Free Lunch

Free Lunch #39 (Fate of Dictionary Taboo Edition)

Hello there you pairs of shoulders crumbling under the weights of responsibility. It is a Tuesday! You know what that means! Probably! That means it’s time for a Free Lunch! (your favorite series, only on Rileys Backpack, Tuesdays and Fridays). If you don’t know what Free Lunch is, I just find a device and type for 5 minutes without stopping. I get bonus points for making sense.

Starting at 4:21.

The reason there weren’t any posts this weekend was because I was travelling for a wedding, going to a wedding, and then travelling back from a wedding. I do realize now that all this time travelling would have been an excellent opportunity to write a bunch of posts to schedule for the next few weeks, but I guess I can’t now. The wedding and associated events were all super fun, and it went off flawlessly, even though it was planned in a total of 9 days. This is definitely not a lot of time to plan an entire wedding. It was all perfect though, and I had a lot of fun and got to see two awesome people get married.

In other news, tomorrow a song I made will be released. This is going to be the first song that I edited at all aside from reversing (First Steps). I added some reverb, two layers with high and low guitar parts, and fixed some timings that I wasn’t able to hit right while recording. So that comes out tomorrow evening.

I’ve run out of time for this Free Lunch, if you liked this post, like it.


Before we go, I need to ask you all something. I have noticed that recently the response to Dictionary Taboo hasn’t been great, so i’m going to put a poll in asking whether or not you would like to keep it regularly appearing on the blog.

Thanks for reading all the way down to the very bottom of this post, I really do appreciate it.


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