Free Lunch

Free Lunch #43

Hello there you jelly legs. It’s time for another Free Lunch! If you don’t know what that means, I just get either my laptop or my phone and try to type legibly for 5 minutes without stopping. I think I may have something to say this time. I’m probably wrong though.

Starting at 9:00.

Recently one of my favorite Youtubers hit one million subscribers. Can you guess who?

Take your time guessing, it really does take a lot longer to write stuff than it does for you all to read it.

You have now had ample time to guess, the answer was Andrew Huang! The greatest! 820!

I entered in his one million subscriber giveaway, so i’ll let you all know if I win anything, even though I probably won’t.

In composing news, i’m working on two new songs. One of them I originally created as a piano tune but I think i’ll change the melody to Guitar and just add piano background. Maybe with singing? That would be interesting. The other one is going to be on the solo piano album if I deem it worthy when it’s finished. I’ve also been writing some interesting riffs on the Guitar lately (aside from the aforementioned one), and I quite like one of them. It sounds like a song that might play when something funny would happen in a game like To The Moon. Here’s a video of it:

Speaking of To The Moon though, i’m nearly finished with Having Lived, and that will definitely make it on to the solo piano album whenever that comes out.

Sadly on Pokemon Go I haven’t been making a lot of progress, and i’m just slowly inching my way towards Level 29. I also haven’t caught an Entei yet and they are almost gone 😦

My times up for now.

Thanks for reading all the way down to the very bottom of this slightly interesting post.

Also listen to other music i’ve written here please thanks.

Dictionary Taboo:

denoting a thing or person previously mentioned.




25 thoughts on “Free Lunch #43

      1. Hey Riley! I have a suggestion for the WordPress Band…

        Can we add the songs into an album but also retain the rights as individual musicians? So, adding these songs together is awesome, and if we do a song TOGETHER we shouldn’t do this, but if we make a song on our own and add it to the album, can we also have the ability to keep it as our own personal song, rather the WP Band’s?

        Liked by 1 person

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