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Free Lunch #36

Hello there you sad sailors. Today I forgot to post due to the reasons about to be disclosed in this post.

Starting at 10:11.

(Hi its jamie!! Im here and with riley during this post folow me)

That was Jamie’s cameo, and now it’s 10:11. So now it’s back to me. Today was the second day with Jamie at the lake in Alabama. I tried water skiing for the first time today, and I did terrible..

Luckily though, I did do well while tubing. Not the lame river tubing for hipster wannabes (as Jamie warmly refers to it) but it was a tube attached to the end of a motor boat, and we zoomed around the lake. It was fun. Ooooooooh. I watched the first episode of Sherlock tonight and I liked it a lot! I can draw a lot of similarities between detectives in fiction (Sherlock, L, Batman, Jamie). That’s really interesting to me, seeing how people develop the character of genius detectives.

Because this turned out to be quite a short Free Lunch and I feel bad, here’s the first dictionary taboo in a while.

Dictionary Taboo:

A type of camera shot where the camera is set at an angle on its roll axis so that the shot is composed with vertical lines at an angle to the side of the frame, or so that the horizon line of the shot is not parallel with the bottom of the camera frame. This produces a viewpoint akin to tilting one’s head to the side.


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Free Lunch #35

Hello there you emboldened signals of distress. Today is Tuesday, so that means it’s time for another Free Lunch. If you don’t know what that is, basically I just get a device and type for 5 minutes, trying not to stop. I’m typing on a computer that isn’t mine now, so i’ll have to edit in the pictures on my phone afterwards. This doesn’t really effect you at all, so I don’t know why I shared it.

Starting at 6:49.

Earlier this morning, and then well into the afternoon, I went on a Pokemon Adventure with Jamie throughout the city. It was fun, I got a ton of XP, ate some Wendy’s, which I haven’t had in a long time, and caught a Moltres!

Now would also be a good time to mention that on the day I was leaving Oak Ridge I was able to nab this Lugia!

This means that I currently have all of the Legendary Birds released in Pokemon Go so far, and Zapados shouldn’t be too difficult to catch.

In other news, that WordPress Album project seems to interest a lot of people, so I think it might actually happen! What started as a stray idea has now grown to a half stray idea.

In other, other news, in Clash of Clans we were generally doing well, but then we’ve lost two wars in a row. Luckily, our match now seems pretty easy, so we will probably be able to take them out easily.

In other, other, other news, on Piano, i’m learning a song from one of my favorite video games, To The Moon. The song is Having Lived, and you can listen to it here. I will probably make a video on my YouTube channel and feature it here once I can play the whole song to perfection. It’s one of my favorite piano songs right now 😀

That’s going to be all for today, as my time is up. This is a pretty lengthy post compared to how long the regular Free Lunch is, so I hope I maintained readership all the way to the bottom.


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Free Lunch #34

Hello there you Shinigami. Today is Tuesday, so that means it’s time for another Free Lunch! If you don’t know what that means, basically I just type for 5 minutes without stopping.

Starting at 8:57.

In the last few days, I have started watching Death Note, which is an anime! It’s supposedly made by the same people who created Attack on Titan, and I like it a lot! The premise is very interesting, and I feel that the premise of any work of fiction is the thing that most hooks me. Don’t worry I won’t write your names down..

In other words, today I recieved my copy of How to Ruin Everything by George Watsky, and i’m already almost finished with it. If you don’t know who Watsky is, I advise you go listen to some of his music. If you do know who he is, then you understand how well his lyrical abilities would translate to an actual formatted book. If you all want me to do a review on the book, just like the post 😀

Today in Pokemon Go, I caught a Pinsir on my normal walking route, and it has the second most CP of all my Pokemon currently.

Thanks for reading all the way down to the bottom of this post :3456789


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Free Lunch #33

Hello there you eggnog corndogs. Today is Friday so that means it’s time for another Free Lunch! If you don’t know what that means, I just get a device and type for 5 minuted without stopping.

Starting at 4:13.

Yesterday I didn’t do much aside from finishing The Book of Heroes, writing that review, and working for a few hours at my mom’s story booth at the farmer’s market. I was thinking that today would be more productive, but it’s already 4:14 and I’ve done much, much less. I wrote tomorrow’s post, and that’s really it. I think i’ll go on a walk and play Pokemon Go after this, because I haven’t been playing that much, and I need to step up my activity if I want to get to Level 27 by the time school comes back.

Right now i’m watching Good Mythical Morning, the one with ‘Will it Corndog?’. Hence today’s Hello there you. If anyone has any ideas for more Hello there you’s, submit some in the comments!

I have nothing to type for you right now. Oh yeah. I finished Season 2 of Attack on Titan last night, and I eagerly await the 3rd season coming in 2018!

I’m out of time because I typed slowly on my phone this time. See you in tomorrow’s music post!


Free Lunch

Free Lunch #32

Hello there you online mp3 files. It’s Friday so that means it’s time for another edition of Free Lunch! If you don’t know what that means, luckily for you, you have me to explain it to you. It’s actually pretty boring. I just get on my phone or laptop (laptop today) and try to write for 5 minutes without stopping.

Starting at 5:35.

I have been working a lot on music the last few days (which you can listen to here 😀 😀 😀 pls), and I’ve realized that I have almost everything I need to record anything. Jamie has a microphone that I would hope that he’d let the band use for recording the album, we both have acoustic Guitars, even if mine sucks. We both have keyboards —

*got a phone call and had to talk so i’m restarting at 5:40*

Before I was interrupted, I was talking about how despite my own belief, we actually have almost everything we need to record the album. The only thing I can think of is an Electric Guitar, which would be awesome, but isn’t a necessity. So the album should still be out later this Winter.

In other musical news, (sorry non-musical people, you’ll just have to wait) we’re putting out another short collection of songs on the old account, which is now named “Team RSB” on Soundcloud. It’s mostly just weird experimental made by me mixed in with nice 8 bit music made on iDARB by Brendan and Saoirse. It’s okay, and it should be out tomorrow or the next day, so i’ll leave a link in whichever day’s corresponding post.

Aside from that, I can’t decide which game to play next. I finished To The Moon and it was pretty amazing. Definitely makes one of my top 5 games i’ve ever played. So help me pick a game to play now! Here’s a nice poll to choose the next game I play!

In my life, not much is happening, aside from the paid audio editing work i’m going to be doing for my mom’s project with the city. I may be going to Oak Ridge soon again, so i’ll be able to make another Undertale No Food.  I also recently got into Big Bang Theory and it’s pretty funny.

My time is up, it’s 5:45.

Thanks for reading this post that should be slightly longer than the usual Free Lunch :3

Dictionary Taboo:

the sweet and fleshy product of a tree or other plant that contains seed and can be eaten as food


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Free Lunch #31

Hello there you soothing lullabies.

It’s Tuesday, and based on the current schedule, so it’s time for a Free Lunch. If you don’t know what that is, I just type for 5 minutes without stopping.

Starting at 6:29.

Today started off pretty bad, but has worked itself back up to an okay. If someone asked how my day was I would just say goose.

I watched a few more episodes of Attack on Titan, and now i’m up to Season 2 Episode 2. It’s a very exciting show. I would recommend it if anyone cares what I recommend ssc.

About an hour ago, I listened to most of Flogging Molly’s new album, but got bored of it after a while. So I decided to put on Watsky’s Self Titled! It’s pretty good, but I got bored of that too, so i’m going to just listen to piano for a bit.

I have a huge stack of books waiting to be read currently, and today I was able to knock off two ATLA graphic novels. I still have 4 books to read..

Fever Code


Tokyo Ghoul Vol. 2

Where Things Come Back

I’m about halfway through both Fever Code and Neverwhere, but honestly I gave up reading Fever Code a while ago because it’s too sad. But i’ve decided to try and finish it because why not.

The five minutes is up now, so i’ll see you all tomorrow in another post!

Dictionary Taboo:

A curtain hung in a doorway, either to replace the door, or as decoration.


Free Lunch

Free Lunch #30

Hello there you lighter fluids. I just walked out of a building and it feels like the temperature just went up 20 degrees. It’s Friday, or at least it is in my timezone, so that means it’s time for another Free Lunch! That means I type for 5 minutes without stopping.

Starting at 1:12.

Yesterday was not that great for me, but today is a little bit better so far. I’ve been “working” a story booth for my mom both days, so it’s been pretty interesting. Yesterday was a Farmers Market, and today is at a place called Casa Azafrán.

I’m thinking that I will tag this post with every attention-screaming tag I can think of just as an experiment.

Such tags include: Writing, Poetry, Beauty, Books, Poem, Poems. You know. The usuals ssc.

On that ssc, I need to tell you what that means. Due to me being sick of typing lol and not laughing, I invented ssc!

ssc stands for silently smiles cooly. It’s much better than lol in every way.

I’m sorry that this post was quite short but I was kinds busy while writing it out on my phone.

Thanks for reading anyways.

Dictionary Taboo:

A small adult that poops their pants and screams a lot.


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Free Lunch #29

Hello there you Clair De Lune’s. It’s Tuesday so it’s time for another boring post!

How this bore works is I get a device and type for 5 minutes with out stopping. But it has to make sense, so I can’t just spam random letters.

Starting at 12:41.

Although June is the month of my birthday, it usually doesn’t have a lot going on for it. Aside from the few important or fun things that have happened this month, like the poem reading, going to Oak Ridge, waterpool, and birthday stuff, all the normal days have kind of been a drag. It’s too hot to play Pokemon Go for more than like an hour without needing to head back for water and rest.

Though instruments offer an escape from boredom, it’s pretty boring to just practice for a long amount of time. So I usually end up practicing Piano in the morning, Trumpet in the middle of the day, and Guitar at night, with all the rest of summer activities (like sweating and melting) around those.

Also, since no one cared to answer last time, i’ll ask for suggestions again. Leave a comment if you have time suggesting a song for me to play on Piano, Guitar, or Trumpet. Don’t make them too difficult please lol.

Time is up for today, see you tomorrow for another post.

Dictionary Taboo:

A large, usually tawny-yellow cat.


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Free Lunch #28

Hello there you vampire slayers. The sunburn and tiredness is mostly gone now so I can hope to make a good post. Every Tuesday since I changed the schedule of Free Lunch, I’ve forgotten to post. But I will post today!

If you don’t know the rules to Free Lunch, basically I get a device and try to type for 5 minutes without stopping. This is a very old tradition dating back to 2016.

Starting at 9:49.

Yesterday as you know, I went to the wavepool. I got really sunburned and tired but it was super fun. I went on one of the two tall waterslides there, and it wasn’t fun! It hurt my back a lot, and I couldn’t see anything most of the time. Aside from that, the actual wavepool was really fun, and the other shorter slide was nice.

I’ve also started a new anime, Attack on Titan. I watched the first episode yesterday, and i’m going to watch the second one today because it was really interesting. Unfortunately i’m used to being babied and watching dubbed animes, and this one doesn’t have on option for that, so i’m back to reading subtitles.

In game and Youtube news, I think I might add speedruns for the other quests in Kindergarten, so vote in this poll if you want me to.

My laptop has had a surge in activity as of late, with the download of Kindergarten, and a different game with a really long title by the guy who made Stanley Parable. Another game I hope to get within the next few weeks is Rakuen, which seems really interesting based on the game description on Steam.

My time is up for today, I hope you enjoyed this post 😀

Dictionary Taboo:

the transmission and reception of electromagnetic waves of radio frequency, especially those carrying sound messages.


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Free Lunch #27

Hello there you blue screens of death. It’s Friday, so that means it’s time for Free Lunch! If you don’t know what that means, I basically just type for 5 minutes without stopping on Tuesdays and Fridays.

Starting at 8:38.

I felt like I did a lot of things done today and did a great job with productivity, but looking back, all I really did was play music at the library, buy a video game on Steam, and get to Level 26 on Pokemon Go.

 This all sounds very feeble when I write it down like this, but it felt like a ton to me.

The video game in question is Kindergarten, which is a game that just got out of Early Access on June 15th! It was a contest between buying this or Rakuen, so next time I’m getting that. Unless I want to play To The Moon too much. Give me advice xD
At the library, I played mostly Guitar but some Piano for about 2 and a half hours. I know i’m going to get an Electric Guitar for my birthday so i’m really excited about that. In honor of this, send a request for me to cover a song with the new guitar.

Pls make them easy, I’m still bad at Guitar.

For example, something too hard would be Smells Like Teen Spirit or Bohemian Rhapsody. Just leave your suggestion and i’ll tell you if it’s possible for me.

Anyways, thanks for reading all the way down to the bottom of this post :3

Dictionary Taboo:

An effusively enthusiastic or ecstatic expression of feeling.