Free Lunch

Free Lunch #42 (lose out on a perfect reference that I wasted last time edition!)

Hello there you open hearts and minds. Today is a Friday which means that it’s time for another Free Lunch! If you don’t know what Free Lunch is, basically I find a device and try to type for 5 minutes without stopping too much. This takes place every Tuesday and Friday. Unfortunately in a moment of incredibly low intelligence I used up the 42 reference to Hitchhiker’s Guide to The Galaxy last post. So now I can’t exploit that for free words. I’ll have to find something else interesting to write about.

Starting at 7:48.

Recently things have been boring. I’m beginning to think that just three days are not enough of a gap between the Free Lunch’s. I just don’t have anything to say that I can think of off the top of my head. I can talk about piano and guitar and the usual stuff but that probably isn’t captivating for my audience, you.

But let’s get into the piano, guitar, and usual stuff.

I’m making a song on the piano based on a sequence of notes that Jamie gave me randomly the other day in class, and it sounds pretty cool with some chords beneath it. I’m finishing up the other song I talked about last time, but it won’t be out for a really long time. I realized that if i’m making an album I shouldn’t just release every song as a single before the album actually comes out. That would ruin all the fun and surprise when it comes out! The piano album won’t be out for a while unfortunately though. If i’m very inspired and have lots of new song ideas then it will be quicker than if I have no ideas.

In Guitar news, i’m learning Cigarette Daydreams by Cage The Elephant, and while the chords behind the song aren’t that difficult, the strumming pattern and actually singing it are pretty hard for me. I’m relatively very bad at singing, and it’s hard for me to hit some of the notes while paying attention to my Guitar playing. I’m also working on a solo on it that will probably make it onto a future album.

I’m thinking of making a Patreon, here’s a poll for you!

I’m all out of time now.

Thanks for reading all the way down to the bottom of this post which was most likely unentertaining and uninformative.

Dictionary Taboo:

the number before 42.


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