Free Lunch

Free Lunch #38

Hello there you Crush Orange Flavorings. How are you doing today? If it hadn’t been for the perfectly timed finishing of the GoFundMe, today would have been very bad. Fortunately though, it did finish perfectly on time, so today wasn’t very bad! Everyone who donated surpassed the level of donation giving a shout-out, so this is more a list of everyone who helped!

Herbert Hoffman

Kristen Chapman Gibbons

Emily Hoffman


Thank you so much everybody! Even though we made our goal on time, I had forgotten than GoFundMe has a really long wait time for their withdrawals. Because of that, we may have a brief gap before we can take back Hopefully someone doesn’t steal it during that time ssc.

Now, on to the actual Free Lunch! If you don’t know the rules, basically I just type for 5 minutes without stopping on whatever device is handy. Tonight it’s the laptop so you will get a slightly longer Free Lunch than you typically would.

Starting at 7:19.

The reason that this day would have been bad without the completion of the GoFundMe was that there was no school. I know that to most kids, this would be very exciting, but this is literally the worst day in the whole year to be cancelled for weather. We were going to have a pizza party in band and I was going to get $20 for beating a kid at Clash Royale. So meh on that.

However, musically, I will be getting an amp for my electric guitar soon! I’m very excited about this, as that means I’ll be able to play it the way it should be (the plugged in to an amp way). I’ve been working on the ‘Feel It Still’ guitar fill, and it’s kind of difficult. Not as difficult as the first 20 seconds of Bohemian Rhapsody though!

Meanwhile, on the Piano, i’m finishing up writing two songs, and they are still both unnamed. I only have the slightest of ideas on what to name them both. One is about water or something and one is about being sad. I think that I might add lyrics to the being sad one, but I’m undecided. You all also couldn’t originally decide whether or not to split the album (it was tied perfectly) so I’ll now put the poll in this post so maybe someone who didn’t vote can break the tie. Also, I found a cool digital instrument on the piano that sounds really good with one of the drum presets.

That’s going to be the end of the post, as I am out of time. Thanks for reading all the way down to the bottom and paying attention to the boring stuff I put online ❤

Dictionary Taboo:

an expression of gratitude.


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