. Because of the before mentioned tiredness, I probably misspelled some stuff, so comment if you see any mistakes.

Thanks for reading all the way down to the bottom of the post :3


Twenty One Pilots Concert

Hello there you Trees. Last night was the concert that I have been waiting a very, very long time to go to. If you are a long time reader of the blog, you probably remember the two posts I’ve made talking about my favorite bands.

If you haven’t read those, you can see them both here.

I’m writing this on the drive back from Memphis, listening to some peaceful music 

My mom and I got there at around 7:30, and the actual concert started around 9:10. There were two opening performers, Judah and the Lion, and Jon Bellion, who both did well.

Tyler opened with Fairly Local, and a huge Blurryface talking. The show was amazing, and I failed to get a good picture from the top of the venue, but Jordan got a good one of Josh while he was on the crowd.

There were thousands of people there 0.0

Anyways, they played a lot of my favorite songs (because every song of theirs is my favorite), including:

Fairly Local



Ode to Sleep

Stressed Out



Addict With A Pen

House of Gold

We Don’t Believe What’s On TV

Lane Boy


Message Man

Tear In My Heart

Holding On To You

Guns for Hands

The Judge


Car Radio



Jump Around (Cover)

Cancer (Cover)

Not in that specific order, and I might have missed a few, but still an almost accurate list.

It was the best concert i’ve ever been to 😀

I was able to buy a beanie and socks with the merch money that Saint Iv gave me.

Overall, even if it was a $20 pair of socks and $35 beanie (THE MARKUP ON THESE MUST BE INSANE), i’m glad I got them.

The concert was an amazing experience, and I’ve already started saving for my ticket for the tour that will follow their new album.

Thanks for reading all the way to the bottom :3

Dictionary Taboo:

An amazing singer.


Free Lunch #9

Hello there you prophets. Today I have one of the first Free Lunch’s since the revival that hasn’t been late! I’ll start typing at 10:36, and stop at 10:41.

Today has been good so far. This morning I had a Trumpet lesson, and Jamie was there too so we practiced Fly Me To The Moon on our instruments while the teacher played the piano for it. I can get through most of the song at the moment, but there are some difficult rhythms (at least for me). At the moment I’m listening to DARE by Gorillaz. I just finished a vocabulary test in English, and I managed to get both high scores for Gravity and Match for the end 😀

Even though I’m sure Victoria is plotting to steal my leaderboard position as I type this.

I caught a wild Magmar with 1000 something CP at the bus stop at the other day on Pokémon Go. Now Fire Coming Out Of A Monkey’s Head is on. That’s a good song with spoken word portions, so look it up if that interests you. There was an announcement that told all band students to go to the band room, and it was for a brief meeting, where my chess club instructor tried to recruit more members. I think we got like 3 or 4 new people out of an entire crowded room.

And it’s 10:41.

Thanks for reading all the way down to the bottom of the post :3

Dictionary Taboo:

A rectangular prism full of information available for the taking.



Herro love people, Riley has let me be an author on this wonderful site, which, I may add, I am the top commenter on (riseofthechairs, don’t you dare take my position away lol). And since I am an extremely desperate, needy person, I’m going to leave a link for my blog riiiight here. Anyway, since apparently I’m supposed to entertain you fools… What? I’m sorry, did I read that correctly? What did these people ever do for me, why should I do something for them? Simple. Because. I. Want to. Anyway, here’s little story about an average person watching a commercial, versus a person with above average intelligence watching the same commercial.

CommercialHello, are you having a good day? Are you enjoying life?

Average person: Yeah I guess.

Intelligent person: Well, I suppose my day was rather better than usual, I got my paycheck, washed the car, and someone even complimented my hair, but my hair didn’t look particularly good at the time… Perhaps he were making fun of me? Ah well, overall, I’m doing fine

Commercial: “Well, did you know that no one’s life is as good as it could be, unless they have the happy-fier, it’s like a stress ball, but for sadness!”. Clip starts rolling. we walk in on a sad looking man “I-I-I’m  sooo saad…” *covers face, starts crying* a happy-fier pops up in front of him out of no where *Gasps, picks up ball curiously and starts squeezing it slowly* “What is this?” *Squeezing intensifies* “This is amazing! Somehow, I’m not sad anymore! In fact, I’m… Happy!” *Looks at feet, surprised, feet start to smoke* *feet shudder, man blasts off with happiness* Words pop up on screen Buy a happy-fier, It makes you Blast off with happiness! Batteriesnotincluded doesnotcuredeppressionanxiatyorsadnessingeneral sideaffecsmayincludebutarenotlimitedtonauseadizzinessheadachefeveranddeath

Average person: Cool! I’m gonna go out and buy one right now!

Intelligent person: What kind of false advertised rubbish is this? They are purposely targeting naive, weak minded people, and stealing their money! 

I hope you enjoyed my little skit



*None of this is meant to be taken offensively, if you do, well then, Fight me! But seriously, lighten up.

St. Paul and The Broken Bones and Converse

Hello there you anonymous pumpkin dances (Hello there submitted by ArmyOfLamps)

Today I went to a local radio station (Lightning 100) and saw a mini-concert by, as the title suggests, St. Paul and The Broken Bones. There was a trumpeter there as well who was fantastic. The whole band did amazing, and the singer’s voice was incredible.

In other news, for the past few days I’ve been searching the internet for a pair of Gorillaz Converse in my size. Unfortunately, they came out almost 5 years ago and there are barely any left in ANY size. So I was thinking I could attempt to draw something cool on the next pair of Converse I get, which will be white so I can add my own decorations. On them, I want to have a TØP symbol, 2D’s head, and some other stuff. But my worry is that whenever it rains, the designs will just fade away. The solution to that is to use permanent marker, but that means that I’ll have to find someone who can draw something perfectly first time in permanent marker ON A SHOE.

Also I’m interested in the piano, so I’m gonna go bug Brendan to teach me.

Dictionary Taboo:

It’s usually a rectangle that can be used for being temporarily deactivated. And it’s not a coffin. It has other things on it used for comfort and warmth.

Thanks for reading all the way to the bottom of the post :3


Hello There You Contest

Hello there you……..

Help! I’ve run out of hello there you’s!

So, I’ve decided to make a sort of contest thing, only every single entree will be used in a future post!


-Appropriate  (I think there might be some kids reading this blog?? Just in case)

-One or two words (adjectives don’t count as words)

-Must be submitted by next week!

Just leave a comment down below with as many entrees as you want and they’ll be used!

In the posts, I’ll include a link to whoever commented the entree’s blog!

I hope to have at least 5 or 6 entrees by next week, so don’t forget to post a comment, even if it’s super weird and you’re just making it up as you type.

Thanks for reading all the way down to the bottom of the post even though it was pretty short :3


Heavy Eyelids 

Another song I made. Sorry you can’t hear the way it’s supposed to be sung by reading it, but we hope to record some of these songs as soon as we can.

You’d think after all these years
Of practicing every night
I’d be little bit better
At getting to sleep

My eyes droop down
Then flick back up
As my brains gears
Twist and turn

My mind begins to drown
In darkness
But then a thought
Rouses me back to life

Why do you give me this strife
I just wanna sleep
Staying awake in the night
Just makes me want to weep
I just want no more light
No more bright to seep innnnn
I just want to fall into a deep sleep
Before the morning sun begins to creep
Over me.

Right as I begin to lose my grasp
On consciousness I’m hit with a flash
I reawaken with a gasp
And my sleep fizzles like fresh ash
The fire in my brain
That is being awake
Reignites itself miserably
Fighting against the sleepy rain
And I’m right back where I lain before
I got to sleep

Staring up at the ceiling
Wondering why my eyes gravitate up
My ears are hit with an indistinct wailing
It’s me, my minds meak rhymes are leaking
Sound pollution into the air around us
To everyone else it’s no big fuss
But to me, it’s all I hear
The sounds of my sleepless melodies
Echo around the empty chamber of my mind
Sleep winks at me, but it’s just a tease
As the sounds bellow in my skull
I wanna know what kind
What kind of person hears that
My eyes start to feel a bit dull

Why do you give me this strife
I just wanna rest
Staying awake isn’t right
sadly the sleep was a jest
Yet with all of my might
All my fight I can’t close my eyes

And the morning sun is up
Against my face is its gleam
And then I realize
I did sleep
This was all just a bad dream


If you got down here, tell me which one you liked better, this or Hi-Fi in the comments.

Thanks for reading all the way to the bottom :3