homegirl’s art

hey yall.

it’s jordan ✨

i’ve been doing a lotta art the past couple of weeks and i’d like to show you in one post. i’m a multimedia artist so not everything is the same medium.

numba 1.

i literally finished this beauty 3 days ago and it is my fourth consecutive painting, and i’m literally in love. i always go to this little chinese restaurant called “new china” when i get off of the bus (cause it’s a 5 minute walk from the stop). it’s a family run business and the owners have a little boy who absolutely loves me, and always lights up and jumps out of his little booth to run over and hug me. i always get two spring rolls afterward and then sit down and draw pictures with him, play with stuffed animals, or watch him play with fidget spinners. He really likes stickers too and it’s really cute cause i bring him stickers and he just loves it. this painting is a tribute to that little boy and the business his family runs, and their building is really small and in a bad location, so i painted this as my vision of what i think their restaurant should look like – adorned with lanterns and constructed with fine chinese architecture.

numba 2.

still life portrait study !! i love love love drawing still lives and this is one of my favorite renditions of that practice. in art a couple of weeks ago, my teacher laid out a ton of little things she had for us to draw. i chose this big head of a woman, a wine goblet full of grapes, a mask, more grapes, and a case with cherries poking out of it.

numba 3.

i am absolutely invite with the vintage japanese art where artists commonly drew scenes of oceans and massive, crashing waves (ex. great wave of kanagawa). sadly, i have never been able to draw in that way and kinda just stuck to buying posters. but, i have the really cool skill of using lines and rough circles, which create patterns like the ones in the illustration. i used this skill combined with the japanese style mentioned before to create this beauty, “view from venice majoskito.”

numba 4.

i really like drawing realistically, but the only only human i’ve mastered doing it with is josh dun. for some reason, if i wanna draw a really detailed person on paper, it can only be josh…i don’t even know why. this is a recent wip of him.

numba 5.

my bedroom window !! not much to explain here, but i just drew out my window whilst sitting in my bed and then watercolored it later on. i’m really proud of this one because it looks super realistic for one of my watercolors.

and that’s it !! thank you for reading !!

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