artists to listen to (updated version)

~ all artists can be found on SoundCloud ~


VACATIONS is an artist I recently discovered thanks to my SoundCloud daily recommendations. I am pleased with his sound, which is one that I have been searching for for years. I have never heard something quite like his music, which is the type I have personally struggled to create. Seeing someone else do what I have always imagined in my head is something special.


no. 2 ~ sisyfuss

Sisyfuss is an artist I discovered only a few days ago when his song ‘scratcher’ was recommended in my daily mix thing, which I immediately loved. I looked into his profile and browsed his music, and it did not disappoint. Sisyfuss is another artist who uses the guitar so perfectly in his music, as well as his voice. The vintage sound the vocals have as if Scertz is talking into a telephone is just what I’ve always wanted in an artist.

fav songs: scratcher, allergies, kim kelly, lucille.

no. 3 ~ lilbootycall

This artist is one of those rappers who has a genuinely vintage sound that no other has. It’s a mixture between asian counterparts and the sound of the 80’s and 90’s, all mixed together with a well-constructed rap monologue. His music videos are also vintage and look like they came straight out of a 1980’s dating video, but with a loveless twist.

fav songs: butterfly, sailor moon, 4 YOU, cigarettes, Honeyberry, Yugioh, Aquafina.

no. 4 ~ Clairo

Clairo, who is finally getting the attention she rightfully deserves through interviews and live performances, is one of my favorite artists on this list. Her voice and the way she uses it is beautiful, especially with her harmonizations. Claire also uses very articulate language in her lyrics, which I greatly appreciate. Her instagram is also very cute, and I get a lot of my fashion sense from her.

fav songs: pretty girl, girl ft. Clairo, Female energy, nota writes a ballad in her basement, Flamin’ Hot Cheetos, mix: DONE WITCHU, 2 Hold U, bubble gum.

no. 5 ~ meltycanon

I accidentally discovered meltycanon about a year and half ago, and I am glad I did. His his sound is that of a relaxing day on the back patio, mixed with lyrics that speak of a day on the beach with friends. I absolutely love the style of music he puts out.

taken from SoundCloud

fav songs: a girl who is cute while eating, monkey bars, thankful, lowly egg, sunflower, about a girl, supermarket music, at the bottom of the well, bedroom, a song about love, wind, fairy festival, the demon song.

no. 6 ~ mellow fellow

Mellow Fellow has that sound to his music; the perfect vintage 60’s/70’s mellow tone that pleases any person who appreciates those times. His lyrical content is very unique as well, and it sets the melancholy mood even more.

fav songs: dancing, how was your day, new year’s eve, best friend.

Thank you for reading all the way down to the bottom, as I really appreciate when readers do so. I had to update this post to ensure it was grammatically correct, as I rushed its posting.


6 thoughts on “artists to listen to (updated version)

  1. Considering I typed this on a mobile device instead of a computer, I think that the layout is just fine. WordPress mobile is extremely glitchy for me and it took me almost an hour just to fix the layout issues before posting. I still am wanting to delete this post for good, simply because after reading your comment I felt embarrassed and ashamed about it. However, I do thank you for the criticism.

    Have a good day.


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