Thank you button gods! TIP Life Episode 2

Intro! And welcome to the 2nd episode (post, edition, I really don’t know) of TIP Life.

If you guys didn’t know TIP Life is a post series that chronicles my experiences at a 3 week amazing learning course at Wake Forest University

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brought to you by Duke TIP

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Previously on TIP Life..

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Jamie unpacked his bags in his luxurious room. He then went to feast at the dining hall, after which he walked to the orientation for the camp. After said orientation he realized his button up was missing. Putting that thought out of his mind, he went back to his dorm. Suddenly, smoke filled the upstairs! The building was evacuated and fire trucks were called. Later burnt ramen noodles was found to be the cause. Now we find Jamie the next morning, waking up.

So the first morning at camp, an I woke up late. Around 7:00 to be precise. So half an hour to shower, change clothes, pack back, and get outside. Knowing myself I thought I couldn’t make it, and I was right! So at least my inability to conserve time still demonstrates my knowledge in some capacity. Whatever the case I got ready and went to an empty lobby. Luckily there was a group of kids who have to take medicine in the morning so I just went with them! I promised myself to do better in future days.

When I got to breakfast tragedy number two for the day happened. I saw their breakfast food.

Powdered eggs,

Image result for baby powderImage result for pokemon eggs

flabby sausage,

Image result for censored

and waffles that seem more like dough.

Image result for homer says doh

Luckily my friend apple

Image result for apple

and my other friend coffee

Image result for covfefe

were both at the camp. So we sat together for most breakfasts.

Tragedy number three is quickly followed up by miracle number 2 (number one is being born in the US of A BABY!) so I will explain both here.

The tragedy was my button up. I checked the designated lost and found and the table I sat at for dinner. No button up.

But after I ate my apple and drank my covfefe *ahem* coffee, I found it neatly folded up on a booth on the other side of the dining hall. I was confused, but I let the neatly-folded-button-up gods work their magic.

Feeling happier, I strolled into my first (and only) class. We met our instructor Trent and our TA Yasir, then began doing introductions. Our get to know you game was two truths and a perjury (two truths and a lie) and then we proceeded to learn for the next 7 hours. About what exactly, I couldn’t tell you. And in the future my posts won’t go day by day, but the first two have so far.

Oh, and Sleeping Wide Awake song 2 is:

Because by The Beatles

That is the end of tip life episode 2, and as I was told:

Tip life tip life

Get rid of all your strife

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