The website is live!!! Go to it here!!!! 

I’m so excited, just go there and look around, leave a comment under podcast if you want to.

So yeah, I hope you visit, and the first podcast will be up May 1st. 

That’s all for this announcment, and as I don’t say often enough:

I can’t even think of something funny I’m so excited for the program 😀

P.S-comment nabur rules if you actually read this post!

List of Things That..

annoy me.

  1. Sniffing

When I was in fourth grade, my mom grounded me for a week for sniffing. SNIFFING! Ever since then I relished sniffing because it was such a rebellious act for me. But recently I came around, and you can thank Riley for that. During the car rid to school today he sniffed like CRAZY. So now it makes the list. Always carry tissues.


2. Ageist People

Specifically people who talk down or ignore kids. Like teachers at school. Some kids have actual intelligence (and are even as smart as the teachers) but they are not taken seriously. This is called benevolent prejudice where people view kids or the elderly as “friendly” but “incompetent”. This is based on a survey by Age Concern. And it annoys me to no end!

3. People or publications who say stuff just to be woke.

Okay. Whenever I try to explain this I end up offending people, so bear with me here.

When somebody blames it on the old white men simply because some old white men are guilty of some bad things. When somebody takes an issue with something just to be hyper correct. A great example of this is the whole “if you avoid making eye contact you are racist” story that was in the news a couple of days ago. If you don’t no about that, the short of it is that Oxford University published a study that if you avoid making eye contact with someone from the other race you are committing a micro-aggression. Here is a link, also Philip Defranco covered it here. Or when someone is angry because a lift driver has a Hawaiian bobble head. It happened!

And I think I’m going to end it here before I offend more people 😀

If you want me to make another list of things then comment it!

I’ll talk to you probably soon and as I most definitely say:

Wikipedia is a source!!!!

A cosmic LAY #12

Hello, and welcome back to Life and You, where I am running out of ways to explain Life and You.

So, I prepared a Haiku to explain to the new people what it is that I do here.


From hot tea to Pokemon

Answers questions too!

With that out of the way, let’s start with some questions!

Riley asks:

How long do you think each season of NABUR will be.

Well Riley, I think the short answer is go with the flow. Have conversations, play games, do fun stuff, and record it, and publish it to the internet. I think the episodes are a lot better when you are there also, and you might be in 1 out of every 2-4 episodes (episodes released every 2 weeks) so maybe throughout the summer, and then again throughout winter.

Victoria inquires:

What’s your favorite constellation/star/planet/astronomical thing and why?

Venus is probably my favorite star.

xD Seriously though, probably Orion’s Belt. Something about it is just very cool to me.

And that finishes off questions, if you want me to answer your question leave it in the comments 😀

I have an update on my poll from last week. Technically Other won, but one of the Others was Guitar so it wins with 3 votes!

And now about life.

On Saturday I had a bunch of people over and we played Mario! It was fun even though Victoria and Jordan caused significant property damage spilling drinks xD.

Then Riley stayed the night and we had fun, recorded a podcast, and it was a good weekend.

I listened to a lot of podcasts and music over the past week, and my friend Henry got a phone!

I guess that does it for this the 12th edition of LAY.

So my question I pose to you is, what is your favorite thing to do in your free time, like a hobby?

Cya real soon, and as I always say:

arrange in all different of hues


“So inspirational! A must-read”

“Unbelievably touching”

“Well written”

“The grammatically incorrect story is a very interesting choice”

But leaves a part of it up to your own imagination. A certainly unique idea, leaving you on the edge of your seat!”

“The fact that they slipped a $20 bill in my book before I wrote the review was a nice individual flair.”

All of these are fake reviews for my totally real book, The Chronicles of Luca’s Great Adventure, co-written by me and Victoria.

The full book will be out soon(and by soon I mean never) but I thought I would give you guys a sneak peak.

So here you go!

They’re was once a flying guitar Anna a man who told me that one day trading will suddenly b second mini bullets and the earth will be overrun by pizza because pizza is lover and everyone soups now do Rosa because Luca saved us from the second warhow hard that time was because there was no chicken only species of pie

Luca and I was just sent like a that the dad of two children and gnight are the only ones who are you still e I am not here for a long gmail there of the.

But this Luca my best installs the tie manning of formal friendship by befriending the pack ouch lunch that had pizza invite s now everyone lives in eternal happier.

Bit more problends artist i the third war because there was a group of prep put e who hate Luca the pizza master so they took a spree amd nutmeg ore I forever clams

Bitty Luca saved the day again because he smacks the bullies in the face with a Edgerton.

In the end though, Luca was a great woman and then I watched it she was a good great and good movie to me but she was is the only very true story I was like I had to a walk and then they were happy.

If you are very confused right now, let me explain. Basically apple has this thing on iMessage where it predicts what you are going to say. By typing in a few key words (Luca, pizza) and using predictive I texted this book. Victoria has an LG and they have something where if you drag your finger across the keyboard it makes works and thus her contributions.

As I sat down to write this post, I kept trying to talk about my day, so I’m going to publish LAY tomorrow. So, if you have a question for me, leave it in the comments!!!

So catcha later and as I always say:

Make the most of our clogs because you may never hop to Applebees again.


A Musically Infused LAY #11

Hey guys!

It’s Life and You time, where I talk about my life, and ask and answer questions from you.

Also before we start shout out to Cat for joining the blog, may the odds be ever in your favor for the war of the views. This might hurt me in the rankings but check out her most recent post here.


So about life. Today was alright, one of those days where you just wake up in a foul mood. I didn’t have tests today so that’s one positive thing. Also I listened back to the podcast we originally recorded and honesty I just hated it. We didn’t structure it well and I just sounded like an idiot. So I wrote a new episode plan and I hope you guys will like it. The direction I think the podcast is going to take is a conversation with games (think Wait Wait! Don’t Tell Me meets Ear Biscuits). So hopefully after my friends and I hang out on Saturday Riley can stay and record an episode (because the brother section of the podcast is just awkward by ourselves). And maybe if the podcast miraculously becomes extremely popular (cause who doesn’t want to hear kids ramble on about inconsequential things) we’ll release an Anthology of sorts with the cut episode and other outtakes.

The Nerd and His Brother,, and usually riley premieres Monday, May 1st and website will be up hopefully April 27th.


And question time!!!!!

Victoria (a.k.a bittersweetlyirrevocable) asks:

What is your favorite instrument and why?

I deliberated for a long time on this question (lol so long I didn’t put it in the last LAY) and I decided to make a top 3 list for you.

1) Piano

I play piano and while I am not good at it I absolutely love it. from Mozart to Joplin to Sinatra to McCartney to Joseph, any style of music can be made on the piano, and that wonderful range and diversity is why it ranks 1 on my list.

2) Guzheng

An ancient Chinese instrument Riley and I discovered in the fall, I also like the range of songs you can play on it. At school we actually saw guzheng player Wu Fei and she was amazing! The instument is so cool but so very expensive and looks incredibly difficult to learn, much less master. Here is a video of Wu Fei and Abigail Washburn playing a song we saw them perform live!

3) Saxophone

The saxophone is a very nice sounding instrument. While it is kind of limited to Jazz/background in a band, it is so soulful and sounds so cool. I also play saxophone, and I know it much better than I know piano.

Which is your favorite? Do you agree? Disagree? The question for you this week is in the form of a poll here.

And if you want your question in the next LAY or heck, maybe in the first Nerd and Brother podcast (premiering May 1st on soundcloud and on website), just comment on this post and I will see it and answer it!

That I think wraps it up for this post, stay tuned for the next LAY in about a week! Coming up next in my posting schedule is a book exclusively written through text co-written by me and Victoria.

So adios, and as I like to think I say:

Why can’t I do everything right in life, even if I did everything perfectly?

Comment the reason 😀

A relaxing LAY #10


Okay I lied. Maybe it isn’t going to be very relaxing. I am posting this at 9:00 PM my time, which is this blogs most viewed time of day. Getting those views!! Speaking of views, starting May 1st I will be on a daily post grind. I will post EVERY SINGLE DAY until the end of May, and maybe even after that!


Earlier this month my life turned upside down. And it is all because of this. Now this might seem anticlimactic, but try it! It is an awesome tea and reminds me of assorted product you can guess in the comments. 

*I put milk in my tea so you might not get the same taste without the milk. *

Also I have an update on my podcast. Delays were pushing it back, but it premieres May 1st. Website might be up before then!!!

Good Friday is coming up so no school!! Also Easter so yay!

Anyways the post is over now hope you enjoyed it!

As I monotonously type in to a computer everyday:

Can something taste numb? 

Key Polling Indicates Shift in Tone for James Blonde

Dear world,

Today I had a pretty good day, but Riley discussed pretty much everything that I would in his last post so look at that for the run down.

Because of shifting demographics, polling for my authorship on this blog has been on a steady decline over the past trimester. After consulting with my networking and data analyzing teams I have discovered one possible solution to boost my views.

Of course it would be foolish to share it with the internet now as all of my secrets will be released in the tell all book

“The Dog Ate my Homework: Scenes from Riley’s Backpack”.

Which you can preorder now here. Or here. Heck, you could even go here if you really wanted to. But definitely, DEFINITELY do not go here. No matter what you do.


Hey, I warned you!

xD shameless self promotion (and trolling) aside, I have recently discovered something AMAZING. It has changed my life and will no doubt change yours. But that is coming in the next Life and You so stay tuned (that was called baiting the viewer to watch future content)!!


Next LAY.

April 12th.

Mark your calendars.

I watched a sad but informative video today called ‘Why I don’t have a “Face Reveal” ‘ by Jaiden Animations and I encourage you to watch her videos (from what I’ve seen they are all great).

Let’s think.

I finished reading/analyzing Shakespeare’s Julius Caesar! I actually really like it and loved learning about the symbolism and everything Shakespeare used.

*My data analytics people advice me that Shakespeare does not boost retention throughout multiple posts. FINE!*

Blah Blah Blah adorable cat GIF

Image result for cat gif


Like comment subscribe time to spin the wheel of mythicality…..

As I always say:

You get the idea…

A confused and hyped LAY #9


I really don’t know a good intro.

Welcome back to Life and You, where I talk about life, and I ask about you!

So first of all a lot of people had different opinions on Beauty and the Beast. But this is Trump’s America, so I can just silence all opinions that don’t line up with mine.

xD now I get to tag Donald Trump :D. Bring in the clicks!!

In all seriousness, I’m glad people gave me new perspectives on parts of the movie. Maybe I was too harsh.

And next I broke my computer on April Fools day!

Image result for yay gif

So when I saw it my first thought was “Nice prank”

I left my computer on the floor and someone (probably me) stepped on it. I’m a fool, I know. Good news is it’s just the screen so I bought a replacement.

And something amazing happened….

NEW DOCToR WHO SErIES TEN TRaILeR MORE TENtH PLaNeT CYbERMeN!!!! Also a huge spoiler at the end so actually don’t watch it.

Next up in the week’s news is Rhett and Link’s Ear Biscuits! It is BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!! If you don’t know what Ear Biscuits is, it is basically Rhett and Link’s podcast that was gone last year but is now back! If you don’t know who Rhett and Link are…Image result for get out gif

I’m writing this at school during a break and there is a guy who keeps kicking me and he won’t stop and it’s really annoying. I apologize for the run on sentence. Also I have started watching Buffy the Vampire Slayer and it is awesome. I am working on convincing my parents to let me watch The Office (U.S) and Firefly.

Image result for well this is different gif

I don’t have any questions from anyone….

Moving on

I was a little behind on my March Books and I am finished with Magnus Chase but not nearly done with Brave Story.

And today I ask you people to tell me what April Fools pranks you’ve given/received/witnesses. I will tell you my INCREDIBLE STORY in the next LAY along with some commented April Fools Pranks.

Welp that does it and as I firmly believe:

Wait why does Peter Capaldi fight Tenth Planet Cybermen in the new series if the cyber men we have been seeing after the series 2 finale have not been cybus……

P.S actually I am very confused plz comment the answer.

Beauty and the Beast (2017)-REVIEW

Hello there you 

What’s up guys it’s time to clash 

Let’s jump RIIIIIIGHT into the news

Hey Guys!

Bonjour! I’m going with that.

First of all I have to post twice a week according to my schedule and it turns out I haven’t been doing it. So I am writing posts for the next half hour and will schedule them out 🙂

And next, I watched Beauty and the Beast over the spring break and I think I should review it since it’s a pretty big movie and I haven’t reviewed anything in a while.

DISCLAIMER-This post contains spoilers for Beauty and The Beast. If you for some reason haven’t seen Beauty and the Beast or don’t want to be privy to the minor changes in the live action one, click away.

And I think I need to address the elephant in the room. Emma Watson singing. Now Emma Watson is a great person and fights for women’s equality and all that, but that doesn’t change the fact that she is a mediocre actress. This mediocrity did not ruin the movie going experience for me, but at times it made the movie weaker.

And especially her singing at the beginning of the movie was AutoTuned and to me off-putting. The rest of the movie in singing was okay (by far the best song in the movie was Be Our Guest, a scene where Emma Watson just sits and acts surprised) but the Harry Potter actress just wasn’t the best choice for the role. They expanded the singing in the movie, so it confused me that they put someone who can’t sing especially well in the role.

Now to the other characters. I thought the Beast was pretty good, but I also thought the magical book that the Beast owns was unnecessary and just undercut the seclusion that the he was supposed to be in.

Also (and this was something that confused me in the original) the beast turns back human. As it was explained to me, The Beast was beautiful on the outside and wicked on the inside, then he was wicked on the outside and the inside, then Belle turned him beautiful on the inside but he was still wicked on the outside, and then after it had been clear for 15 minutes that Belle loved the beast, the Beast was turned beautiful on the outside and he was allowed to be rich and perfect. Confusing and to me against the message of the movie. Plus the whole character of Agatha in the reboot just seemed out of place.

On the note of confusing and against the message of the movie things, people have been outraged that LeFou was more openly gay in this movie. I say more openly gay because it was pretty clear to everyone that he had feelings for Gaston. Just like Smee and Captain Hook.  And if you are outraged about this, think about the message of acceptance that this movie preaches. And rethink.

Well that is my review. I enjoyed the movie, but I had very legitimate criticisms of it. Jamie Rating.

2.5/10 Defunct Arbitrators

Thanks for reading my post! If you have different opinions about the movie, let me know in the comments. But for now ,

Goodbai, and as I always say:

And I preganenant????!