how to: cure the school supply messiness epidemic


I know, one post after another…kind of unheard of for me!

But, I had something else that I’d like to talk about.

At around 10 PM last night, I got an unexpected burst of energy, and immediately took to all the Target bags in my room that I had been too lazy to touch before.

And what I had spent nearly 2 hours doing was organizing my entire backpack for school all from an impulse decision. School doesn’t start until Monday.

I’m kinda weird like that.

Actually, call me crazy, I love school supply shopping and getting things ready to go to school. (lemme know in the comments if you are the same way!)

There’s just something about starting a whole new year, getting whole new things…now that I really think about it in depth, I think it may be because i’m someone who likes the fresh start, clean slate feeling.

But wow, I didn’t just pick random folders and notebooks, I had a color theme, and a certain aesthetic. Literally all my school supplies (excluding the hole-puncher I got because i thought it was a stapler which was navy blue, my mini stapler that I will take which is teal, and my planner has some navy in it) are black and white with cool tumblr-esque designs, and it’s just pleasing to look all organized.

But then I know that every single thing I own will be a complete trashy mess by the end of the year, because I typically am a messy person, which contradicts the part of my attitude WHERE I LIKE TO ORGANIZE.

Also, since I’m a sentimental freak (oh my god, I will not throw anything away if it reminds me of a memory), I have kept all my binders and such SINCE 3RD GRADE. I mean, I don’t blame myself because it’s really entertaining to look at all my Warrior Cat/American Girl doll sketches when I was in 4th grade, or my ripped apart 5th grade binder that I attempted to decorate with fashion tape.

Every single year, I tell myself, “this is the year I will be organized.”

Then, laziness takes over me and I throw more than half the stuff that’s supposed to go in the binder INTO MY HOMEWORK FOLDER, CAUSING IT TO FALL APART ONLY A LITTLE BIT INTO THE YEAR.

But now, I decided to step out of my comfort zone and not use a fabric binder, and instead use a smaller, more convenient file organizer.

And I have an inkling that I will extremely regret it, BUT AT LEAST I CAN SAY THAT I REALLY TRIED.

I wish I could say everyone falls victim to the school supply messiness epidemic, but an awful lot of my friends have beautifully organized binders all year round so…

But those of you desperately trying to not be messy (like me!), these first steps may get you closer to being a little more organized when it comes to your school supplies.

  • Use a fabric binder. Trust me, these can’t fall apart from your messiness, and they will make your binder look more clean, even if it isn’t. They also have a shoulder strap and lots of room inside.
  • Make sure NOT TO KEEP YOUR HOMEWORK FOLDER CLOGGED, OR ANY OTHER FOLDER THAT YOU ALWAYS HAVE OUT. If you have a habit of stuffing all your assignments that aren’t even homework most of the time into your homework folder, it may be helpful to carry separate folders for all subjects outside of your binder, so you can organize each assignment by subject.
  • Embrace it, I don’t know. At least have a paper and pencil on you if you decide to set your binder on fire mid-year.

Well, that’s my talk on school supplies. If you made it all the way down here through that mess of words, EVEN IF IT DOESN’T APPLY TO YOU, congratulations, you earn my respect slightly more.

See you sometime in your wonderful lives,









book and movie ramblings


I’m here again, to talk about completely random things in the small time space I have.

And if you’d like to take this writing journey with me, thank you.

So, is anything new?

I mean, kind of.

I’ve decided to start reading To Kill A Mockingbird and am loving it so far. I’m contemplating picking up some more classic reads later in the year. After this, I plan on reading a book I got called Last Song Before Night. It’s been a long time since I’ve read, and I think that was just because I was spending my Barnes and Noble visits checking out all the vinyls and felt like there was nothing that I absolutely had to read. But I had heard as lot about To Kill A Mockingbird, and now around 50 pages in, I am hooked, and am probably going to binge-read it this week.

      The last book series I read was the House Of Night series, which I definitely liked a lot. Some very long book series (i’m talking over 10 books of 200 and up pages) are written by writers who may fail to keep you reading throughout the whole thing, but P.C and Kristin Cast did a wonderful job at it, and I recommend it if you like tension, some violence, vampires (this is a lot better than Twilight, but so sue me, the Twilight Saga was not a horrible read, it was actually pretty good, although I dropped the series before starting the third book), and magic aspects (i’m not talking wizard magic, i’m talking light and dark magic).

But we’ll see if I start into a new series sometime soon and it takes the crown from The Maze Runner.

Actually, that reminds me, let’s briefly talk about how horrible The Scorch Trials movie was:

 I was very disappointed in the movie, which had practically destroyed the entire plot.


I think The Scorch Trials was my favorite book in the series by far. I was completely taken when I was reading it, and the plot was so well-written. For example, when Teresa and Aris teamed up to betray Thomas and such, or meeting Brenda and Jorge in the desert, or Rat Man in the beginning, or walking down the mysterious dark hallway after going through the Flat Trans, or being lured to find a cure, or…THE BOOK WAS GREAT, OKAY? AND THE MOVIE CUT OUT THE ENTIRE BETRAYAL, THE ENTIRE END, ALMOST THE ENTIRE STORY.




And what’s even worse is because they screwed up the second book, the third book is completely going to have to be different, because they weren’t supposed to meet the Right Arm until well into The Death Cure, BUT NO.

I wasn’t as upset about them screwing up the plot of the first book because they didn’t screw it up that horribly, and that movie was my favorite movie for a very long time.

Well, I mean, them cutting out the telepathic part between Thomas and Teresa was pretty upsetting, and the really cool details like spelling letters through maps of the maze, and the mysterious Griever hole.

But even though the books were amazing, there was a particular part that made me VERY sad; Newt’s death. Newt was always my favorite character, AND JAMES DASHNER KILLED HIM?! It was so heart-breaking, reading as Newt fell more and more into The Flare, and became more and more of a Crank. And for him to beg for Thomas to kill him?




Other book series I have read include The Hunger Games and Divergent.

Parts of me are screaming my sadness from a few of the deaths in those series, (2 in The Hunger Games and 1 in Divergent) but I will refrain from rambling any more spoilers.

So yeah, that’s all I have.

I’m going to watch La La Land (yes, I know, I am so late to the party, it came out last year) tonight, and I’m excited because I’ve been interested in seeing it for a while.

I’m concluding this post now.

(yeah, I know, choppy transitions)

See you sometime in your wonderful lives.




















super great life update


This is a reminder that I haven’t died, and am in fact still living.

Here’s a good ‘ole life update for you, if you wanna care to read it.

First thing’s first: Treatment is going pretty well. I’ve been noticing changes in my sleep and my mood in general. Yes, I still hit lows, but I still have a very long way to go.

Another thing: I now have an incredibly subtle smokey purple balayage.  The color actually reminds me of a galaxy: there are a few faded blue pieces (hence why it’s a smokey purple), and with the purple and my original brown hair color, it kinda reminds me of it, which is super cool.

More stuff: Since I have to limit screen time, I’ve been working on improving other skills. Mainly guitar. I’ve been playing guitar A LOT, and now I think i’m getting pretty decent at it. I think my favorite song to play is Little Uneasy by Fazerdaze.

Music stuff: I actually haven’t written a song in quite a while. But hey, writer’s block happens. And it’s also very sucky. BUT! I have gotten my very own studio to record my own music! I mean, it’s in a lot of boxes right now, but I have it! It’s more like a studio of synthesizers: if you know how to play piano, you are pretty much set. It’s pretty complicated to explain, but one day, I may produce a nicely recorded and mixed song of my own to you guys!

Oh Wonder: I mean…




Okay, that’s pretty much all I have.

If you’ve made it down this far, I applaud you, and thank you for caring.

See you sometime in your wonderful lives,



a semi-goodbye


so…i sincerely apologize for the gap between this and my last post.

a lot of stuff has happened to me, and a lot of stuff is still happening or will happen soon.

i have depression, anxiety, and post-traumatic stress disorder.

and in a few hours, i will go into my very first session of treatment of something called neuro feedback.

one thing i have to do so i actually get cured and remove negative electrodes and whatnot is cut down screen time.

i’m talking a half hour a day, for a few months.

that means my posts will be incredibly rare, but it’s all for the best.

as for why i have hardly posted…

i’m not feeling well emotionally, and i never want to post when i’m like that.

with depression, it’s either i feel nothing or i feel too much. when i feel nothing, i have nothing to talk about. when i feel everything, i shouldn’t talk about it. if i write a post dedicated to it, it’s far too negative. and i really struggle to write about better things in that mindset.

you know?


this is a semi-goodbye.


and hopefully, soon i’ll be better.

do great things, live your lovely days to the fullest, and have wonderful lives.

see you sometime.





pride fest


So, I’m putting this post together a little last minute, but I know I haven’t been posting a lot. And i’m sorry about that. But i’m doing musical theatre this week so the likelihood of me posting is even slimmer. That being said, I need to write about something.

And what better to write about than the fact that I went to Pride Fest today with a close friend of mine.

So, let’s talk about that.

Basically, Pride Fest is all about celebrating the LGBTQ+ in a huge festival. Yesterday was the parade, but I couldn’t go to that. Today was kind of like a craft fair of all things LGBTQ+-there was a lot of booths everywhere.

And let me tell you about the flags.


To leave Pride without a flag of any kind was practically impossible, so I succumbed and got a little rainbow one, along with a rainbow beanie.

You would see people walking around with huge flags hung around them like capes, and everybody was so accepting of that. Everybody was super nice.

Anyways, besides booths, there was a lot of music and stuff, including a Drag Stage for Drag Queens and that kind of thing, as well as a larger stage in front of a field where a lot of singer-songwriters performed.

I was there for about 3 hours, and I pretty much loved every second of it.

If you ever have the opportunity to go to a Pride event, whether it’s the festival or the parade or both, it’s totally an amazing experience, and I recommend that you go, LGBTQ+ or not. 

(wow that took ages)

sO yEaH!

I’m sorry this post is a bit on the bleh side, but I hope it was (kinda) worth reading.

I don’t know what I’m doing for SCIENCE!. I know I haven’t posted for the last two and I probably won’t post it tomorrow because a) no ideas and b) they take so much time to write, so my apologies about that.

Alright, see you in the next post.

Have wonderful lives!
















So today was very awful. My worst day in a while.

But hey, I’m not about to talk about my literal sob story.

I want to capture the best parts in my awful day and turn them into an inspirational metaphor because I want you guys to have fantastic days.

Again, today was horrible for me. There was a pouring storm outside, perfectly reflecting how I felt. But there’s something remarkable about the aftermath of storms: they end with prettier skies. Like, once when I was little, there was a bad storm outside. But after it ended, there was a beautiful rainbow. And at another time, there were a lot of tornado warnings and a severe storm that came through, but the sunset that ended was gorgeous.

Today was one of those scenarios. There was one of the most beautiful sunsets that I have ever seen outside today.

There was this brilliant golden color shining through the air, deep blue little storm clouds dotting across it like stars in a night sky, and a blanket of clouds. The glow caused the clouds of stormy blue to be a light pink, gently blending into lavender and into the surrounding darkness. And as the sunset progressed, the purple and pink mixed together like Vincent Van Gogh’s Starry Night (just not the same colors), and instead of that gold, there was a bright pink/red.

And the fact that just earlier I was in a very dark place, it made me feel a lot better, seeing that beauty arrive after that storm.

And happiness is similar-you sometimes have to get through trying times to get to it.


I’ve been a little obsessed with two songs as of late.

“Gravity” and “Wake Up” by EDEN.

Those lyrics really get to me, like from Gravity when he sings:

“‘Cause I used to defy gravity, defy gravity
Goodbyes keep dragging me down
And I’m fighting gravity, defying gravity
I tried but I keep falling
‘Cause falling’s easy
But it only brings you down”

And also

“I know it’s hard, but no one said it’s easy
Falling’s easy
But there’s only one way up”

And from Wake Up:

“…Sun always seems to wash our fears away
And it’s always shining somewhere
I just gotta get there
And even though it seems like half the world away”

I totally recommend a listen to those songs.

So yeah.

Wherever you are, whatever dark place…it’ll get better. Even if it’s the simple things that make you feel at least a little happy again.

I’m saying this to you but I’m also telling myself the same thing.


Have beautiful days and wonderful lives.


*psst, I want to talk about more music stuff, but this isn’t as important so you can go right past this*

*i’m seeing oh wonder live in october and I’m so excited, they’ve helped me through a lot with “heart hope”. their first album is incredibly calming. also, dodie clark’s “secret for the mad” has helped me a lot too. taylor swift’s speak now album is always on repeat for me. i played it during my highs and my lows, and it’s appropriate both times. okay i’m done talking about music stuff now.*













So this is my only time in the space of this evening to write a post, because i’ve been super busy every night this week.

Considering the fact that I recorded a demo of this song today and am going to play it live tomorrow for around 200 people, I figured that I’d share it with you lot.

‘solivagant’ means wandering alone, by the way.

And here’s my updated track list, I took out so many songs because I didn’t think they were my best. I’ve also been writing,

  1. broken one
  2. scarlet and crimson
  3. third
  4. to jupiter
  5. without a moon
  6. drunk
  7. poison
  8. earthquake
  9. cavity land
  10. ultraviolet
  11. masquerade
  12. apricity
  13. solivagant
  14. eigengrau

So yeah! Here is “solivagant”.

there we stand
darkness has
it’s hold
on us
and we don’t
need some
one to 
take us home
and our eyes
don’t see
our minds
drive us
and voices
blend into
the sound
of nothing
we are equivalent 
 we are
but we are
we are solivagant
mean nothing
when you don’t
hear them
they seem to
get lost
on their
way to me
and i am
in front of you
but it seems
I’m not here
pull me
down from space
from this isolation
set me free
and voices 
blend into
the sound
of nothing
we are equivalent
we are 
but we are
we are solivagant
i hear
just fine
and yes
i have
some control
of myself
i don’t
my mind
some part
of it
is lost
i guess
and i
am different
i am
but i will
find you
i will
find you
and this world
won’t be so
and this world
won’t be so
I’m very very very excited to play this tomorrow, i’m third in line for performance (hahahahahhaah third, oh the irony), and I get to play it on a grand piano.
If you didn’t catch this song’s meaning, it was written about feeling distanced and all
alone, even when you’re surrounded with people, or talking with other people, whether that’s in real life or over technology. It’s a feeling of detachment, and feeling like whatever you’re facing, there’s nobody standing with you.
Which is something I feel, that’s why I wrote a song about it.
Sorry for the sad message.
AND you are not alone. I may be contradicting myself for things that I’ve felt, but you are not alone. And sometimes, things we feel don’t have much logic attached to it, anyway.
But yeah, feel free to leave feedback in the comments.
I hope you liked it.
Have wonderful lives.

thank you camp staff

*in the distance, you hear footsteps and murmuring and confusion sets in the air….*


So, no SCIENCE! post today because I literally have NO Science debates (please please please comment if you have one, i’m stuck), but instead it’s time for a story.

I’m a human, like you, (unless you’re some advanced AI viewing from the future, or I don’t know, a dog/dragon hybrid), so in life some things happen.

And today, that involved when I was forgotten.

Let me explain.

So, today was my first day at songwriting camp. I’ve gotta say, there are some things I don’t like that much-like people saying “you HAVE to write a song this week bla bla blah perform on Saturday yada yada yada” because really, as a songwriter, that’s out of my control when I have writer’s block. But setting aside the stress of being required to write something and PERFORM it this weekend, it’s been pretty okay so far. Oh, and looking around and seeing everyone be ridiculously talented and you just hide under the table…I mean, come on, one guy that was there plays 16 instruments. 16!!!! And I play 3, but strong at 1!!!

Anyways, that’s besides the point.

Since the building where the camp is taking place is a music museum, one of the last things we did today was go explore the museum from the 60s to the present, looking at all the artifacts and stuff from famous musicians. At the end, we did some writing exercises. At the end of the second (and final) one, I started talking to this girl while we were waiting for the staff member leading our group (there were two groups) to take us back up to the room, since it was the end of the day. We talk for a good 2 minutes I’d say, then we decide it’s time to get back with our group. But looking around the exhibit, we realized that there was nobody there we recognized, or the staff member. We don’t panic, but we circle around the exhibit a few times, then go out and explore the other exhibits.

Then truth dawns on us: our group forgot us and left us behind.

After realizing that, we still don’t panic, and just decide to look for the staircase we came down to get to the floor that we were on. And somehow, after apparently searching the entirety of the second floor, we couldn’t find the staircase. After circling around a few more times, we just get into the elevator.


The staff leader that was leading our group wasn’t even in the room!

And before you say, “oh, well, it was your fault, you shouldn’t have talked to the girl and instead found the group,”

NO! Because there were no signs that everyone was leaving, the leader didn’t call out or find us to let us know they were leaving, it was a mess.

So yeah, thank you camp staff. Today was a lovely day. Surely the highlight was when you forgot me.

Okay, jokes aside, again, we didn’t panic, but I thought it was a rather funny situation that surely explained my life.

I’m sorry for no SCIENCE! post today, but I hope this’ll satisfy you.

Have wonderful lives, some people won’t forget you.


*you hear the ding of an elevator and laughter. at least when crazy stuff happens, you have stories to tell.*







livin’ the summer life

*far away, you hear a bunch of people jump into the air holding sparklers screaming “SUMMERRRR!!”, and the buzz of it all around you….yeah, it’s quite the scene to watch from your house….*


So, it’s Summer now.

And just about all my friends have done/are doing something.

I shouldn’t complain because I am doing things next week and throughout Summer, but as of yet, just about the most exciting part of my day so far is that I’ve watched YouTube. That’s what I’ve been doing.

Well, yesterday was an exception. I literally spend 2 HOURS OF MY LIFE playing Penguin Diner 2. I don’t know what it is about being a penguin waitress buying things and serving in a restaurant filled with penguins that kept me playing it for 2 hours straight, but I did, and I bought everything off the in-game catalog. If you have never played Penguin Diner or Penguin Diner 2 (well personally I think Penguin Diner 2 is way better), basically you are Penny the Penguin. In the first game, you are lost and you have no money to get home, so you start up a restaurant to get yourself money. The restaurant’s a hit. You stop working then in Penguin Diner 2 the food quality goes down so you reopen and go on a tour of Antarctica opening restaurants starting with Terra Penguina.

Yes, I wasted my life playing that while everyone else was probably out in the sun and doing fun things.

Again, I’ve got stuff coming up, yes, bUT STILL. It’s like i’m living in the reality section of those “Summer Expectations vs. Reality” YouTube videos made by those bright (most of the time sponsored by Best Fiends) DIY YouTubers with 5 minute long intros. You’ve got to know the ones i’m talking about.

Going back to games, (because sometimes I get tired of YouTube…yes, it happens, after you watch it for 6 hours straight), I went through a period of time when I was 8-ish where I played Transformice. I revisited this game yesterday as well. It was just one of those weird things where you wake up, get all nostalgic, and think, “huh…I should play that…I remember when I played that”. That’s how I got to Penguin Diner 2 (I used to play that all the time a few years ago). So, I went back to good ‘ole Transformice. It’s a game where you are a mouse and you are put through all of these kind-of obstacle courses to get the cheese and make it back home to the mouse hole or whatever. One mouse is randomly selected each round to be the “Shaman”, and the “Shaman” (but everybody normally calls them ‘sham’ for short) helps you through the course to get that cheese. It’s an interesting game. It’s also online with an online chat, and somehow very immature (let’s just say that) people find it onto an innocent mice game website, so the chats are the most interesting part of the game.

How do they even find that website? It’s so innocent, fluffy, and cutesy. The wrong place for those people! But nevertheless it’s a great time-killer.

Come to think of it, the only game I haven’t come back to out of my most played games when I was younger (excluding Pixie Hollow, rest in peace) is Animal Jam.

Nah, Animal Jam, I’m sorry, but you’re now very boring…especially considering that I’m no longer a member and I no longer prefer talking to myself in the game for hours in Sarepia forest role-playing as a Warrior Cat.

I did read that book series, and it’s good if you like the idea of cats in clans that fight each other and have names mostly ending in “paw”, “storm”, “claw”, or “star”.

Sounds ridiculous but it was actually okay.

I pretty much rambled on and on about games, but at least it’s something. After all, I literally have nothing else to do with my time yet, and the last post on here was my SCIENCE! post a few days ago.

I have a question for you.

What games did you play when you were younger?

I’m going to go now and watch Dodie Clark’s new video that came out while I was writing this.

Have wonderful lives.


*hahah, that was totally a dream. You don’t even live next to such excitement.* 





what happened to the dinosaurs?

*BOOM! You can hear a loud boom sound coming from something. And you question in a panic…is it the end of humanity like the end of the dinosaurs? has the end come? are we all going to die? was it an asteroid?*


I’m back!

I was wondering what I was gonna do for this post on until a few minutes ago, then it just clicked.

Today, in this SCIENCE! entry, we will discuss the different theories for how the dinosaurs died. This is yet another controversy/debate that nobody has really found the answer to yet.

That being said, let’s jump right in!

When learning about the dinosaurs when you were younger, you most likely have heard the following theory:

“There was a large asteroid that had such a forceful impact on Earth that killed all of the dinosaurs.”

This is probably the most popular of all the theories, but there are several explanations for the end of the dinosaurs.

THEORY ONE-The Asteroid Theory.

THEORY TWO-The Volcanic Activity Theory.

THEORY THREE-The Competition Theory.

THEORY FOUR-The Continental Drift Theory.

Yeah, this is probably going to be a long post.

THEORY ONE-The Asteroid Theory.

It is widely believed that this was the cause of dinosaur extinction, and there is plenty of evidence of this in the Chicxulub crater just off the Yucatán Peninsula in Mexico.

Scientists decided to go and drill inside the crater and examine the minerals within.

Pbs.org, in a chain of articles for “What Killed The Dinosaurs”, explained many minerals that point to the theory of the impact.

  • “The metal iridium, which is similar to platinum, is very rare on Earth’s surface but is more common in asteroids and in molten rock deep within the planet. Scientists have discovered levels of iridium 30 times greater than average in the Cretaceous/Tertiary (KT) boundary, the layer of sedimentary rock laid down at the time of the dinosaur extinction” (PBS, 2).
  • “These pieces of once-molten rock, called impact ejecta, are evidence of an explosion powerful enough to instantly melt bedrock and propel it more than a hundred miles from its origin. Ranging in size from large chunks to tiny beads, impact ejecta are common at or near the Cretaceous/Tertiary (KT) boundary, the geological layer that defines the dinosaur extinction” (PBS, 2).

  • “[Fractured] crystals, often called “shocked quartz,” show a distinctive pattern of fracturing caused by high-energy impacts or explosions. Some scientists maintain that the fracture pattern in these quartz crystals could only have been caused by a massive asteroid or comet impact” (PBS, 2).

  • “Some paleontologists see evidence in the fossil record that dinosaurs were doing quite well prior to the end of the Cretaceous — that they were in no way declining in abundance when the impact occurred” (PBS, 2). This will come into play later to combat the ideas of gradualism as opposed to catastrophism, (the dinosaurs died gradually, as opposed to the idea that the dinosaurs ended abruptly in a catastrophic event).

That’s quite a lot of evidence in favor for the idea of collision with an celestial object. Thanks PBS. Check out the actual chain of articles here. I will be referencing back to this article throughout this post. I used it to format this entire thing.

Okay, so what exactly would’ve happened as a result of that impact?

Summarizing from this, what happened was that the impact triggered magnitude 10 earthquakes, causing much destruction already, followed by large tsunamis. As part of the crust was hit this forcefully, the rocks would fly upwards and eventually rain down all over the world. These pieces of rocks would fly down so fast, that is caused the atmosphere to heat, practically baking the planet. All of that dust and smoke would then rise up and block out the sun.

And that’s one theory of how the dinosaurs went extinct.

THEORY TWO-The Volcanic Activity Theory

You can actually link the above theory to this one! The impact of the asteroid would perpetrate the tectonic plates, causing those earthquakes and tsunamis, and it would also cause volcanic activity.

However, those who don’t believe in the idea of the impact, believe that volcanic eruptions were to blame.

  • “Immense lava flows cover nearly 200,000 square miles of the Deccan region of India, reaching depths of more than 6,500 feet in places. Lava flows like these provide evidence of a rash of volcanic activity for at least 500,000 years leading up to the extinction of the dinosaurs” (PBS, 3).

  • “Some scientists think the presence of high concentrations of iridium at the geological layer associated with the dinosaur extinction could be the result of extremely large-scale volcanic activity” (PBS, 3).
  • “Although geologists generally acknowledge that a comet or asteroid impact would cause [shock quarts/fractured crystals], some scientists conclude that they could also be the result of volcanic eruptions” (PBS, 3).
  • Volcanic eruptions would’ve also caused the global warming effect that would heat the atmosphere and kill off the dinosaurs.

That’s certainly a plausible theory, BUT it doesn’t stand well on it’s own. It leaves the crater unexplained, if you believe just this theory independently.

THEORY THREE-The Competition Theory

This is an idea from gradualism.

  • “Faced with an evolving group of competing organisms — the mammals — perhaps dinosaurs were driven to extinction by competition. Packs of small mammals would have competed with dinosaurs for food. And carnivorous mammals would have preyed on dinosaur eggs. Not only did mammals likely compete with dinosaurs for resources, many species survived the end-Cretaceous extinction and subsequently came to dominate Earth” (PBS, 4).

However, there isn’t much supporting this claim. There isn’t any clear evidence showing how much competition dinosaurs actually had, this is just an idea that they competed for resources. That probably did happen, BUT was it really enough to cause dinosaur extinction? If this was the case, there would be dinosaurs that would be left if it got to the point where it was fighting until there was one remaining. That dinosaur would die if they were carnivorous because there would be nothing to eat, but that leaves the crater from 65 million years ago unexplained.

THEORY FOUR-The Continental Drift Theory

You can definitely see Scientific models of how drastically the continents shifted in the time of the dinosaurs. “As continents heaved upward, pushed by the movement of tectonic plates, ocean currents were redirected and global sea levels fell. The Interior Seaway, for example, which once divided North America in half, simply drained away as the Colorado Plateau rose thousands of feet” (PBS, 5). This, of course, would mean change of climate, and the deaths of many species.

  • “The presence of 65- to 70-million-year-old fossilized ocean creatures thousands of feet above present-day sea level strongly suggests that ocean levels fell dramatically as the Cretaceous period came to a close. According to many scientists, continental drift and ocean regression would have caused continents to become drier, cooler, and less hospitable to dinosaur life than they had been previously” (PBS, 5).

I’ve noticed while writing this that these theories all link together and are all dependent, because the chances are slim that it was just one thing that ended the dinosaurs. I think there were too many dinosaurs for that. So, I think all of these theories were all different factors to the extinction. Just a fact of life is that it declines at some point-some of the things stated above, like sea levels, continents drifting, and the idea of competition all weakened the dinosaurs down. And to end it all, I think that’s when a catastrophe came in as the final blow.

But what do you think?

Do you agree with me, or do you believe in one of those theories? Let me know in the comments.

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