New NABUR out + slight updates

So as you know from the title of this post the Series 1 Finale of NABUR is out, and it is slated to return Fall-ish (when we can record with more people basically).

One thing to remember, this week it is out ONLY on our website, and will be on iTunes later in the week/next week and next season will be on iTunes as well and we will try for Google Play. Also here is a poll of what new content you want next (specific posts not vague future content) after my LAY which will be Friday.

So to reiterate:

Post Schedule is one wild card post once a week,  one LAY once a week-ish.

All post options for the polls will be posted in the coming weeks, but the one with the most votes will be first, second most votes will be second, and so on and so forth.

So that is a wrap on today, cya real soon!

Like I said once:

If I am a Nerd and a Brother, is Eliot just a personification of my childhood loneliness manifesting itself in a brother that loves and cares about me because only a figment of my imagination could love me? But if he is just a fictional person then I am not even a brother so the whole podcast is based on a lie.

Leave your answer in the comments, below!!


Thinking about Thinking

Also known as meta-cognating. 

Lately I have been thinking about thinking a lot, and I guess right now I’m thinking about writing about thinking about writing about thinking about thinking.

Confusing, right?

Well thinking about thinking is lonely in a way, because I think that I’m just a brain separated from everything else in my body, except if I’m just thoughts do I even own my body, and how do I move and act?

Science explains the electronic pulses in my brain (A.K.A all of me since I am just thoughts) and all my movements, but doesn’t it seem like we are something more? Or is that just overconfidence and superiority complexes?

And why did I just switch tenses?

Ok this journey into my mind is probably either boring you or hurting your brain so that is all for now, Goodbye!

Oh and I nearly forgot, as I used to say long ago:

It’s time for the end.

A RazzBerried, Ultra-Balled LAY 15#

Ooh how long it’s been. 

Hello and welcome to life and you, written today by very tired large hands on a very small phone screen.

Today my focus is to think about spontaneous combustion. 

Spontaneous combustion is just what it sounds like, when a human spontaneously combusts. The main witness usually ends up dead due to, well, spontaneous combustion. This works out conviently for believers in this impossible act because they have an excuse for every unexplained death and crackpots can claim to have seen it. 

So spontaneous combustion, probably very unlikely. 

In the event that it does happen, I wonder a couple of  things.

1. Does the person know it is happening/starting or is the process instantaneous?

2. If the process gears up and is painful for an extended period of time, what thoughts might go through your head?

3. Do the organs just implode or does the body go boom as well?

If anyone has spontaneously combusted or witnessed a friend or loved one spontaneously combust, we would love to have you on the podcast.

Moving on, my day has been fine, thanks for asking. I have improved at skiing and playing Gin and Gin Rummy. 

If you have no interest in Pokémon go, skip down to the next time you see this picture

So I recently went to Orlando Florida to go to Disney World, but while I was there I did something much more important.

These two regional exclusive Pokémon both reside in southern Florida and thus they can into my possession!

My Herracross is good but has horrible IVs, my Corsola is just horrible. 

But in other news, my gyrados is inching closer!

I’ve made so much progress in large part because of stuff like this.

So for those of you still reading, are you excited for the solstice event and upcoming gym updates?

And now welcome back those of you who don’t enjoy Pokémon.

Well one think, Cat met josh dun how freaking insane is that. 

Another thing, roller coasters were fun and props to Riley for doing some at Dollywood.

So much more to talk about.. alas, a Life and You sometime in the future will have to do. 

And my question to you people:

What is the most ridiculous fear you have or belief you have?

I will share some next LAY and I’ll share mine!

Goodbye my loyal cheeses, and as I always say:

Pokémon are so good, but right now I’ve gotta chop some wood!

Trip is Done!

Hello old friends!

I am rested, rejuvenated, and most importantly READY to continue to post and create more!

Exclaimation points aside, I am probably going to make a twice weekly posting schedule with a LAY once and randomness other times if I am so inclined.

Look forward to a NABUR next Monday (family plans sorry!) and a life and you Tuesday. 

So if you are still here Hi!

And I will see you Tuesday or sooner.

On that note I wanna say thank you for reading and as I so frequently say:

Disney World was such good fun, but now I gotta run!

Bring Rhett and Link to Nashville TN

If you live in Nashville or want me to have eternal happiness then please sign this petition!!

And share if you want to help out!

Nothing to Post About

Nothing to post about

riddled with pointless doubts

so ill make poems that are deep

While my green tea begins to steep

This poem is supposed to be serious

I always feel delirious

I’m watching YouTube shows

I never get to hang out with my bros

I’m always so sad

While I watch ads for glad.

Disappointment is regular

Too lazy to find a rhyme for regular

Tag this post, make a sequel

Get enough views to make sub-par prequels.

Clash Royale Update!

It’s been a while since I posted Clash Royale So I though I would fill you in on recent events.
First of all the night witch challenge came out and with a lot of stressful battling I made it out with 12 wins and a new legendary! 

So I built this deck with my new night witch!

I then bought the bandit in the shop and built this deck:

Which I have had a lot of success with. I made it to a new trophy record with it!
And finally, the Clan Crown Chest yielded a new legendary:

I was not entirely thrilled but still it’s new!

I experimented and I changed my miner night witch deck to a graveyard deck and it’s been great as well.

So for the record 3 new legendaries in 24 hours!!

P.S podcast will be out today with special announcement at beginning, stay tuned!

I’ll see you with a daily dose of Disney Saturday with a DLAYed life and you, and as I’m saying even though I don’t know what it means:

Don’t de ja vu you self,

Don’t de ja vu your- dangit!

the REAL reason I haven’t been posting

It took me so long to make this amazing post!’

So hey (hi)!

Today after a long break of posting after a PEDIM failure, school is over and summer (and Tower of Terror) await.


I have about a week to hang out before it’s Disney time, and I am making it my goal to stay out of the house as much as possible. Staying out and active and doing something makes positive thinking and healthiness a lot easier.

So on the agenda:

1.Lots of Pokemon GO-ing (hopefully with Riley and/or other friends) and exploring the city on the city buses while doing that.

2. Hanging out with friends, whether at coffee shops or pool or above-mentioned  Pokemon hunting.

3. Cooking! I would like to cook more stuff and give it to people because I like giving people brownies to see the look on their face and if I don’t give anyone brownies rest assured I will eat them.

4. Lastly write posts/create new stuff for NABUR and projects. There has been a delay but a project Eliot and I (so NAB) are working on should be announced Friday and on a podcast in the future it will be further promoted. So stay tuned!

So that’s my list of stuff to do in my break before Disney trip and just during the summer.

Sorry for the scrambled posting schedule and bad news is it’s going to be worse with visiting family and vacations and whatnot.


I’ll try to post 2 times a week, one LAY, one something else.


With that being said, CQOTD (Comment Question of the Day) is:

What are you doing for summer?

So next LAY will have stuff for you to do during boring parts in the summer as well as poll results, book reviews, and a special recipe!

See ya (Cya) later and as if I hadn’t failed my one shot at view stardom:

doge Boy


Yes, it happened.


I failed my PEDIM promise.


Here’s the story.

After a long day of tests and projects at school, I came home to eat dinner, write PEDIM, and do my 5 packets and 2 projects I had to do (okay, still have to do). Then I fell in to a cycle of eating edamame drenched in hot sauce, panicking thinking I overdosed on hot sauce and was about to die, eating more edamame drenched in hot sauce, and drinking the bowl of hot sauce.

After this I thought my days were numbered, and as a drunk/stoned person might do, I thought the only thing I could do to redeem my life was take a nap. I fell asleep listening to GTLive, and woke up when my dad told me to clean my room and get to work. I did some work (not nearly enough) and then I fell back to sleep, PEDIM half written. My first thought when I woke up was of my failure, and I need to serve a punishment. I was thinking PEDIM 2.0 so for the rest of May I write two posts, but if you have a suggestion comment it down below!

That’s it for my failure, I hope your day wasn’t as failurific as mine, and as I unfortunately forgot to say yesterday:

post every day in may?

haha, no way!

Podcast Filled SSS

Scattered Stuff

I got to hang out with Riley and our friend Henry (who lives in Maine) and we recorded a NABUR that will go out in two weeks. Also I am very sorry to those of you who tuned in to the last NABUR. The ending got deleted and it messed up the flow of the entire thing xD.


So to sum it up, Eliot won the debate and we sang a great Share With Your friends that we will make sure to soon-ish.


Also you didn’t hear the Fandango Password so listen to the first one for that!


And I have an announcement on Friday!! Nit a huge on so don’t get your hopes up.


That concludes this very short podcast post.


Like I might say:

Rhett and Link’s Book of Mythicality!!!