Happy 2017 Everybody! Plus 299 Followers!


For the record, we are actually only at 299 followers, so i’m not sure why Jamie put out that post saying we were at 300 lol.

But for the amazing milestone of 299, I’ve noticed something amazing. Today, go and check your computer to see what the date is. It will say 1/1/17, in meaning how 1+1+17*15.7368421053=299. Isn’t that a crazy coincidence, that OUR blog is at 299 followers, and that simple math sentence of the date equals 299?

Heheh, horrible jokes aside, thanks for bringing me this far guys.

Alas, it’s time for a poll!

For the New Year, i’m reviving two series! And you guys get to vote on which ones are resurrected from the grave :D. You get three votes apiece because WordPress wouldn’t let me give you two..

Whichever two series have the most votes in three days get to come back for weekly or biweekly posting!

Thanks for reading to the bottom and don’t forget to vote ;D



New Series: Blog

For this new series of posts Ima try something I haven’t tried before. I’m just going to post about whatever I feel like. If I’m sad or happy or I made some cool Origami. Or if I want to recommend a book.

… WA!?!?!?

Hey Cheeses guess what just snuck up on me … ITS THIS BLOG’S TWO YEAR ANNIVERSARY!!!! To celebrate, for reals this time, I will start writing stories and posting more again like I used to. Also, i’d like to thank some people who helped me get this far. I know every one of you have helped me in some way by following me and giving me encouragement, but these are a few special cases. BTW these are all old bloggers.

Argon – Argon was one of the very first people who ever followed me, and my first author, he is inactive now, and I don’t know why but I want everyone to go give his site a view boost right now to get him to come back! The New Block

StookyLukey (AGH COME BACK) My very best friend from the good old days, he was an author, a SUPER folder, and a minecrafter. But alas, he abandoned WordPress to go play YouTube and I haven’t heard from him since I designed his intro. Stooky Origami , Stooky Youtube

Sebastien from SebatienCraft – He was also an author back when I first started and he helped and gave feedback and supported me when I needed support. I’m not actually sure if he is still inactive as I have seen a couple posts from him lately, but never the less! Sebastien Craft

Also I would like to thank every single one of my followers for helping me get this far, just because you weren’t included in this post doesnt mean im not acknowledging you. Everyone rocks!

On a side note, does anyone know some program I can use to record an I-Pad Mini?

Look Out For The Starlight Blogger contest thingy! It’s coming soon…

Differences Between Superheroes

Superman is superpowered

Captain America is sorta superpowered

Superman is from the DC universe

Captain America is from the Marvel Universe

Superman wears Red, Blue and Yellow

Captain America wears Red, White, and Blue

Superman is from Krypton

Captain America is from an Ireland as an immigrant.

Superman is in the Justice Leauge

Captain America is from the Avengers

Thanks For Reading!!!! 

Views are back up! Let’s keep it that way!


I’m making a new book! And idea’s…

I have an idea on how to post better! I’ll have a specific post for each day! As well as the normal weird flow of posts that come out of my mouth and into the screen, there will also be a scheduled post for each day. Here’s the list!

Monday: Ideas And Updates

Tuesday: Minecraft Post (Servers, Redstone, ect)

Wednesday: Dum Cheese Story

Thursday: Difference’s Between Superheroes (Now A Series!)

Friday: Total Drama: Rileys Backpack Style (Finally Back)

Saturday: Life Post

Sunday: Origami Post

This will be starting next Monday!

Remember, keep up the views and read the posts!

Sorry I Am…

Gotten to post I have not…

Hopefully soon I will have my own computer…

(Gee I sure wish ftfhero and StookyLukey would post so they don’t get kicked off…)

Every Picture Ever!

Differences Between Scarecrow and Nightwing

Nightwing beats criminals up.

Scarecrow beats heroes up.

Nightwing protects the innocent.

Scarecrow gasses the innocent.

Nightwing uses Night Sticks.

Scarecrow uses poison gas.

Nightwing used to be Robin.

Scarecrow used to be a physiologist.


Happy Birthday To Me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yay! It’s my birthday!!!!!!! Yay! Gifts in any form are appreciated! (Such as shout-outs, congrats, whatevers ect.) 5 Likes for my Birthday! YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Happy Eleventh Birthday to me! I finally get to be Matt Smith!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Differences between Superman and Lex Luthor

Superman is good.

Lex Luthor can be evil.

Superman has super powers.

Lex Luthor doesn’t.

Superman can save the world.

Lex Luthor could too. If he wanted to.

Superman is deathly allergic to kryptonite.

Lex Luthor wears kryptonite to keep Superman away.

Superman isn’t rich.

Lex luthor is extremely rich.

Differences between Batman and The Joker

Joker is completely insane.

Batman is kinda sane.

Joker has murdered thousands of people.

Batman has murdered 1 person.

Joker wears bright purple, orange and yellow with green hair.

Batman wears blue, grey, black and sometimes dark purple.

Joker is pure evil.

Batman is (kinda) good.

Joker survived the acid.

Batman didn’t touch the acid.