mr. bubbles’ rly gr8 cheesecake recipe

h e l l o t h e r e y o u c h e e s y c a k e s

what’s poppin b

welcome 2 mr. bubbles’ rly gr8 cheesecake recipe that u can use to impress your fam with the #bakingskills u don’t have : – )

// I N G R E D I E N T S //


4 8 oz. packages o’ cream cheese

1 & a half cups a sugar

3/4 a cup of milk

4 eggs

1 cup sour cream

1 tablespoon vanilla extract

1/4 cup all-purpose flour


1 cup graham cracker crumbs (approx. 14 graham crackers b)

1 tablespoon s u g a r

a pinch a ground cinnamon

pinch salt

6 tablespoons o’ butter (melted)


a lotta strawberries (sliced & whole)

heavy whippin cream

powdered sugar

som vanilla extract

marzetties strawberry glaze or something like that jus get it in the produce section in publix by the apples and healthy stuff only millennials that play tennis can afford


// S T E P S //

numba 1.

preheat oven to 450 degrees

numba 2.

scoop softened [@ room temp.] cream cheese into a mixing bowl and cream until fluffy.

numba 3.

add sugar, mix well until combined, then, individually add each egg whilst whipping medium to high speed.

numba 4.

add milk & vanilla extract. mix well. add sour cream and mix once again.

numba 5.

add flour and mix at a high speed until mixture is smooth and lump-free. (sift flour beforehand to prevent lumps pls)

numba 6.

prep a 9 inch springform pan w some spray oil.

numba 7.

crush up graham crackers, add the salt and cinnamon, stir, then add butter.

numba 8.

pour crust into bottom of pan and pack in nice and compact.

numba 9.

pour mixture into pan and place into oven for an hour.

numba 10.

once baked, leave in oven for 5 to 6 hours to a. cool and b. prevent the cake from cracking.

numba 11.

pop cake outta the springform pan and place onto a cake platter.

numba 12.

make the whipped cream topping by pouring heavy whipping cream, powdered sugar, and vanilla extract into a bowl. mix until thick and fluffy, then transfer the cream into a piping bag.

numba 13.

slice 20 strawberries into thin slabs. place on cake in a flower like pattern (picture below) cut off stems/bottoms of 15 whole strawberries and dip in glaze. line the outskirts of the cake with the coated strawberries.

numba 14.

serve with whipped topping to ur fam and post pics of it cake on insta and tag me thanks b.

pic of my cheesecake made w this recipe —whole fam said it was real good so.

aight bye yall have fun being bakers.


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sunflower – meltycanon

super market music – meltycanon

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thankful – meltycanon

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feel it out – yaeji

no jumper – meltycanon

drowsy- banes world (album)

you say i’m in love – banes world

Sales – EP (album)

Sales – LP (album)

Sober – Childish Gambino

The Palisades – Childish Gambino 

V. 3005 (Beach Picnic Version) – Childish Gambino

Solitude – Jinsang (album)

5:32PM – the deli

female energy – clairo 

butteryfly – lilbootycall

sailor moon – lilbootycall

gucci mane – lil peep

gucci gang – lil pump

Worldstar // Dial Up //  l. The Worst Guys // ll. Shadows // lll. Telegraph Avenue (“Oakland” by Lloyd) // lV. Sweatpants // 3005 // No Exit // Death By Numbers // l. Flight of the Navigator // lll. Urn // l. Pink Toes (feat. Jhene Aiko) // ll. Earth: The Oldest Computer // lll. Life: The Biggest Troll – Childish Gambino (because the internet)

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