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Hello there you Beatles. Tonight I am here to promote a song I made, which although pretty bad, still needs slight attention to soothe me. This was the song that you all voted on a long time, but I put the name as “End of The Road” or something similar, and I didn’t realize that it looked like it would be the end of the song I’d already made “The Road”, even though it was totally unrelated. Nonetheless, here it is now, on Soundcloud.

While i’m here, I suppose i’ll also apologize for the little hiatus of no posting from me. I just didn’t have anything to say.

Thanks for reading this post and hopefully listening to my song :3


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(Please Read and Vote) A Music Post

Hello there you prolonged awkward eye contact. This post is going to basically just be me rambling about my piano stuff, so if you aren’t interested in that stuff, don’t bother continuing.

As I am writing this, I have just sent Jamie a text about possibly separating E-Quality into two separate albums, a piano album and a regular one. Jamie agrees, so we might do that, but before we decide, you get to decide!

Before you vote though, here are some pros and cons.


1. People who only want to hear either one or the other get to choose.

2. It’s a little bit easier to structure when they are separated.

3. We can spread them out over more time, and spend more time perfecting them before releasing them. Plus you will get more songs than a grouped album.


1. We lose the power of the almighty musical interlude on the vocal album.

2. It will take a lot more time to finish the projects than if they were grouped together.

3. We could possibly lose our listeners that don’t exist yet if they aren’t a fan of the first to be released. They would probably avoid the second album if they didn’t like the first one.

That’s all of the pros and cons I can think of right now.

Please vote on this poll 😀

Thank you for voting 😀

If separated, these are the album tracks made so far.

Piano Album


Flower Flow *

Unnamed Song #1 **

Nightfall **

A Midsummer’s Ice Stream **

Jazz Spiderman **

Normal Album

The Road

Heartstrings *

Heavy Eyelids *

Alone All Along

Paper Flies *

* means they are finished, but will be edited.
** means they are not done being written.

As you can see, neither of these lists make it to album length, so it will be a while until we can call the separate “albums”, albums.

That’s all I can think to put into this post right now, so I’ll just thank you for reading and voting and be on my merry way.



Pokemon Go – Zapdos!


I Don’t Have Much Time

Hello there you growth and fixed mindsets. Tonight I don’t have a lot of time to write a post so you get this little explanation why, which will probably end up being long enough to count as a real post.

  1. Today my bus broke down. Again. Two days in a row! This caused me to be late home, and when I finally got home, I had about 15 minutes to eat dinner, and get ready for 2.
  2. I went to a Solar Eclipse talk at one of the libraries in my area. I was there for an hour and a half, and while I did gain some useful information about the upcoming eclipse, it felt like I left school, got on the bus, went home briefly, and then went back to school for a while. However, we did get some glasses that are approved to view the eclipse with! August 21st!
  3. By the time we eventually got home, it was 8:30. This leaves an hour for my siblings and I to use the laptop before we have to go to bed at 9:30. Of course I will only end up getting these 10 minutes to write this post, so I don’t have a lot of time to write quality content!

This concludes my post on not being able to post. I hope you enjoyed it.

Thanks for reading all the way to the bottom of this relatively short post, and have a good night.

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a statement of the exact meaning of a word


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School Saga #1

Hello there you Sheldon Coopers. Today was the first day of school for everyone writing on this blog currently. I can’t speak for them, but I can say that my overall feel from today was that this year is going to be more chaotic than ever. To start things off, my homeroom is Math, with a teacher I have heard is bad, but doesn’t seem as bad as she was made out to be originally. There are a ton of new students in class with us, and that was one of the most interesting things about today.



My band teacher from last year’s name wasn’t listed. Instead of Deaver, it said RAY! In case you were wondering, Ms. Deaver was the best band teacher of all time, and finding out that she isn’t going to be here this year was not a fun way to start the day. On top of that I was sitting by an annoying person almost the whole day, who kept being a jerk. On the bright side however, my friend Jett is joining us this year in our school. This is significant because last year he was home schooled.

Just like last year, I will take the city bus home everyday this year. Today I got on my normal bus and everything was going as it usually does. But then! The bus broke down while I was about halfway to my destination, and I had to leave it and catch the next bus at a nearby bus stop.

That’s pretty much everything I have to say for today, so thanks for reading these perfect three hundred words if you have 😀

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The universe seen as a well-ordered whole.



Saoirse’s New New Blog

Hello there you random pandas. That is a direct reference to the post ahead! For any of you who have been here long enough to remember Saoirse’s first blog, props to you!

This post, as you may have surmised based on the title and reference in the intro, is about my sister Saoirse making another blog. Hopefully this one will stick around longer than Saoirse’s Universe. Go and follow her here please 😀

In other news, school starts tomorrow..

If this post was too short to satisfy you, then click here to read the post before this!


Somewhere Else Poetry

Somewhere Else #9

Sunlight is draped over the room

In it comes, with the force of a typhoon

Those who thought to stare down it’s rays

Only ended up in a blind daze

On and on, day after day, week after week

Somewhere always felt the sun peek

Though often personified, it remained emotionless

Though never aware, it helped relieve stress

Though less appreciated, it kept doing it’s job

Through thick and thin, it will never stop



The New WordPress Band Blog!

Hello there you Kwik-E-Marts. This post is going to be relatively brief, but it should be exciting for everyone interested in that WordPress Music project! I created a blog for the project. Comment your email address on the first post on this website. Just so you know, none of the comments will be seen by anyone but me because I won’t approve them. I’ll add everyone that comments there as an author on the blog so that you can all post songs whenever you wish to.

That’s all for today’s post, i’m sorry if this doesn’t concern you and this is just annoying clutter in your WordPress reader.

Regardless, thanks for reading all the way down to here.


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Free Lunch #36

Hello there you sad sailors. Today I forgot to post due to the reasons about to be disclosed in this post.

Starting at 10:11.

(Hi its jamie!! Im here and with riley during this post folow me)

That was Jamie’s cameo, and now it’s 10:11. So now it’s back to me. Today was the second day with Jamie at the lake in Alabama. I tried water skiing for the first time today, and I did terrible..

Luckily though, I did do well while tubing. Not the lame river tubing for hipster wannabes (as Jamie warmly refers to it) but it was a tube attached to the end of a motor boat, and we zoomed around the lake. It was fun. Ooooooooh. I watched the first episode of Sherlock tonight and I liked it a lot! I can draw a lot of similarities between detectives in fiction (Sherlock, L, Batman, Jamie). That’s really interesting to me, seeing how people develop the character of genius detectives.

Because this turned out to be quite a short Free Lunch and I feel bad, here’s the first dictionary taboo in a while.

Dictionary Taboo:

A type of camera shot where the camera is set at an angle on its roll axis so that the shot is composed with vertical lines at an angle to the side of the frame, or so that the horizon line of the shot is not parallel with the bottom of the camera frame. This produces a viewpoint akin to tilting one’s head to the side.



Small Announcement About Posting

Hello there you salivating steaks. I’ve almost made it to the date I set for myself to stop posting everyday, but I think I’ve decided that I will probably continue posting every day anyways. Or at least most days. If you all want me to..

Tell me if you all care if I keep posting everyday in the comments 😀