Free Lunch

Free Lunch #41

9 more! Hello there you intellectual individuals. Today is Tuesday, which means it’s time for another Free Lunch! If you don’t know what a Free Lunch is, I just type for 5 minutes on either a laptop or my phone. This time it’s a laptop, so this post will probably be a little on the longer side. If I have anything to say that is.

Starting at 8:37.

Since you last heard from me via Free Lunch, almost nothing has happened that is significant enough to write a post about. I went on a big walk around Nashville while playing Pokemon Go on Saturday and did a Lucky Egg, making it two thirds of the way to Level 29. I will catch up to Jamie soon and then eventually (never) riseofthechairs.

I have also been finishing up a song that I should have finished a long time ago. I’m not positive on the name yet, so i’ll just describe it to you.


But also sad.

I don’t even know…

Just wait until it comes out, which should be within a week. In fact, someone leave a comment reminding me to refine and record on the next Free Lunch please!

It seems i’ve left my Watsky phase of music, and i’m now in unknown territories. Pink Floyd and Radiohead confuse me but I like them a lot. I guess that means my next phase is like experimental rock? Who knows…

I don’t really have much to say. I’m trying to think of something to write to you while I type this. I know this lack of unpreparedness is really disorienting and probably makes you want to click away and not read the post, but bear with me. That reminds me of a funny meme about a bear that I will include in the post after I finish writing.

Now that you’ve chuckled with me about that joke, know that our time is up! Thanks for reading this very bad post, which turned out not to be long enough…

Dictionary Taboo: the answer to the ultimate question of life, the universe and everything.




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