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ya girls’ been makin a whole lotta music so i’d really appreciate it if you would go have a listen here and give me some feedback.

by feedback i mean what you like and what you don’t like. (don’t forget to name what song you’re giving feedback on in the comments).

the songs i mainly want some feedback on are ‘wild waves,’ ‘steamboat willie,’ and ‘coffee shop.’

thanks b.



I love Star Wars

I was reminded of this fact when the first real trailer dropped for Star Wars Episode VIII.

This trailer has so much to examine with my newly acquired film knowledge (I went to a summer camp where we learned about the detective in film, novel, and in method) and it has been my YouTube obsession to learn everything I can about this trailer.

My father is with me on this and together we tried our hand at dissecting this trailer. My Mom, however, is against anything of this nature. Dissecting the trailers can lead to a spoiler experience on the watchers part (she claims) and so she avoids doing so.

Image result for the last jedi poster
if you look closely the shape of all the people make up a mask of Darth Vader. Google it, seriously.

I enjoy dissecting a trailer because I feel like I am making new discoveries and unraveling the thinking of the film-makers. But I don’t know which I like more. The worst part is because I’m on the fence I don’t want to waste a Star Wars movie testing whether going in blind will help. I’m stuck.

But on the plus side there’s an amazing looking Star Wars movie that comes out in 2 months so the hype train has left the station!

Which would you people prefer (perfectly poised pros if you ask me)? Leave your answers in the comments below, I’ll pick my favorites when ever I check.

Thanks for reading this miraculous post (because I never post, get it?), and as I said a couple of weeks ago:

It’s time for the posting…………… to end.Image result for luke its time for the jedi to end


New Nerd and Brother Episode Out!

Nerd and his brother2


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Website: nerdandbrother.com

Who says I never post?


Free Lunch #48 (more more edition)

Hello there you awesome smelling pizzahaired chaps! (Hello there you submitted by faraztunezhaidr.) It’s Friday which means it’s time for another Free Lunch! If you don’t know what that means, I just type for 5 minutes on either my phone or laptop. This time it’s my phone, so this will be pretty short.

Starting at 10:31.

Not much has happened since Wednesday. Luckily I managed to finish all of the school work that was due on Thursday, and as of now, all of my grades are a-ok. I haven’t been working much on composing lately, but I hope to turn that around soon. Tomorrow i’m going downtown with my family and we’re going to eat pizza and walk around. On Sunday i’m going to my friend’s second birthday party. The first was last week, and we went a bunch of cool places (bowling, arcade, escape room). This time we’re just going to go to his house and eat cake and play video games probably.

Also, the next Undertale Free Lunch will be out within the next few weeks. Probably. If it isn’t then remind me if you actually want it.

I also want to take a moment to address all the inactive authors. I don’t know if anyone but me is ever going to post again. Jamie says he has nothing to say. No word from Maz or Jordan, and Victoria is still doing her treatment I think. I’m not sure if this is going to change anytime soon.

That’s the end of this Free Lunch.

Thanks for reading it.



Hello There You Contributions From You 2!

Hello there you….

Oh no! I’ve run out of hello there you’s. Again!

Do you think maybe you guys could comment your own Hello There You’s?


Nothing super inappropriate (again there might be kids reading)

Don’t recycle ones from last time.

They should be formatted Hello there you [however many verbs you need] [noun].

I hope we get just as many awesome entries as last time!



Homer Answer

He’s a shoe!


Homer Riddle

What is significant about this Homer Simpson head replica?

Answer will be revealed tomorrow!

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The Outsiders Review – Top Shelf Book Reviews #2

Hello there you snowshoes. It’s time for the lowly anticipated second edition of this new book review series! Today i’ll be reviewing The Outsiders!

I’m only just realizing that essentially i’ll be only reviewing my favorite books in this series. Given that it’s the books on my top shelf, and I put books up there that I enjoy a lot, there won’t be too many bad scores.

My mom was apparently obsessed with this book when she was a teenager so she got me to read it when I was 11. I didn’t really understand it, and I thought Dally and Darry were the same person… I still came away with a positive view on the book though.

However, my ELA teacher has assigned this book to us for work stuff this year, and I reread it! This time I could tell the characters apart, and understood what they were talking about! While this book probably doesn’t make my Top 5, it’s definitely up there!

As for the plot development, from what I read, it all takes place within about a week or a week and a half. The story is spaced out pretty well and it doesn’t ever drag on. The characters are well implemented, and manage to stay relatable decades later through the fact that they are mostly detailed variations on popular archetypes. They seem alive in the book, and keep the story interesting even when rereading the book.

The resolution of the plot is done well and [minor spoiler] the loop that it makes at the end with Ponyboy starting to write his book is pretty cool.





The deaths at the end of the book are enough to satisfy any person who reads sad stories 😦





Overall, I rate this book 8.5/10, subtracting points for timely slang that isn’t so timely anymore and Ponyboy not really resolving things with Cherry.

Thanks for reading this hastily thrown together book review 😀

Dictionary Taboo:

Extremely complex and difficult to follow.



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Dramatized Story

Hello there you drama llamas.

I walked into class, completely unprepared for the horrors that would befall me that day. While taking my regular seat, I was hit with a tidal wave of fear that was probably trying to warn me of the future. The door slammed against the wall, and in walked Iverson wearing a leather jacket, with brass knuckles and a brand new skull tattoo on his arm. While flexing, he picked up the teacher and threw him out the nearest window, with the teacher’s shrieks echoing through the school. I quickly crouched down under a table along with my classmates, and his eyes narrowed, searching for a target. He quickly singled me out and sauntered over to where I was trying to hide. He pulled out his blue mechanical pencil, used previously to slaughter my best friend, and stabbed me once in the arm. While I was pinned to the ground, my blood gushed out and my vision blurred to a red haze. He pulled the mechanical pencil out and the blood stream seemed to amplify. He then stabbed me once more in the finger and I lost consciousness.

What really happened though, was we got into class normally and sat down. I then picked up his mechanical pencil on the bottom end by the lead. He grabbed the other end and started banging the pencil on the table. My finger slipped under the lead and he stabbed me before I noticed I had been stabbed. We only noticed after he stopped and I saw that blood was coming out of my pinkie. We went to the bathroom and put a wet paper towel around it, then to the office to get a bandaid. Later we discovered that he had actually gotten me twice before I noticed.

Everything turned out alright though!

Thanks for reading, don’t have time for a Dictionary Taboo!