Drowning in smoke

Breathe in,

Breathe out.

Through your nose,

Out your mouth.

Don’t swallow the smoke

It’ll burn your throat

But you’re used to that.

Cause’ your lungs burn, I suppose?

How are your lungs?

I know you’ve got many.

You’ve got two faces.

Two brains,

Too plenty.

One side prefers happiness

The other prefers sad.

But they both drown in smoke,

Isn’t that quite sad?

Do you have an identity?

Do we know who you are?

I’ve asked myself in the mirror.

376 times so far.

Cat’s CD Commentary | Twenty One Pilots Edition


 It’s Cat.

Today I have for you the first establishment of Cat’s CD Commentary, a series where I review different CDs and Vinyl for your viewing pleasure.

For the first CD(s) of this series, I present to you……


The original and super rare Regional At Best and Self-Titled CDs from Twenty One Pilots!

I’ve been listening to Twenty One Pilots for a little over 5 years (nearing 6), and I vividly remember when these albums dropped, and how they changed my perspective on life and will to live in so many ways.

And I know there’s a question you’re all asking……

“Cat, how did you get the CDs?”

Well, it all started about a month ago (aka late March) when I was actually on eBay bidding for the RAB CD, and sadly lost the bidding by $1.50.

I know, $1.50.

However, the bidding ended at $208.00, and there was no way I was paying that much, so I dropped it and hoped I would find another for a lower price.

A few days later, I received an email via eBay from the seller, saying the winning bidder did not pay for the CD, therefore I was able to buy it, hence I was the second-highest bidder.

We negotiated a few prices, and settled at $125.00.

Then, the seller threw in the Self-Titled CD for $125.00 as well, bringing me at a grand total of $250.00+free shipping.

Yes, that is expensive, but normally RAB and S-T CDs are roughly $1,000 to $2,000, which is ridiculously expensive, thus making $250 for both CDs a miracle.



Cat’s Cabinet of Curiosities


It’s Cat.

Tonight I present to you a new weekly event, Cat’s Cabinet of Curiosities, which will feature an art piece I will post every Tuesday 8:00 pm EST.

On some weeks, I will draw what you request, whether it be a portrait or pepe the frog.

Make sure to comment what you would like for me to draw on posts with a Lenny face in the title.

I know it’s Wednesday, but Riley just gave me me this idea yesterday at 8:00-ish and I really want to post the first edition of CCC.

So without further ado……….


This piece is one of my favorites, which is by the name of ‘Rainy Days,’ which I completed a little over a month ago.

Next week’s art will be in the category of ‘food’


V A P O R W A V E – C A T H O T E L


It’s Cat.

I have returned.

(I’m not good with greetings so…. Hello! I’m Cat, a hippie and artist whom listens to way too much music).

Speaking of music, today I have for you my collection of vaporwave/synthwave/retro futurefunk tunes that have that vintage feel to them, which I can’t get over.

Vaporwave is simply the kind of music you vape to (No, I do not vape. I use tobacco and nicotine free essential oil diffusers that are essentially vapes. Visit http://www.monq.com to see what I mean).

It’s a very calming type of music in which gets you out of your head, which is, for me, a good thing.

Keep in mind that vaporwave/synthwave/futurefunk is not a drug nor tobacco promotion in an way. It is simply a very chill music that has a way of calming you down.


S O N G  L I S T

H O M E – Resonance

You Reposted in the wrong neighborhood [explicit]

S A I N T  P E P S I – Enjoy Yourself

Remember those summer days

H O M E – Pyxis

W H I T E W O O D S – B E A C H W A L K

M A C I N T O S H  P L U S


Kamicom Sound System – B E Y O N D

R A I N Y  D A Y S


Check out my YouTube channel!https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCIPoyhLWVfFMZTqCm0I50ig

Maz and I are departing

bye bye.

its was nice being in a community like this.

But Maz and I have unfortunately decided to leave Riley’s backpack due to reasons we will not disclose.

I know nobody one here never knew me, but I’m Cat and that’s really it

You all know Maz.


Okay, so yea. We’re taking a break. A really long, permanent break.

bye bye frens


stay street |-/


T’sup. I’m Cat I’m insane.

I curse a lot.

Maz’s best fren trololol and bfhbvj,fdabvjbv’s best fren.ghcnng

I do weird crap.

Ding dong yur opinion is wrong.

I don’t censor myself like Victoria does. Example: “What the fridge.”


(Maz in the backround, “You do!”)

Twenty One Pilots saved my life.

Jamie just threw Maz’s jacket on my head.

I don’t sleEp at all.

Woop woop *confetti things*

I like cats (you woulda never guessed, huh).


lol this is bittersweetlyirrevocable im such a hacker that I got on Jamie’s computer and am now editing cat’s post. cat please don’t hate me.